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Symbology Interpretations
By CinnamonMoon

Symbology Interpretations There is more information in my book (A Medicine Woman Speaks) as well and there are endless sources on bookstore shelves providing greater insights. My own interpretation reference section consists of 19 books, 3 volumes of hard copy notes, and a dozen floppy diskettes as well as decades of personal experience and exploration that have my head filled with bits and pieces and I'm still learning. It's an ongoing study that takes you deeper all the time. Practice and active exploration will serve you best.

Symbols and Meanings © Cinnamon Moon

Symbols come from a wide range of universal images that touch something deep within us. They also come from our own interpretive experiences and therefore mean something unique to each of us. That is the meaning that holds the greatest importance when we work with them. It carries the greatest weight because we are the ones to benefit from their use and in that we take our cues. If you apply a symbol to a tool or perhaps a sacred space, if it comes to you in a vision or possibly a dream, if you are shown symbols in your journeys, only you can define their significance to your personal path. The universal interpretations are basic guidelines, but they are not carved in stone.

An example of this might be the Sun. For one individual it will mean a lighting of the way before them, for another it is a blinding light that forbids them to see what is waiting up ahead. Which interpretation is right? Both. They are right for the individual that sees them this way. Whether we are creating them ourselves or Spirit is sending them to us through other means, symbols contain a lot of information that takes us many places. We can go back into the past to summon memories that they hold, step into the future to see the omens they portend, or walk in the present recognizing them as the signposts along the way. Symbols mark our tools speaking of the powers they contain. They mark the sacred grounds we honor to speak of the rites and rituals that these areas are dedicated to. They come to us from Otherworlds, passing through the dimensions as we journey and mark the paths we follow. There isn't an area of our life that is exempt if we have the eyes to see and the knowledge to understand.

While our Totem and Power Animals also symbolize aspects of our own natures and personalities, they will not be included in this section as they are too numerous and deserve their own classifications. What you will find listed will be those that can be applied to the Dream Lodge, shamanic journey, vision quest, tool applications, and all other aspects of sacred pathwork. Please remember they are not limited to the universal interpretations or context in which they are being presented. If you have something inside you saying it also means this or that, by all means incorporate your impressions with what you have here. As time passes you will continue to find significances that are relevant to them and your understanding will grow. You will see that at different times and in various places their meanings shift appropriately; with a little practice it will become apparent that certain interpretations do not apply and should be discarded. Learn to trust your instincts completely. They are there for a reason.

Universal Interpretations of Symbols:
Symbol of personal defense.

Arrow: The flight of the arrow, its direction to a target and from which it comes will tell of its focus and perspective. A straight arrow has focus. Crooked arrows represent deception or difficulty. Broken they are the symbol of an ending. Crossed is union. Grouped they are many things joined. Fire-tipped symbolizes the passion of the issue. One that pierces is the dedication to "hit the target" or goal. Arrowhead is a symbol of the beginning of a plan of action.

Bells: They clear the air signaling the consciousness of change. Bells are used in ceremony to maintain rhythm or shift focus.

Birds: Generally represent shamanic flight, rebirth or healing. Each bird having its own message. For more information a course is available covering animals as totems, guides, and teachers.

Black: Symbol of mystery, negative energy, chaos, creation, or death depending on how it is used.

Blue: Represents the separation of the dimensions and the worlds traversed by the shaman; spirituality or one's pathwalk.

Bones: Represent the shaman as a "hollow bone" or channel for Spirit. They are symbols of death and rebirth. Some use bones of different animals for purposes of scrying (usually chicken bones).

Cave/Cavern: Symbol Mother Earth's womb. Internal knowledge. Sacred space. A cavern is an extension of these realities.

Circle: See Medicine Wheel.

Claws/Talons: Represent the power and nature of the creature. Again an animal interpretation needs to be addressed and falls under the course on totems, guides, and teachers.

Corn Meal: Used to define sacred space by Native Americans. It warns others not to enter and will seal a door from an intrusive knock by a line drawn with it signifying a spiritual session taking place on the other side. Holds negative energy or entities at bay.

Cross: Center of balance between the four quadrants of the elemental forces: Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Represents the four roads of the shaman leading to the center and Spirit.

Dots: Symbols of veils between the dimensions. May represent the element or entities of Air. May represent the presence of spiritual entities that reside at a location or can be approached from it.

Drum: The rhythm of the drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth. It is between the beats that Spirit resides. It is the symbolic shamanic steed that carries the Medicine Man or Woman into their shamanic journey to explore other dimensions.

Eye: Represents the trance state, the spiritual eye often called the Third Eye, or spirits watching over a locale.

Feathers: Sacred symbols of the essence of the creature from which they come and the attributes are applied to the use of the feather respectively.

Flying Buck: Symbol of shamanic flight.

Ghost: In shamanic terms it is a spirit helper or representation of spiritual protection. It may address a guide or teacher as well as a spiritual healer from another dimension. The face of a ghost may address the relationship of rebirth in some form depending upon its use.

Gold: Reflects the good, purity, positive aspects of the way it is used. Symbolic of the Sun.

Green: Represents growth and good health or healing.

Grey: Symbol of the Void of Spirit. The physical and spiritual center where positive and negative energies are balanced or held at bay.

Grids: Represent veils between the dimensions. If found at a sacred site they are a sign of that place being a portal to another realm. Other symbols present would speak of what that realm holds.

Hand: Service to others.

Medicine Wheel: Symbol of the universe in all its dimensions. The outer circle is the presence of Spirit that surrounds everything. The quarters are the four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The lines between them define the roads of the quarters. Each of the 36 stones represent an aspect of the powers, seasons, moons, clans, and teachings they possess. It is the symbol of infinity that penetrates all dimensions.

