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Interactive Dance Of The Wheel Exercise 3 & Discussion
By CinnamonMoon


Tonight's project of Dancing the Wheel is going to address the question: "How can we honor the wisdom passed on through the Wheel?" If you have not yet explored the Sweat Lodge Ceremony Tarra has prepared for us, please do so now and come back to this immediately.

Before the Dance, make sure you give thanks to Spirit for the blessings you will receive in the insights presented to you. That makes room to receive them and calls those insights to you.

The question, as noted elsewhere in this forum, came in tied with another one, but I feel this is perfect for an initial introduction to the Wheel and very beneficial to those who are new to this concept altogether. Get pen and paper and note your insights along the way. Just jot notes that will jar your memory for now. When the Dance is complete you can go back and expand those notes and your experience so you can discuss it here later when you've had time to compose your thoughts.

Note: It is okay if you go over the directional symbology to refresh your memory between perspectives. The point is that you understand the focus of that perception, glean what you can from it, jot that down and move to the next one with a clean perspective. In this way each step of the Dance holds its own purpose and once complete it produces the entire view of the concept you are taking in.

We begin this with Tarra leading us through a Sweat Ceremony, so if you have not done that as yet, please go to her post and follow that to initiate this session. When you have completed the Sweat portion come back to this section and follow along. There is nothing you are going to do that is *wrong* in exploring it, so simply take the session as a guideline, meditate or journey through the directions that will follow and discover your insights along the way.

When you have finished I encourage you to post your thoughts and results separately within the forum. By this I mean each person should begin a new post for their entire Dance (not 7 posts per person *S*). That way we can track indepth conversations accurately and individuals will not be lost in the shuffle of postings. I encourage everyone to comment and share their views on everything they feel they can contribute to. All questions are welcome and with this said, I'd like to begin.

Step One:
Through Tarra's Sweat Lodge Ceremony, we have purified and centered ourselves to begin stepping into our Sacred Space and the Silence of Spirit. The process to follow will be one of focusing on the question and a perspective (to be outlined below) allowing a meditative state of understanding to ensue. Some of you may be taken on a journey, granted a vision, or just *feel* things. Your Guides may appear to inform you of issues in a telepathic way. Any number of channels may open for you throughout the Dance itself and all will be happening to fit in with your thought patterns so you can understand fully what this tool and vehicle can do to serve your spiritual and mundane needs.

By letting each of your senses speak to you, the tool allows you to explore that sense and see what it does or doesn't address. If it does not respond do not panic. Give it a few minutes and let it surface. If it doesn't have a "voice" move on to the next one. In this way you should receive up to 5 different aspects to the perspective itself and through that form a picture or impression of some sort. Note it and move on to the next perception/step in the Dance.

Step Two:
Our first objective perception comes from the East. I want you to hold in mind the context of the associations that I present here. These are the contributing aspects of this perspective explored independently through each of our senses, and they will help you focus on the answer that comes to you. Therefore, I'm going to list the attributive symbology for each of the Sacred Directions so you will have an initial feel for the perception you are being exposed to. With that in mind, ask your question and LISTEN for the answer that comes to you. Trust it and accept it as a Truth for *your reality*…a message you need to receive to contribute to your understanding.

Step Three:
The Dance With the Wheel
EAST: Elemental Force of Air Season Spring:
birth/infancy Spirit Keeper:
Eagle…high flight to get the overview,
link to Spirit, carries prayers, messages, answers, philosophy, and insight.
Perceptive Attributes: Birth, conception, abstract thought, cosmic inspiration and enlightenment void of emotion.
Purity, higher awareness and psychic abilities,
higher thoughts, philosophy, creativity,
first light of day and dawning inspiration.
New beginnings and understanding that all creation begins in the spiritual sense stemming from chaos brought into form.
The higher mind.

SOUTH: Elemental Force of Fire Season of Summer
growth/youth or adolescence Spirit Keeper:
Mouse…passion, exploration, vulnerability, illusion, trust, innocence, reality, examination, gaining insights toward maturity. Perceptive Attributes: Growth, combustion, blazing new trails, consumption, pain and lessons learned the hard way,
fears, doubts, ideals, acceptance, rules, laws, reason, education.
The physical body and sensation born of passion.

WEST: Elemental Force of Water Season of Autumn
harvest/maturity Spirit Keeper:
Bear…emotion, nurturing, protection, love, healing, deeper psychic abilities,
meditation, shamanic journeys,
Dream Lodge, vision questing, introspection, relationships.
Perceptive Attributes: Emotions, ebb and flow, denial, pain, injuries, healing, the Silence (of entering Sacred Space),
the Womb, understanding through experience, actions and their effects on others as well as the Self,
understanding Self, free will, choices, harvesting the results of our efforts, recognizing changes we need to make.

NORTH: Elemental Force of Earth Season of Winter
endings/old age Spirit Keeper:
Buffalo…foundation, strength, sustenance, wisdom, prayer, cycles, sharing, give-away, life, security, wealth and treasures. Perceptive Attributes: Selflessness, community, society, fulfilling needs, understanding eternal concepts, shared wisdom,
sacrifice, the Web of Life, destiny, roles, service to others, pathways, reflection of past experiences and planning ahead, doing what must be done.

THE BELOW WORLD: Realm of: The Ancestors Spirit Keepers:
Ancient Ones, Elders, and our Totem Spirits.
Perceptive Attributes: Ritual, creed, religion, ceremony, ancient knowledge, lost knowledge, guidance to lessons to be learned, communication within the context of spiritual understandings, the reasons for things:
why, how, and the laws behind them, lost truths, Medicine Paths/spiritual destiny.
The past.

