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Trees D - G
By CinnamonMoon

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Elder Tree
*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews
Keynote: Time to regenerate; wish-making and fulfillment .

Elder is one of the most common shrubs along roadways, where it often inhabits moist ditches. Whether the American elder or the European, it is usually best suitable for rough areas of gardens. This is a broad and rounded bush with bright green leaves and white flower cymes. It is a fruit bearing tree and its berries have been used in jellies and wine. The elder is a stemmy shrub that regenerates itself easily. This should not be confused with the box elder, which is actually part of the maple tree family. Elder literally translates as "old" and its energies are sacred to the followers of the old religions - especially those of Druid and Celtic tradition. This is a tree of birth and death, beginning and end. It is the tree of transition. In the Celtic calendar, it is associated with the 13th month, a brief period just before Samhain or Halloween. The elder links us to contact with the Mother Goddess in varying forms. It provides energy of protection and healing. The elder tree is the mother who protects her groves and children. And it is always a reminder to protect our own sacred spaces. It facilitates contact with the spirits of the woods, the Dryads, especially at the time of the Full Moon. Every elder has its own spirit, which shelters many other good elves and faeries. under its roots live many tiny elves. In fact, the elder tree has the highest elf population of all trees and shrubs. Because of this, it always resents being cut. The elder energy acts as a catalyst to awaken a renaissance and contact with the fairy kingdom. A wand of elder awakens opportunities to cast out the old and renew the creativity of the new. Elder can serve as a catalyst for manifesting changes, and change is beneficial, even if its benefits are not immediately recognized. It reminds us that there is blessed protection. It brings magic to even the slightest wish, when the wish is made around it or while holding a wand formed from it. Magic with the elder must be controlled or it will manifest confusion and so working with an elder staff requires practice and care. Elder signals a time of possible initiation. It reminds us that regeneration is possible and encourages us to explore it in some area of our life. Its essence helps open us to a greater understanding of the ancient burial rites as forms of initiation. The elder's energies and messages are dynamic and can be overwhelming at times. It is important to understand all the significance associated with this tree in order to balance the energies as they manifest within your life.

*The Language of Dreams/Patricia Telesco
Increasing personal energy and zeal for a goal or project. Frequently elder is used to bolster fires because it has hollow branches that catch well. Some type of ending or death. Elder is a traditional funerary wood. In Serbia, this is a symbol of fortune and luck smiling upon you. Carrying an elder branch in a dream represents devotion in your relationship. Among Celtic tribes, elderberry wine was used to inspire divinatory visions, and was only drunk by the initiated. As such, this dream may reflect a personal initiation into the psychic realms.

*The Master Book of Herbalism/Paul Beyerl
Elder is an herbe for those attuned to the countryside. It may be used to protect the livestock, most commonly by tying two small pieces with red yarn to the barn or stable. A farm which has Elder to be found within its reaches is considered blessed, and the Elder growth should be considered a sacred place, free from being despoiled. Allowing one's livestock to wander amid the Elder-growth is a means of bringing them protection. The magickal power of Elder is most potent, and as a result much of the lore treats Elder with warning. It was once thought that using a rod of Elder to punish a child would cease the child's growth, for magickally the rod represents control, and the spiritual energy of Elder would amplify this desire to control until it would be out of hand. Elder will bring magick to even the slightest wish; no wonder then it has a mixed reputation. There are various approaches to gathering Elder, all of which would appear to require appeasement of the Goddess as She manifests through this tree or shrub. Grieve tells an ancient verse, "Lady Ellhorn, give me some of thy wood, and I will give thee some of mine when it grows in the forest." This is an herbe never to be gathered out of selfishness, for it is said that the spirit of the Elder will follow and plague one who does so. Elder blossoms are gathered and used magickally as a fixative in dry incense mixtures, for they easily attract and hold oils which are added to the incense, releasing them with their own when burnt upon glowing charcoal. They will increase the power of a ritual, but require clear goals and pure ethics. There are so many stories which associate the Elder with sadness and grief, going so far as to say Elder was that wood upon which the traitor Judas was hung. These are believed, in large part, due to the natural magick of the herbe. Magick in the hands of those with questionable motive, or in the lives of those who understand it not and fear it, becomes confusing, disorienting, and leads to life-shaking events. Although the cause is within one's own heart, Elder has become the scapegoat. Those who wish to see the spirits of the wood, known as Dryads among magickal folk, would do well to spend the full moon night in a small grove of Elder, making certain that there is no evil in the heart, and that proper fasting and ritual preparation has been made. Elder may be used in incense or oil to keep one safe and protected. It finds occasional use in the blessings of babies, both Christian and pagan. As a Funereal Herbe, it has been used as the wood for the pyre, and is sometimes buried with the departed to give protection. Its use is a growing trend among people who study magick, and it is said to coincide with a renaissance in the proliferation of the Fairy-Folk of old, coming back to dance with the Earth into the New Age. Elder is the herbe which gives one sight of these delightful and fanciful beings, and Midsummer Night is the time to see them. Take yourself to the grove, and wait in belief and patience. The customs Grieve includes in her section on Elder are worth reading.

