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Dance of the Elemental Forces (Exercise 2) & Discussion
By CinnamonMoon

In this Dance we are going to step into each elemental force fully aware of our senses. With focus on isolating each one, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and seeing these elemental forces for their purity and properties.

We're going to want to meld with and become that force within ourselves. By letting each element independently sift through your senses with the intent of cleansing your energy centers, you will come to know their essence on a cellular level and through osmosis. In this passage their essence is to be absorbed and held safe in your solar plexus as you move from one element to the next. We'll be uniting them later.

Through an initial guided visualization I'll demonstrate how to bring them into manifestation so that you can take it from there and experience the elemental force. Now they do range in their intensity and I'm going to suggest you keep this to a minimum for the initial Dance. If you feel this is helping you and want to continue Dancing the Elements to practice working with them they will teach you how to do that as time passes.

Focus should be on the force and its energy, not the landscapes or the entities that inhabit it's realm. We want to step into the element itself to know its purest form and meld with it.

Each of the four elemental forces are pure in and of themselves. They do NOT mingle other than at the cross-quarters or borders of their realms as one ends and another begins. Air does not live in Fire, Fire does not live in Water, Water does not live in Earth, Earth does not live in Air. Each element is self-contained and does not spill over into the next, however, just as a river courses its way through the land they do overlap one another to coexist. You have five senses, not one.

Use them independently and through that co-existence you have "sensation"...the whole. Let your senses speak with the forces of energy you are experiencing on all levels...mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. See how they pertain and how you can apply that energy to your growth.

Air is a force of the Higher Mind, it is thought, conception, philosophy, lofty...the spiritual essence of this element is going to enlighten you and turn on the internal light within. Each of your senses must explore this element so you can learn its essence and voice. It is here you will come to see the merging of the physical and spiritual, the seeding within the spiritual that allows manifestation to take place in Fire, harvest to take place in Water, and Wisdom to sustain in Earth through your life experiences. Let it pass through you as if it were a feather, washing through you and centering itself in your solar plexus as the experience is held for unification in the final stages. Air is the breath of life. Inhale it.

Fire is a force of Passion, of exploration and microscopic examination of life. It is the flame that burns within our spirit and the trust we have in our connection to the Web of Life to nurture us. It is the new...the innocent...the growing awareness of the world around us on all levels. It fuels your passions, ignites mobility, helps you take action, and burn away the old as the new begins to unfold. It is here the phoenix rises from its own ashes to be born anew in spirit and in understanding. Its energy is quick to respond and deserves to be respected. Let it pass through you and store it in your solar plexus for unification when the Dance is completed. Fire is the spark of life. Be alive.

Water is a force of Emotional Relationships, of nurturing that heals through love and understanding. It is the current of our feelings that flow through us and carry us through reactions to the relationships we have with others, with life, and with ourselves. It is the passage through these emotions that allow us to gain understanding, and it is the passage within them that brings us to the shamanic journeys and dream states that bring us visions to enhance that understanding. This is the place of attachment and detachment, of harvesting that purifies and soothes our own energy centers. Its energy is fluid. Water is the flow of life. Go with it.

Earth is a force of Sustenance, of life's wisdom learned through experience, of giving from the heart and sharing your treasures passing them on to others. Here we find the essentials of life that promote it and come to understand the cycles of change, the patterns that repeat, and how to give of ourselves so that others prosper. We see the greater whole and partake in sustaining it. This is a life's journey that is surmised here and thus the trek through it is a slow energy and you'll sense a plodding. It takes effort to move through cycles and grasp them so it is a heavy sensation until you learn to go with the flow of those cycles. You'll feel them in this element for it is the element of the heart. Feel it beating.

With these elemental forces stored in your solar plexus you will re-enter the element of Air. Rise up with it this time and let it lift you so that you can sense the cycle of the future mingling with your being and taking form in the present. Picture a red and white spiral, follow the white line upward and allow the essence of the Upper World to enter into your perception. See how you can apply the energy each of the elemental forces holds to future insights needed or to work you will be doing. When you are ready, side-step onto the red path, that of lineage and ancestry, and follow it downward to the Below World.

Here you are to let the essence of culture, of family, of your ways flow through you and see how through the ages the elemental forces have been at play in an endless cycle of Dances through your life and the Web of Life that connects us all. When you are ready, return up that red path to the Middle World. In the Middle World, one by one, let each of the elemental forces rise to the surface within you. It is here that you bring them into unity through the understanding that you've gained and come to recognize that these sacred energies comprise the basics of the whole and from them all else takes division. You stand at the center of the Seven Sacred Directions, they merge within you and project outward making you the center of your universe so that wherever you go you walk aware between the worlds.

