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Body Parts
By CinnamonMoon

The support needed for the burdens in life. Success after a struggle if your own, or if another's of the opposite gender it means an unwise love affair. To dream of the ankles of someone of the same sex it indicates you will soon find a solution to something that has been troubling you. Mobility in life.

Antennae, receptors to attune to Spirit. Good sign of future happiness. Transmission and reception of energy, attunement. Defense. Protection. Symbol of personal defense.

The ability to apply effort to the work or purpose you are focused on. If it is a good experience it means good times ahead, generally with friends. If it is injured or underwent an accident or any discomfort it suggests seeing a doctor. Open arms are an open life, closed arms a closed life.

Unseen or unanticipated events. The strength applied to physical effort to sustain labor. Generally a warning about lending money or advice received. If you see a bare back it means there should be some preparation for some reverses or a loss of status. Someone turning their back on you indicates jealousy and envy but is not serious. If they turn to face you again the trouble will be temporary. Dreaming or seeing your own back is not too common but a good omen that indicates your problems will soon disappear. Retreat, turning your back on someone or something, means you need to assess the situation and see if it's time to back away. Pay attention to your health as your back supports the body. Possibly needing support from others.

Blood is representative of the Life Force be it within us, a creature, plant, the heavens or Mother Earth; is the force of driving motivation. Free flowing within the body and within life we heed the way it flows. If coursing quickly without regulation it may indicate passion or intense situations out of control; or powerful emotions and passion including those of rage or love. The Feminine Teachings relate it to maturity, womanhood and the feminine mysteries, so power and transitions. It represents close ties, sacrifice and forgiveness. If soiled it indicates negative feelings such as "bad blood" internally or between two individuals. It can indicate hard work against hostile forces. If you were bleeding it is a warning you need to avoid controversy with those close to you. If a transfusion is involved difficulties will be moving on or renewal of life are indicated. If draining it can be the drain of vital life forces or energies, pain, suffering or injury. If there is blood sucking there may be someone trying to take advantage of you. Blood bonding indicates bonds of unity and loyalty. Sometimes the blood of sacrifice.

Here we see representations of the emotions, unexpressed sensitivity, and nurturance. Resting your head on someone's breast indicates a new, valuable, and lasting friend is soon to cross your path. Breasts are good omen and the larger the more fortunate. A wounded breast indicates good
luck with money. If there is suckling expect to have very happy news in the near future. Unconditional nurturing love. The Great Mother. Retained emotions.

Bones are fashioned as tools, musical instruments, whistles and other objects of ritual use. The Medicine Person who becomes a Hollow Bone has shapeshifted into a vessel or channel through which Spirit can take action to guide or touch others. They are thinking, talking, and walking in the presence of Spirit and each action is a service to those who are gathered. Bones represent the foundation of self, attitude, relationship, and belief systems where they are symbols of death and rebirth. Some use bones of different animals for purposes of scrying (usually chicken bones), or for ceremonial tools according to their spiritual or religious beliefs. A skeleton may indicate the need to bare all hidden issues; or breaking things down to the structural form. If in a large pile there are contaminating or pollution threats to morals and/or ideals. Skeletal remains often represent that which we hide from others or ourselves. Foundational attitudes. Meat bones are business reverses, human bones indicate a coming inheritance, and fish bones suggest seeing a doctor. Represent the shaman as a "hollow bone" or channel for Spirit. They are symbols of death and rebirth. Some use bones of different animals for purposes of scrying (usually chicken bones).

These items represent the power and nature of the creatures they come from. The claws of animals and the talons of birds all speak of their ability to hunt prey, protect, and defend. They lend these strengths to the item and can be used for shields, tools, costumes, or jewelry. An animal interpretation needs to be addressed and we recommend consulting our Totem Library for those teachings. While they can symbolically denote something going against nature, this is usually when seen independently as in signs, omens, dreams and visions. In these cases they can also indicate control over aggressiveness or grasping what you need. As a fetish it indicates a desire to connect and seek protection or assistance from that creature. Again an animal interpretation needs to be addressed and falls under the course on totems, guides, and teachers or the Totem section of this library.

The quality of hearing; the ability to listen. Earache or pain may indicate too much listening or hearing excessive dissertations that are not relevant to the issue you are looking at. The eardrum reflects how well you listen and comprehend while the earlobe is again indicative of the quality you apply to those communicating to you. The size indicates how open or closed one is to listening or discretion. May indicate a need to listen to one's inner self more closely or the words of others who carry messages. Jewelry on the ear exaggerates ones image and may warn to heed one's conscience or stop listening in on private matters of others. Other people's ears indicates you will hear startling news. An earache or trouble with the ear it is a warning someone is untrustworthy within your immediate circle. Large ears indicate help from an unexpected source and tiny ears mean a false friend will be revealed. Listen to the signs around you. Pay attention and be willing to hear the truth.

