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Overview of the Seven Sacred Directions
By CinnamonMoon

The elemental forces and 3 Worlds of the shamanic worldview are very important factors to consider. Using these energies is critical to the successful outcome of all ceremonies, work, and perceptions pertaining to shamanic practices.

I would like to present an overview so you can see how they will serve your needs and spiritual growth. I'll also be presenting various world cultural perceptions so that you can see the overall representation of these realms of dimension and perhaps get a glimpse of what they are like.

The Element of Air:
Direction: East
Principle: Life
Sense: Hearing
Rules: Spring; Vernal Equinox
Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Native American: Otter, Deer, Raven
Spirit Keeper: Eagle
Entities: Sylphs ruled by King Paralda; Nymphs ruled by Pan; Toth or Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods.
Christian view: Ruled by the Archangel Raphael who is served by the Cherubs. Angel of the Vernal Equinox is Aldebaran, the ruler of the Muses.
Wind: Eurus

Associations and Lessons taught here:
Abstract learning, activity, arrogance, awakenings, balance, bardic arts, beginnings, birth, blockages, brain-storming, business, chaos, choice, clairvoyance, cold, communication, concentration, consciousness, control, cosmic link, creativity, dawn, dedication, dependability, dexterity, disloyalty, divination, dominance, doors, dryness, enlightenment, equality, ethics, evasion, expansion, extravagance, Fae, fears, flexibility, focus, folly, freshness, frustration, gateways, the color gold, growth, harmony, mental healing, heights, hilltops, honor, humor, ideas, illumination, imagination, imaging, individuality, inspiration, instability, instruction, integrity, intelligence, justice, knowledge,, learning, light, linkages, listening, logic, magic, masculinity, meditation, mental feats, mental stability, morality, morning, mountains, movement, mysticism, nobility, openings, optimism, order, philosophy, portals, positive force, projection, promiscuity, psychic skills, rebirth, religion, responsibility, sagery, skies, sound, spears, staffs, stagnation, strength, swiftness, telepathy, towers, travel, truth, visualization, white of dawn, wisdom, and the color yellow.

The Element of Fire:
Direction: South
Principle: Light
Sense: Smell
Rules: Summer; Summer Solstice; Beltane
Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Native American: Red-Tail Hawk, Sturgeon, Elk
Spirit Keeper: Mouse
Entities: Salamanders, Firedrakes, Children of the Fire Mist, the Geinies ruled by King Djinn; the goddess Diana
Christian view: Archangel Michael; the Angel of the Summer Solstice is Regulus
Wind: Notus

Associations and Lessons taught here:
Action, arrogance, auras, awareness, blood, boisterousness, burns (psychic and physical), change, cheerfulness, cleansing, comedy, communication, combustion, compulsion, conceit, confidence, consumption, control, courage, crudeness, cynicism, deserts, desire, destruction, detail, dispelling, doubt, Dragon wisdom, dryness, ego, empathy, energy, eternity, excitement, explosions, faith, fear, fickleness, flame, forcefulness, gifts of Life, goals, color of green, growth, healing through understanding, heart, hearths, heat, hot springs, humility, humor, illusion, impatience, impertinence, impetus, impudence, impulse, innocence, innovation, libido, life experience, motion, noon, ovens, pain, passion, perception, playfulness, possessions, potency, projection, protection, psychic ability manifesting, purity, purpose, rage, rebirth, color of red, regeneration, reincarnation, relationships of life, resolution, response, risks, sacredness, sap, severity, sexuality, spontaneity, soul, speed, spirit, strength, support, double-edged sword or duality, temper, transformation, trust, truth, unreliability, vengeance, volcanoes, vulgarity, youth, warmth, and willpower.

Element of Water:
Direction: West
Principle: Love
Sense: Taste
Rules: Autumn, Autumn Equinox
Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Native American: Cougar, Flicker, Snake
Spirit Keeper: Bear
Entities: Undines ruled by King Nixa; the goddess Hecate
Christian view: Archangel Gabriel; Angel of the Autumn Equinox is Antares
Wind: Zephyrus

