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By BearFlute/Doug Lazar)

I would like to share briefly, some of what I have learned of Braids thru the years.

Hair is a physical representation, extension of our thought, and of our Spiritual Essence, our Strength. This is why, when a Loved One Crosses over, a lot of times a Person will cut their Hair and send it with the Loved One. It is Strength to help them on their Journey. A Braid is 3 bunches of Hair, braided into 1. It reminds us of the Strength in Unity. We are strionger Together than Alone.

The 3 groups of Hair can mean many things. It can be like the Lakota Virtues. 1 stands for Bravery. 1 for Fortitude, in facing Life, Fortitude is internal, facing our problems without burdening others. Living with our pains. 1 for Generosity, taking care of those less fortunate than us, the Elders, and the Young Ones, the feeble and the infirm. Together they make the 4th Virtue, Wisdom, which comes after years of living the other 3.

The 3 can also represent, (and what I most often think of when I Braid my Hair), Love, Honor and Respect, which together make the basis of all our relationships, and are what make us Human. By offering Love, Honor and Respect to All, we are full-filling our places on this Earth. We are Human.

I most often wear my hair anymore in Braids and Free. I put my Hair behind my ears, then Braid that, and the back is hanging loose and Free. I am a carpenter, (well anymore I just do odd jobs, and work also in a metaphysical shop a few hours a month), and it keeps my Hair from falling in my face, or in the way of my sight, and outta the way of saw blades. So I have two Braids, and Free.

Another, way of looking at it is, the 3 represent Body, Mind and Spirit, which together make us Whole. There are many more Teachings about Braids in the World. I would imagine every culture has some, either about Braids or just Hair. Listen for the Flute in the Breeze!

(Contributed by CinnamonMoon)
Native people see their hair as spiritual power and many view the three strands as past, present and future together. Others feel it is a means of joining themselves with their ancestors and descendants and allowing someone to braid one’s hair also allows them to partake in that power. Because of the latter belief, deciding to allow someone to braid one’s hair is a very important decision to make. The Finnish people believed those who made beautiful braids could also tame the Winds, so braiding was a valuable skill.

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