How is it used? Often indicating mobility and function, it can also determine personal space and how far you allow others into yours or maintain your distance from them. If you use yours in a crowd to make your way you will have notable achievement. If elbowed yourself there is a warning you are in danger of being cheated or unjustly sued. Pain in the elbow is a sign of unexpected opposition; if broken a warning against mismanaging your business affairs.

Windows to the soul that reveal truths. Usually defines personal perceptions. Crossed eyes are universally seen as an ability to see into other worlds of dimension simultaneously, clairvoyance. Bleeding eyes indicate an empathic nature. Blinking indicates lack of seriousness; cloudy is a lack of clarity; crossed eyes denote an inability to keep concepts separate. Darting eyes signify inability to stay focused. Dull eyes are disinterest. Feline eyes denote acute awareness and watchfulness. Glass eyes are a heightened ability to perceive vibrational images through an extended awareness of true reality. Hawk eyes connote a far reaching perceptive ability. Hooded eyes are calculating in the approach to perceptions. Large eyes are broad-scope perception ability. Misty eyes are perception affected by compassion. Owl eyes are the ability to perceive what others miss. Slanted eyes warn of personal opinions that alter perception. Small eyes define a small scope that is short-ranged. Staring eyes are judgmental perceptions. Starry eyes are unrealistic and overly optimistic. Unfocused eyes represent undefined perceptions or disinterest. Eyeballs out of the head indicate there are "watchers" around you. Generally they indicate how others judge us or how we are judging things. The all-seeing eye is the eye of the universe from which no one can hide. Be willing to see things with clarity and truth. Being near-sighted indicates a need to extend perspectives and far-sighted that you need to take a closer look. Tunnel vision indicates negligence to other potentials, opportunities, or perspectives. Cataracts is akin to blindness with vision partially or totally blocked. The Third Eye is the psychic insight and clairvoyant perspective and awareness. The right eye alone is the sun while the left is the moon. Squinted eyes are avoiding the sun or logic, rational, and conscious thought processes or looking at things very closely. Two contrasting colored eyes indicate the ability to use the evil eye. Glasses indicate corrected vision that has been impaired somehow. Disembodied eyes mean beneficial changes soon to come. Injury to the eyes or getting something in them indicates someone is trying to deceive you in business matters.

The eye is a symbol that represents the trance state. A free-floating eye is found in shamanic art all over the world. It represents that state of trance where all my be seen through the spiritual eye, the third eye of the pituitary gland, the mind's eye. It can also represent the spirits that are watching over a location. Represents the trance state, the spiritual eye often called the Third Eye, or spirits watching over a locale.

Feathers are considered sacred keepers and of the spirit from which they came. They hold the essence of the creature and therefore a portion of its life force and powers. Eagle feathers are a symbol of the Great Spirit and shamanic union with it. They are used for clearing the energy of an individual, for healing, and to represent the power of life. Hawk feathers are used when messages are being sought, for sweat lodge ceremonies, and for smudging. Raven feathers are used for journey work and enlightenment. Owl feathers are used to discover hidden knowledge, rites that revolve around death, and for seeking wisdom. Turkey feathers are used when giving thanks or as a substitution for the lack of another feather. Buzzard or Vulture feathers are used to banish negative energies and spirits. Whatever the quality of the bird, that same attribute is applied to the use of its feathers. Sacred symbols of the essence of the creature from which they come and the attributes are applied to the use of the feather respectively.

How one manages to travel their path depending on condition. Bare feet indicate a connection and grounding with Mother Earth. Itching feet indicate travel. Washing the feet a release from anxiety. Strange feet means new acquaintances. Aching means family trouble. Stocking feet mean an annoying issue to solve. Bare feet are new experiences with the opposite sex. Dirty feet indicate you should guard credit. Burning feet is jealousy. Cold feet disappointment in love. Broken foot carelessness that causes reverses. Loss of feet unexpected obstacles. Getting your feet stepped on warns against indiscreet actions or talk. Children's feet are small disappointments. Large feet mean good health. Small feet are needless worry. Pain from bunions or sore feet indicate comfort in old age. Treatment from a specialist means changes for the better.