This is your true center, your own essence fully manifest and what it means to shine the light of Spirit by letting it radiate from you. It marks your unity with Spirit your connection to the Web of Life. Here you are one with Spirit and clean, momentarily purified by your Dance and the understanding it has brought to you.

The essence of this has, because of the purity of these forces and the focus of your Dance, become one within you and you stand as the shamanic tree, arms outstretched to embrace the future, feet rooted in the lineage from which you come, the world revolves in a gyroscopic Dance as the elemental energies flow around you and through you. This is what it is to be part of the whole, to be alive on all levels: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Allow the energy to slow, let it seep from your head down through your extremities. Through the soles of your feet, and the palms of your hands that are facing down toward the ground, let the current flow into Mother Earth. Ask her to receive this energy for healing and transformation that will restore balance and harmony to herself and to the Web of Life. When you feel you are ready you may return to your sacred space and the physical reality.

I suggest you make your journal entries right away and then from those notes you can post your comments to the group. I trust you will find the enlightened perspectives gained in this Dance to enhance your pathwork, your own journeys and all Dances in the future. Each time you do a Dance of the Elemental Forces you will expand your understanding through knowledge gained from previous Dances. This will allow you to expand as far as you want to and bring infinite possibilities into play where other Dances are concerned.

Alone, each elemental force stands independent in its realm, nature, and cycle with patterns that are unique. As those energies come into play in your life you'll sense which element is reaching out to inform you of something you need to be aware of on some level. Learning to work with them is powerful and it enhances the success of the work you do. Enjoy your Dance and I look forward to your postings my friends. See you there!!!

Lady Athena:
Cinn, thanks! Help I really need time to digest and to read through all that!


It looks like a lot at first when you see it written out but it's pretty basic. Just call in the element's essence and stand in it to let it merge with you sensing with each sense individually. Then move to the next and at the end bring it together. You have enough experience to apply that. I think you'll like what comes through for you and please share with us what happens if you can. See you there!


A rather simple question, I think? When feeling the element or tasting etc. how do you also obtain a neutral position. Don't you need to go to the extremes or towards them to understand the element. Fire: one extreme a volcanic eruption another extreme a smoldering coal still giving off heat. How do you just observe and not react? How do you not form some sort of opinion?

If you stand balanced in Fire...Stand in the center of a flame. What does it look like around you? What does it sound like as it burns? What does it feel like (the energy)? What does it taste like? What does it smell like? Bringing those senses together what is it to be like the elemental force of Fire? What does that energy make you want to use it for? How could you apply what you are learning from the elemental force to describe it's energy? And that energy in use? What does it bring to your understanding of the elements? What is it teaching you in that moment?

Going to extremes is work you would do on your own separately to know the elements better. For now I want to get a general feel for them across to everyone. Then I want to share that openly so we can explore the perceptions we may have in common and those that are different. It should lead to a lot of good discussions this month.

Hi, I guess I will be the first to go this time. The dance of the elements followed a night of dreams. Note: the night before the full moon seems the time when I dream extensively. This has happened the past two to three months. The dreams are much more intense than the night of the full moon. Is this normal? Why do energies seem so much higher the night before the full moon?

Dance of the Elements 18 March 03

Initially, I stood outside and just took in the energy of the night. It was clear, quite warm (above 30 F) and the moon was bright, the trunks of the trees cast long shadows. If it had been just a little warmer I would have danced outside. It was a beautiful night. I came in and went into an imaginary sweat lodge and prayed for peace. As usual I saw a NA moving around. This time without a rattle but using a feather all was white). I then began the dance and thanked each direction and let them know they could take from me what they wished in return. In the east, I saw waves of purple energy floating on air. In the south, I saw bright metallic like fireworks which were very angular (silver). I wasn’t able to feel anything and couldn't block the images. As I laid there trying to re-center and trying to feel and not see, I fell asleep and slept for a few hours and woke up about 11:30pm. I then danced with the full moon shining overhead. The dance was as follows. Note: I tried to block out the visions as much as possible but it is difficult. Still I did feel things albeit it is more subtle than the visions.

Dance of Elements: 18 Mar 03

East /Air: Eagle brought air. I stood in a tornado and felt speed and the potential destruction of it. Felt air waves which seemed light but all encompassing, freedom moving everywhere, movement without effort in all directions.

South/Fire: First I stood watching a fire. I felt heat and felt its intensity. Then a huge snake (about 30 ft. in length, 2 ft. diameter) times brought fire. He encircled me and came around behind me and spewed fire out of it mouth. Came from northeast and sent fire towards southwest. He brought feelings; Strong feelings of dislike even though I know snake is not ominous and just kept looking at him. It bothered me that I had such strong feelings without reason.

West/Water: Whale and tortoises’ presence were felt and wolf brought water. Feelings of cleansing and fluidity ensued; I felt water washing through everything and filling holes and crevices penetrating into everything through osmosis.

