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Why Explore the Seven Sacred Directions?
By CinnamonMoon

Well the more you explore the deeper you go into understanding them for one thing. The path they lead you along is so beautiful, even when you have to put light on your shadows, you'll find they'll clean up real nice and the path gets brighter, your light starts to shine on it too.

There's nothing to fear but the feeding of it. We don't need to do that, but we do need to be alert to things. The Seven Sacred Directions teach us many things but the main thing they teach is to see clearly and to use our senses beyond their mundane functions. When we use all our sensory input that's what we're doing. We see ahead enough to understand where we're going at the moment. Then we see the course we're taking to get there and in that we avoid a lot of mistakes, our challenges suddenly aren't so overwhelming and obstacles aren't so hard to overcome.

Sure, we're going to be challenged to see this way at first; after all it's hard to believe that's what we're doing, but it's real and it does prove itself if you allow it to. When that happens, when you understand the elements at play in an intimate way like this, then you tap your *Knowing* and the Oneness, and the duality and through that duality you walk in Oneness, aware, watching for the signs that are there to guide the way. The Seven Sacred Directions teach this. We can have as much guidance as we're willing to open to. It's up to us. Some people are very heavy sleepers (spiritually speaking) while others are awake … our awareness is what we need to wake up. The Seven Sacred Directions wake you up when you explore them with your senses. In this you will find you are heightening your senses and raising your conscious awareness and are able to understand more of what they're telling you. They are the connective points to bringing the spiritual realities into the physical realities. They teach you to walk between the worlds.

There will come tests to see if you'll use what you're learning, if you'll follow the ways of this guidance or if you'll let temptation rule, and we are going to be tempted sometimes. Life loves to do that to us. So we need to accept that no one's perfect and we're going to make mistakes but when you make them with your eyes open you learn from them and you don't make them again. You know better don't you? Of course you do. You saw it coming and chose to ignore it and look what happened. You say to yourself "I knew that was going to happen and I ignored it anyway!" Then you say: "I won't do that next time" and you don't. Why repeat our own foolishness? It doesn't make sense to do that and so you move past it learning your lesson and you grow…a step at a time.

Eagle is Spirit's Messenger, the Spirit Keeper of Air, and if we begin to explore this element Eagle will (at some point) appear to us and show the way. This element provides the grasp you need to understand and define the pattern for everything else that will follow. The Guides you seek will begin to appear in Air, as you encounter them they are going to teach you even more…it gets deep…how deep you go is up to you, how open is your mind? How willing are you to learn and accept that mistakes happen? How willing are you to explore your own spiritual nature and the Spirit Helpers that will aid you? Sure, we get confused, but if we trust in Spirit and learn how to see, learn to work with our guidance then we can see where we're going and how we get there. This is an important part of what the Seven Sacred Directions will help you to grasp.

Study just those seven perspectives and the next step is understanding the Medicine Wheel. Why? Because they are the axis on which it turns…and that which spins around the axis spins as the gyroscope of life. When we are centered amid that we are in the Oneness, eyes open, feet solid, walking our path with clear vision. We're walking with those who are going our way. We are in the flow and we are in the Web of Life, we are in the world but not of it, not of the awareness that sleeps but of the awareness that's awake. The Seven Sacred Directions will be the doors to perception that will teach you the way to all of that. The doors are open to anyone who wants to explore them so it's up to you. If you're interested in learning more I encourage you to read the material in the Medicine Wheel Library on these topics, and then if you want to know for yourself begin your Dance with Air as you start that journey. Share your experiences with us and we'll help you sort through them…grow with us if you like, all are welcome to do so. No matter where you stand it's a good place to be standing right here and now. But instead of hopping around from topic to topic, start with the basics and get a feel for the foundations you're going to build your knowledge base from. Settle down and start with understanding what the first dot is so you can see how to connect it to the next one. There are 7 dots amid the Seven Sacred Directions…the first 7 steps in connecting to the whole of the Medicine Wheel (36 dots in all) and in that to come to your spiritual functionality.

Until we establish an intimate relationship with each of the Seven Sacred Directions and the Guides who come to us in that process there is no way to know the value they hold. All you have is a theory someone is sharing with you. Experience and the time you invest will bring forth the Knowing in a very personal way. You begin to grasp the theory and see the reality behind it and in that you value each direction and all that it brings you to. Those directions are the foundations of all Native teachings; they lead you to everything else. Once you have them in hand you can break them down to their component sections (through the stone placements of the Wheel) and in that the Medicine Wheel and it's stones emerge to become your classrooms…a university to study at; they become a vehicle to take you through dimensional portals; and you discover the gyroscopic momentum the Wheel holds…how to let it be your teacher, your vehicle, and your sacred space. The Seven Sacred Directions introduce you to all that and more. So if you want to understand the ways of Native teachings that's where one begins. The articles in our Medicine Wheel Library are all designed to help you through this process, to explain what goes on. And if you get stuck or have questions along the way the forums are here for you to sort things out deeper. I hope you will see there is a very good reason to explore the Seven Sacred Directions.

The overview of these Seven Sacred Directions is the theory…you'll study each of the elemental forces, their entities and dimensions and meet Guides who will become your teachers and guide you along. One element at a time, introducing you to the Three Worlds and the three levels of understanding each element rests upon. The Seven Sacred Directions flow through one another this way because the axis carries through each element, it's all connected. The study of the directions, and later the full scope of the stones in the Medicine Wheel is a course of connecting the dots to understand where each road/thread/line of connection takes you.

For those interested in Ley Line energies and what they open us to, you will be able to see why Medicine Wheels are placed on those Ley Lines…they tap that energy and give you a way to utilize it or explore it in sacred space. The potential is infinite when you learn how to work within the Wheel's matrix. And it has so many levels to it; we can create a Wheel anywhere…and in any dimension to explore that deeper too. But before we begin that kind of advanced work we have to learn how to operate it. That way we're not shouting out for a mechanic because we didn't know any better and let our vehicle break down. I invite everyone to consider why exploration of the Sacred Directions would serve them now. And I invite you to begin with Air which will serve to take you deeper into these concepts and get your bearings in a general overview of higher spiritual concepts. I invite you to utilize the Medicine Wheel Library and read the articles there, the threads of discussion too…others explored before you and they have shared their experiences, that is valuable insight. As you discover things I hope you will share and contribute in the other forums, we may just be adding them to the library for those who follow behind you to gain insight from. Each time someone shares they contribute to the resources the Lodge has to offer our members. Share your questions, they draw out answers. Share your experiences, they draw in the in-sight others need. And share our libraries by exploring them. Get the theory down that way and then you're ready to explore it.

The Seven Sacred Directions take about a year's worth of dedicated study to grasp fully. Be patient with yourself and don't rush, there's no urgency. At the end of that year's study you will know them and have your foundations in place with a depth of spiritual understanding you will be amazed at. The growth you experience in that short time is tremendous, and your own abilities will become so enhanced that you look back in awe at how far you've come. You have your experiences to validate the teachings, abilities to function spiritually in other dimensions as well as the mundane world, and you have the connections that bring it all into unity for you. Steady on your feet you have the keys you need to open any door you want to open. I encourage you to explore the Seven Sacred Directions, you hear me talk about them all the time, I hope now you can see why.


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