Protection. Connection to an animal spirit. A disguise or desire to integrate with one's surroundings. Internalizing the positive attributes of the animal featured or bearing the negative traits depending on the situation. Standing on end, it is indicating perceived danger.

Antennae, source of spiritual power. Often reflecting one's thoughts as in wild or tame, dressed or undressed. Personal strength. Long indicates wisdom of the sage through experience in life, often prosperity as well. If gray it indicates greater wisdom. Cutting the hair means a drastic change, or an initiation into a new level of learning. Letting long hair flow increases one's power. To tie it up holds it "in place." The texture, style and color will also give you clues. If it is tight to the head it indicates propriety and can imply restrictive or severe applications to that primness. Disheveled hair exposes confusion or a flurry of activity. Colored is concealing true thoughts, and greasy hair is usually a very sly person. Baldness indicates too much thinking or stress. Hair that is cut and styled by someone else indicates attention to details about personal appearance. Wigs that are worn are false reasoning and images.

Service done for others. The Healing Hand of Spirit or spiritual blessings. The laying of hands is a form of healing and a conduit of divine energy. They can be extended as a token of friendship, good intention, or a desire for peace. Raising both hands can be a form of surrender or supplication. If tied there is a loss of control or influence. Clenched indicate tension and anxiety as well as potential anger or rage. Upturned can indicate confusion or honesty. If a hand is missing it indicates a feeling of helplessness or that you need a tool of some sort to resolve a situation. The palm indicates the map of one's life and the directions one has taken or will take and may require interpretation through the divination of palmistry. Callused or chapped hands are hard working for little reward. Do you need to get your hands on the situation? Fingers pointing is an accusation or indicating an intended goal. To the lips means silence is needed at the moment and you should hold your tongue, think before you speak. Two raised fingers is a blessing of protection. Clenched fists indicate anger or repressed feelings to prevent destructive release. Crossed fingers are wishes and hopes.

Fingernails imply many things. Parings are used in spells or to gain power over others. They can be weapons, or indicate irritations. Long fingernails are difficulty with the opposite sex. Short ones an unexpected gift. To polish them warns against impulsive behavior leading to scandal. Bending them painfully back is a long season of discontent. Cutting them is achievement and prestige. Filing them achievement by your own efforts. Biting them to the quick means you need to see a doctor.

Dreaming of fingerprints is minor financial stress. Pointing a finger suggest you will escape from a potentially dangerous situation easily. Hurting a finger is difficulty of your own making. Cutting it means hard work is ahead. Lost or missing digits are legal trouble over money. Long fingers are a romantic upset. Short stubby fingers mean new friends. An extra finger on a hand is an inheritance. Left-hand fingers warn of illicit affairs bringing backlash.

Thought processes. If head hurts its difficulty in processing one's thoughts. A cold signifies a clogged mind. A headless person is thoughtless or lacks personal opinion. A need to get ahead or to analyze a situation.

Protection. A masculine symbol of sexual energy. Fertility or abundance. Lust especially if you sprout them yourself. Sometimes used as utensils or for powdering as ingredients in healing mixtures. Horns on an animal represent masculine virility while as a receptacle are the feminine receptivity. Often indicate abundance as in the horn of plenty. Depending on the culture or tradition they can be seen as evil. They can symbolize the power of music and celestial sound. Sometimes they issue warnings when used as an instrument or call forces to war and as such are times to take caution and remain alert.

Adaptability and resiliency. Flexibility, bending so one does not break. Kneeling represents humility or subjugation (can have religious or servitude intonations). If the knees buckle there may be fear to confront. They can affirm something as you use them to step forward. Inflexibility if held rigid. Kneeling in worship and honoring Spirit is another indication. How it is used determines the meaning.

Supportive aspect in one's life being strong, weak, or injured. Missing legs mean you have nothing to stand on. Walking may mean a need to move forward in life.

Communication and self-expression. Gagged may indicate you should be silent or swallow your words; also forced silence. A large mouth may indicate one who is given to gossipmongering or would dominate conversations. If the tongue is forked it represents a liar or one who intentionally misleads for personal gain or profit.

Inquisitiveness and curiosity. If in pain it is a self-initiated blockage. Are you sticking your neck out to take a risk? Are you open to speaking your truth? Is someone or are you being a pain in the neck? Connecting the intellect and the heart, do you need to find balance? Flexibility, seeing both sides of an issue, if stiff you are immovable and need to loosen up.

Symbol of life, the eyes and ears of the spiritual essence from which it is derived. Painted they speak of energies they contain as well as the intention for their use.



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