Mirrors: Reflect the presence of those who may be outside a ceremony and still a part of it. They reflect the inner self, a scrying tool, or the shedding of Spirit's light into the darkness.

Orange: Symbol of courage, facing challenges, the energy of the mind.

Purple: Represents the enlightenment and attainment of wisdom received from Spirit.

Rainbow: Represents promise, the coming together of All Our Relations and races to share wisdom and knowledge in harmony.

Red: Symbol of passion, anger, or danger dependent upon how it is used. Symbol of blood and if it is red earth it is seen as sacred to Mother Earth. Can also represent sacrifice.

Ropes/Threads/Strings/Ladders: Represent the pathways upon which the shaman travels to Otherworlds. They are attached to a pole or tree representing the shamanic tree or true center of all worlds and then to the shaman. This allows the shaman's spirit to travel back and forth.

Sacred Pipe: Symbol of Mother Earth, Father Sky, the seven sacred directions, and its adornments speak of the powers it holds. Sacred Pipes represent proper prayer, truth and harmony achieved through entering oneness with Spirit. Its shape and style will signify its use.

Shield: The shield has many symbolic uses. They can depict the powers or gifts of an individual; the activity within a sacred place; expressing the Medicine of an individual. There are many uses for a shield but it will always tell a tale.

Silver: Represents the spiritual aspects of a given situation or use.

Skull: Symbol of life, the eyes and ears of the spiritual essence from which it is derived. Painted they speak of energies they contain as well as the intention for their use.

Smoke: Symbol of making the unseen seen. Carries the prayers spoken into it to Spirit as it rises. It comes from the elemental Fire and thus maintains its qualities of purification. It also contains the attributes of the wood used to create the fire that produces it.

Spiral: Can represent the cycles and flow of energy or nature. May symbolize interrelationships or two paths that parallel one and other through opposites.

Staff: Symbol of the power held by the one who fashioned it or carries it. These are usually marked significantly.

Stones: With all the crystals and stones there are too many meanings to list here. These range from healing, warding, sending, and receptive qualities depending upon the stone itself.

Tree: Represents the shamanic tree, the path of the three worlds: Above, Below, and Middle through the branches, roots, and trunk.

Tunnel: Symbol of transformation or self-discovery. A new route of discovery, a passage to Otherworlds.

Vine: Represents a situation that continues to grow and may reach a great distance before it is complete.

Web: The symbolic Web of Life linking all to Spirit. The webs we weave as we create the lives we lead.

White: Symbol of purity, Spirit, that which is good.

Yellow: Symbol of courage, strength, peace, contentment, or challenge depending on how it is used.

Please see the Totem section for further insights.
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As you can see, symbolic interpretation varies and weaves itself throughout the spiritual arenas lending altered patterns depending on the situation or usage. Think of a Rune, that has a message to deliver; that same Rune shifting depending on if it is being applied to healing techniques, enlightenment lessons, a shield for battle, a family crest, or a warning of an upcoming challenge. Is it upright or reversed in its position? This is going to determine if it is presenting its positive or negative nature or reflecting the current situation in this way.

As you study interpretation and divination the various fields of divination come into play and the arena there is extensive. I can only encourage you to continue to explore them. If you want me to do articles on the different divinatory methods and their interpretive symbols, I'll be more than happy to do that. Let me know.

I hope you don’t mind if I print this page for my note book reference that I keep. Question... Most of the time when messages are coming through when I am giving someone a reading the pictures or words I feel are true to themselves. But there have been a couple times when they have been symbolic. Example: I saw Kansas, so I asked the person that I was reading if the women I was seeing in my message was from Kansas, she said no, but her name is Dorothy. (I am a big Wizard of Oz fan) I feel uneasy that I might be misinterpreting the info coming through. I do not give readings professionally, I only read for those who are guided to me when they are having difficulties in their life. I don’t ever want to give anyone the wrong info. Is there a way to confirm the message somehow? I have lately realized when these troubled souls come my way I must be very careful with exactly what and how I say things because I am speaking to their spirits. I feel like my spirit is accountable somehow. This probably isn’t making much since but these are some of the things that weigh heavy for me. I hope you can shine some light my way.

Silver Eagle Dreamer:
Quote: "Is there a way to confirm the message somehow? I have lately realized when these troubled souls come my way I must be very careful with exactly what and how I say things because I am speaking to their spirits. I feel like my spirit is accountable somehow." Makes perfect sense to me and is a quite normal response for readers that really care about what they're doing. I would hasten to add though, that I feel there's only one thing a reader is accountable for and that's being available for Spirit to pass the message. You aren't responsible for how it's received, what someone does with the information or whether they even believe you.

Moving with integrity doesn't require you to take on that which you can't control. There are times you know a message will hurt.. but you can't know the persons path at the time or what their soul needs to evolve. That's up to them and Spirit. Conversely, that doesn't mean you need to hammer ‘em with it either. I do my level best to pass things on 'as is' and I will say that, if, as a human I feel a caution regarding the presentation of a particular message I receive, then I ask for a more positive slant on it to present them with. I do feel we are allowed to listen to those more human voices within us that gauge that kind of thing.. as well as listening to Spirit.

All that having been said - practice will help you tune to yourself... that's where you learn whether what you're receiving is Spirit or your fears. If you practice with people who will offer feedback - that helps a great deal in the tuning process. Once you've got your 'center' for doing readings - the validation doesn't matter.. but while you're learning, it's a tool for tuning. (and you could practice here anytime you want btw ) Please remember.. though troubled people are coming to you - you aren't responsible for their dysfunction or saving them from it. You are accountable for passing on what they need to grow direct from Spirit. My two cents... take what you need and leave the rest behind.

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