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The Element of Water
By MonSnoLeeDra

Of all the elements that influence the history of man none hold as much presence to me as does the element of water. It dominates not only the landscape of both modern and ancient worlds but also the predominant element contained in the human body. The only element to me that regardless of its form always contains the same construction whether it is gas, solid or liquid in state.

Water in its influence teaches us to dig deep into ourselves. Like the physical element it represents, it possess the ability to seep into all the cracks and crevices in its ever pressing descent into darkness. A darkness or depth present not only physical in a geologic manner but also spiritual in its descent into the human psyche. Though it may take years or generations to do so it will work its way deeper and deeper into the host it is found within.

Yet even as it seeps into the darker and deeper depths it causes change upon and inside all it encounters. Whether it be the chemical change of the action and reaction between compounds or the simple notion of washing away the decay and blockage in the human body. In each it is relentless in the process it induces by its mere presence.

It is the source that cleans and purifies the land and body. Like blood through the veins does it carry away that which corrupts and infects the physical and spiritual. Before the movement of ice is the land scraped away. Before the movement of water is debris wiped away. Before the movement of tide and weather cycle does it change and cleanse. Upon the surface or deep within the body does it perform it action, without regard to man or his attempts to limit its influence.

In action it is the harbinger of change. Change that may take the form of the sudden catastrophic event or the process, which results from, slow minor shifts that result in the long term change. It is the catalyst that causes the inner surface to bend, fold or mutate and it works from within, unapparent to any observer.

Water is one of the greatest of changlings. It does not matter if it be found as ice, vapor, mist, snow or even its natural state of liquid that it is always one and the same. Yet it reveals the truth lies not in the form of the thing but the parts or facets that make up the thing. It is in that ability to mold and change that enables it to function as it does.

Even as it hides behind the face of the changeling it reveals itself to be the master thief. No place is completely safe from its ability to enter in if given the chance. No structure safe from the long reaches of its influence. Even when forced to change its face, change and movement are its signature upon and within all things.

It serves to remind us that things are always in motion. Yes in motion even when the surface appears stagnate and unmoving. Regardless of form taken it is always a force in action and acting upon the surface of things it touches. Like the ancient ice flow movement maybe so slow and unobtrusive that it appears to be stationary to all but the most observant of observations. Like the mighty river its influence may be of such strength and energy to carve away the very foundation of those things that attempt to hold it in check. Perhaps to function as the mighty ocean and create in one spot and destroy in another.

Like the mighty ocean it reveals only the surface while hiding its secrets deep down. Yet even the deepest of its faces is subject to the influence of forces outside its domain. From on high the pull of the moon reaches down to touch both man and element in its race across the heavens. From lip unseen is it pushed and pounded until it surges forth across the landscape as mighty waves or motivated to action in the body.

Its presence nourishing both lands and body. Remove even for a moment and land and body suffer the affect. Remove the physical and the surface becomes a desolate place where life struggles to maintain and the land takes flight before the breath of wind. Remove in the spiritual and a void is left in the spiritual landscape that goes unnourished.

It touches upon us and within each of us on so many levels that it almost remains elusive in action. To sit and relax in its embrace is to allow the body to sync up with its inner heartbeat while stripping away the stress and turmoil of our lives. To stand before the blowing rain is to allow it to touch upon us and wash away the dirt and grime that clings if only for a few moments as we recall the ancient story held within. To breathe in its essence is to recall ancient memories of land and humanity.

The Element of Water to me in all its various faces and influences, The greatest story in its telling we must forever be fluid and moving in our influence upon the landscape. A landscape regardless of it being geologic, social or spiritual and our movement across it or its influence upon us.

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