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Ojibwa Medicine Wheel
By Merry Littlebird shared from Nation of Shawl’s (Facebook)

This was brought to us by Aymee Winchel in recent posts and it is wonderful to see. The stones are numbered and the list corresponds to the list.: Grandfather Michael

Ojibway Indian stone medicine wheel

Key to stone medicine wheel:

1.Creator - Center of life, the Medicine Wheel itself.
2.Earth Mother - Gives us our home, and lives.
3.Father Sun - Warms life, source of energy and light.
4.Grandmother Moon - Guides dreams and visions.
5.Turtle Clan - The element of earth. Growth and life.
6.Frog Clan - The element of water. Cleansing.
7.Thunderbird Clan - The element of fire. Energy.
8.Butterfly Clan - The element of air. Transformation.
9.The North - Knowledge and wisdom.

10.The East - Daybreak, Illumination. Spirit.
11.The South - Youth and innocence. Emotion.
12.The West - Introspection, Looks within.
13.Snow Goose – Direction.
14.Otter - Balanced female energy.
15.Cougar - Leadership without insisting.
16.Red Hawk - Observant. Messengers of the Gods.
17.Beaver - Builder and do-er.
18.Deer - Power and gentleness.
19.Flicker – Music.
20.Sturgeon - Moving through life, swimming.
21.Brown Bear - Sweetness of truth.
22.Raven - Keeper of Sacred law.
23.Snake - Power of creation. Transmutation.
24.Elk - Stamina. To go the distance.
25.Cleansing - To make clean. Purify
26.Renewal - To begin again.
27.Purity - Clean and innocent.
28.Clarity - Unclouded. Free from darkness.
29.Love - To delight in a higher state of appreciation.
30.Wisdom - Knowledge and sense. Intelligence and foresight.
31.Illumination - To enlighten. Cast light upon.
32.Growth - To become. To change from one state to another. To advance.
33.Trust - To place confidence in the reliance on the integrity and friendship of another.
34.Experience - Knowledge and understanding
35.Introspection - To look inside.
36.Strength - Power and vigor of mind


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