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By CinnamonMoon

I thought this would be an interesting subject to bring up. It has many applications from birthdates, names, and numbers applied to signs we may be given in a variety of ways. I'd like to invite anyone with experience in this field to share their input. For the purpose of discussion, I thought I'd start the topic off with a simple overview. Names: The premise behind numerology and names is that the name of a thing contains the essence of its being and can be reduced to a numerical equation. Each number holds essence of it's own and that becomes the interpretation of the essence of the person. The matrix or formula to do so is as follows:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Taking the letters in the name, each is assigned a number, those numbers are added together to create a single digit and that is the number defined. In a name it is the defined essence of character and destiny.

An example using my name would be: C I N N A M O N = 3+9+5+5+1+4+6+5 = 38, = 3+8= 11, = 1+1=2 M O O N = 4+6+6+5= 21, 2+1 = 3. Combined = 2+3=5
5 becomes the root number of the essence of that name.

Vowels are considered the "Heart Number" and reveal the inner character of the person. Here we have: I A O and O O which work out to be: 9+1+6 in Cinnamon and 6+6 in Moon = a combined total of 28 adding up to 10, or 1 as the root number of my inner character.

For the birthdate we find it reveals the essence that the universe stamps on your character and destiny. Let's use the example of a fictitious date: September 13, 1950. The breakdown is as follows: 9+1+3+1+9+5+0=28, 2+8=10, 1+0=1 and the root number of the essence of that birthdate becomes 1.

You can explore names, titles of events, birthdates, dates of events, etc. to determine what the essence of the issue is going to be. Using these numbers, find them in the interpretation list below (or use your own name and birthdate) and see what is revealed to you, how much you agree and disagree with it. You may be surprised.

Birthdates and Names may or may not harmonize and will be issues of contention throughout life unless the name is changed. If there is no harmony the person would be torn by inner conflicts and appear to struggle against their own fate.

A rough definition of NAME numbers are:
1) Strong fixation on purpose and drive towards achievement; single-minded, powerful, positive, self-assertive, ambitious, and aggressive. Good concentration and memory. Creative, inventive, original. Pioneers, drawn to new and unusual, do not take orders well, resent advice and generally do not follow it. Tend to be loners, dominate relationships, and look out for number one.

2) Feminine qualities, soft, sweet natures. Quiet, tactful, even-tempered, love peace and harmony. Tend to play second-fiddle in rank. Followers rather than leaders, they persuade diplomatically vs. assertively. Often shy, self-conscious, change minds frequently and procrastinate. They have a dark side that can be sinister, cruel, or deceitful...duality and subordination.

3) Brilliant, imaginative, versatile, energetic, bold expression, sparkle and glitter. They have witty, lively, and charming personalities with a tendency to be successful in life. Highly talented they take things lightly and tend to be lucky. Proud, independent, ambitious, and commanding. Faults are based on spreading themselves too thin. They like approval and popularity.

4) Solid, practical, uninspired and efficient organizers or administrators...going by the book. Down to earth, calm, steady, industrious, respectable...the pillars of society. They like routine and detail, are hardworking, and tend toward being stern, grim, repressive, plodding, and resent other methods than their own. An odd streak of melancholy or violent rage exists here. Success is hard-won. Most tend to be defeatist in nature and lean toward lower-class lives.

5) A bright personality. Restless, jumpy, clever, impatient...can live on nerves. Fascinated by the unusual and bizarre, loves travel, meeting new people, different surroundings, eclectic natures, enjoy risks, adventure, and can be sarcastic. They hate to be tied down or in a rut, can be self-indulgent, resourceful, resilient, and many-sided people. They are hard to analyze and pin down, they are sexually attractive and prone to difficulty in love relationships. Their dark side is excessive and perverted if allowed to run out of control.

6) Harmony, domestic, peaceful, happiness. Kind, reliable, and well-balanced. Talent for friendship and family life. Loyal, conscientious, idealistic, and affectionate. Wholesome and conventional, they make a success of the arts or teaching. Capable and thorough workers, they do lack a flair for business. Happy in quiet settings, they can become smug, self-satisfied, fussy, gossipy, and obstinate or conceited.

7) Scholars, philosophers, mystics and sages. Natural recluses, meditation and reflection are priorities. Dignified, reserved, self-controlled, serious, impatient with foolishness. Care little for money or comfort, powerful and penetrating minds, they have a dreamy side to their nature. Often bad at explaining things, they dislike questions or debates. Can be pessimistic, aloof, superior, and sarcastic.

8) Power, money, and worldly involvement. Material success and failure. Strong, tough, practical, successful in business or politics. Uneasy course through life, struggle, stress, effort, care, and drudgery are their route to success. They are cautious, tenacious, and without inspiration. Hard, materialistic, selfish, and sometimes unscrupulous, they may be keenly and sadly aware of this fact. Beneath it all there is often wild eccentricity, waywardness, and rebellion. Constant teetering between strong success and failures.

9) High mental and spiritual achievements, large-minded, visionary, idealistic, romantic, passionate and impulsive. Wide sympathies and great charm. Intense need to help others, and serve the cause of humanity at large. Scientists, teachers, and artists. Strong-willed, determined, inspired and inspiring, often seen as wild, unorthodox, and impractical. Resent ugliness and poverty, they are in and out of love, dislike old age and unhappiness. Charitable and intolerant when opposed. Poor at one on one relationships due to the larger picture dominating their minds.

*Exceptions are: 11 & 22 which are particularly fortunate and excellent numbers representing higher planes of experience. They must be seen with caution but if they rise to their heights (rare) and match with a birth number, the combinations compliment and prove very strong.

11) is the number of revelation and martyrdom. People who have a special message for the world. Intensely objective, living by inner vision they struggle with the needs of those close to them. Powerful personalities with vigor and moral courage, they are convinced of the rightness and importance of their mission in life and will sacrifice for it in any way necessary.

22) truly great men and women, energy, persuasiveness, brilliance in their work, versatile, balance and harmony, wisdom, worldly abilities, devoted to humanity with mission and inner vision. Creative, teachers, organizers, successful, admired, respected by all. The fault is the path they walk...dark, or light. They are excessively good or bad.

Having several names, nicknames, spirit names, etc would call for an analysis of them all as aspects of yourself. This goes with consonants alone, vowels alone, and the birthdate are all taken into account. Some examine the name by each letter seeing how many times that number appears and give it dominance.

Birth Numbers: If you take the number of your birth year and add it to itself you will get an important year in your destiny. For example, if you were born in 1947, 1+0+4+7= 12 in this case, 1947 + 12 = 1959 being an important year.

I hope this gets you going and that some of our resident Numerologists will share their insights.



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