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The Dynamics of Color Healing
By Lotus

The great English mathematician and physicist, Sir Isaac Newton [1642-1727] is best known for his formulation of the laws of gravity, but he also discovered how the color spectrum is produced. Newton concluded that light or color, consists of waves and each color has a different wavelength and vibrates at a different frequency, the longest wavelength being at the red end and the shortest at the violet end. Color could very well be the most magnificent experience we take for granted. Look around and you will find we interpret life as much through color as we do shape, texture and sound. Have you ever thought about the connection we have with color? How we seem to associate certain colors with negative or difficult situations while other colors are soothing or fill us with passion and excitement.

Colors produce a biochemical reaction within our bodies, directly stimulating important glands in particular the pituitary gland, the Master Gland of our endocrine system. This gland produces the hormones that regulate bodily functions including our moods, emotions, behaviors and so on. Ancient civilizations were much more in touch with the healing properties of color than modern society. However, today we are on the threshold of reviving ancient teachings in which breakthroughs in science are finding comparables with primordial wisdom. Thus color is now being hailed as an excellent tool to restore balance of spirit, mind and body. Here is my condensed description of each color and its properties.

The Seven Rays
Red -
Corresponds to the 1st [Base] Chakra
Complimentary Color: Blue
Element: Earth
Balancing Color: Blue or Green

Red is the color of life itself, of fire and of blood and without it, our lives would lack vitality, courage, warmth, self-confidence, strength and passion. If your energy is feeling low, boost it up by inviting a little Red into your life but use with caution as too much can over-stimulate you. Red has been known to escalate the body's metabolism with vibrancy and passion.

Personality Traits:
A brave person, ready to love under the most adverse circumstances, reacting spontaneously to the physical side of life. An attractive personality that draws people, lots of vitality, confidence, courageous and definitely charismatic! If centered and balanced, feels an incredible joy towards life, eager to embrace her/his chosen role.
Possible Challenges: Attachments to physical things, strong willed or lack of willpower, a lack of stability. Crucial to harmony and peace of mind … a need to be grounded.
Health Attributes: can include anemia, constipation, eating disorders, lethargic, poor circulation, sciatic, lethargic, and low blood pressure.

Spiritual Path: A rite of passage and a process of exploring, discovering and embracing the "Journey of Love," including self-love. Rediscovering the wonders and purpose of life.

Varying Shades of Red:
Dark Red is the color associated with the 2 minor chakras located in the ankle area. It is instrumental in helping us remain connected to the earth.
Deep Maroon is associated with the 2 minor chakras located beneath the soles of the feet. The function of our "Root" chakra is to anchor us to the earth.

Recommended crystals for meditation:
Garnet, Red Jasper, and Ruby.

corresponds to the 2nd [Sacral] Chakra
Complimentary color: Indigo
Element: Water
Balancing Color: Green

On the color wheel, Orange falls between red and yellow, therefore acts on both the physical [red] and the intellect [yellow]. Orange is a strong color [similar to red] and a great emotional stimulant but like red, should be used with care [don't overdo]. Orange is symbolic of the changing seasons - between the heat of summer and the cool of winter - and can best be described as a color of transition. The rays of orange encourage the seeker to look beyond the physical realm to a higher level of consciousness for there is a willingness to explore and gain insight and mindfulness. Patience and perseverance are two virtues known to this color tone.

Personality Traits: People who feel attracted to orange are positive thinkers, motivated, independent, creative, intelligent and cautious in relationships.
Possible Challenges: Threads of old habits may take a while to unravel. Searching for a sense of self …"Who am I, how do I fit in to the human context?" Stubbornness may rear its head occasionally and issues of dependency and/or co-dependency may need to be sorted out.
Health Attributes: can include stiffness in the lower back, and possible bladder infections. The spleen, Indigestion, elimination organs and gallstones and are related to this color.
Spiritual Path: Awakening sensory perceptions and continued opening to further growth. Learning to establish boundaries to be free of outside influences. Accepting responsibility and owning one's thoughts, emotions, and behavior without guilt. Coral a combination of Red and Orange transcends the 1st and 2nd chakra bringing challenges enabling one to evolve to an illumined consciousness.

Recommended crystals for meditation: Agate, Amber, Coral, or Topaz.

- corresponds to 3rd [Solar Plexus] Chakra
Complimentary color: Violet
Element: Fire
Balancing Color: Green
Yellow relates to the Solar Plexus, an important center in the body for all digestive processes. The spark of yellow's brightness, associated with the left side of the brain, the logical side, rules metabolism, personal and mental power. The yellow ray, the core of will power, connects us with the ability to perceive and understand.

Personal Traits: A sunny disposition of optimism, confidence, practicality, and intelligence are the properties of yellow. Clarity of thought, self-esteem and a reservation of strength providing well grounded, helps establish contact with one's inner self and intuition. If you are drawn to this color, be aware it is more valuable for you to know through experience than simply through the intellect.
Possible Challenges: Too analytical, difficulty in achieving tranquility and/or a meditative state. Less grounded "yellows" have a tendency to anxiety attacks and can be fearful, confused or depressed if un-centered and/or ungrounded in energy. There may also be some difficulty committing to a serious relationship thereby avoiding involvement.
Health Attributes: can include digestive problems, including gas and food allergies. Susceptibility to diabetes, drop in blood sugar and stomach ulcers. Intense yellow tones are very stressful for the eyes and can cause eye irritations. Avoid encircling yourself with huge amounts of bright deep yellows.
Varying Shades of Yellow: Pale Yellow brings gentleness to the spirit and a willingness to do -"action" rather than sitting in long periods of contemplation … undecided. Mustard shades of yellow may reflect lack of self-worth camouflaging oneself by over-analyzing and being critical of others.
Spiritual Path: Awakening the powers of "forgiveness," and revealing the authentic self, the core of one's being. Embracing our imperfections and realizing there is a greater force than self.
Recommended crystals for meditation: Amber, Citrine, Tiger's Eye, Topaz and Yellow Jasper.

