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Dancing the Wheel & More Discussion
By CinnamonMoon


Introduction to Dancing the Wheel…

Step 1:

Our first step is to enter into the Eastern Quadrant of Air. Here we knock at the door of Eagle, Spirit Keeper of the realm, and we ask the question:

Why Should I Honor The Seven Sacred Directions By Dancing The Wheel?

Breathing deep and slipping into a meditative state of mind, we shut out the environment around us, we step into our Sacred Space and enter the Silence. I'd like you to think of this question and it's relationship to a dream you've held and not acted on. Then to listen to what Eagle will tell us.

Eagle says: "By entering the Silence your Inner Spirit melds with your mind, it brings all senses to bear, and it Dances with the energy present to filter information as answers come. Here is your answer, listen, open your mind, let it flow through you, let each sense express that answer."

The Dance of the East is the Dance of understanding through enlightenment, it leads us into Chaos where the cosmic storm forms a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas. The Dance settles those concepts as you soar high with Eagle to take in the overview of the Medicine Wheel. Eagle shows you that each position is of equal value. Nothing moves other than the energy itself and the thoughts in your mind as they place the stations of the Wheel before you, each stone holding it's wisdom and that of the realm it represents. Understanding, enlightenment, and philosophy are here, for this is the domain of artists, mystics, sages, of higher learning, of cosmic consciousness. This is the birth, the springtime, the season of renewal.

Enter with me now and Dance. Feel the Winds of Change moving through you and know you will not be the same when they have gone…you will be raised up in some way, better in some way, enlightened in some way, and you will have a new understanding of your relationship to the world/s you live in. As we gaze to the East we see storm clouds forming rapidly, they gather themselves around us and swirl overhead, we stand in the eye of the storm and it opens to reveal a vision stimulating the mind to understand…we Dance for inspiration, we Dance for enlightenment…we dance for understanding. Forming within the vision are Seven Lights, all of them white and pure, glowing, pulsing, and alive. Each of them are sending out a telepathic thought. To honor the Seven Sacred Directions is to honor Spirit and the Self in union with the whole, in union with the Web of Life, hear the voices of your senses. Your eyes see how to Dance with Life, how to create, how to move through that creation and form the birth of something new that will feed energy and manifest through that energy to take form in the physical reality.

This is where you seed your dreams and goals. Honor them and tend them well, they will grow like the tender shoots of spring and they will sprout. You give them birth; therefore you are responsible for their life. Nourish them well and they will serve you well. The two of you are one. Your ears hear in the Silence the inspiration to do this. You hear how you can initiate your dreams or goals, how you can nurture, how you can feed them by letting the Love of Spirit flow through you directly to them, and in this way they will indeed grow…you feed them with the Source of Life. Let the vision form in your mind's eye. See it, hear it, love it…and know that it will bear fruit…believe in what you create…give it life.

Each of your senses, isolated through focus, must taste, touch, see, hear, and smell this creation so that you have full understanding of the perspective you are forming. Soar with Eagle and take in the overview of your creation. Honor it. Love it. Give it life. See what needs fine tuning and dive into that aspect to hone it. See what is complete and work with it…Dance with it and own it. It is yours. Hold tight to that vision. Let it burn into your mind's eye so you will not lose focus. To honor it is to hold it close to your heart as you would a child, this is your dream in its infancy, and the child you have given birth to is in your care.

Step 2:

Move to the South, into the element of Fire, into the quickening energy and the spontaneous manifestation that this explosive ignition into the physical reality produces. Call upon Mouse to help you examine it.

Mouse will teach you to be aware of your vulnerabilities and guard them well, to see the vulnerable areas of your dream and strengthen them with understanding. Mouse will teach you to explore your dream and place it in the world safely so you can watch it grow through the season of summer, of fiery passion for life, of innocence emerging into the world, of shattered illusions and reality, and to trust in Life to provide what it needs.

