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Center Stones Of The Wheel Discussion
By CinnamonMoon

There are forces in the universe that predate humanity which are honored within the center hub (center stones) of the Wheel. They are represented as the first beings and foundations to all else. Through experience we comprehend their might and come into our understanding. They are nothing to trifle with, and should be approached with deep reverence. Through them life manifests it's nature, vision becomes clearer just as the Spirit Keepers teach of their portion of each day (morning, afternoon, twilight, and evening), their portion of the year (spring, summer, autumn and winter), their elemental force (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth), their respective minerals, plants, animals and colors all reflecting their vibrational energy cycles and attributes.

Through the Spirit Keepers we are presented with our tools that deepen our interaction with the universe and with survival but it is the center hub that unites to bring these into being. Around the Center stone that is symbolic of the Creator, there are 6 other stones: Mother Earth, Father Sun, Grandmother Mooon, and the four Clans: Turtle, Frog, Thunderbird, and Butterfly representing the four elemental forces.

Earth Mother sits in the southeast, as she is one who brings forth life, the symbol of nurturing love, new beginnings that are gifts to us. Her totem kingdoms are represented by clay as a mineral, corn, beans and squash from the plant kingdom, and of course her element is Earth with her color being forest green. It is here we go to learn about the nurturing feminine energy within us and within Mother Earth. She will teach us to lift sadness, to abate anguish in relation to the Earth itself. If you are worried about the conditions in the world today or the state of the planet you can go to her to understand them. She may call to you to serve her or simply nurture understanding so you can do the pathwork you are meant to do elsewhere. She will help you see through illusions of hopelessness, pollution levels, overpopulation, endangered species, famine, drought, pestilences and more that do have positive solutions and an effect on the balance of the planet. She will help with fertility issues be they global or personal; and she will teach you about parenting.

Father Sun is next in the circular path moving in a clockwise direction. He teaches the growth and clarity that sunlight brings to all lifeforms. He dwells in the sky and his totem associations are: sky blue for the color, elements of Air and Fire (residing in the Air and being a Fire body) and teaches about the masculine energy and mysteries of discrimination and limits or boundaries that strengthen our own space/energy. He teaches us to find the warmth and the expansion we need through seeking our way. Here we learn about the active universe and the principles on which it functions. It is here we go if we need to call upon more energy to complete our work or sustain ourselves; to unblock this energy within us; to ease our hatred of the things mankind or men in general have done; to seek courage to achieve your goals; to learn it is good to say no and set limits at times.

Grandmother Moon follows in the southwest, She teaches the lessons that introspection brings to light and helps us learn to trust in that. She represents the feminine leadership of women for they too go through phases/cycles monthly. She teaches the strength found in being receptive and the surrender that calls for. She teaches of wild, primal forces and their seduction that brings things under control or stirs us to take action in relationships. She teaches of love-hate and finding the balance. She teaches of differing phases, cycles and patterns in life. She will teach you to work with the active forces in life, to bring forth the vision of conception as new life emerges from the old. As SunBear says: "Grandmother Moon dreams the children Earth Mother nurtures." Seeking help with dreams we turn to Grandmother Moon, just as we do when seeking growth in visions, journeys, and other psychic abilities. She teaches the balance and understanding between sensuality and sexuality and the emotional states they produce that would otherwise seem illogical. She will help you examine the shadow side of your nature with a soft and gentle probe that reaches tenderly into the deepest parts of your being.

The Turtle Clan of Earth covers the 3 moons that divide this portion of the year. Snow Goose Moon is 12-22 thru 1-19; Beaver Moon is 4-20 thru 5-20; Brown Bear is 8-23 thru 9-22. The Turtle Clan Stone is going to be the one that teaches about stability, solidity, practical and grounded efforts we need to put forth. It is here that we go to learn our arts of practical, deliberate,, and organized actions. We who gravitate to this element are the ones that become experts at being caretakers of Mother Earth--from gardeners to herbalists to geologists, those with close ties to the earth are going to be found gravitating to this stone and elemental Clan. Earth energy is fixed, cool, and because of this there is the potential to be narrow-minded. To counter that is a state of balance that is achieved through supportive and encouraging as well as friendly attitudes. Affirming the compassionate nature within us brings about this state of balance and we go here to learn to be giving and to share our wisdom.

Next we have the Frog Clan that oversees the elemental aspects of Water. The three moons in this cycle are: Cougar Moon 2-19 thru 3-20; Flicker Moon 6-21 thru 7-22; and Snake Moon 10-24 thru 11-21. Here the lessons are in agility and transformative energy that brings rejuvenating and regenerating creative forms. We will learn of cleansing and purging through tears; how to cleanse the earth, to touch emotions of others, to become fluid and feel the flow, to be reflective and enter into psychic development. Intuitive ability is studied here along with deep transformation through emotional relationships and ties to others, self, and things we hold dear. It is here we learn to connect to the Moon. We learn of our empathic ability and how to maintain harmony with it, of how to touch other's emotions and feel them ourselves.

