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Anyone have anything on the spiritual properties of Vanilla?


Greetings Cinnamon! I know it is one of my triggers for migraines and everyone uses it. In Scott
Cunninghams' Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs he refers you to Deerstoung. Magical powers of
Lust and Psychic powers. As I mentioned it's not one of my favorate smells. Good luck.


Vanilla sometimes called "Nectar of the Gods" is said to lift spirits and soothe jangled nerves. It
evokes warmth, strengthens emotions as well as brings comfort and relaxes the "mental" thinking
process. It is also known to be a sensual aphrodisiac.

Spiritual Properties: Mental Powers -
improve the power of the mind, Love - used in combination with cinnamon to attract love,
passion, romance. Element: Water, Planet: Venus. Hope this helps Cinn.

Silver Eagle Dream Dancer:

Not much I'm afraid.. other than it goes with almost everything. That's a very interesting
spiritual quality. I'll look through my books, see if I can dig anything up.


Cinn, this is from the German book, Heilende Energien der ätherischen Öle. Heilessenzen und
Aromaöle für Körper und Seele nutzen“ from Gerti Samel and Barbara Krähmer (trying a
translation: Healing energies of essential oils. Using healing essences and aroma oils for body
and soul...) (I will try a translation of what they write about vanilla...)

For the body level:
Vanilla brings energy to the physical level. The oil has an antiseptical influence and helps
concerning digestion. It also is said to help with menstruation (support). For the soul level: The
sweet, warm vanilla helps to bring better work of the mind energy, it helps against lethargy, it
brings a good mood, and it supports people who are lethargic - it gives them an energy kick.

Vanilla is smoothing – it has a softening influence on mind and soul, it gives us comfort. (It is
not a wonder that when feeling sad or when needing support people like to have sweets with a
flavor of vanilla...) The authors say that vanilla has not a big spiritual influence. But it is a good
comfort for the soul , if we need comfort during daily life. Vanilla is going hand in hand with
emotions and is associated with the element water. Cinn, I will see whether I find more about the
spiritual influence of vanilla. I am not sure whether there really is "not" more behind it.


Thanks everyone, I'm concocting some things for myself and wasn't sure about the ingredients I
could use. This is plenty for me and it's a nice touch to what I'm working on.

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