Mouse tells us: "We must honor Fire for it nurtures, warms, purifies, and blazes the trail before us. We must honor Fire for if we are not careful it will burn or consume our dreams. We must honor it and maintain our self-control or we will bring harm to our dreams and perhaps others in the wake of careless destruction."

The Gateway of the South lends us the perspective of the child (the adolescent that is exploring life and ideals that may or may not strengthen the way). Here Mouse teaches us that through microscopic exploration (the hunger of the child to know things and feed their character), through trust (in that life will provide needs…wants are up to us), through the innocence of not knowing fear, we learn and we grow. We learn through careless actions what will burn us and this elemental force is very good at giving burns be they physical or psychic ones when we are reckless in our actions. So we learn to think for ourselves and feel our passions that fuel our desires and make us reach, make us grow.

In the South we pass through the Gateway that leads to that growth through the season of summer, through the light of day, through the warmth and nurturing, and through the fire of passion we purify our reality, we find where we fit in the world and come to accept that the path before us is the one we are to walk. This is our heart, our love of life, our curiosity, our masterminding of plans and dreams and ideals. We shatter illusions and discover realities. Mouse says: "By entering this realm, by honoring your dreams and trusting in them to guide you through life, you come to see the fire of passion burn within. This is the rebirth of the Phoenix, where a part of us dies (illusion) as we dive into the fires of our passion and arise anew with feathers ablaze as we soar to new heights."

I think there are more warnings out there about this elemental force than any other for just this reason. Its energy tends to be spontaneous...it burns, consumes, and is very fast to react to its environment spreading quickly through it. Not that the others can't respond in a like manner, but their natures tend to be different. This is a natural attribute of Fire, its explosive if one is not careful and intent as well as thoughts are critical when wielding it. Water is an energy that tends to flow; Earth is very much a stable presence, and Air is adaptable or conforming. They all have these abilities, but each has them in a variety of dominance in their nature...just as each of us tend to have dominant senses to our nature, possessing all but one or more dominating the others.

Step 3:

We knock now on the door to the West now, the elemental force of Water, and it is answered by the Spirit Keeper, Bear.

Bear stands on its haunches, sniffing the air to see who disturbs it's hibernation….that reflective introspection we all must pass through as we discover our adulthood. Here we learn about the deeper psychic abilities within us, those of dreams and journeys, of emotions and maturity, of love and our relationship with ourselves as well as others. Here we learn what a gift nurturing is to the healing process, we learn repentance for our wrongs, the gift of sharing love, compassion, empathy, and we guard well those we love. We learn that emotions are triggers to point out issues and help us see that we harvest the seeds we have sewn.

This is the realm of harvesting, the season it represents is Autumn, and it is here we see the fruits of our labor…ripe or rotting on the proverbial vine. If we are lost, wounded, or afraid Bear will teach us to find our way in the wilderness, to swim the deepest emotional seas, to step into the flow and go with it rather than fighting the current. Bear says: "There is a time to toil and a time to enjoy the fruits of harvest…a time to dive deep and a time to break through the Watery realm of emotion with a fine fish that will continue to nourish our hunger…with that understanding we mature, like the fruit on the vine, and we harvest our inner character as we come to know the Inner Self and it's place in the world."

This is the realm of trance states that take us into journeys and the Dream Lodge where we learn to hone our abilities and understand how to share them with others. This is where we learn our truths as our spiritual pathway is made known to us. This is the realm of the Vision Quest, and seeing into our lives from an adult perspective. It's where we understand that as a part of the whole we are many aspects rolled into one…the Infant of the East remains within us…hungry, needy, and impatient, creating joy out of nothing and observing everything it can. The Adolescent of the South is within us…eager, curious, idealistic and full of passion for life needing to explore every nook and cranny regardless of the risk. The Adult of the West is within us…observant, contemplative, understanding all it has passed through in the other realms, able to see there is so much more, a bounty waiting…waiting to be shared.