The Thunderbird Clan of Fire follows next and its moons are: Red-Tailed Hawk 3-21 thru 4-19; Sturgeon 7-23 thru 8-22; and Elk 11-22 thru 12-21. Here we come to understand our passions, to learn about transmutation of those passions into viable sources of driving energy. We learn of vitality, pacing ourselves, intensity, penetration, eruptive and innovative strategies, paradoxes, and radiance that allows our robust nature to attract in warm ways. We come to understand balance through the vital, hyperactive, voracious, consuming, and often overpowering duality of our own natures. Through exploring we learn to find the pioneering spirit within us and delve deep into our own creations. Through the inventive ways we enter into our explorations we discover our own magnetic natures, the charisma we all have that attracts others to us, and attracts changes to us as well. Here we come to find the courage to go into action and the optimism needed to explore uncharted territories.

Finally we have the Butterfly Clan that rules over the element of Air, the three Moons are: Otter Moon 1-20 thru 2-28; Deer Moon 5-21 thru 6-20; and Raven Moon 9-23 thru 10-23. Here we come to understand the motion of change, freedom, transformation, quick and energetic energy that leads to the sense of exotic freedom and buoyancy that leads to flamboyant reflections in our actions. It is a lighthearted energy that can verge on being idealistic yet take you into visionary experiences. The evolution of life becomes part of the lessons learned here as we are taught to be adaptable, adjusting to emerging needs to unbind ourselves and communicate our insights. It is where we find our call to service and open-mindedness. We learn to articulate our discriminatory skills on ethereal levels and teach them to others. Here we come to understand philosophy, broad perspectives, synthesizing knowledge with our intellectual achievements to bring about a metamorphosis. We come to understand the Breath of Spirit as the Breath of Life that carries us through and bridges the realms of dimension. This is all understood with lighthearted humor and allows the unity of relationships with others bringing them together.

By taking each of these center hub stones one at a time you can explore their dimensional realms. Entering your sacred space, centering, and focusing on the stone will bring to you a Guide that will instruct you on how to continue. Establishing a relationship with that Guide will allow you to meet other entities of the realm that will instruct and teach you on the gifts they can share and that will help you grow. Take them one at a time initially. Go back more than once, go several times and see how that repeated visiting brings you deeper into understanding and mapping the dimensional realm itself. As you begin to recognize the energy signature and patterns that cycle through that realm you will start to see the energy as manifested in that character. You will know it when it presents itself to you from dreams, journeys, visions, or in the physical reality to impress you to apply the knowledge you have gained to your current situation.

Cinnamon, I danced the Earthmother stone tonight. I don't think what came through was what was expected; but I like this stone. It is a place of peace and love, a place of oness. I expected greens and the color of the earth and power. But more than anything I saw white energy in forms of clouds and air current but diffuse and gentle, a guide of white energy but extremely diffuse. I couldn't see all of her at the same time but could feel her presence more than see her. This stone was one of gentleness and beauty. Images were of Mother holding infant child, golden medicine wheel, multitudes of dolphins and then reindeer in particular the antlers were in sight. Communications included "in time", "it will be soon enough", "child of the universe". I think I felt more at this stone than saw. Except for the medicine wheel all was in white although the dolphins had shading of pink.

I don't really know how to interpret things on this stone? Does on interpret that same as when dancing the elements. What are others seeing or feeling? There is a different feel compared to dancing the elements. hey seem close to normal this was of greater intensity in feeling but lesser in terms of vision.

You would read that Dance as you did all the others. Your own impressions and interpretations serving you best. She would be a different energy signature as she is stronger than the elements themselves. This is the Mother energy you are feeling. But as you know, Mom can get tough

when she needs to. Evidently she felt you needed to be nurtured and learn to trust her though. This is a good and gentle introduction. Well done!

Does anyone else see their guides from the stones any time other than when dancing? The grandfather and today earth mother stone guide just seem to be there whenever focus is changed?

We all work differently with our Guides. It really depends on the relationship you build with them and the circumstances they choose to involve themselves in. Sometimes I hear nothing from mine for a while and then they show up. Some stay with me at all times and make themselves prominent when needed. At other times they will all gather together around me.

