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Air.. Exploring The Element & It's Impact On Me
By EagleSinging

Air. I've been working with and thinking about Air. This morning I sat with Air - Air alone - and tried to experience Air with my 5 senses. It was really interesting and I thought I would share this. In time I will sit with each of the Elements and over time as I continue to sit with Air I suspect my understanding of Air, my awareness of Air, will grow as I get to know it better.

Has anyone else done this? I'd love to hear your experience and if you haven't yet want to give it a try? And, as always, if anyone has any suggestions or insights on this toss them my way - I'll grab 'em.

I began by standing in the midst of Air, surrounded by Air, engulfed by Air. Air feels forceful and gentle. It pushes me over, throws me off balance and it also gently whispers in my ear and gently touches my shoulder. Air tousles things around, turns them over. Air is a breeze through a screen down.

Air tastes of clarity, a glacial mountain stream unadulterated by waste and debris. It tastes refreshing. It wakes me us. There is no after-taste, no residue, no texture. It is simple, basic and stripped bare.

Air smells of laundry just off the clothes line. Air smells fresh, crisp. Air smells of newness and a clean slate after a long awaited rainfall.

As I touch Air it feels full of potential and possibilities. It feels open and opportunistic. It does not feel oppressive or challenging - Air brings with the feeling of "it just is." Air feels accepting and simple. As light as Air feels, it is filling.

When I listen to Air I hear it moving things, brushing things aside producing a different perspective. I hear it whispering, dropping clues and insight. Air can sound forcefull and powerful, scary and mighty, pounding and relentless. Air can sound silent as it moves through everything, almost absent of sound but sound is there when we are tuned in. If I listen I can hear Air permeating everything.

As I look at Air I see how it affects everything. I don't see Air itself, but I see what it does and how it touches everything - nothing is untouched by Air. Air alters things, transforms everything - as it can toss through pile of fall leaves and scattered them everywhere to then corralling the scattered leaves into a semblance of another pile, another form, another shape. I see how Air brings forth fresh principles, viewpoints, concepts whether that is seen from Eagle riding thermals or from stirring leaves upon the ground uncovering that chestnut that was buried.

Air doesn't seek action or response. Air plants a seed, brings fresh perspective, new ideas, new approaches. In-spiration. Air carries wisdom and clarity.

Well, SL that was experience with Air this morning and its kind neat. I wanted to share it. Do you have an experience with Air to share too?

That’s great, Cinn had asked us to do this with the 4 elements several years ago. It’s is a pretty cool exercise. As for comments, I think you did very well and I’m sure it served you in noticing different aspects of air so next time it shows up and wants you to notice it you’ll have more tools (senses) to recognize it with.

I'll also add that Air is a huge support. My husband is a helicopter mechanic and it's quite incredible how, when you partner with Air, you can lift a helicopter or a jet into the sky. The Air is there, being, and when you understand how to join with it the incredible happens. I love to sit at the beach and watch how little effort the birds use to get around, spending a lot more time gliding than flying.

When we were in Australia last year, my sister went tandem hang-gliding. She was strapped to the back of the hang-glider. They stood at the top of a cliff at the edge of the ocean for quite a while. The hang-glider and his friend were watching the water and from that, they were learning the pattern of the wind. After at least fifteen minutes of communing with the Air, when the time was right, both he and my sister ran off the edge of the cliff and took flight. They glided for 40 minutes and were as high as 1400 feet at one point. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

Hi Wolf! I looked up the thread you referenced. You are right, it is serving me in looking at Air differently - in a short time frame of 1 day. It is a big subject as I'm finding out. There is so much to it. Did you enjoy it when you did it?

Hi WindDancer! Oh yes, I agree! Air can be a big support. That did not come to me, but I agree. I was following your words and I was there with your sister. Air can uplift us in more than one way, can't it?