Step 4:

Again we move in our Dance letting our feet carry us to the quadrant of the North and Earth. It is here we come to meet the Spirit Keeper Buffalo.

Buffalo teaches us that foundation is important and we need to appreciate the bounty of sustenance Earth provides. We learn the importance of self-sacrifice, of applying the wisdom of our years, and to honor that wisdom. This is the realm of the Grandparents, of experience and of hard lessons learned. It is the ending of seasons, the Winter of our lives, and it is a harsh and bitter time now and then. It is Buffalo who teaches us that though times are hard, they pass and we see that once cycle leads to another, merging and parting, that they bring with them storms and lulls, frozen times that will thaw.

Buffalo sacrificed itself for the sake of the people. It provided food, tools, clothing, and shelter with all parts of its body. It asked nothing more than to be honored for this, that its flesh and bone not be wasted, and it gave of itself so that others might live, it gave from the heart. In that giving, the people learned to give-away…to share the bounty so that all would benefit.

Buffalo says: "From your heart, honor Spirit, pray and give thanks for the blessings you will receive so that there will be room to receive them. Cry your prayers in your own words, cry from your heart, for this is the voice Spirit hears. This is proper prayer…not the words of other men written or spoken, but your own words, your own truths, fears, and frustrations. Give thanks for blessings for they will be bestowed upon you from the Earth that provides food, clothing, wealth and riches, shelter…a bed to lay on, a road to walk on, a passage through life. Do not be selfish with the treasures of the Earth or you will lose them, share them…they belong to us all."

This is your strength for in living life these lessons have been learned and wisdom comes from that to guide you through both the thick and lean times. This is your foundation, your experiences brought to bear. Buffalo is a huge creature and it has massive strength but it does not use it aggressively other than out of need for self-defense. It wanders the plains and it grazes on the gifts Mother Earth provides. It knows there is sustenance there and that wherever it wanders Mother Earth will nourish the way. Buffalo teaches us to honor our Elders, heed their wisdom, follow their ways…they hold the answers you will need and if you do not do this those answers will evade you and you will seek all the harder to find them in the winter of your darkness.

Step 5:

Our journey now turns center to the Shamanic Tree. This perspective takes us to the Below World, the home of our Ancestors, the Ancient Ones, the Elders who have gone before us. They are the Gatekeepers here and they hold the ancient wisdoms, the ceremonies we need to gain enlightenment, the old ways that are the old truths still standing a test of time. This is where all lost knowledge is kept and they guard it vigilantly. This is the home of our Totems, our Ancestral links, the aspects of self that reflect who we are and where we have come from. We go here to learn why things are done the way they are, what those actions will produce, and why we react to things the way we do. We go here to find our way, our heritage, and our roots…those things that keep us in place upon the Web of Life and mark our pathways.

From these Ancient ones we come to receive our innate abilities and how we are to use them. We learn about ourselves in ways that teach us why we perceive or react to issues and events in certain ways. We learn how to find our way out of difficult situations, how to resolve problems, how to honor the path we are walking and where it stems from so we know why we walk it. It is here that we have a sense of belonging, of family, of community, of society, and self that is beyond the physical span. Here we find the way to explore our shadows, know our Shadow Teachers…those that teach us what not to do. It is here we find our role models and the wisdom we need to guide ourselves through good and lean times. This is the realm of history and the past…a realm of the arcane.

Step 6:

Reaching up into the Above World we call out to the inhabitants of this realm known as the Sky People. Some may call them Guardian Angels, others will call them Guides, Protectors, Teachers, but this is the cosmic realm of beings that are sent to instruct, watch over us, and guide the way. These beings shed the light in the darkness so we can see our way into the future. Here we see our higher purpose in life, receive Gifts of Spirit, know the meaning of miracles, of spiritual evolution and attend cosmic classrooms that allow us to tap into enlightenments beyond all worlds.