What you're doing now is actively seeking them so they are responding your efforts. Go with the flow and see where it leads you. They really are the ones with all your answers at their disposal. Either they hold those answers or Guide you to one that does. This is the point where you graduate to the spiritual classrooms and spiritual teachers, Earthwalker. The human teachers are there to clarify or define uncertainties, to stress the foundations when you get stuck, or help enlighten experiences but ultimately it's our Guides and Spirit Helpers that teach us the most. Well that and practicing what we learn.

Cinnamon, I agree; but nevertheless thank you for getting me to this point!!!! (((Hug)))

You're welcome and thank you for the new perspectives and insights you've brought to me as well. You've certainly helped enhance my teachings and my patience. ROFL It's all good and we both still have all our hair too! (And folks...our friendship is a direct result of spiritual perspectives finding balance with the scientific. It can be done when you want to succeed, right Earthwalker?!!!

Cinnamon, I am not sure about all of my hair. Mine seems to be thinning but it’s still waist length so I have enough. Just kidding, we have gotten through a lot and I think we are both better off for the experience. I know I am! The thank you also extends to all of Spirit Lodge. Thank you for putting up with me this past year! Your patience is appreciated. I should also add to all of you thinking about the center stones to try dancing; them they are very special. I have a feeling I am going to spend time with each. I love the Medicine Wheel but the center stones are my favorite, I can feel more there.

Cinnamon et al. Here is some of my dance with the center stones (Moon, Sun and Earth stones). The understanding they bring amazes me. Meditation with the Spirit Keepers of the Earth, Sun and Moon stones .

After meeting the Spirit Keepers of the center stones, on Friday and meeting the Spirit Keeper of the Earth stone on Friday night and the Sun keeper on Saturday , I tried to dance with the Moon stone on Sunday night. On Sunday night Cinnamon told me to talk and question the guides and Spirit Keepers, I thought I would try despite the fact that these represented Sacred entities. I tried to dance again for about and hour and half and kept centering but loosing focus as all types of images good, bad, ugly, future and past kept going through my mind but there was no cohesive pattern; just jumbled chaos. I therefore gave up and went to sleep. I woke up early and had about an hour before I needed to get ready for work so I took a bath and meditated on these stones. I saw the Earth keeper dressed as a NA but in green cloth with horizontal band going across in a ribbon like insert that ran down both sides of her garment. Her long dark hair was tied on either side. Her skin was medium brown but her eyes were similar to Susan Boulet paintings but without the animal adornment. She was beautiful and in terms of physical age appeared to be in her early forties.

I then saw the keeper of the Sun. He appeared first as a man about the same age dressed in red cloth @#%$ and brown pants simple NA style. He was of fairer skin than the keeper of the Earth stone. His hair was medium brown and he was strong but appeared kind. As I looked at him he changed to an older man looking towards the West and one could see sternness but also love. He showed me some type of big roly-poly dinosaur that keep sticking its tongue out. Then he showed a man riding on a white horse facing West with staff. Mentally I was told to stop chattering and to move forward in power and led. I don’t know what this means. I then met the keeper of the Moon stone. She was dressed in simple styling as well but somewhat more Bohemian in looks. She had long dark hair pulled and tied in the back. She was dressed in gray and wore silver necklaces around her neck. Her skin somewhat almond in color but translucent. First I saw her as a woman then as a teenager and then as an old woman. She kept changing back and forth. I couldn’t figure out what this meant.

Monday night I got home and was very frustrated. I went back to the stones and the keeper of the Sun stone was there. I told him I didn’t understand and that it was frustrating and that it wasn’t fair to keep me coming to him without also helping me to understand. He bent down and kissed my forehead and said “Earthwalker focus here” as he touched my forehead; “it is much easier to see. You make it so hard for yourself, focus in mind.” As I did, a circle opened up and there was an intense orange light that came into clear focus. I then moved toward the keeper of the Earth stone and saw her but it was like looking at her through water. I went back through the landscape of the Sun and saw the parched land and the power/ intensity of the Sun.’s energy. I then moved into a surreal landscape. As I moved towards, what I thought was, the Keeper of the Moon. I saw a gray environment which had a sensuous feel but not sexual. It consisted of what was a continual almost floating like gray matter and on the right side was the barest of outlines of a tan colored tree. The landscape was not hard matter it was like an outline (I really don’t have the words to describe it). It was stark but absolutely beautiful in its softness and its simplicity. Much like the modern ballet to Stavinski’s music, if you know what I mean. I then walked or moved on into this landscape and came across an opening looking almost like a diamond cocoon or opening in this gray matter. It was somewhat the shape of a mouth or a diamond lying on its side but with soft edges enveloping its interior. As I peeked inside into the blackness, I heard a voice call my name. It was the keeper or the Spirit of the Moon stones, I think. I introduced myself and asked what I was to learn. She discussed a lot but it was quite personal and was not meant to be shared.