My challenge lies in really letting Air penetrate me and flow through me. Sometimes I analyze the messages that come through Air instead of simply accepting them. I can shut Air out at times that may not be the best thing to do. Sometimes Air can be fierce and forceful and that is worthy of attention. Air needs to be dampened too at times. Are there times when Air should be shut out, shut down? I wonder. I know I do it and it is usually when I'm overwhelmed - maybe too much comes at me or maybe I have not been listening and I'm tired of hearing the message over and over and I just don't want to hear or know any more. Breaks are good. However, when I shut out and shut down Air I get migraines. It is like clockwork. Of course, there is something to that too, isn't there? I realize I went off topic from your post, WindDancer so don't feel these questions are just for you - they are for me and anyone.

I didn’t know the thread was still there, great! If I remember right I did fire and it was something else. It gives a whole new outlook and a different connection. Very interesting exercise. Silly me I did earth.

And ya got stuck in the mud so didn't go through the others? What made the mud?

Well in my defense I have to say that the others didn’t do the other ones either. But seriously, that wasn’t long before I went away so I guess, and I’m saying this without any big insights that it was where I was and that is where I needed to be. But I'm trying to defend myself here for no reason. I was just lazy and that is the truth. Heck I’m lazy. As an earth sign that tends to happen right? *Wink*

Some discussion on relating oneself to the element of Air from the book "Healing with Form, Energy and Light: The Five Elements in Tibetan Shamanism, Tantra and Dzogchen".....

“Air is the element that carries change and, when it is developed, one can transform the negative into the positive....Air is related to curiosity and learning and flexibility of intellect. In its highest aspect, it is the wisdom of accomplishment. When air is dominant, the qualities of earth and water are usually deficient. There is little stability or contentment. It's difficult to stick to anything....and hard to accept things as they are.

When air is deficient, it's easy to get stuck. Things become more difficult to change. When a worry arises, it remains.

When there is balanced air, worry and concern give way to the next thing--a resolution is found. Balanced air allows us to be flexible. If things go wrong, we can still appreciate other aspects of experience: there can be bad news and a beautiful sky at the same time. Air allows the mind to move in new directions, to see things from different perspectives, and this allows the accumulation of knowledge and understanding. How fast you can change your negative anger or depression or annoyance or self-pity into something positive has to do with how developed your air element is.”

I thought I'd add this here, please take it or leave it as you wish.

Northernwolf~ Just FYI it's very easy to get 'stuck' in our native element (that element we are born into) whatever it may be. Do keep going with this exercise as it sensitizes you in the best of ways. Besides it's fun to do.

This morning my focus was on sensing Air through smell. After I was done I asked myself whether there is anything I smell, see, taste, feel or hear that has not been touched by Air. What a concept, huh?

When I was thinking of how I sensed Air I began by sensing it through Wind, but Air is so much more than Wind. Seems obvious of course, but it is Wind that is the most recognizable expression of Air (Breathing too, but again that is a noticeable flow of Air). When Air is stagnate, to me it smells heavy, putrid and languid - like something's gotta’ give. Whatever the scent is that I smell in stagnate Air lingers and there is no freshness that accompanies it or follows it. Air smells fresh and crisp when it blows as Wind, even a small breeze. Everything I smell travels in Air. If it was not in Air I would not smell it. When I am busy in my kitchen during the day baking or cooking up a good sauce I don’t notice it until I leave and return later when even outside my house I notice the wonderful smells coming from inside. Air carried those smells, smells I didn’t notice when I was in the midst of them. Each smell Air carries reminds me of something in my life, an experience of some kind and a feeling is always aroused. I wonder if the key is to recognize the feeling aroused by the smell Air carried, but not attach to the feeling – instead recognize the feeling, allow it to flow through me, and use it as a basis for inquiring about the message Air brought. Each element can be smelled through Air, can it not? I can smell Fire in Air: heat has a smell, so does smoke. I can smell Water in Air: mist, dew and rain that evaporates even before it hits the ground all smell. I can smell Earth in Air: moist, loamy, and now in fall decaying. To flip it around: Can Air the Element be smelled in Fire, in Water and in Earth? If I smell it, it is carried by Air. So many impressions, so many experiences, so many dreams and so many fears – all touched upon by the smells found in Air. The smells found in Air arouse me awake. How do you smell Air?