This is where we explore projection of the Inner Spirit and pass through the veils of dimension to enter into the layers of the onion…worlds within worlds…soaring, riding the energy, we come to know the Source of All…the Creator is with us and we are within Creation. This is the realm of all possibility, of voices raised up and answers given to shine a light into the darkness. This is where our spirit evolves from and it is at home here, communicating with others and guiding us to explore other worlds. Here we come to understand the various aspects of Source Energy…that creative spark within us all, the life-giving force that sustains, that brings into being, that links all of life, and we see that We Are All Related.

We understand spirituality and come to recognize that by honoring the Inner Spirit and giving it the lead our way is easier, for we can see the tapestry and the road map then, we are no longer lost. It is here that we come to see why we Dance the Wheel, that ALL that exists is in a constantly evolving Dance and the Wheel reflects it for us, it moves us through it, it holds all wisdom and connects us to Spirit. Thus we turn to the Middle World now, and bring it all together.

Step 7:

The Middle World is the physical reality; here we come to discover the importance of the Now, of being in the present…alive, centered, attuned to life. Here we learn to listen with our shamanic ear to the many voices…of the Land, the Green Growing Things, the Creature Teachers, The Standing People (trees), the Winged-Ones, The Four-Leggeds, and the Two-Leggeds. We learn to commune with the elemental forces of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth; with the beings that exist within these realms of dimension, with the forces of nature and to ride the Wind. We learn to apply the shamanic senses in the physical and spiritual realities bringing them together to fashion the whole and we remain alert to our environment in the keenest sense of the word.

Our teachers here are ourselves…how we carry ourself through the journey called life. We learn that it's not the destination that matters, but the journey itself and what we gather along the way. By honoring the Now and applying all we are to that moment we are truly present, truly alive in the best sense of the word. By honoring the Dance with the Wheel and putting forth our integrity, our intentions, and our impeccability we Dance whole and complete at that moment. That moment is your truth, it is your time, it is your opportunity to touch life, touch others, serve Spirit, and in that you honor yourself.

This is your Dance. Dance it. This is your talk. Talk it. This is your walk. Walk it. This is your life…be in it. In this way you are of the world, of Spirit, one, united, whole, and every fiber of your being, every cell in your body, every drop of blood flows with the rhythm of the Drum and the beat of your footfalls…into the energy of Spirit, into the love, into the grace, into the Silence that shouts its truth and honors you in doing so. Learn to see, to listen, to Dance the Wheel.

Community Discussion:

In conclusion:

This is the purpose of our exploring. It is why we seek these Sacred Perspectives…so that we can unite them as we gather them, see things as they truly are from all angles, and make choices based on the most accurate information possible. In this way the only one you need to turn to for advice is yourself. It's all there as the soles of your feet step their way around the Wheel and tap into the energy of the Below World. It's all there at your fingertips as you reach upward tapping into the energy of the Above World. It's all there at your horizons as you turn to tap the energy of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. It's all there within you as you open your heart and let the Love of Spirit flow through you.

When you walk centered in this way you walk with Spirit. When you step into this flow you are attuned. You can read energy signatures, hear the voices of Spirit Helpers, see visions, taste the wonder, touch it, feel it, be a part of it…and with that you will understand all the why's, who's, when's, what's, and how's you can imagine. It's all there. Dance it and know. These are just some of the insights that you will gain by Dancing the Wheel. There are endless domains to explore, infinite wisdom to tap, gifts beyond your wildest dreams just waiting for you. Now as you Dance you will know what to look for, at least in concept. At this point I'd like to introduce the actual Dance.