The clarity of the vision both in the Moon scape and the in space was incredible as was the crystal quality of the stars and universe. It kind of ruins the reality we observe in the physical world though. This morning I went back to say thank you and was shown the powers of the Earth is gained through Love. That the power of the Sun is gained from its Intensity and Strength and the power of the Moon is gained from its ability to Change and be Flexible (its more subtle nature). These are the powers we hold within ourselves and are the gifts from these primordial entities.

Yesterday was quite a day and Cinnamon was absolutely correct I needed to ask. I think many lessons are just beginning but now I know how to see with mind or my third eye and the Keeper of the Sun was right, it is so much easier and clearer. It will be interesting to see what happens next although I wouldn’t mind a couple of days to assimilate this.

Learning to meet with these Spirit Keepers and our Guides is the first leg of a very long journey for they are with us all the way. They are the Great Teachers, the ones who hold the answers we seek or can take us to others who will continue our teaching. Life's journey is filled with many teachers in the physical sense, parents, grandparents, family and friends, school teachers, and countless others. It is upon the spiritual path that we meet the spiritual teachers we think should be human and find they are of the essence we're seeking to understand. *Soft smile*

You've now stepped through the doorway of the Medicine Wheel, learned to Dance it, to journey and meet those who have been waiting a long time to Guide you through the lessons you need. It's good to see the growth you've passed through, to see the lights come on and shine on that path you're walking, to see you get excited, and the passion grow. It's exciting to see the confusion and frustrations lift as enlightenment and understanding come to you. You've done so well.

Earthwalker, this is the initiation to the next phase, or the first portion of it, the introductions to those who hold the answers you need. Now that you know how to knock on their doors and see their loving compassion for you, go back, over and over and establish your relationships with them. Trust their teachings. They will not steer you wrong. They know what you need to learn for the work you are to do and they will help bring that into the light for you as you go.

We tend to be a bit impatient wondering what our purpose is. Basically it's the same for everyone: Let Spirit's Light and Love shine through you, walk with integrity, know your intent, and do the best you can. My 3-I's: Integrity, Intent, and Impeccability. It's all Spirit asks of us. The rest, the specifics of our pathwork shift and change as we grow and become more proficient with our gifts and abilities. We get "assignments" and though there may be a common thread running through them for the most part, we do get them one at a time.

Be patient and gentle with yourself but BE who you are and you'll do fine. I wish you the best with all of this and we'll be here to help you sort stuff out when you need to; however, you've come to the door of the best Teachers there are, and that's placed you in very good hands. At this point you step up your conscious awareness and enter into that cosmic classroom that you've heard me talk so much about. The Teachers are coming forward to greet you now and you're on your way.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! (And don't forget to ask them for those definitions!)

It is hard for me to believe that it has only been twenty days since my computer died. First satellite TV died about 3 months ago (as the trees grew up) and then the computer died just before I could respond to the above. While I love my new computer and my son loves cable I do have to admit it’s been an intense and interesting time "without technology". In the evenings, I was totally submerged in silence (well, with two dogs, my son, my books and my thoughts).

The past twenty days have been intense, in the mundane, in the spiritual and in the fusion of the two. The time started with intense but random visualizations following a day of headaches (not something I usually get). These random visions still don't seem to have meaning but they did cover the gamut of clarity to abstraction. Following this, the Spirit keepers of the stones brought me through each of the elements and showed me the connection to them and how they can communicate through them or using them.

An example of one which also impacted the mundane follows: At work we have been in an extremely frustrating period (for both myself and my manager); everything has been in absolute chaos. The other night I was woken up by Grandmother Moon and saw a scene in the West of a beach with gentle waters and waves rolling in. Suddenly from these calm waves, a large wave broke onto shore. Within the chaos of this wave emerged a beautiful woman of crystal clarity whose hair was formed from the energies and waves of water (she had the same eyes as Grandmother Moon). Her message although it was slightly convoluted was "there is beauty and purification in chaos. Let things be purified." A day later my manager was ready to confront things (he is usually calm, but this time it was my time to remain calm). I simply used the message and suggested to wait "that there is purification in chaos". He waited and things are finally calming down to a point where communication can begin. Its great! and I am so very thankful for the message. Its timing was perfect.

It’s also been a time where two streams of thought pulled a lot of the past years’ experience together for me; although this is still felt more than it being something I can sit down and fully describe. Through this understanding, new dreams / visions have brought more and more meaning. In one dance just yesterday, I can share that in the East I was shown that an infant child has been born. It was a representation of the beginning or initiation of a time of peace and love. It is an exciting time to be alive, even with all of the challenges.