Yesterday I place my awareness on how I hear Air. What sound does Air have? Certainly, sounds are carried by and resonate through Air. Sirens, birds, a cat fight, people walking, talking and cars honking. I hear Air as it passes over a bird's wings in flight and I hear the sound of Air change as the bird tips its wing oh so very slightly. I hear squirrels walking as quietly as they can on tree branches and telephones ringing many houses away. Of course I hear branches rustle as Air forces its way through trees. I hear Air alone, just Air as it moves quickly around immovable objects: a house, a rock, a building, a pole. The turbulence of Air as it moves quickly around these types of objects creates an energy that resonates as an audible sound I can hear. The more I focus on what I hear, the more acute my hearing is. Today I am focusing on what my eyes see of Air. I started this exercise believing that Air was an invisible element. Of course I saw what moved in the Air, but could I see Air?! And, more challenging yet, could I see Air when it appeared motionless - not even the most palpable breeze? What in our world is not carried by Air, such that our eyes do not see it moved? A skyscraper, a monument, a mountain? Even what may appear with our eyes to not be moved by Air is not immune to the movement of Air.

Air can move everything when it wants to. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Typhoons. And best of all, the gentle passing of air around stationary objects erodes each of them over time. So, I see the impact of Air. But, can I see Air? I see that Air although it appears to not be moving is always moving. On a calm day with no apparent breeze, I see pollen floating away off an evergreen tree. On a cold morning with no apparent breeze, the moisture from my breath floats away. Warm Air rises. Cold Air stays closer to the ground. Clouds are comprised of Air. I see clouds moving in the wind high above even though below there is no palpable movement. But, now I know Air moves - I've seen it - even though I can't feel it. As I sat this early morning I softened my gaze and set my intention to see Air. There was no breeze at all. As I looked 15 feet above a lake I saw movement in the Air - like swirls of warmer Air over the cooler Air closer to the lake. I was reminded of the pollen I saw floating yesterday and my breath I saw a moment before. I truly didn't think I could see Air. I take it so much for granted.

I've continued to go through each of my senses with Air. I tasted Air - which I admit was a challenge as I tried to separate it from my olfactory - because what I taste is connected to smell. It took me days to work through that and let it go. I plugged my nose and I felt the texture of Air on my tongue, but was that feeling or was that taste? I look back now and I was pretty twisted up about it. Its good I can laugh. I came to the point where I can see Air - not just what is sitting or blowing in Air but molecules or gaseous formation in Air. If I really soften my vision I can see pockets of movement within Air. Pretty cool, indeed!

I began to play with Wind. It is an absolutely fantastic experience. Wind and I talked. We'd always been comfortable around each other, I listened to what was said, I understood what was said, and I've always loved windy blustery days, but I'd never held a conversation with Wind. Now I talk to Wind. You might want to try it.

It is an interesting experience. The other day during a few days of incredible wind, I asked Eagle to teach me how to use, to hear and to know Wind. Wind replied: “What about from me?” so I went with Wind. It was an amazing 15 or so minutes. I didn’t want it to end, but it ended as quickly as I was swept away. You might want to try it.

These past few weeks have been pretty darn phenomenal. I've come to appreciate how Air is its own element and also how it is intrinsically interwoven with the other Elements. As I spend time getting to know Air my in-sight and receptivity to guidance has dramatically opened up. I've become more comfortable with the signs, with their meanings, and most importantly I hold conversations with Eagle. I used to seek out answers to my ponderings. I used to listen when my attention was being called. Now, I do those things but I find that I am also in fairly constant contact with my Guides through my day. We are not chatting through the entire day, but there with me and I with them and we talk often during a day. I notice when they play a joke on me. Wind has been doing that and I know when its being done. My Guides will "pull a funny" and I know its them by the way the experience came together. We laugh together. It is all quite unique for me.

The biggest detriment though is that I find that I can be withdrawn from my physical world. I can get so absorbed, so consumed and quite frankly I'm so content in Air that I pull away from my family. That has been a big challenge for me - not getting sucked in. Sometimes I so preoccupied, I'm listening to guidance, in-sight and pondering what I'm learning and wondering how to apply it that my husband will look at me and ask if I'm okay. I've noticed a time or two my kids realize that I'm "checked out." That has been a challenge for me to remember that I live here, now.

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