To Dance the Wheel from the perspective of the journey you must meditate on the question as you make your way through the Seven Sacred Directions. Open yourself to receive your answer, or a piece of it at each stage of the Dance. Then when the Dance is complete you will have a unified understanding and the wisdom to act upon it. As you move through the Dance any gifts you need to receive, any honing of your abilities, any tools you might need will be presented to you. You will be taught to use them, and as you walk the Middle World you learn to apply them to all aspects of your life…mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. As obstacles arise you will come to see you have the resources at your disposal to contend with resolving the problem that faces you. These are gifts to be used to serve your needs (again not your wants…they are different) and as you do, learn to also serve others…through Spirit we are all united and we serve the whole of life…the Web of Life contains all roads and we all Dance along them.

I'd like to propose that you comment with your opinions of this now and if there are any cloudy areas we can sort through them. This is what I would like to see the community do:

1) Come up with suggestions for the first question to be addressed and take a vote. So please post your thoughts there.
2) Take a vote on the top 5 questions and we could take them in order after that if you feel this project is helping you gain understanding and enlightenment.
3) Each question will be meditated on by us all and we will comment on that from each perspective we take.
4) Through multiple views and perspectives we should be gaining even greater depth of insight
into the value of Dancing With The Wheel and what it has to offer us as a community and as individuals, as well as the enlightenment those answers and insights provide us..
5) After the first question is raised I'd like to take a vote to see if you want to continue this process as an interactive community project.

I anticipate that you will find your eyes see how to Dance with Life, how to create, how to move through that creation and form the birth of something new that will feed energy and manifest through that energy to take form in the physical reality. This is where you seed your dreams and goals. Honor them and tend them well, they will grow like the tender shoots of spring and they will sprout. You give them birth, therefore you are responsible for their life. Nourish them well and they will serve you well. The two of you are one.

Oh this is a nice initiative and could be a good thing to get me swinging again ( no pun intended ... dance, swing ) kind of like the homework thingies.

It's been a while since I've danced the wheel, sure I do it in a remote way when centering for a journey because the centering is for a specific purpose thus the energies may be different. But to ask a question and go around the wheel I probably haven’t done that in over 2 years. Kind of forgot about it. Hee hee.

But what are the advantages to doing this instead of a journey for example? Myself, all of the questions I may ask I bring them to the journey so in a way I'm dealing with the seven directions just not one at a time but all of them at the same time which may make it harder to catch details. But on the other hand isn't it more interactive in journeys? Is there such a big difference between the two practices when seeking answers to a question?

I'll stop with the questions for now. I'll go back and do a fly by on the other posts to see is something catches my attention.

LOL, OK everywhere I go there we are with the same subject. Look for an email soon and picture me Dancing as fast as I can..

Cinnamon, Thank you for a beautiful set of lessons. I understand. I look forward to seeing it work. A question I have but not necessarily a beginning one is how we can facilitate the emergence of the new world order? Can we find the way?

Earthwalker, I would like to explore this topic with you. Could we email each other or would you like to chat in a chat room?

I don't use e-mail as such and wouldn't until I get to know you a little better. My intent in this question is simply how to facilitate and raise the energy level of enough people where the probable future could be altered to one of living with our environment in a more gentle and peaceful manner. Can we be facilitators of a lasting peace and demonstrate an alternative way of living. I would like to see how the medicine wheel could help solve the problem (together or as individuals).

Could we become facilitators of this mechanism for peace. Or is this direction wrong direction to take?

It was your use of the term 'new world order' that caught my attention. IMHO, if everyone used a type of Medicine Wheel in every day practice, we could improve the consciousness of the peoples on Mother Earth. But, again IMHO, the New World Order that is in place at this time is NOT in the best interest of Mother Earth or our responsibility to care for her. Just my two cents worth.

