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Dance of the Elemental Properties Exercise
By CinnamonMoon


Now that you understand how to enter each element's core essence, and how to read its signature, I'd like to see you continue doing this exercise to the point of saturation. You'll know when you've achieved that level and meanwhile I want to shift gears just a bit. Each Dance exercise we do will add another Key to the proverbial Keyring of the Seeker and you're going to hear me reference that a lot as we go. It's become a favorite metaphor for me. When we began with the introduction, in essence I handed you a Keyring. As we began to Dance the Wheel you began picking up the Keys you would need along the way to open some very special doors. In this Dance you will add yet another. Jingle...jingle...jingle...jangle. Keep collecting them as they have a very special Song to sing to you.

Going back to the start of this last exercise and tapping into the energy signature, I'd like to see you take in the symbology of each element. The first post at the top of this forum gives an overview of what the Seven Sacred Directions offer. As you go through the properties of the elements rise up and down the Shamanic Tree between the Three Worlds and see how the elements function on each level. The elemental forces permeate all dimensions and are active there just as they are here in the physical sense but they have a shift of their own on the different levels so get to know that too.

Come to know their spirit by exploring that energy signature in an extended comprehension. Again I want you to push away any visions that may try to slip through. I want you to sense the energy as it initiates itself relative to the seasonal attributes, the time of day it rules over, the perspectives it holds, and see how that increases its Voice. Then see the interrelationships of the whole as you begin fully understanding their cycles through the Wheel of the Year, through Life, through your life.

Knowing the extremes to which each element is capable of infusing its energy upon life and upon us helps us learn to work with that energy. We learn control by observing it and seeing through our senses the power we are dealing with. Aware, we come to understand why it's so important to choose our words carefully, to think them out before calling on these forces to work with or for us in any capacity. You don't open a floodgate to see what happens. You look at that floodgate, see the power of the water's force behind the dam and you know you have to let it trickle out slowly to avoid a flood. Unless you need the full force of an element behind the work you are doing it's important to not call upon it at that level. Learn to control your needs and apply that control to the work you do. A little goes a long, long, long way.

By observing and interacting on these levels and becoming familiar with the energy signatures, communication, and the strength of the raw elements themselves, you gain so much insight. As you re-Dance this exercise, start formulating different questions to the elements. Questions such as:

"What is our relationship to be?"
"What is it that I am to learn from you?"
"Which of my gifts will you help me enhance?"
"What wisdom will you share with me today?"

Then be silent and listen, feel, sense the answers. Questions along these lines will help you identify your personal relationship with each force at play here. Your awareness will continue to expand and there are no limits to what you can achieve unless you limit yourself. Alone this is a powerful Key for your Keyring.



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