Somehow I seemed to have left twenty days ago still harnessed in deep thought and trying to wade through all that I had learned this past year. Yet I have returned with a deeper understanding and more complete acceptance; somehow freer. To address another question in another thread I am left with a lot more energy and the need to get organized and clean.

I missed all of you and did peek in from the library but not often. While many of you live in large cities and cable TV and internet access is routine, I thought you might like to see small town Americas technology. I live in a small town and the Library does have computers; a total of six computers, 3 of which are Apples in the children’s section of the library. On the Apples, I was typing six words before one came up on the monitor and as you know I am not a typist. In addition everyone is limited to 30 minutes computer time and the library has extensive hours and stays open to at 8 ) Monday thru Thursday), 5 on Fridays, is closed Sundays and is open from 10-3 on Saturday. I typically get home between 6:00 and 6:30. Therefore time was limited and even when you got a computer since they were all bunched together you usually had a teenager or a little one watching and asking questions. It was more of a time for sharing and they were so thankful if you got off quickly you really felt like one was infringing on their territory.

Even more amusing was when I went to get cable TV and to hook the computer up to it. I had to fight with the cable company. The cable company didn't know they had cable on the street. After I insisted that they check it out since I had been contacted by them in the past, they went up to my house to make sure I was right. They thanked me for bringing it to their attention and indicated they obviously had forgotten about a couple of streets. Of course this was two months after I had made arrangements to get least cable TV. But of course they had no record of, it was only at the corporate level; despite the fact that their corporate office advised me to await their call. Nevertheless, everything is hooked up and we all have had many laughs along the way. I do love where I live despite the fact that everything moves at its own pace; at least it keeps me grounded.

Hi Earthwalker, Nice to see you posting again. You've been missed and I know there's a lot of catching up to do on your part so no pressure to reply immediately here. I just wanted to make a couple comments on the issues that came up over your *vacation*.

First of all, you came out on top of things and had time to do the assimilation you needed to work through. Remember when I saw that you'd be soon initiated into the next stage of growth? Well you'll have a bit of piecing together to do first, but it's on the way I'm sure. *Soft smile*

The message that came to you from your Guides when you were awakened in the night was lovely and so true. Chaos clears the way for change, it cleanses things and makes us rid ourselves of that which we no longer want. Your example of what happened at work was a good one, but so was the crash of your computer and cable systems! Ha!

To be honest I'd like to see you take note of how you are starting to walk between the worlds and apply the spiritual insights to your mundane life. As you polish and wriggle them into working well with your own abilities and learn to hone your skills you'll be guided into little ways of helping others, touching someone here and there and gradually Spirit moves you in the direction you need to serve in. It will unfold for you. Meanwhile you will continue to learn on new levels, taking these teachings deeper (as you've started to do here) and expanding on your understanding of them to get more out of your own Medicine and use it in ever-expanding directions. It's an exciting time.

You touched your manager's life in a gentle way by sharing that message and look how well things turned out. That's trusting your intuitive nature, the inner voice, and it's clear you're embracing your teachings well. It's nice when we can share without getting preachy, or even having to elude to the issue that it's spiritual insight we're sharing, most think it's just a piece of wisdom you picked up somewhere along the way. That's fine, especially in the workplace where you may not want to delve into spiritual beliefs to begin with. The fact remains it worked and it worked well!

Do you see the symbology that Grandmother Moon brought to the message? She is akin to Water, to the night, the feminine, and relationships. With the image of the woman rising from Water (all the symbology of the Western Quadrant pertains), you are immediately being shown that there is something here to do with relationships, a current issue troubling you, and how to heal or nurture the situation. By sharing her message at work where it applied the resolution was found. Well done!

Chaos is always going to come before change can take place. It's the stir of the old leaving as the new comes in and it stirs things up to make room for the new kicking the old out the back door in the process. In this there is beauty, just as she said. It's the universe in motion and that's very poetic when you stand back and see the synchronicity of its accomplishments and the flow of the energy at work. Like a rainstorm clears the air when it's over, but while it's raining we're usually ducking for cover somewhere. It may not last long but while it's there we try to avoid the discomfort of being soaked.

I love hearing how much time you had to sift through things that took place this past year. You sure put it to good use. Finding words to describe it all isn't necessary at this point. They will come when you need them. The issue is understood by you and that's what matters most. It was your experience and you can own it now with certainty. That's growth. The time for sharing that will come when you are in the company of someone seeking that insight, being in the shoes you just stepped out of. Or when you sit with one who has been there before you. You'll know and the words will come.

You said: “I was shown that an infant child has been born. It was a representation of the beginning or initiation of a time of peace and love. It is an exciting time to be alive, even with all of the challenges.”

