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A symbol of mystery, negative energy, chaos, creation, or death depending on how it is used. Somberness, the unknown, night, fear, the womb comfort, evil, loss, discord, confusion. High understanding in a quiet way. Formality and convention. Dignity without false pride, commanding respect. Dynamic, enabling the driving home of facts and purposes emphatically. Strength. Gloom. It's positive aspects include protection, birth, and magic. It's negative aspects can indicate secretiveness, sacrifice, and it can be harmful if negative intent or restrictive intent is behind it. Black relates to the West, and to death. Can induce hate or malice or hold other negative connotations when in a contrary nature so caution as to emotional state is of importance when working with it. It can reflect fears of the unknown and magnify them. In its’ creative nature, it is the pitch blackness of the womb and the light we first see is stepping into a new dimension. Spiritually it is symbolic of our canvas for our next creation…what are we longing to create or do or achieve?

Represents the separation of the dimensions and the worlds traversed by the shaman; spirituality or one's pathwalk. Energies of blue include relationships to the womb, protection, spirituality, truth, sensitivity mixed with fervor, eagerness to do the right thing. Devotion, good friendships but formally so; self-sufficiency, aloof nature that is "cooler". Cooperative natures. Business, social, and educational energies and thinking. Positive aspects are happiness, calm, and truth. Negative connotations are depression and loneliness. Blue represents the North, religious feeling, fervor and sensitivity, devotion, formality, self-sufficiency, cooperativeness, motivation, and contemplation.

*Azure blue
represents dedication to noble causes, unselfishness, and spiritual attunement. It leans toward foregoing the world and dedication to noble causes. Often a token of unselfish focus and spiritual interests. Leans toward foregoing the world and dedication to noble causes. Token of unselfish focus and spiritual interests.

*Navy blue
represents faithfulness, trust, consistency of purpose, strength, reliability, and self-sufficiency in a cooperative way.

*Indigo/Ultramarine blue
represent devotion, affection, helpfulness, can be moody, and one who sees outlets for ideals by helping others. Leans less to devotion and more to affection. Outlets for ideals by helping others. Occasional moodiness.

*Toward Black or Brown there is a tendency toward morbidity or selfishness.

*Toward Grey we find uncertainty or fear.

*Toward Green there is often an impetuous nature (turquoise). Traditionally the response tends to be of the all-encompassing womb, a feeling of protection, and spirituality.

*Sky blue
holds moodiness with ranges from azure to that of midnight skies, inconsistent *shades*, from deep depression to high aspiration and optimism.

*Light blue
presents us with tranquility, understanding, patience, and health.

*Dark blue
relates to impulsiveness, depression, and changeability.

Hearth and home, earth energies, happiness in the home, hesitation, uncertainty, neutrality. Firmness, definition, grounding, plain and practical in nature. Plodding to success, solidity, plain-spoken honesty, can cloud matters if going muddy. If dull and reddish it betokens sensual trends. Medium brown shows a grasping personality.

Dark brown
indicates an irascible, fault-finding temper. Positive: grounded, new growth. Negative: lack of discrimination.

Reflects the good, purity, positive aspects of the way it is used. Symbolic of the Sun. The traditional response to gold has been one of richness, abundance, and self-confidence. Attracts personal success. Reflects the good, purity, positive aspects of the way it is used.

Represents growth and good health or healing. Fertility, regeneration, renewal, active energy, money, luck. Nature, adaptable to circumstances, sympathetic, sentimental, companionship, slow to anger, restrained in action, firm and immutable as nature itself. Power that grows slowly but is formidable. Friendly and determined. Conformist nature, but in unique ways. Positive: growth, healing, abundance. Negative: uncertain, miserly, greed. Represents growth and good health or healing.

*Emerald green:
Is a strong and rich hue. It is the most volatile expression of this color. It raises adaptability to the status of adventure with powerful vibrations of vigor. Lends the ability to make the most of situations in forthright and indomitable ways that will sway sentiment and sympathy. Adventure and vigor.

*Olive green:
Is weak, and lends to avoidance of issues, the seeking of excuses. Evasive, unable to express or help in a given situation, and helplessness.

*Apple green:
Is happier, hopeful, pleasing, striving for the sympathy that characterizes green itself but is overly sentimental. *Sea green: Carries strength, but also envy, cunning, and defeats its own purpose, self-destructive.

Sickness, discord, cowardice, anger, jealousy and instability.

Overly smart. Traditional response is fertility, regeneration, renewal of springtime, active, and increased money.

Symbol of the Void of Spirit. The physical and spiritual center where positive and negative energies are balanced or held at bay. Cancellation, neutrality, stalemate. Uncertainty, fear to false bravado to selfishness. Strict conformity with self-effacing results, biding time before pressing interests at the expense of others. With a silver tinge it becomes stronger, more constant, gaining finer qualities. Positive: initiation, imagination. Negative: imbalance, secretiveness. Uncertainty.

Light grey is fear, medium grey is false bravado, and dark grey is dangerously selfish, or accomplishment at the expense of others. Silver grey is fine quality, consistency. Heavy grey is depression. Greenish grey indicates deceit.