I do hope this inspires you to get going again. If I don't nudge you one way I'll nudge another. *G* I do feel that addressing a question and Dancing the Wheel with it is something very simple to do and we tend to overlook that quite often. It's amazing how many tools we do have at our fingertips and tend to ignore. No, actually it's no more interactive in a journey than a dance...in fact, you can often be taken into a journey this way as the Dance does expand at times when that is called for. It's like anything else...multiple uses. I love the diversity of the Medicine Wheel so much. It's just a different way of going at things, but through this particular experience I feel there is a fundamental understanding of each element achieved...moreso the more it is done. Then when in a journey that carries over and the journey brings even more to light based on that. It's an expansion on foundation that allows us to see that our spiritual knowledge spills over into every aspect of life and can serve us well...when we apply it. Learning to rely on that or be consciously aware that we can apply it in situations of all sorts is important and hopefully that will come across here.

You asked: "Is there such a big difference between the two practices when seeking answers to a question?" and I'd have to say yes. In a journey we tend to meet with Guides and Teachers that give us perspectives we understand and they illustrate how we are to work out the issues or problem we are facing. However from this method we draw such a wide variety of perspectives and we learn the art of defining objective views and then uniting them to make the best possible decision or affect the best possible outcome we can. The insights each perspective gives us also allow us to see the potential outcome in a very realistic sense. In that we gain expanded insight and know it personally as a truth. Not that a journey doesn't reveal truths, but it's a bit different. I think you'll see what I mean as we go here, and that the insights we draw as a community will vary somewhat as well as compliment one another.

LOL...I'm glad to see you showed up for this. Seems to be perfect timing for some reason. Isn't guidance fascinating??? ROFLMAO I'm eager to read this email! I'll watch for it for sure.

I'm glad you like the illustration and I do hope that insights come for you in this process. I think it will be a learning experience for us all and it really is something that Silver Eagle brought to

my attention as a piece of work she was doing elsewhere. I just borrowed the technique and altered it. She was working with those experienced in Dancing the Wheel. Here we are challenged by those who never have or want to learn to do it and are confused as well as the experienced ones so it's pretty flexible when we take this approach and I'm excited about the project too. *S*

As for your question about "how we can facilitate the emergence of the new world order? Can we find the way?" I can only speak to that from my own perspectives and what Spirit has shown me over the years. There I will not go into all the background behind my statements but let them stand on their own as they will. We are in the midst of a Cosmic and Dimensional Change where beings of all worlds are confronted with their spiritual evolution...as individuals, as a species, as the lifeforms we are. This is going to affect us all as individuals, but beyond that into communities, societies, countries, just on all levels. We are all being asked to recognize within ourselves our Higher Self/Inner Spirit, to see the need for seeking a raised state of consciousness.

The universe is at play in this too. The eyes of the world have been opened and those in place (already walking spiritual paths) will recognize the need. Those seeking will have guidance through them, and those who are blind will remain so for a time yet. We're all being confronted and our Inner Spirits are being given the opportunity to make contact with our conscious minds. Either we accept that or deny it. It's our free will at play there. So this Change is initiating evolution on a spiritual and a physical level at the same time...a union of "Be-ing".

As that happens the dimensional realms are passing through similar stages, the veils between them are thinning and we are being drawn back into a melding process which has for a long time been sternly divided. This is a universal change of energy, lifting individuals and whole worlds higher, closer to Spirit. At this level, hoping here that you understand this term, beings of all worlds, the worlds they live in, the dimensional realms that contain those worlds, all are undergoing the Shamanic Death and re-birth process...like the Phoenix diving into its own fire and arising anew from its ashes. I see signs, portents, omens that tell me the time of "doing what must be done" is at hand. Not a bad time, but a time of effort put forth to save what is good and regain control of what has gotten so out of hand...of making that choice to begin with.

I knew, for instance, that this was coming. I was told years ago. I was also honored to see Miracle, the White Buffalo Calf on two separate occasions and she put my spirit so at ease impressing me with a sense of peace and patience to get through this. I know the doom and gloom that others profess, the fears that must be overcome, but there is no fear in me. I do not fear death, I never have, for I know that it is my spirit that lives, but when I went through a Shamanic Death three years ago I was given the option of giving up my life at that time or continuing on in this world to serve Spirit. It was very real. I did not make the decision from a logical perspective, but the truth hit my mind very hard and I had pause for a moment of shock. Suddenly my Inner Spirit stepped forth and addressed Spirit saying it would be happy to serve and felt it had more work to do. Interestingly I had an instant understanding of that and agreed with it. I accepted it and I felt the Grace of Spirit pass through me granting future time. I embraced it eagerly.