This is the child of prophecy, the White Buffalo Calf in NA tradition, other traditions see it as another symbol, but it's the coming age that has been born and we're being ushered into it...hence all the challenges to adjust to things. Our awareness is being heightened, our focus is turning more spiritual in many ways, and we're seeing the greater whole as well as our part in it. It's beautiful when you can finally name that and understand it for what it is. Whatever the child symbolizes to you, or to someone else, it all comes down to the same thing. We are entering the time of peace and love and the chaos of change is all around us. The dust will settle and then more will see this. *Soft smile*

Looks like you've found some semblance of direction for yourself. It's really just another leg of the journey, but you're on the path you need to take and it's right for you and it's working!!! Yahoo!!!

Hi, I have decided to share and try to explain the assimilation since many of you have been through the entire last years’ process with me. Note it is long.

From the past few weeks’ assimilation process, I have come to realize that finally the door on this path cracked open a notch. I also recognize that it has taken my entire life to get to this point. The following maybe a colder presentation than many would of you may like but the potential is enormous still for me some objectivity is needed. The end result is exciting and could suggest enormous possibilities.

Over forty years ago, I came to an understanding (yet, from a Christian perspective) that God was energy. It however took the objectivity from Newtonian law and mechanistic theory to break down the connection with the church from very strong Christian roots. As Wisowl often says, I have strong opinions (too strong). Wisowl, thank you for your bluntness it drives points home. It has taken a lifetime confronting the barriers of biases color, religious, handicaps, sexual orientation, age and personal choice to grow and evolve to a state of acceptance of all. The objectivity found in Science helped me push through each conflict as these breakdown processes evolved. There were at times ferocious undisclosed battles within and therein resulted in my strong opinions.

Yet still during this past year, I found there were more barriers that needed to be changed and that in and of itself was scientific law (or what I thought was law). This has been part of the past year’s exploration. Yet this year was predated by exploring Buddhism, Taoism and most recently reading Barbara Max Hubbardson et al. The year started with dreams and meeting a professional individual who acknowledged the sacred in nature. It led to books by Tom Brown, Jr “Grandfather” and “Awakening Spirits”, to “Medicine Woman Speaks” by Cinnamon Moon. Thank you Cinnamon!!! It led to finding Spirit Lodge and this community and it led to new experiences that made me challenge that which I believed in, most notably Scientific Law (Newtonian Law). It led me to individuals who made me reexamine things (Cinnamon, SED, Northern, Lune, Ghostkatt, Wiseowl, and Wachituga) and either give up thought processes or become stronger in my response (such as in regards to openness).

During the past year I have had to explore further and give up old thought patterns since that which I have experienced didn’t fit into the mechanistic theory which was the very fabric of my breaking away from traditional religions. I was forced to re-examine mechanistic theory since I knew that there has been communication that did not come completely from myself yet was somehow of myself. I searched further and found quantum theory and non-locality. I have found and put into place a still imperfect model that is yet in its infancy; but one that has the potential to explain interspecies communication and some of the things I have been experiencing. From here I found Christian de Quincey “Radical Nature, the Soul in Matter”. Personally I think he correctly interprets the mind, body and spiritual interaction as a process rather than energy. This distinction is maybe important since it semantically removes one from cause and effect that is automatically associated with energy theory; therein relegating it more towards a catalyst that allows a reaction to occur but never enters into it. If these theories prove correct the potential is enormous.

Simultaneously, during the past year Cinnamon has shared her understanding of the medicine wheel and taught me how to use it and understand it. It was exactly what I have needed to give some understanding and structure to the things I have been sensing (all senses but visual for the most part). Personally, I have found the same basic tenants are in all spiritual practices but for me the Medicine Wheel gives me a more clear understanding of the message. I also found Fools Crow. Cinnamon helped me in understanding impeccability and intent and Cinnamon and Edgar Mitchell helped me understand the validation process as well.

So I am currently at a point where I have given up energy theory, given up Newtonian and mechanistic law and have turned towards a scientific theory based on quantum physics and a spiritual and evolutionary process based on sensitivities and non-locality. I will attempt to explain but note the door has only been opened a crack I have just started to assimilate this. While each of you “just know”, I also needed “to understand” since science formed a personal basis in breaking down historical bias for me. Many observations or facts were noted as follows;

I see, other feels. Therefore, any theory must apply to senses not one or the other but all and possibly other forms. Communication must therefore be based on a process of mind based on the species and probably individual responses.

Since in quantum theory it has been shown through non-locality experiments that stimulus or effect will also effect all other components irrespective of distance, it appears that there can be some sort of union or connection between all matter that is not based on time.