North/Earth: Buffalo brought earth but I didn’t clearly see her I felt her and saw her in shadow. I felt a real feeling of heaviness in my feet but one demonstrating a sense of solidity . I felt grounded a place to hold onto something.

Upper World: I saw the universe (stars and space, only). I just felt a oneness with the universe; an overwhelming sense of oneness.

Lower World: I felt deceased family members and saw my grandmother. I felt the presence of Native American guides

Centered: This is where this dance get rather strange!

First I saw a giraffe (long neck) then a long necked dinosaur (probably brontosaurus), then I saw and felt myself as tree. Then I saw a huge tree of life with dinosaur (probably tyrannosaurus rex) climbing the tree of life while the long neck dinosaur hovered above it (above the branches); both dinosaurs stood or climb the tree in /on the west and were looking towards the east. In addition, there was another creature that seemed to be watching me as I centered and pulled light when grounding. It disappeared as I pulled in white light. I believe I have seen him before in a dance; he was a guide in one element in which I was in a cave. I felt that he was just being curious although I was a little uncomfortable. I grounded and let energy into earth asking to heal it.

Note: Dinosaurs are new to me, as is giraffe. The following are their meanings (Animal Meanings: From Shamanism Geocity)

Snake/Serpent's Wisdom Includes:
Messenger of the Rainbow Serpent, Elusiveness, Manipulates lightning, Transmutation, Exploration of the mysteries of life, Primitive or elemental energy, Protection from religious persecution, Goddess energy, Psychic energy, Creative power, Immortality, Connection to or forms the magic cord by which the shaman travels to the soul world.

Giraffe's Wisdom Includes:
Sees far into the future, Ability to reach things that are unreachable to others, Communication, Intuition, Ability to remain above the fray.

Apatosaurus/Brontosaurus' Wisdom Includes:
Gentleness, Love of peace, Awareness of the power of self, Proper use of slowness, Ease of movement through emotional waters, Ability to digest all aspects of an issue, Grace.

Tyrannosaurus' Wisdom Includes:
Boldness, Confrontation skills, Unrelenting pursuit, Courage, Strength, Respect, Self-esteem. I also search for oneness with the universe and found the following from the Isa Upanishad.

“‘Whatever there is, is the abode of the Supreme’ declares the Isa Upanishad. It expresses the recognition of life embodied in every organism. Living, therefore, was a matter of relationship with the entire Universe. Oneness and harmony with everything around us in Nature is projected again and again in Indian philosophy and art. There is no scope for the brute force of violence where man has attained true harmony and feeling of oneness with everything surrounding him. It is this feeling of oneness with the Universe that generates the concept of non-violence.”

Anyway, that was the details of my dance of the elements. It will take me a little time to figure it out since so many things were new to me and my time had been very limited the past few days/ weeks.

How does one get use to snakes? Where in the world did dinosaurs come from? I have never dreamed of dinosaurs in my life nor do I particularly think about them. How do you stop seeing and just feel?

I felt this dance gave me a feel for the elements and a better understanding of them but not a full understanding. I came away from it understanding the balance of each element in life and how the past and future interact with all. I am still amaze when I see visions of animals for which I do not know the meaning and find out how right they are after looking them up. I truly laughed as I saw the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex climbing the tree of life. But as I look it up and found out what type it was and its meaning, it made sense. My life has been one requiring boldness, confrontation and respect and yet I am basically a peaceful person as depicted by the brontosaurus. As for giraffe and snake I think I will need to just wait and see. I still wonder how my mind comes up with these images?

Yet the meaning validates the images? It was an interesting dance seeing how each element is balanced and feeling the interaction between past and future. The tree of life (centered) pulled everything together and I was given a picture of foundation I was given, the balance of elements and the gifts I have been given to climb the tree of life towards higher goals. What bothers me so much about this dance and others as well however is the continual focus on oneself. It still just seems that one needs to move away from the center of focus to fuse as part of nature as opposed to being so self-centered. I will get use to this concept (I think) but it is still hard.

Thanks for suggesting this dance it does give you a feeling what each element consists of and how they all fit together to form the whole. What did everyone else feel??

I'll try to answer this next time I'm here. Right now I need to go rest awhile. Good questions, not the results I was hoping you'd have but a good overall experience. I'll address it all when I get back. Ta!

Cinnamon, No, it wasn't what I expected either but I was also in a very strange mood and extremely tired. I may try "before" the full moon next time. Take care of yourself!! Don't worry about answering. Actually I think I may have gotten more from the dreams the day before. I'll need to try again though. Have a good evening if you can I do hope you will start to feel better soon.

Lady Athena:
Air : Was told to put both my hands over the cheeks, and a deer came to me. The body was in a calm, very calm state. Leopard (snow) shows and wanted to be *admired* (do not know the right word).

