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Dwelling & Structures
By CinnamonMoon

Apartment: If small or feeling cramped it means one will need to persevere and avoid the frustrations of small spaces: quarrels etc. If spacious there will be a steady flow and/or increase in prosperity. They can represent categorizations that we need to find or structure surrounding current issues, putting things in their place so to speak. If you are lost there are too many options.

Attic: Tends to indicate comfort in the senior years of life, but also a level of consciousness. Since the attic is at the top of the house it represents your highest level of consciousness. It also stores things so old issues of the past are often brought into light in these locations. Because of this if you are shown the interior and it's contents it may indicate a time of sorting through old things and clearing some space. If the attic is orderly then so are your thoughts. Cluttered with antiques may indicate too much focus on the past, or outworn ideas. If it is dusty, filled with spider webs, and musty then the potential for the higher mind needs some cleaning up before it can be utilized fully.

Barn: In good condition and full indicates prosperity, empty or run-down warns of risks. What are the contents? Is there storage of grains that indicate secure resources? Is it filled with livestock indicating wealth? Is the door open allowing others easy access or perhaps animals to wander off? If so then perhaps you need to look at what you should be taking better care of before you have losses. Some barns have hex signs painted on them. If so the symbols should be looked up to see what they indicate in relation to the barn (your assets in storage and relationships within the home). Aspects of one's life kept safe from others.

Basement: Taking a firm stand. If it is dry and in good condition prosperity is strong, if damp or dark and in disrepair there is serious concern about financial ventures or projects that are being undertaken that should be re-examined or re-worked. The primal self, base feelings and energy centers. Often dark and below ground level, a basement can take you into your subconscious and perhaps repressed areas of it. Things that are forgotten, or make us feel ashamed and guilty are stored there. Perhaps you are to explore some fears that challenge your foundations. If you are bringing things up from the basement then you are in essence bringing these issues up into the light of day either to bring them into your understanding and renewal process or to release them through understanding from a more mature perspective. Many issues from childhood can be found here.

Bridge: Always pertains to the relationship to the vision itself. Bridges represent connections and the way they are carried out. If it is in good condition and you cross it without struggle it generally indicates changes for the better and new growth. If it is damaged and presents danger you are being warned not to make changes at this time. Bridges represent changes and transformations as we go from experience to experience or one stage of life to the next as well as realities. If you are standing on the bridge it is a time of making choices or a major decision that is difficult. What surrounds that bridge within the landscape will indicate surrounding issues to be considered along with the decision process. Bridges close gaps and can indicate endings and beginnings (death and birth) that are easily transitioned. Burning bridges are definitely endings.

Buildings: Buildings are life achievements, where the home is the self. Therefore the condition, size, structure, etc. are all indicators of success or lack of it leading to a life of luxury or struggle. Modest buildings mean a life of work but comfort as well. Churches are going to indicate religious or spiritual issues; government buildings represent laws and authority or political issues. Castles and forts tend to represent defenses or shields against invasive forces. Buildings can also indicate the overall body and it's health, as well as the health of relationships (as in the case of a commercial building such as an office). What does it contain? Is it a warehouse for storage? A place of lodging indicating a temporary matter, changing situations, movement or transition? What is it constructed with? Is it new or old? Are doors and windows open, clear, accessible or closed, broken, locked or dingy. (See windows and doors).

City: Lessons of community, variety, flexibility, adaptability, directions are qualities, shapes (rectangles and squares are good and reflect balance), backgrounds/yards higher than the front are favorable, flourishing vegetation is healthy. You must ask yourself what the city is impressing you with: is it excitement, entertaining, a place of commerce, crime, aspiration, pollutions, fun, comfort or claustrophobic? The density indicates the saturation of different perspectives.

Door: Closed or locked is not accessible and may indicate past regrets or disappointments that you have stowed away and tossed the key on. Open wide with a good view indicates the way is open to you and that it will bring you happiness through achieving your goals or ambitions. More than one door represents choices and opportunities soon to arrive. Open doors in this case means they are being presented currently. Closed means they are soon to arrive. An open door means you are ready to move ahead and a closed door represents the time is not quite yet at hand. Often options being presented, doors are invitations or denials. If there is a glow to the door it represents spiritual opportunity. Back doors represent things that are hidden. Stone doors are passages to knowledge. Doorbells are unexpected events, news, messages, or guests. Thresholds to change, something that must be "passed through" in order to progress, onset of initiation.

Floors: The foundation which supports you in life, belief systems, refinements. Is it slippery? Uneven? In disrepair? Shining and well kept? Solid? Rotten? Are there loose floorboards? What is the "covering" comprised of? What does that say to you? It can also represent being overwhelmed as in "being floored." The condition of the floor, like the condition of the land itself, is an indicator of how sure your footing is. Footing and ease or encumbrance to cross the floor is important to note. Floors that are *unhealthy* can represent health conditions such as one filled with splinters and being barefoot indicating wounds to the feet and potential immobility. Such conditions can indicate potential health threats. The moral, ethical, and spiritual traditions within our basis of integrity.

Hospital: Rushed to a hospital or as a patient you are in at immediate risk in an important area of your life and need to ask for help like it or not. To visit someone else indicates unexpected news. A need for healing or restoring energy levels.

House: The condition of the house is a reflection of your internal condition. Is it tidy, messy, clean, dirty, in general disrepair or does it have strong healthy bones? Is it small or grand in scale? Are there a few rooms or many? How many floors will determine the levels to your character. Is it warm and comfortable or cold and uninviting? Which room are you in? What does it represent? Are you comfortable and safe? If animals are in front of the house or to the front portion indoors that is your public image, if they are to the rear or backyard it is your private side. A direct reflection of your care and attention to your own life, clogged plumbing can be clogged emotions, different rooms indicate different aspects of the self, such as the kitchen indicating nourishment. Hallways are transitional passages, bathrooms are elimination and purification areas, while the state of these rooms indicates if you are cluttered in your processing or clearing the way for space to enter into growth. Castles indicate physical matters, aspirations, honor, chivalry, traditions, security, protection, and if covered with overgrowth it is pertaining to romantic matters that could or could not be realistic. If the lights are on you have the attention of others. Painting it may indicate a need to cover something up or improve current conditions.

Porches: These represent the things we add to ourselves and our lives by choice, our extensions or the faces we wear when meeting new people or receiving guests. It could be the clothes we choose for certain occasions to create the initial image or the attitudes we enter into things with. Extending space before others can get nearer to you.

Room: Entering a strange room warns that casual relationships could be risky, or that sudden success (if well furnished) will be coming to you. If poorly dressed in furnishings it may indicate legal problems. If it is small it's a way out of difficult situations, a place to shelter for the moment.

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