It appears that communication is at all levels of matter and possibly between levels of matter. Therefore there must be a part of matter that can “sense”. Not necessarily rationalize but sense even at the most basic level of matter.

Matter has been shown to be self-organizing even at the DNA level. It therefore has an inherent ability of sensation. This suggests the feasibility of communication minimally at a primordial level and ultimately at the species level and probably unique to the individual organism and or its state of evolution.

In Newtonian law for an effect to exist there must be a cause. Therein, Sentience (feeling) cannot arise from insentient (non-feeling /non–organizing) matter. Therefore it is apparent that all things must have an intrinsic part of it self that can minimally recognize and form or organized groups of matter.

Therefore based on the process of non-locality as described by quantum theory it is apparent that all matter in the universe is basically alive and cable of sensation and understanding; the depth of which is based on the species evolution. I believe that the process of mind attracts that which will organize based on the most highly developed sense of the organism being communicated to. This further suggests that the total sum of all (that in and of itself maybe Spirit) but expressed individually maybe the experiential part of Spirit which is likewise evolving as a sum of the evolution of it components . Therein, the concept that we are co-creating with Spirit and the message “to be and to dream” makes sense; since it is through sensation or the senses that we communicate with the web of life (all matter).

To me this is a beginning theory that accounts for all of the above and shows how messages maybe communicated based on the mind (which is created through unique experiences of the individual organism or individual.) of the organism of individual which is being communicated to. The individual messages that are drawn to mind in the interactive process is therefore based on the intent and the impeccability of the organism requesting the communication. Therefore the communication will be uniquely tailored to mind.

All of this seems to fit for me except for the question of guidance. Could guidance, too, be intrinsic within the individual or matter, in its attempts to organize. I am therefore left with the question: Could Spirit be this intrinsic process of organization, providing organization based on the good of the greater all?

So there is where from a completely non-emotional perspective I am at. The beauty is incredible in that if this hold true we could be and dream our future into existence, both individually and synergistically. Although there is a lot of refinement that will still need to go into this, I am very excited and feel so much freer. I have a beginning theory that fits (at least for me). I can now move forward in at least partially understanding iota the future of experience.

Earthwalker, This is a wonderful presentation of how all you tore apart so methodically has come back together for you. You've demonstrated how one instance led to another and that while you explored they tied together as greater parts of the whole. You went with the guidance you received in answer to the questions you were asking and you found your answers--well at least some of them. While I don't for a moment doubt what you are saying, I cannot validate it other than to say that in my simple ways I have acted on the teachings and found them to be true. They produce the results they claim to produce and when we apply the effort we see them.

For me that's enough and I move through life that way. For many others definition and scientific validity are important and your understanding from that perspective will be very helpful to them. I think this is an excellent presentation of a year's worth of growth and enlightenment, even if there is a long way to go for you, you are merging into the next phase.

Remember when I mentioned I saw you being initiated into the next level of study? Well I think this conclusion will let you get on with that and you'll probably have many more validations as you go. As for the content of energy and communication, the teachings I have received from numerous sources (non-scientific) express energy as being present in all living matter to a cellular or molecular level and energy carries information. Thus through anything that lives or exists molecularly we have conveyance. Since it's all a part of the greater whole we are simply tapping into what many call cosmic consciousness/universal mind.

I have been shown in visions that we are like cells in the body of Spirit, that the planets and universes in the vast reaches of space are like the organs and nervous system of Spirit's body. Thus the vastness of space is like an internal view of Spirit...micro and macrocosms...replicated within us or the human body too. It is said in many ways, portrayed with many faces, and variations exist in the teachings of all cultures and various fields of study. Through experience I know deep within myself that communication can take many forms, reactive or receptive or projected, everything in the path of that communication is touched by it in some way. Hence an energy signature is present/sensed/seen in some fashion.

Wouldn't it be awesome if there were some way for you to take your theory and prove it to foster greater acceptance of the whole and in that prove that DNA has a spiritual nature to it too? If the scientific world could wrap it's mind around that one just imagine how fast we'd see accepted results and advancement. Quantum physics seems to be the field that comes closest to explaining it from what I understand and that's a bit beyond me. It feels like a very complicated way to get to the same conclusions, but again, I realize there are many who need that and I hope that this will lead to you sharing your wisdom with those people in the future.

“All of this seems to fit for me except for the question of guidance. Could guidance, too, be intrinsic within the individual or matter, in its attempts to organize. I am therefore left with the question: Could Spirit be this intrinsic process of organization, providing organization based on the good of the greater all?”

Well I'm not fully sure I understand the question, but I would say that Spirit is pure energy in its highest form, intelligent and sentient, with all potential contained in Self since it is the Source/Creator. It's more than just a process though, far more than that. It may be how Spirit functions that you are describing but I don't feel that it fully describes a being which Spirit is IMHO just far more complex (or simple) than anything we know.