Today I have no need for the fear of doom and gloom. I do not feed fear, but see a very optimistic outcome. I feel that Spirit is putting forth a Call that will be heard by all. I believe in the Higher Good of all beings and the unity it offers. I believe that the world (as we know it) will come to an end and a new Higher Order will unfold...on a spiritual level first, and then seeded there, it will manifest in the physical sense. All we can do to initiate that is whatever we are capable of and we are all now in the right place at the right time to do that. Some serve in a military fashion, some can simply touch lives one at a time and yet others are restricted in situations that simply allow them to pray. Whatever we can do we must do, but do it willingly, from our hearts, bringing about a massive movement for the better.

I think the birth of the Higher Order has begun; we are witnesses to the labor process at this time. The Child that comes of that birth will be profound and I see a very optimistic outcome...this was shown to me through Vision Quest as was the part I am to play in this. The Web of Life has been stirred and it is going to be a miracle of birth to a New Age of raised consciousness and spiritual evolution. I see it as good and happening, not something we need to strive to initiate, but take part in if we so choose. I choose to be a part of it, touching lives one at a time, many at a time, however Spirit presents me, and in that touch, well, I can only hope it is a good one filled with blessings of some sort. I certainly intend to make sure it's not a negative one. In this way I see the strength of positive energy forces at play and dominating the threat of the darker pathwalkers. I feel their day is ending. That's my perspective. You'll have to find your own. I know the threat of annihilation is very real, but we have a choice in that and there is a very strong force out there trying very hard to prevent it. I do what I can in my own way to shine a light toward Spirit and I accept my role. We all have to come to terms with what our part is. Mine happens to be a Warrior of Peace, not political platforms. Others are more aggressively called in the physical sense and for them that is right too. It's a time of doing what must be done. I'll leave it at that.

Tarra, you said: "IMHO, if everyone used a type of Medicine Wheel in every day practice, we could improve the consciousness of the peoples on Mother Earth."

I do agree, and will be emailing a reply to your email to me today. Wow. What a way to state that! LOL. In light of my comments to Earthwalker about this New World Order issue, I've pretty much stated my position; however there are matters I'll discuss with you privately of necessity. I agree that it appears NOT in the best interest of Mother Earth or our responsibility to care for her at this time but that may just be part of the physical illusion we need to push through. Our fears hold us back. I am not afraid now. Spirit brought me peace, it's there for a reason, and after a 6 month lesson on *trust* I'm trusting. Believe you me! *S* I'll email you tonight.

A new world order was a poor choice of words. When I wrote it, I was applying more to the emergence of the new man as depicted in Eric Fromm's book "To Have or To Be" and the new world order addressed there. A person being one with all, as opposed to one of acquiring for the purpose of having, impressing or dominating. I do feel that there needs to be a "new world order" not one of dominance or submission but one of respect and love for the individual diversity that can unite us as one. I wish with my entire being that we or I could find a way / path that could help demonstrate a path towards peace. I do not understand how people (in particular Caucasians, my known ancestry) can look out and approve the devastation of the environment and other cultures in the name of growth or supremacy of species. In small ways I have fought my entire life against this indifference but cannot make much of a difference. I just get frustrated with my own inability to help others see all the beauty that surrounds us and to stop the unbridled willingness to sacrifice it. Even now I can still remember the wonder I experienced as a young child while looking at crystals of snow under a magnifying glass. Each one perfect, each one unique; all working together to cover the earth in a blanket of beauty. It is such a simple example; one that all (at least in a northern environment) can see but one that is never even noticed. I keep asking myself isn't there some way I could help to halt the path of destruction that we as a world seem to be on. Isn't there a way to help people understand that what they seek will not be found from the chosen direction. It will not be found from suppression or dominance but only through understanding and acceptance. We are on the brink of war or threatened war and I simply don't accept it and feel powerless to change the course. I believe in the power of one and many but cannot find a way. I am just frustrated with my own apparent lack of abilities and thought that the medicine wheel might reveal a more focused direction. I apologize for the confusion.