THE ABOVE WORLD: Realm of The Sky People Spirit Keepers:
Guides, Teachers, Guardians, Protectors, and Angelic Beings.
Perceptive Attributes: Lessons to be learned, cosmic law and wisdom, instruction on using gifts and abilities,
dimensional gateways to Otherworlds…projection and work on what some call astral levels, exploration and cosmic classrooms.
Path of the Inner Spirit to be taken, evolutionary processes, and Great Mystery.
Time travel and the future.

THE MIDDLE WORLD: Spirit Keepers:
All forms of physical life…Trees and Plants…The Standing People, Rocks and Minerals…the Stone People, Creature-Teachers…the Four-Leggeds, Two Leggeds, Winged-Ones, and Finned-Ones; the *voices* of the elemental forces combined with that of the Land where we learn to combine shamanic languages with understanding.
Perceptive Attributes: Bringing all perspectives together as a whole, understanding movement through the Wheel and along the Web of Life, unity of all dimensions as One, walking with Spirit and aware of all realms through the senses and what is called "shamanic understanding".
We are the Seventh Sacred Direction and when centered this state of being moves with us in
conscious awareness through the physical reality.
The Now, being present in the moment, is where the spiritual and physical realities unite. Here all is one, past comes through memory, future comes through plans, dreams and goals to achieve while we manifest our destiny in the Now as a part of the Web of Life. Understanding we are related to all life forms, all a part of the Whole.
Walking between the worlds in the *right* way and why this is important.
Allowing the love of Spirit to flow through us in tolerance for all.

Go to your notes, expand them to voice the experience with as much detail as possible. In this way you have a record of your experience and can go back to this journal (adding to it as you grow of course *S*) and see your progress over time. When you have finished, please post your insights and questions regarding them so we can contribute to your understanding, confirm experiences with you, and glean greater understanding through the sharing of Community views. Enjoy!!!

Sweat lodge time: 10:00pm EST daylight? or 9:00pm? Timing for dancing the wheel (10:30/11:00-1:00 AM)1-2 hours longer /shorter? Shielding ? Can we cross over into each other’s dances? If so please keep me where I need to be. This is all new.

Hello Earthwalker, I'll do the time conversion here for you: Since Tarra is starting the Sweat Lodge at: 6pm Pacific, that would be: 7pm Mountain, 8pm Central, and 9pm Atlantic. Then, once complete you can go directly to the Dance.

If Tarra gets those directions posted it's still your option to do it earlier if you need to. I know this puts everyone in various categories of time, but the object is to do the Dance tonight so we can discuss results throughout the rest of the week. This is much like a Healing Circle in that those doing it at the same time will tap into the energy of the Dance together and be drawn along that line. It would behoove a beginner to try to make those times just for the supportive energy, but it can be accomplished independently as well without risk.

The time it takes to complete the process will be up to you. We all vary on getting into the light trance state necessary and we will vary on the time it takes to receive our impressions. It's always best to trust yourself on that. You should *feel* when the message is complete for each perspective you are focused on and *know* when to move to the next step. This knowing I'm speaking of is an inner knowing and you should not have to question yourself on it at all. It will feel like the answer has stopped coming.

As for shielding, that more or less happens automatically as you go through the Sweat Ceremony since it is a purification rite in and of itself. You cleanse your energy, raise your inner spirit to consciousness, and attune to center yourself through the Sweat. The Dance itself is done working with your Higher Self and elevated guidance, so there's very little chance of anything happening to disrupt it in a negative way. I've never heard of anyone having a bad experience with this and I've been doing it many, many years. This is a higher vibrational level and there are no negative forces being called upon, only the highest of good intentions so that would naturally be supported. Your Guides and Teachers will be present with you too, as will the Spirit Keepers who will be watching over you at that time. If you would feel more comfortable shielding you certainly can, but that can also prevent you from receiving clear insights if you don't know what you are doing there. Sometimes you can block positive energies as well as negative ones. This is not a threatening situation in the least, so I don't feel it's necessary. Intent is on a higher level and directs you into safe ground so to speak.

"Can we cross over into each other’s dances? If so please keep me where I need to be. This is all new."

Yes, this can happen and you would sense the presence of our personalities/spirits with you. There it is a matter of knowing us to distinguish who's who if you are trying to figure that out. This would be more apt to happen if you time it to the appointed time and very unlikely if you do it independently from that. Those of us who are experienced in journey work and Dancing With the Wheel would watch over you. *S* It may reassure you to know that you will be where you need to be on your own though. What holds you to that is the focus of the perspective and the question being addressed. I realize it's new to you, but it's a perfectly safe exercise and there is nothing to worry about on your end. This is merely receiving information from the perspective of the direction you are addressing. It's no different than sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher present a lesson. The subject remains the same, but you have a panel of Spirit Teachers presenting different perspectives on that subject and you filter the information through your higher self/inner spirit to your conscious mind. Spirit will be with us all and keeping an eye on things too. *Smiles*

I can't stress enough the importance of journaling your results and impressions. Those beginning this type of work for the first time will find it invaluable and those with experience on their paths know that value. *S* I think you'll find this a fascinating experience. Do pay attention to any appearances of Spirit Helpers or Creature-Teachers as that will be significant for you. We'll be able to help you with interpretation there if you need it, but they will be significant. The directions they come from and move toward will too, so if you can sense that note it as well. I think that's about it for now. Good luck! .

Don’t think in linear time. The intent is there and the energy will find you. Everyone came as energy and your spirit found the ceremony.

I was primarily questioning if everyone was on daylight savings time. I know out west there are or were a couple of states that don'ts witch to it; therefore the time is 4 hr. different. Thanks for the advice. I am looking forward to this evening.


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