*On Dreams/Mary Summer Rain
Elderberry symbolizes naturally-occurring opportunities that are too frequently overlooked.

*Encyclopedia of Signs, Omens, and Superstitions/Zolar
Tradition holds that an elder is a very special and magical tree that protects man and animals. Belief in the magical powers of the elder are said to come from the tradition that the cross upon which Christ was crucified was made of elder wood. Likewise, it was an elder tree from which Judas hanged himself after he betrayed Christ. Burning elder wood in a hearth is said to prevent hens from laying. Beating a domestic animal with an elder stick will cause the animal to perish. Likewise, should boys be beaten with an elder stick, their growth will cease. In Lincolnshire, an elder tree could never be struck by lightning, according to popular belief. In Sussex, should one wish to cure a wart, he could simply rub it with a green elder stick and bury the stick in muck until it rotted. Burning elder wood in one's home was said to cause a death in the family. Carrying elder twigs in one's pockets was said to make a horse calmer and more under control. Wounds that have been treated with the leaves of the elder tree, gathered on the last day of April, were believed to heal quickly without infection. In Bavaria, it was believed that fever could be cured by sticking a twig of elder in the ground, without speaking. Elder wood was also believed to cure epilepsy or at least to prevent it. Should a twig of elder be cut into nine parts and worn as a necklace, the Irish said that epilepsy would be cured.


Elm Tree
*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews
Elms have a scaly bark and can stand extreme soil conditions. It is a strong and supple wood. Long before the Europeans made their way to America, the Native Americans held council beneath the elm. Elms were council trees that would become treating-making trees between whites and reds. It has a fountain appearance. The trunk rises up and the branches spread out, dropping just a bit. It is said that Dutch elm disease devastated the beautiful and stately American elms that once graced the land. Elm has always been a favorite tree of wood elves. Sitting at night beneath an elm, while singing and storytelling, will invite them close. They are more likely to appear in dreams when you sleep beneath the elm. They have a great feeling nature--sensitivity to the connectedness of life--especially other elms. In fact, elms will mourn cut members of their family. A staff or wand from the elm assists the individual in "hearing the inner call" in meditation and magical work. It is a tree strongly associated with the elfin kingdom, and alignment with this tree through a staff will assist you in attuning to those more ethereal beings of the Nature Realm. It is important though not to become lost within it or to become "fairy charmed." Elm is a tree whose spirit is one of the kindest I have ever met. Its essence gently lends strength to the individual. It assists the individual in overcoming exhaustion--especially that which has accumulated over great lengths of time. It helps the individual to access more universal sources of strength so that your own individual strength will not be tapped and expended. This is the Tree of Intuition and its appearance is always a reminder to trust your intuition. Find strength in listening to your own inner voice. The elm serves as a catalyst to sensing, feeling and even seeing that which is not always visible.

*Encyclopedia of Signs, Omens, and Superstitions/Zolar
Leaves falling from an elm tree are said to predict disease among one's cattle. Elms are said to be the "tree of justice," since, next to the oak, they are known for their longevity. In Teutonic mythology, Embla was the first woman. She was believed to have been created from an elm by the three gods--Odin, Hoenir, and Loki--who gave the tree breath, soul, and warmth. American folk remedies call for infusions of elm bark for prevention of bed sores and for treatment of burns. In Devonshire, it was said that the right time to plant barley was when the leaves of the elm were as big as a mouse's ear.

*The Master Book of Herbalism/Paul Beyerl
The stately Elm which one might think a common tree has some interesting lore of its own. Meditation with this tree will aid one in developing communication with the spirits of herbes and with the little people. One is said to be able to develop a rapport when choosing one particular Elm, concentrating on it in ritual, and then spending frequent times beneath its protection, meditation upon the plant kingdom, and doing rituals to open communication with the Devas. The leaf of the Elm has been used in several forms of folk divination, such as pricking it with a pin and dreaming upon it.