Wind : (yeh, they is separated that way to me?) Told to hold hands over eyes. A camel in blackish surrounding! He chewed!

Water - I was a boat....(!) I was "rocked" from left to right side, harmonious. Feelings!

Fire : My body was in fire/ danced, and energy / aggression came up in my body. Like a 'cleaning' dance.

Spiritual dance. I saw lines from toes/head, arms/foot......like reddish/yellow/orange colored (opens)! Speak out clearly - I am loved, a message to me and others in some form. Tiger said : Eye of the tiger! (third eye) Earth / the Tree, told to be holding the tree, and sit with back on to it. So I did, and meditated - and a huge anxiety came up with in! :( Some older feelings to heal ......

Do you understand anything what I just wrote? I feel overwhelmed with anxiety and *down.* You hold my hand (the wind direction) and Tarra and Silver Eagle were around too! What do you think this says? So, what did I do that went the way it did? Good or .....?!

Lots of light and hugs, your girlfriend, Lady Athena

Hello Lady Athena, I've broken my foot and am in a lot of pain so I must make this short. I hope you understand. I'll try to be direct in addressing the dance you did. Deer represents nurturing and from the Air it would be to nurture your own creativity. Leopard is about personal power and an issue you need to examine...your right to be who you are and use your gifts. It feel it's acceptance of that you need to achieve. Admire yourself! Wind is separate for me too. That's normal I think for most people. Camel chewing is pretty relaxed there so it is addressing a relaxed attitude about surviving during parched times and journeys...replenishing your confidence and knowing that even if your journey is difficult you will accomplish your goal. The harmony you felt being in Water was balancing your emotional state for you. Cradled with love from Spirit. "It's okay" is what you were being told. Fire is very cleansing and that's good. It burned away the old negative energy within you. Radiation outward with the lines would be cleansing your auric field too. The message you are loved was clear and you are to use your 3rd eye to see...Tiger...*S*. The issue with Earth and the tree and being told to lean into it...you must lean into the issues within to resolve them. Anxiety rising is yes, old feelings that need healing or an old perception no longer serving your needs needing to be released. If you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious "down" then you need to do a release of your negative energy (grounding). To do this go back to that Tree you saw, lean against it. Let the energy go out your spine into the tree and down its roots to Mother Earth. Keep it simple. Let the tree draw it from you and help you. I'm glad you felt me with you. The Wind is very much my friend and companion. Tarra is strong and so is Silver Eagle. I'm glad you felt our presence! Well done!!! You did fine and received a healing message and a way to cleanse the negative energy you've stuffed inside yourself for so long. Great job!!! I must run. I need to put my foot up and ease the pressure on it. Write again when you can and post this for others with my reply to you if you like. My time at the computer will be short for the next few days until the swelling and pain ease up. I'm going to go do some energy work on it now. Talk to you soon!

Cinn, you broke your foot? Greetings and sympathy! I would really like your phone number call me soon. Today is the Sweat and I'm already running the energy. I didn't get to dance because of Migraines, but today is a good day.

Well seems this post has switched into the one about the elemental dance, I'll had the only part I did so far. As for earth well I did go over each sense. I didn't use sight though as this is the primary one I usually use. With touch, the energy was a very low kind of one. It completely surrounds you and hold you tight. It's not as much in motion as air or fire may be. To me it resembles a bit the energy of water in the way it manifests to me. But then again in light of the discussion we had on the shamanism board regarding male and female energies it's understandable since they are both female energies in nature. The feeling of being held expended to the point that it mimic the fact of being buried under ground. I had an extremely hard time moving my body if I wanted to and I really didn't feel it anymore. For the taste, that is going to be hard to explain as I lack the vocabulary to do so but it was a thick taste that stays on your tongue. It mostly tickled the tip of my tongue. Smell well it was of wet earth but nothing definite. Earing, I didn't get anything there neither with sight but like I said I didn't focus on sight.

Tarra, yep and it was my own silly fault too. Sent you an email.

Thank you Northernwolf, this is a fine example of what I was hoping the others would pick up on. They went with the visions though and got caught in that, which is fine too. We can practice this on our own between times but the sensations you shared are quite in keeping with the element. Next time you go into Earth listen for Mother's heartbeat and see if your own isn't matching it. It usually does when we journey...like it keeps rhythm with the drum in ceremonial or ritual work. It's fine you didn't work with sight this time too. You've done that before. Good exercise!! If you care to keep this up you'll really hone these skills and create a very strong link to each elemental force that can be very beneficial to everything you do. Just a nudge in the right direction. LOL

Well I did hear a heartbeat but figured it was mine. The energy though seems to pulse with it too at times and that is something that doesn't happen with the other elements. From my experiences with the, outside of dancing the wheel, just by centering for example is that air gets more intense when you breathe in and tends to dissipate as you breath out ( although I have that to some point with the other elements as well. Fire gets strength by focusing on it. And water gets strengthen by letting go. Just thought I'd share.