Associations and Lessons taught here:
Abandonment, advice, arrogance, attachment, baptism, blockages, boldness, borders, brashness, brazenness, calculations, cauldron, celebration, chalice, change, cold emotions, cleansing, compassion, completion, conclusion, confrontation, consecration, counsel, courage, cunning, cup, daring, darkness, deception, devotion, divination, dreams, elusiveness, emotion, empathy, errantness, evasiveness, feelings, femininity, fertility, fog, fountains, generation, giving, color of gray, harvest, healing, help, impertinence, impudence, indifference, initiation, inner voice, inquisitiveness, interference, introspection, intuition, jealousy, joy, lakes, love, mirrors, mist, moisture, nervousness, nourishment, observance, oceans, offensiveness, perception, pools, projection, prying, psychic ability, purification, receptivity, reflection, refreshment, religion, rites of passage, rivers, rudeness, saunas, searching, shallowness, shamanic journeys, shapeshifting, showers, sorrow, springs, stagnation, streams, subconscious, supra-conscious, sustenance, symbols, tenderness, tides, transformation, triggers, truth, twilight, understanding, vengeance,
visualization, vitality, inner warnings, words.

Element of Earth:
Direction: North
Principle: Law
Sense: Touch
Rules: Winter, Winter Solstice
Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Native American: Snow Goose, Beaver, Brown Bear
Spirit Keeper: Buffalo
Entities: Gnomes ruled by King Ghob; Herne, Kernunnos, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, the Great White Goddess, Spirit of Place Christian view: Archangel Auriel or Uriel Wind: Boreas, Opheon, Aquillo

Associations and Lessons taught here:
Abundance, activity, barrenness, birth, biting, color of black, body, boredom, canyons, caretaking, caves, change, chasms, caverns, centering, character, coins, cold, conscience, consistency, construction, creativity, crystals, death, depression, destiny, dignity, diligence, diversion, doing, dry, earthiness, easiness, employment, enlightenment, entrapment, farms, favors, fears, forests, form, function, future, material gains, gardens, gems, gifts, giving, greed, growth, hard work, healing, holes, honor, humbleness, humility, humor, independence, ingenuity, jewels, kitchens, knowledge, laziness, lessons, lethargy, loss, magic hour, maliciousness, manifestation in material sense, melancholy, midnight, mines, moderation, money, nurseries, nurturance, oneness, parks, past, patience, pentagram, plodding, power, practicality, practice, present, reality, resources, respect, rebirth, rewards, rocks, roots, runes, secrets, seriousness, silence, slowness, solidity, stagnation, stings, stones (including standing ones/monoliths), stress, struggle, success, sustenance, tediousness, tests, treasures, truth, union, the color white, inner wisdom, the womb.

The Above World:
Entities: The Sky Nation; Sky People; Guardians, Protectors, Spirit Teachers
Time: The future
Sense: Sight

Associations and Lessons taught here:
Altered states of consciousness, arrogance, attentiveness, awareness, change, channeling, compassion, consciousness, control, cosmic mystery, creation, destiny, dimensions, discipline, enlightenment, epiphany, evolution, existence beyond time and space, grace, Great Mystery, guidance, humbleness, humor, shattered illusion, intangibility, integrity, love, macrocosm, mobility, purpose, reality, reception, self, sources, space, Spirit, spirituality, synthesis, thought, time travel, time warps, tolerance, transcendence, truths, universal mind/consciousness, unity, universe, Web of Life.

The Below World:
Entities: Ancestors, Ancient Ones, Elders, Totems
Time: The past
Sense: Knowing

Associations and Lessons taught here:
Abilities (mastery of), absorption, accomplishment, attracting, benefits, blockages (removal of), ceremony, boundaries, channeling, character, choice, confrontations, decisions, determination, discrimination, energy fields, energy signatures, existence, flow, free will, grounding, habits (shedding them), heredity, hidden lore, history, information, integrity, laws, lineage, links, lost wisdoms, mysteries, needs, neutrality, observances, past lives, pathways, patterns, physical restraints, polarity, projection, progression, relationships (to past), release, responsibility, revelation, ritual, sensuality, self-control, soul-retrievals, strength, tangibility, transformation, transmutation.

The Middle World:
Entities: Self and all life-forms
Time: The Now
Sense: Presence/Self

Associations and Lessons taught here:
Abidance, acceptance, action assimilation, attention, attunement, awareness, balance, blending, centering, choice, clarity, compassion, consciousness, containment, control, currents, cycles, definition, deflection, discovery, empathy, equality, essence, expansion, experiences, focus, form, foundation, harmony, honor, humbleness, impeccability, individuality, intent, life, molecular levels, multidimensionality, mundane presence, mysticism, patterns, peace, perception, perspectives, presence of mind, reality, realization, rightness, senses combined as a whole, stability, synthesis, time, tolerance, tranquility, understanding,, unity, wielding, The Void.

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