Hi Earthwalker, I think that what you were addressing and your feelings of futility still apply to what I was speaking of, I simply see it on a more expanded view, from my role to the cosmic one, there is transformation taking place for the better as I see it. In your expression of the situation it's more a mundane approach that you are taking but it's still the same thing basically. I'm not familiar with the book you mentioned with little time these days to do any reading. If I get a break from the computer I rest my eyes so I can't address that perspective. However you spoke of a person being one with all...Native teachings express We Are All Related and speak of the Web of Life and see all dimensions as part of a greater whole, like membranes in a body so to speak, a cosmic body...that of the Creator and thus the Creator *is* everywhere and we are all tied together. It's not a new concept. I believe this is a time of the *Rainbow People*, a time of erasing the lines of division and seeing the similarities as well as differences as a good thing, a time of unification so to speak.

There is absolutely no reason why you couldn't Dance the Wheel yourself and address that question if you are seeking an answer as to what you should do personally. I'm certain the depiction of perspectives would be enough to outline what you would need to hold in mind where the question is concerned. I think you would find it a very enlightened experience to say the least. There are times that any of the Sacred Directions would choose to not respond to you and that should not be taken as a negative; just that from that perspective there is nothing to show you at that time. I've had that happen. It may be that one or two perspectives dominate and those are the narrowing of focus you *need* to take vs. all. It's rare that they don't give you something though and I'd encourage you to explore it. May I suggest that you first follow along with what we do with our first question so you can experience the process first-hand and then Dance on your own as you see fit or feel comfortable doing. I anticipate we'll do a few questions and that will allow more practice time and insight for participants, be they active or just exploring privately. It's a sensible approach and may put your mind more at ease.

One by one as each of us awakens to our path, our role in life along both spiritual and mundane lines, our relationships to others and our levels of tolerance for their choices, we do evolve. As we come to the awareness that brings we join an ever-growing awareness and consciousness of humanity and other life forms involved. This is stepping into another Dance...another energy cycle...strengthening the universal thought of that *group mind* and thus lending our energy to that motion. It's contributing is initiated in this way, but it spills over into the physical sense and you start to see that one step, one touch, one act at a time (small or large scale) is progress. If we are growing in awareness and numbers that means that the Higher Good is growing in strength too. It all plays together and by doing our parts no matter how miniscule it may seem, we are doing important work. Sometimes the greatest good is achieved in what at first appears unconventional ways, but you'd be surprised when you soar with Eagle and are shown the many *battlefronts* out there, the *skirmishes*, and the *pits* that are active. Together there is a much greater battle being played out behind the scenes of many people's eyes. That's as it should be. As you take these Medicine Wheel perspectives invite the Spirit Keeper of that dimensional realm to walk with you. They will come in some capacity; it may be a feeling of their presence or hearing them or seeing them or all and more. They will come to help you though.

If you can't physically prevent the war there is nothing wrong with praying or sending out positive thoughts (energy) to the cosmic level and joining the universal voice that comes from many hearts. It's growing louder with each person that does that. It is a great voice now, and what comes from the heart is the only energy that will be accepted there. Share your heart with the world. Take the love of Spirit within you and let it flow through you. Be an instrument, a tool through which Spirit is invited to work. You'll be amazed at the individuals that will cross your path then. You are where you need to be, so just do what you can. That's all Spirit asks of any of us...just to do the best you can.


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