Comments to the group and Earthwalker… think I could leave this one alone? LOL Silly woman! Actually I'll address my insight first and then Earthwalker's questions regardless of her brushing them off later in this thread. They were good questions and others may benefit from the answers. This was to be a sensory probe of the elemental forces. Perhaps I was not clear enough on that. While some seem to have had visions, and that can be part of it certainly, the feelings and emotions you experienced are the focal point of the Dance. I'd like to send everyone back to try again to be honest with you. While you got the results that carried messages the purpose of the Dance was missed in a large sense by everyone other than Northernwolf. I'm not being testy with you, but a lot got lost in the shuffle it seems. That is something I feel vitally important to identifying energy signatures of elemental forces, and learning to read differences in them so you can also learn to read the signatures of other energies later on in your work. Something here was misdirected and needs to be cleared up. Please let me know if it was me not being clear enough.

Secondly, the visions came and you were distracted by them. This was not to be a guided journey as such, it was to be the elemental force itself you were seeking, not an environment or entities of any sort. You were to step into the element so the distraction of the journey is an issue you need to confront in your focal perspective too. Distractions happen from time to time, and profusely in the beginning as you're getting your feel for this type of work. The trick is to bring the mind back to the focus or purpose of the exercise. The thought you hold should be the pure essence of the element and calling that to you. Then it should bring vision of that element only. Like in my example of standing in a flame. You might ride the wind in a fog to explore Air; or be inside a drop of rain as it courses into a body of water and explore Water; or inside a hill of Earth to explore that. You see? The vision there would surround you with dirt only and what it's like to move through it, or only water and the currents to know the flow, or some similar thing. Not these landscapes that are showing up. I'm sorry, I feel this didn't come out right and I'd like everyone to keep at it and get back to the forum with results in separate threads to discuss them as separate issues and circumstances arise.

Now to Earthwalker's questions:

“How does one get use to snakes?” By working with the spirit essence of Snake. You would journey to your sacred space, call upon Snake to come to you, and ask it to teach you how to be comfortable with it. Get to know it. It's only the unknown that frightens people. Snake can be a tricky teacher (strike) but for the most part is very interesting and if respected will teach you a great deal.


“Where in the world did dinosaurs come from? I have never dreamed of dinosaurs in my life nor to I particularly think about them.”

Entities will take whatever form they feel will serve their needs to get the point across to you. They are pure energy and take form according to will/thought. Most of the time they use your thoughts to determine what you would best accept. Seeing that dinosaurs appeared for you and they do have interpretive issues associated with them, these entities took a form for shock value. It made you look them up and their attributes stand out more. Evidently with them you needed to re-examine those issues from the standpoint of where you stood before and now to either see your growth to this point, or work on them if need be.

“How do you stop seeing and just feel?”

Good question! You have to close your eyes...all three of them, the Mind's Eye/Third Eye too. Most people have trouble opening it! Personally when I'm opening my 3rd eye I close my physical eyes, see in my mind's eye a closed eyelid and will it to open. I can see the lid lift, my eyelashes, and the setting before me. If I need to close it to just feel I reverse that and keep all 3 eyes shut. Everyone has their little tricks that work. This one sort of evolved on its own for me and I just went with it finding it quite effective.

“I felt this dance gave me a feel for the elements and a better understanding of them but not a full understanding.”

This is because you sought to follow the elemental landscape more than the essence itself. You need to seek the heart of the element itself and stand in it to know it for what it is. Immerse yourself in it and then come back and tell us what that was like.

“I came away from it understanding the balance of each element in life and how the past and future interact with all. I am still amaze when I see visions of animals for which I do not know the meaning and find out how right they are after looking them up. I truly laughed as I saw the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex climbing the tree of life. But as I look it up and found out what type it was and its meaning, it made sense. My life has been one requiring boldness confrontation and respect and yet I am basically a peaceful person as depicted by the brontosaurus. As for giraffe and snake I think I will need to just wait and see. I still wonder how my mind come up with these images? Yet the meaning validate the images?

You are discovering your Inner Self and how it communicates to you things you will understand and feel as truths. That voice gets louder the better your understanding grows with each experience. What happened here is that you explored more of yourself than you did the element.

So while you still gained insights, they were not the ones we were trying to attain. You gained a little insight as to past and future and unity but the raw elemental essence has escaped you yet. I want to see you feeling the energy itself with each sense individually and then in union as a whole.

“It was an interesting dance seeing how each element is balanced and feeling the interaction between past and future. The tree of life (centered) pulled everything together and I was given a picture of foundation I was given, the balance of elements and the gifts I have been given to climb the tree of life towards higher goals.”

