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Water Healing Discussion
By Coyote Moon

As we all know water has been used in healing as long as anyone can remember. It not only
helps the body heal itself, it also helps prevent sickness and disease when used to cleanse oneself
and the area one lives in. It also makes up over half of our body chemistry and covers over half
of the world's surface. On a more personal level, water is very important to me. Not only do I
prefer it over most beverages, it is also a favorite source of entertainment, and also acts as a
remedy to most sicknesses. When I say "remedy" I mean exactly that. If I catch a fever I can
soak in a tub or take a shower and if the fever doesn't break soon there after, it will at least
diminish. If I have an upset stomach or headache a hot shower helps both of these and in a matter
of minutes the stomach calms down and the headache dissipates. If I'm tired I can get into a tub
of water and by the time I am completely refreshed and ready to take on the world again. That
said, has anyone else ever had a connection with an element like this where all it took was being
in/around it to make you feel better, if not improve your health?


Each of the elemental forces have healing and purifying capabilities. You may notice water more
since you seem to have an affinity for it, but it's no different than the others as to how it affects
us. We can use any of the four elements to heal ourselves.


Coyote, I have that same affinity with water that you describe. I've noticed that that kind of
connection with water could indicate the empathically picked up energies being washed off... or
blockages that are literally washed clear. I also have found similar results in the wind,...
visualizing and "feeling" the wind flowing through my head, blowing the headache away. Or the
wind picking up energies that aren't mine from my aura, and releasing them from my energy
field by blowing away. Knots in my stomach can be blown away that way. Lying down on the
Earth has also done similar bits of healing... as long as I am willing to release the headache or
upset stomach or back ache or whatever. If it doesn't release, with any element, then I know that
it's truly mine to deal with, and it usually means: "Shut up, lie down and for Pete's sake, give
yourself a break woman!" I've not found a way to do that with fire yet... though I do find that fire
can help me with emotional aches in much the same way. A flame of a candle will help some,
but a roaring fire in a pit outside... whoa yeah, Baby! That'll clear out and burn away anything
that doesn't need to be there. And more often than not, a Phoenix will arise shortly after.

Coyote Moon:

Cinn, Granted, it is just that I don't do anything to affect this, it does it by itself. I've used earth
before, and fire in some instances, but water does it without me having to try to do anything at
all. (Just looking for other's thoughts and opinion. I’m not totally blind, I’m just trying to pry my
other eyelid open. )

Mouse, You bring up the one Spiritual Being that has jumped back into my life within the last
week. Coincidence? Nah, couldn't be. The Phoenix was the first Spirit Animal I ever connected
with and it kind of laid low for the past several months. It's back now though. LOL. probably has
something to do with me being spiritually active again. As for the healing properties of Fire. For
me it has always being healing through change. Generally in lifestyle, thinking, habits, etc. It
also is a good emotional cleanser for me. Water does the same thing though so I don't use Fire
as much. I'm a pyro at heart, but sometimes the Otter just has to play.


Coyote, I also prefer water than any other beverage. This has been so for about 2 years. I recently
had a cold and wondered why for the first time it didn't turn into bronchitis. After reading that
water thins the mucous and helps get it out, I now attribute it to drinking water. So in a sense
water helped heal me. I also live a few miles from the ocean. I moved here almost 3 years ago
and ever since my emotional state has greatly improved. Whenever I travel out of state I actually
yearn to be back by the ocean. I can feel a sort of depression setting in, but knowing I will return
soon helps with that. Water is definitely the strongest of the elements for me. I also think there is
a connection between being a Scorpio (water sign) and water. I am curious to know if you are
one of the water signs as well? My sun sign is Taurus (Earth), but I've got way more water in my
chart, among others, my ascendant (Cancer), moon (Pisces) and North Node (Pisces).

Coyote Moon:

I posted in the spirituality and metaphysics board and got a few replies back for some
astrological research. I have my natal chart but I'm afraid I don't understand it at this point.
(Hence asking for the info. Though I haven't had a chance to look into it yet.) At this point all I
know for sure is my sun sign is in Leo and my rising sign/ascendant is in Pisces. That and 99%
of my chart is on the right side.
Here's a list of what the signs are:
2 Leos
2 Virgos
2 Scorpios
2 Libras
2 Sag
1 Cancer
1 Taurus
Now I'm not a person who knows much about these kinds of things, but just by logical deduction
I can guess a few things. (Even though logic sometimes has nothing to do with it. ) Leo is a fire
sign I know. Virgo is earth. I think Scorpio is Fire. I'm not sure about Sag or Libra but Air comes
to mind. Cancer is water I think and I think Taurus is an earth sign. So if I'm right, then I'm
predominately Fire and Earth, with a little bit of Water and Air thrown in just for good measure.
Gee, that sounds backwards!


Coyote, Water has been renowned for its ability to cleanse you simply by being near it. Though
for me I find that present in the Wind/Air too. I work well with both.


Fire cleanses through smudging and smoke too *S*. And to be honest, if you sit with Fire it has a
calming effect just as Water does. If you sit on the Earth you will find it grounding (a healing
quality) whether you focus on that or not, if you are thinking "release" in any form Earth usually
jumps in and does the drawing with the natural forces at play. So by focusing on the elemental
force you feel you want to work with just intensifies the process. Aware or not, the elemental
forces are active in our lives. It’s the awareness that lets us consciously interact with them.

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