Eucalyptus Tree
*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews

Keynote: Balance emotions; explore your dreams. Eucalyptus is also the blue gum tree, and although it originated in Australia, it has made its way to all corners of the world. It is actually an evergreen, and there are hundreds of varieties. They all have the ability to absorb great amounts of water and they all have an antiseptic property to them. Thus, they have great medical benefits. The essential oils that are distilled from the leaves have too many medical uses to list here, but one of the primary uses is in aromatherapy. Literally, the name of this tree means "wrapped, covered." its oil was used in the Ancient Mystery Schools to wrap the aura in balancing vibrations, for they recognized that knowledge could bring an unbalanced awakening of the psychic energies of the individual. Its energies are highly protective and dynamically healing on all levels. Its influence penetrates both the physical and subtle energies of the individual, and it stimulates an opening of the brow chakra. Eucalyptus fragrance is very soothing to highly charged emotional states. When I was teaching school, there were days when I did not think I could handle the intense energy levels of the type of students I taught. On those days, I would sprinkle a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the heating vent so that the fragrance filled the room. As students came in, the fragrance dropped their energy levels down a notch or two. I didn't use it often, so that they would not become acclimated, but it was effective for those days when I needed a little extra help. Eucalyptus trees are some of the tallest on the planet. Although I have never worked with one person, I can only imagine that the spirit is also tall as well. Staffs and wands of eucalyptus assist us in walking in the dream world. They help stimulate conscious out of body experiences. Eucalyptus alerts us to the importance of our dreams. It can awaken the individual to full consciousness while in the dream state (lucid dreaming). It clarifies dreams and balances emotions. These dreams help to bring out healing energies and an understanding of the causes of various illnesses and imbalances within our life. For those dealing with nightmares, it is one of the most calming. Four or five drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl of water next to the bed, facilitates deeper and more restful sleep. Those to whom the eucalyptus comes as a totem or messenger should also study the koala. This marsupial has the ability to eat the eucalyptus leaves without being affected by its poison. This animal as a totem--is usually a signal to slow down and detoxify our life. They hold the promise of relief, and this is reflected in the tree as well.

*Magical Herbalism/Scott Cunningham
A healing oil, very useful in recuperation after long illnesses. Cures colds with daily application to the throat, forehead and wrists, and by adding it to healing baths. Also used for purifications.

*On Dreams/Mary Summer Rain
Eucalyptus illustrates a life aspect that has the capability of nourishing through healing.

Fig Tree
*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews

Keynote: Opportunities for abundance; trust intuition. The fig is one of the oldest fruits known to humans. The trees grow about 20 feet and they can produce two crops per year, which is unusual among fruit trees. The first crop comes from buds left from the previous season's growth and the second from the new season's growth. This in itself is a reminder that we should build upon past activities for greater abundance. The fig tree was the sacred tree of Buddha. Under it, he found enlightenment. Its spirit and essence awakens the intuitive insight that enables the individual to
put our life and activities into a new perspective. It releases past life blockages, bringing them out and into the open so those new thresholds may be crossed (reflected in the first crop coming from the previous season's growth). It is a tree whose energies help the individual to link the conscious mind with the subconscious and to do so with the correct perspective. The fig tree reminds us to trust our intuition in order to take advantage of abundance opportunities coming our way. Its message is one of building upon the past.

*Encyclopedia of Signs, Omens and Superstitions/Zolar
"Fig Sign": Making a "fig sign" is an ancient way of warding off the evil eye. Make a fist, putting your thumb between the index finger and the middle finger. (If you live in an Italian neighborhood, however, it is suggested that you don't do this. It is considered an insulting sexual gesture and may result in you receiving a black eye.) It is said that this sign should be used when something good has been done, in order to distract the notice of Satan himself. Legend holds that Barbarossa first used this after a battle, as a sign of contempt for the people of Milan. The fig sign should be pointed in the direction of anyone who wishes you ill or who brings you bad luck, or in the direction of a black cat, or any other ill-omened creature.

*On Dreams/Mary Summer Rain
Fig refers to triviality. Fig Leaf pertains to a "concern" over trivialities.

*The Language of Dreams/Patricia Telesco
Ancient Greeks considered this a fruit that offers strength and endurance during trying times. In Egypt, the fig was sacred to Thoth, making it an emblem of wisdom, learning, and the moon. Spiritual awakening. Buddha is said to have been enlightened while meditating beneath this tree. Dreaming of a fig plant growing in a kitchen is an omen that you will never want for food or, more figuratively, spiritual sustenance. Fertility. Women used to carry figs to ensure conception. In a figurative sense, this may mean conceiving good ideas or receiving bountiful inspiration that spreads into something remarkable.


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