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The Medicine Wheel & the Ruach
By Minna Earthkeeper

Hi, so, I'm thinking...because I want to think about and write some ideas about the medicine wheel. I'm looking at the points around the wheel, thinking of the process, the connections and movements from one point to another.

So to begin, I went to the library and started to look up the attributes of the four directions. And I came to thinking about the winds of each direction. You know I am so very fond of wind.

In Cinnamon's article she gave the Greek names of each of the winds for each direction.
East ~ Eurus,
South ~ Notus,
West ~ Zephyros,
and North ~ Boreas.

These, I found were gods of the Greek pantheon, called the Anemoi, sometimes independent, and sometimes pictured as the great wind-horses who would draw Zeus's chariot (ummm-draw the movement-maker for the greatest of the Greek gods...you know, the thing that takes him from - here - to - there.).

They were born of the Titans, Eos, Goddess of the Dawn and Aeolus, God of the Winds, also known as Astraeus - God of the Stars and Planets - and thus Astronomy or Prophecy. The four winds, born of the dawn and the stars. Ok - so you scholars, forgive me, this is my thought process based on my train of ideas, and is not philosophically, Greek pantheon wise, kabbalistically or in another other way, accurate.

Then I got to thinking about a term for wind or spirit - the Ruach - the Breath of God, the animating Spirt of God and God within man. I looked back at Cinnamon's post about the Breath of Spirit and these references were very interesting to me in thinking about the Medicine Wheel and the winds associated with the directions.

Cinnamon said: “The Breath of Spirit was something I experienced during Vision Quest, it came with the 'body' of Spirit and the permeation into that Oneness. I saw it take form, a transparent energy that was like unto a visible Wind. The exhale of Spirit's Breath that moves thought into the spoken word and sets things into motion. I saw 'the Word' if you will. … I was taken up into this experience, an OBE, and in that process underwent expansion and contraction as I took it in...like a pulse, like a breath...inhale and breathe the enlightenment, exhale and expand the vision, inhale that and exhale again...keep going, follow the breath. However, at the same time this was happening and the vision was given form through experience, Spirit was 'breathing me'...taking me on a multi-leveled, multi-layered journey….I was given understanding, the enlightenment of what was taking place clearly presented in a profound state of awe. And then I understood how the Breath of Spirit moves things...including us, how it carries us, how it sets things into motion. I knew I could step into that and I knew that it moved each of us in our own way. The old adage that "Thoughts are things and words have power" is so true….I guess what I'm saying here is that the Breath of Spirit has carried me through the intellectual understanding into the physical experiences and through the emotional ranges they brought into being. Now, standing in theNorth I have the knowledge intact, the understanding intact, and it's time to start sharing that with others. I pray I'll do so wisely, and that my touch will be that of the Feather, with no harm done. I'm aware of the pain that can be brought unthinking to others and I want to bring none of that with me as I continue to live this vision for the rest of my life.”

From earthwalker's response ~ “Currently I am reading a book called the Prophets Way by Thom Hartmann. Although defining the Breath of Spirit slightly different I like the perspective his words present as well. "Everyone is familiar with the edge between normal waking consciousness and sleep: it is often a time of extraordinary feelings, sensation and insight, particularly as we move from sleep into wakefulness. In a similar way, mystics are aware of the edge between the physical world and the world of Spirit. Understanding edges was, for me, an epiphany. The physical mind is a function of the body/brain, and as Skinner, Pavlov, and the Behaviorists showed, the manifestation of a rather predictable bioelectronics' computing machine. On the other hand, the consciousness which is the universe is so deep and profound and all pervasive that no mind could possibly contain it. How can the body/mind contain and express that which is essentially not of the body/mind? The answer for me is that it cannot. Instead the body/mind touches the edge. When the brain is brought to the edge of the world of G-d (spirit), the place of true consciousness, a fractal intersection occurs. An unstable and dynamic system is created and like the rainbow colors of water and oil, new energies and visions are created. Look for your edges. They may be in work, relationships, life or…"

Ok, so Cinnamon and Earthwalker, I don't know that I'm using the concept exactly like the way you spoke of it - but ya know, it's Minna's springboard to...something. I'm thinking about the winds of the Wheel and the directions and the Breath of Spirit and then - well, of course, I move to the idea of the Ruach. The animating Breath of God and moving through the wheel as carried by the winds, the Ruach of Spirit.

East - Eurus, beginning of the process - the wind that blows from above through Eagle, an over-vision - a clear view of the whole field, with the ability to home in, or carry us to the beginning-to-be, the initiation or the blockage to be removed, the request for the insight to be gained.

Moving to the South and the place of action and passion - the warm winds of Notus - carrying us to along in warmth and fire to Mouse's point of view, details, specific insights, information acquired for understanding, development, honing and informing our intent, turbulence, passion and warmth, full bloom.

Carrying us through to Zephyros, Wind of the West, time for the idea to mature, to begin to firm up in into understanding, harvest and introspection and finding our own place within this journey of insight, and anchoring it into our emotional foundation, whether it be a lesson of release or acquisition or homecoming. The fruits of our journey ready to pluck and assimilate.

And then we move to the North, Boreas, home of the settling of this gained wisdom deep into our Spirits and Minds to rest, and to share. And we are all borne by these winds of the Spirit through our journey to homecoming again, to rest until the next lesson, the next blessing.

You did excellent with that Minna!

Ahhh, Min! How beautiful! The image/feeling/perception of Ruach moves me greatly! Just the word fills me with the Breath of Spirit. Here's a bit from a transcript of a show that Rabbi Irwin Kula did on Spirituality:

“The word “spirit” in Hebrew – the most ancient wisdom word for spirit is ruach, which means wind. It comes from the very first verse in the bible. In the beginning, when God created, there was a wind flowing across the world. That wind – that life force -- is what spirit is. It’s no more complicated. That means that by definition we are spiritual right now. The spirit is flowing through. We’re not just bodies. We’re spirited bodies. So the only issue is, do you see it? Spirituality is not a noun. Spirituality can’t be found. Spirituality can’t be sought. Spirituality can’t be acquired. Spirituality can’t be bought. Spirituality is here. The word in the bible for that is hineni, “I Am Present.” All you have to do is be present with an open heart and you’re spiritual. One of my teachers called spirituality normal mysticism. When you think of something normal you think of something ordinary – not mysticism. And when you think of mysticism, you think of something far out. No, normal mysticism – it’s ordinary life with an open heart – that’s it.”

You, my dear, have let that Ruach flow through you with an open heart and brought us a gift of Spirit's beauty in the Medicine Wheel. It has blown through you to us and fired our Passion for Him to create with you. Very Simple. Incredibly beautiful, as is all of His Creation. So no apologies for not being "more" anything, my dear Minna...none at all. You are what you are with an open heart to the Ruach of Spirit. That is all...and that is all you ever need to be!

Thank you, Cinnamon. I can't 'splain it, i can just 'point to it'. Thank you.

And Star, you're so nice to me. I like that, ordinary, normal mysticism. And I love that word 'hineni'. It makes me think of that spark, that Spirit or Christ-light within. It both shines within and draws us to its Home.

Might I even say, that spark that draws us to an experience, even as It brings us through it. I am pretty personally conservative by nature (but don't get me wrong - apparently, politically, by comparison to the prevailing winds - I must be liberal), so sometimes when I want to commit, I picture myself doing a swan dive into something wonderful, but unknown. You know I just love the image of us just jumping out and releasing ourselves into the Winds of Spirit to travel the wheel.

Although, you know, I talk about it better than I do it.

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