Again it became a discovery of your path. Answers to questions in your mind were given. You've been seeking them for a long time and that is the result of the dance. Perhaps beneficial to you in many ways and what you were meant to get out of it. I don't feel it happened by accident at all. What I see having gone wrong is maintaining the focus of the element itself...you wandered off and looked at other things and they were relative to understanding the path you are to walk. Good enough in itself too. It wasn't failure here, just misguided for the intent of the project itself.

“What bothers me so much about this dance and others as well however is the continual focus on oneself. It still just seems that one needs to move away from the center of focus to fuse as part of nature as opposed to being so self-centered. I will get use to this concept (I think) but it is still hard.”

Well the fact is that you must understand yourself...your Self/Inner Self....first so you understand how your abilities function, the path you are to take, and then gain the assimilation through expanding outward. You want the answer before you get the foundation. You can jump in a lake and learn to swim or you can start at the shallow end of the pool with less effort and struggle. You're taking a backward approach to this by wanting answers before foundations are laid. It leads to confusion that way, but we all have our own way of going about things too. I can only suggest you slow down a little and back up just a bit to get these foundations set in place. Once they are you're off and running on your own in any direction you want to follow because you know how to get there and why you're going...as well as where. I'd urge you to try this again and see if you don't find a different result this time...not just you, the others too.

“The purpose of the Dance was missed in a large sense by everyone other than Northernwolf " I've had experience with this before so that explains why I knew what you were aiming for. You've mentioned this to me before and well, we known each other for a while know so we can see what the other one means. I may actually have some insight on how to help others understand this. When I started out I got a book by Jose Stevens and his wife whatever was her name. Overall I didn't find this helpful as it is complex and come to think of it I believe that it represents more South American shamanism. Anyhow there was an exercise that was design to get you in tune with your sense. It's very simple but it really hits the spot regarding this dance. Basically the exercise was to tune out your senses so you pay attention to them one at a time.

The basics of it was to sit outside for example and focus on your sense of touch while being eyes closed and tuning out the other stimuli other than touch. So you would feel the sun on your skin, the air etc. and you moved on from sense to sense like that. Basically this is exactly the same thing except this isn't done outside but in the spiritual realm. Basically for those of you who are interested this is an exercise in shapeshifting as well. At least I find so.

Like Cinn mention you put yourself in amidst the element and you experience it with each of your senses separately and then bring them all together to get a global feeling for it. This is to get in tune with the element itself and gives you more tools to recognize it when journeying for example or when you have insights and the like. It creates a set of physical sensation distinct for each of the elements that you can come to recognize.

Although this was meant to done all at once, there is nothing preventing you form doing this exercise one element at a time like I did. This allows you to, maybe, spend more time on each one as spiritual work does demand focus and can drain you over time. So by doing them separately you get a feel for what to expect and it doesn't demand as much when you do it again with all of them. It's a suggestion use it if you want to. "Questions: How does one get use to snakes?" I'd like to add to that. I have a problem with spiders. Not necessarily with the appearance of it but in spiritual work the physical appearance does mimic my apprehension of the medicine it holds. The spiders I met are usually huge and you look like a tasty snack for them. I have a problem with being in control of my life and being the driving creative force behind it, I know, lol.

But there is nothing preventing you from stating your discomfort and asking that it take a more pleasing appearance, one that you are comfortable with. Or that it takes a different approach to teaching you.

I don’t have a lot of snake medicine in me but in a journey once I got bit by a cobra and let the venom spiritually run through me, as I have been a snack to a spider which was in a way a purifying thing ( i.e.: being sucked dry to take shape again afterwards)

When venturing in exercises like these one must remember to not be afraid and that help. For example, with my focus on the earth, I couldn't move and that was frightening to lose one feeling and control over one's body, but I repeated to myself that this was done in pure thought and that there was no need to fear this as spirit brings thing with love. That helped me to endure it longer and get accustomed to it thus prolonging the experiences. Another 2 cents here. "I felt this dance gave me a feel for the elements and a better understanding of them but not a full understanding." "This is because you sought to follow the elemental landscape more than the essence itself. You need to seek the heart of the element itself and stand in it to know it for what it is. Immerse yourself in it and then come back and tell us what that was like. "

hehe, once again another thought. Obviously I haven’t been at this as long as Cinn and been rather lazy regarding this in the past couple of years, but this is something that takes time. It's levels. You see a little get accustomed to it and see a bit more and so on. It's a ladder and needs to be recognize as such, if not you can get discourage. Seeing it as this also allows you to see small improvements or changes that you would otherwise take for granted. And this doesn't only apply to this but to all spiritual work and life as well. Look for those small success as they are indication of change even if everything in a large perspective seems static.