“The beauty is incredible in that if this holds true we could be and dream our future into existence, both individually and synergistically.”

That I will say it is in keeping with what I've been taught and found to come to pass. However, once again it is in much simpler terms: "We are the Dreamer, We are the Dream" or "Reality is what each of us perceives it to be." Whatever the case may be, I'm glad you're finding your conclusions exciting and I'm sure they will guide you to some amazing explorations. Can't wait to see what's in store for you during the coming year! I hope you'll continue to share and want you to know that through your perspectives there are others here benefitting from them too. Thanks for your willingness to do that.

HI all, Dancing the wheel (short dance) is part of daily life for me each morning and it guides me appropriately through each day. The messages are always exactly what I need. The longer dances have and do take me many places and I am given a lot of insight, I think. I still need to validate some of the longer term pictures though especially when numbers are attached to them.

Still I am left with a couple of questions; maybe some of you have been here and could help. The Grandfather, my guide, in the lower world routinely takes me and tells me to sit in the middle of the "Sacred Stones". Here I see the use of elemental energy in various forms through different animals.

Are these sacred stones the same as the ones I am dancing? Or are they from another NA tradition? I only see an outer ring of stones.

I see the use of energy from the various animals but I never see a recipient / or result? To my questions Grandfather has answered by bringing many animals into the circle. He then stated that their energy can all be used to help you; they are your friends. It meant, I believe, that the animals can be used as tools. Any other thoughts? What am I missing here?

At the end of this same dance as I centered the Grandfather handed me about a fifty pound Siberian Tiger and said "It’s yours; foster the Tiger within in Peace and Love and watch it grow".

Are these animals just parts of self? I have worked with each of them and they ranged from reptiles to mammals and birds. It doesn't seem appropriate to use another living organism for any purpose unless they are of like mind in the goal to be accomplished. Even that is a question since I haven't seen any goals. Personally, I tend to stand directly in the elements when I need to get rid of negativity etc. so I don't think I can use the elemental energy from these animals on myself. Or am I the one that needs to help them?

Has anyone else been down this path? I think I am a bit in the dark although I am sure the answers will come in time. But as I was shown in the South I was riding on Pegasus but bouncing around like a bucking horse and ended up upside down with feet attached to a stand as we still flew away. I would like to free my feet from whatever I am not seeing and get right side up. I'd appreciate your thoughts.

“Are these sacred stones the same as the ones I am dancing? Or are they from another NA tradition? I only see an outer ring of stones.”

Yes, they are simply manifesting their essences to you. *S*

“I see the use of energy from the various animals but I never see a recipient / or result? To my questions Grandfather has answered by bringing many animals into the circle. He then stated that their energy can all be used to help you; they are your friends. It meant, I believe, that the animals can be used as tools. Any other thoughts? What am I missing here?”

Because All Our Relations are attached through the Web of Life we can call on any animal to teach us its Medicine or help us in some way. We have our personal Totems/aspects of Self, but we may call on any of them when their services are needed. In this his term "friends" addresses the unity of life.

"Are these animals just parts of self?"

The Totems are, yes, and the Power Animal/Lead Totem is our most dominant aspect of our overall nature.

“It doesn't seem appropriate to use another living organism for any purpose unless they are of like mind in the goal to be accomplished.”

This is why we call to them, ask for their assistance, and invite them to work with us. We are polite about it. It's like asking any friend to help you either resolve an issue, share their wisdom, or help you see from another perspective. In reality it's no different than coming here with questions. The sharing is what we seek and receive.

“I tend to stand directly in the elements when I need to get rid of negativity etc. so I don't think I can use the elemental energy from these animals on myself. Or am I the one that needs to help them?”

If you need to help them they will ask your help. Otherwise they come to help you. You're not using them, they are serving Spirit and you.

“But as I was shown in the South I was riding on Pegasus but bouncing around like a bucking horse and ended up upside down with feet attached to a stand as we still flew away. I would like to free my feet from whatever I am not seeing and get right side up.”

See? The symbology is speaking tons to you now! ROFL I hope this has righted you again.

Thanks Cinnamon! The symbology is speaking more and more to me and sometimes it can be quite dramatic. Yes, I hope I can get right sided and my feet freed as soon as possible. As for the symbology it was correct I have been bouncing all over the place and still after all of this time haven't gotten it all but at least I am moving.

You're grabbing onto more of it all the time, Earthwalker, and yes, it's fascinating to see the Animals work with the elemental forces. They're showing you how to do the same. Excellent work! And you’re most welcome!

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