Attraction, heat, pulling influences, encouragement, adaptability, stimulation. A color of high aspiration, pride, self-sufficiency. Direct manner and approach brings impressive appearances of
strength. Symbol of courage, facing challenges, the energy of the mind. High-minded aspirations, intelligence, restrained, social, popularity, overcoming opposition, inventive abilities, contentment, confidence, ability to recognize limitations, intelligence, and logic. Positive: warmth, joy, creativity. Negative: pride, agitation, worry.

Deep orange
reflects pride and ambition. The traditional response is attraction, heat, drawing, or pulling forces. Symbol of courage, facing challenges, the energy of the mind.

Represents the enlightenment and attainment of wisdom received from Spirit. Regal authority, command, mystical command, passion of a spiritual nature, tension, ambition, business progress, power. Royalty, pomp and ceremony predominate. Swayed by success, high-achievers, gratification of superiority. Prestige and power and living up to it.

Mixture of devotion and affection. Grandeur, importance, high ideals, ritual, self-esteem. Vanity, avoid criticism, perfectionist, literary, art, drama, imagination, creative, mystic.

Mild in nature, sweetness, precious and precise manners. Self-centered and intense to the point of exacting. Willingness to overlook small things in favor of larger goals. Affectation, sweet, precise, self-centered, intensive, exacting.

royal authority, mystical command, ceremony, success, superiority. Regal authority, command, mystical command, passion of a spiritual nature, tension, ambition, business progress, power. Royalty, pomp and ceremony predominate. Swayed by success, high-achievers, gratification of superiority. Prestige and power and living up to it.

Drawn to earth, show-off importance. Practical as well as pompous nature. Down to earth attitudes. Ability to couple lofty notions with practical results. Showing off.

Grandeur and importance, high ideals (can be overly so), ritual vs. devotion. Pronounced self-esteem and influence over others; vanity can be undoing. Avoidance of criticism; idealistic to the point of perfectionism; soothing and harmonious for meditation. Literary, artistic, dramatic abilities. Highly imaginative, increased self-satisfaction, conceit if on the negative tint. Yearning for the mystical, twilight times, transitions, and turning fantasy into reality. Positive: alchemy, humility, spirit. Negative: obsession, misunderstood.

Passion, sexual love, strength, anger, health, vigor, bravery, revenge, exhilaration. Symbol of danger dependent upon how it is used. Symbol of blood and if it is red earth it is seen as sacred to Mother Earth. Can also represent sacrifice. Red is the most forceful of colors, containing a constantly active urge. It does not necessarily denote a headstrong nature as it can be cool and calculating as well as vigorous. It represents virility, challenge, primitive urges, brute force, heroes and heroines, reflection of one's nature magnified. Positive: sex, passion, strength. Negative: anger, aggression, impulse. Force, triumph, success, east, life, protective force. The traditional response has been one of passion, sex, strength, and anger. Exhilaration and capable of setting in motion turbulent energy forces and should be used with caution. Symbol of passion, anger, or danger dependent upon how it is used. Symbol of blood and if it is red earth it is seen as sacred to Mother Earth. Can also represent sacrifice.

*Maroon red:
Is a deeper hue reflecting stamina and strength, purpose, restraint, a fighting spirit in the face of adversity. If it leans to the brownish tones it reflects mundane affairs and selfish actions.

*Crimson red:
Is optimistic, go-getter traits. Challenging and competitive in nature, eager for success or championing a cause. Action and aggression on intellectual levels, higher achievements. Ability to sway opinion. Affectionate disposition.

*Scarlet red:
Is impassioned and attraction but often tied to spite. Sudden bursts of temper, actions that lack purpose, restlessness, superficial attitudes or views, selfish urges, vivacious too. Scarlet is passion of like to hate, temper, superficial, selfishness, noble indignation.

*Pink red:
Reflects perfect love, platonic love, friendship and family (passion of red and purity of white), honor, morality. Love over mere affection, willingness to serve and help others, softened natures, delicate and easily hurt but with quick recovery.

is service, easily hurt; perfect love without sexual connotations, plutonic love, true love. *Rose is affection. *The darker the hue to brown or black the more negative energy must be controlled. The lighter the hue the more loving and humane. Bright is buoyant and dull is glumness. Care needed to control anger and passion.

Represents the spiritual aspects of a given situation or use.

Serenity, peace, calmness, purity, sincerity, neutrality, fastidiousness, caution for details and manners. Understanding of others. Compassion. Sincere, fair, can be overly critical. Positive: purity, sharing, truth. Negative: scattered, overextended. Symbol of purity, Spirit, that which is good.

Yellow Warmth,
happiness, well-being, healing, courage, attraction, persuasion, confidence, strength, intellectuality, dispels evil, scientific minds, artistry. Wisdom restrained by caution. Creativity, retiring natures, wishful thinking, timidity toward risk-taking if pale in hue. Dull yellow is selfish, introspective to a fault. Brownish hue brings a muddy feeling to bear. Symbol of courage, strength, peace, contentment, or challenge depending on how it is used.

Gold yellow:
Riches, abundance, self-confidence, personal success, confidence, charm. Positive: communication, optimism, inspiration. Negative: needing clarification, over-criticalness.


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