This is one of the lessons I've learned and for the first time tonight while writing this it came to my attention that it's Mouse medicine, LOL Sorry couldn't help myself it caught me by surprise... but it's true.

Cinnamon and Northern, Thank you for both of your insights. Cinnamon, You have my permission and I am sure this is shared by all here to take care of yourself and ignore our endless questions. Do I think you can pass over questions? Probably not, but take time for yourself. I hope you are starting to feeling better.

Northern, Thanks! To me it helps to see how others experience things. Thank-you for sharing your experiences. I did understand what to do and tried to do that and got just bits and pieces. But I cannot feel the elements in spirit. I woke up the morning following the dance as part of fire and realized that it is the same feeling as melding. I felt I was part of the flame. In the dream world, I can see how this happens. But when dancing I am not sure I can to that state. I have melded or shapeshifted a couple of times but it is something that just happened. I didn't initiate it. That didn't come out very well. Let me explain. I walk into fire or elements and I can visualize the flame in my imagination, and in my imagination, I can feel the heat, hear the crackling, tasting the wood burning. But that is limited strictly to my imagination, the energy of the element is not infusing into me or I into it so I can truly feel it in a spiritual sense. Imagination is a common technique used for stress reduction. In other words when under stress (or for that matter anytime you just want a break), think about and imagine a place that you love. In my imagination I can see myself standing on a mountain top. I can smell the balsam and feel the wind and feel the elements. I can imagine myself soaring on winds. But this is purely imagination and is being felt in the mundane world. In other words (at least I think) I am creating it as opposed to the element showing me its force. I am not melding with the element just creating it in my imagination. When visions come during a dance, it is different than imagining a scene such as the above. While using the same mechanism (your brain) there are major differences. Densities are different, control is different. In the above example I am creating it, in the latter I have opened myself to other influences. I am not sure how to create the state where you meld into the element and feel, taste, hear it. Doesn't this need to be directed by the element? How do you initiate the melding or shapeshifting process. I will try all of this again and will try again to not see. It is very hard to focus and eliminate this sense. Have a great day!

Northern, I agree I could ask that the guide take another form and did once but that just doesn't seem right to me. There is nothing inherently wrong with a snake just a bias on my part and one that I just need to get over. But I have to admit the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I encounter one either in the wild, my back yard (garden snakes) or in the world of Spirit. Someday maybe? *Smile*

I can't stop. LOL!

“When visions come during a dance, it is different than imagining a scene such as the above. While using the same mechanism (your brain) there are major differences. Densities are different, control is different. In the above example I am creating it, in the latter I have opened myself to other influences. I am not sure how to create the state where you meld into the element and feel, taste, hear it. Doesn't this need to be directed by the element? How do you initiate the melding or shapeshifting process.”

Imagination is used to open the door. The vision takes over once you step through. There is no difference. Both are part of the whole. You "open" yourself either way. Open to the element instead of the vision. You'll see. Inhale the element, it will enter your spirit and you will meld. Follow it as it enters with your breath and passes through our body. Feel it and sense it. Yes, I'm doing better each day, thank you. The swelling is still a problem so I hobble all over the place and can't put weight on the foot or it gets worse. It's a process like anything else and I'll get through it. I'm determined not to stay down for long. LOL And I'll be around here as time permits. I can't stay away!

Greetings Everyone! I haven't had the chance to dance yet, but the Sweat was wonderful. Thank you to all those who came in spirit. It was a very powerful Ceremony. I am sure all our prayers were heard. Before we started there was time to drum. I had a powerful vision of a masked Raven man. He was dancing around the fire. I could hear singing, but couldn't make out the words. Then everything was Universal light with the lotus as the center. The lady I was drumming with also saw the lotus. This is how the Sweat Lodge Ceremony began Dance on!

Wow! How cool! I did a meditation last night, thinking of you doing the sweat lodge...the music I was listening to is a CD of Sanskrit chanting...and I saw the most beautiful flower bathed in a purple light. Thank you for that!!

Lady Athena:
Dear Friend/friends! First off, I wish I could comment on all elemental dances to you all, still I am working on mine so I hope you do not mind me comment to you later. Cinn, hope you are much better and as I have mailed you, I am thinking lots of you. I did the releasing, and first time I did, It felt great. Now I did it more as I did not feel all negative past feeling in this area was away. Well, that made me feel even MORE ANXIOUS! How can it be, what is is in me, that I cannot grip? What is reality and what is illusion? I know tough things to ponder and to be asking, but any ideas? I really do want to work and learn more and to see the whole me......I feel like I am not learning anything (but I suppose I do) and that I do not come away from the inner fears......Well, sorry this day, have been terribly low (down) and it is all up or down. Yes, Cinn (and all) I know the simple is best, and in my mind and heart I really work that way and feel results (see them too) but how can the mind so sudden 'be changed' to think I am doing nothing good and everything wrong? That cannot be the truth? I love the leopard, and I can tell you I have seen it much after the dance Thanks for your time, and hope all's elemental dance was good.

Well, hi Earthwalker a thought. Dinosaur can be old / ancient wisdom you have in you that you have not / seen brought into vision yet? Just a thought! (if you cannot understand what I am saying, just note again) LOL! Well, I am Swedish

.......the sweat lodge ceremony is wonderful, thanks. Dearest Tarra, you came to my dance, I am honored !

Hi Lady Athena, I think some of this negative or anxious energy you feel is the shift in paths or studies from one tradition to another. It sounds as if there is some confusion and hesitancy on your part to make the shift even if your Guides indicated you should. Perhaps that's part of this and you are mixing some things up. Another issue is you may need to enter a regression to find the problem...soul retrieval if you will. Not so much to find past lives but to explore painful issues in this one. If this makes sense to you do this gently with the most recent painful issue you've faced and then work your way back one by one. There may well be residual emotional issues with the spiritual center conflicts too. Enter into meditation calling your Guides to you and ask them to help by showing you what it is you need to confront within yourself. That's another option and one that is relatively simple to accomplish. Keep us posted on your progress if you don't mind. We're all learning from each other.

OK I tried again. I am not sure I got the expected outcome I was supposed to but I liked the final feeling, I think. Dance of the Elements #2:

For the past week I have felt somewhat of a heavy energy around me and it is partially related I am sure to what is going on in the world. I fell asleep and had just started to come out of sleep. I thought I would try the dance of the elements again, (without vision well almost without). I am not sure exactly what I got here.

East, Air: As air encompassed me I felt and tasted a drying feeling , a lightness that feels like it had a drying effect (pulling things out of oneself). Sound was clear and distinct.

South, Fire: As fire encompassed me I felt more of an expansion and contraction effect. I felt the ability to burst (expand rapidly) and to contract, the passion to flame and burn away what is not needed. The sound was crackling and had power. It felt spontaneous.

West, Water; I felt its ability to cleanse by one pushing against it. It provide resistance but also massages all nooks and crannies. It has a cooling effect, a softening effect. It tastes is cool and refreshing, it balance the drying effect of air sound was altered muffled.

North, Earth: As I covered myself with earth it felt a dense and heavy particular the farther under the earth that you went. It tasted gritty but solid. Sound was slowed and had a deep resonance. I went around again at the cross sections and felt:

Air / Fire interface the enormous power and heat of this mixture, sound was intensified and loud

Fire / Water interface the smoldering balance when fire is mixed with water (the heated core encompassed by the coolness of water, the feeling of passion waiting to flame up). Sound was a low muffled hiss.

Water /Earth interface the feeling and taste of mud the feeling of running earth gritty but not heavy, sound was almost non-existent

Earth / air interface the feeling and taste of sand dry but heavy, sound was clear I then went to the upper world and then to the lower world, I found a hollowness; being able to move just up and down through a tube. I felt the elements were actually or had somehow cleaning and polishing the inside of the tube.

I felt nothing, other than an openness between either extreme. There was no sound, no light, no feeling, just an openness between the worlds. In the lower worlds I started to see a Native American eagle dancer and then another ancestor but I pushed the images away and did not bring them with me (but not before noting their clarity). I will return. I grounded the energy after centering. Afterwards I just felt calm an peaceful at one with myself lacking the weeks frustrations. I like the elements they seem to be cleansing agents (probably a better word purifying agents). As for smell I didn’t smell anything in particular; I only felt the elements in my nose, air being drying, fire being a burning and heat sensation, water being somewhat claustrophobic sensation, and earth smelling like dirt. In my imagination smell is an easy sense to work with but not in Spirit world. Certainly in the spirit world sight is primary, feeling is secondary followed by hearing, tasting and smelling. Cinnamon et.al.

On another dance after you had said I was being called to dance. I dance and got all Native American images around the wheel and at the end I got really frustrated and indicated to Spirit I needed more than just these images, I needed to know more. Actually, I was quite angry. I looked down at my hands and saw intense bluish purple energy pouring into them from a source that was somewhat darkened and far away. I am not sure what the energy or source was. Any idea? Because of the darkness or the mystery of the source I initially felt I should be scared but I wasn't. Any ideas? Where do I need to go for Dance of the Element #3.

Lady Athena, Thanks for the input on Dinosaur. It makes a lot of sense in light of some of Cinnamon’s comments from past dances. Note you are very easy to understand! Thanks again !

Tarra, The sweat lodge ceremony sounded beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us! FYI: I don't know if you have been following James Twyman at all but he along with another is doing a movie on the Psychic Children. I don't have the web site link but search on Emissary of Light if you are interested. He has interesting information there although I haven't delved deeply into it.


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