Corresponds to the 4th [Heart] Chakra
Element: Air
No complimentary color is needed as green is a balancing color

Green connects us to unconditional love and is the color of balance and self-control. Within each one of us, love waits to unfold and the love we experience from the heart is distinctly different from the passionate and sexual love of the second chakra. The 4th chakra lies in the middle of the seven major energy fields and is the “current” bringing balance to both upper and lower chakras. Green is a peaceful color and has a profound effect of healing on all levels. If you were to capture the color radiating from the hands of a healer, green rays would be visible as energy is released from two minor chakras located in the palms.

Personality Traits: An open-heart chakra allows the energy of green to flow bringing physical healing and harmony to life. Compassion, generosity, humility and having a love of nature are enhanced and felt by the “Heart of Life” chakra.
Possible Challenges: A need to confront affairs of the heart. Feeling scattered, difficulty relaxing or meditating. Fear of the unfolding journey and moving through the “Dark Nights of the Soul.”
Health Attributes: can include the thymus gland, heart, blood, circulatory system and the immune and endocrine systems. Areas of concern include asthma, high blood pressure, heart and lungs.
Spiritual Path: Developing spiritual discipline by successfully passing through harrowing experiences and/or personal pain without judgment or blame. Strengthening spiritual roots by being an astute student and teacher.
Varying Shades of Green
Pale Green: A gentle caring soul with an understanding of things on an emotional level once they have been assimilated on the mental level.
Olive Green: Forms the bridge between the will and the heart, which lends clarity and balances male and female energies.
Recommended crystals for meditation: Aventurine, Bloodstone, Emerald, Moss Agate, Peridot and Jade

Corresponds to the 5th [Throat] Chakra
Element: Sound
Complimentary color: Deep Pink
Blue is the first cool color on the spectrum and the first primary color from which all colors are made possible. It is associated with the chakra of “communication,” our fifth chakra, and said to be the color of transition. Blue helps facilitate and balance one’s perceptions. It is the gateway to clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, connecting us to the Spiritual Realm.
Blues have
always been known to promote a healing atmosphere and this splendid tone promotes harmony, peace and awakens artistic capabilities.
Personality Traits: When in harmony with self, the ability to communicate well, and feel comfortable with viewpoints of others brings opportunities to assist as mediators. Creativeness, self-expression, inspiration, wisdom, confidence, integrity, and truth are also virtues that go hand-in-hand with the properties of blue.
Possible Challenges: As with all things, the challenging aspects of this color include difficulty finding inner peace and balance, and being out of touch with one’s own true feelings are behavior patterns that lead to the inability to express oneself or speak out. A desire/need for perfection often motivates high expectations, not only of self but also of others.
Health Attributes: can include the Thyroid and Parathyroid glands govern this color leaving one more susceptible to colds, sore throats, stiff neck, and thyroid problems.
Varying Shades of Blue:
Light and Sky Blues are associated with spiritual and peace loving attributes. Light blue is often used in healing work and is the color associated with Archangel Michael.
Cobalt Blue, a deeper shade of blue promotes awareness and understanding and is linked to the “ethereal” realm … sometimes used to repair the Etheric Body and help dissolve negative energy.
Royal Blue: the gateway to the “Third Eye.” When all shades of blue have been integrated, the “Third Eye” opens and functions harmoniously. At this level, a new learning unfolds and we discover the Spiritual content of the Universe and our connection to the deep wisdom of feminine intuition.
Spiritual Path: Recognizing the Divine spark in others and self as Spirit and Love become the foundation of existence enabling one to move through the blue Rays.
Recommended crystals for meditation: Azarite, Blue Quartz, Blue Obsidian, Blue Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire. As we climb up the color spectrum we become acutely aware of “All Our Relations, Creator and Divine Love."

Indigo Corresponds to the 6th [Brow or 3rd Eye]
Chakra Element: Light
Complimentary color: Coral
Indigo, a deep dark velvety blue, the color of a midnight sky. Indigo calls forth intuition, and
mysticism, and the emergence of new levels of understanding the energy that connects us to our unconscious self. Indigo and the deeper shades of blue are dynamic healing colors on both spiritual and physical levels strengthening the lymph system, and the Pineal gland. From this point forward, sensory perceptions are honed and shielding becomes a valuable tool to deflect negative energy fields as the “empath” emerges.

Personality Traits: Intuitive, fearless, practical, idealistic, wise, and a truth seeker. It is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively. As such it opens our psychic faculties and our understanding of archetypal levels.
Possible Challenges: Harmony is a key word here for without peace and harmony little can be accomplished. Lessons of discernments arise and may throw one into an imbalanced state. Journeying through lessons of Spiritual arrogance to arrive at an Infinite non-judgmental point of view may be necessary before moving up to the next level of growth.
Health Attributes: It is believed that the Pineal influences both the endocrine and central nervous systems. Headaches, eyestrain, blurred vision, are governed by the Indigo rays as is the pituitary gland, lower part of the brain, ears, nose and the eye of personality.
Spiritual Path: Shedding tears to cleanse a weary spirit will enable you to move forward as peace and harmony are vital for you. Giving yourself permission to rest when you feel overwhelmed. Trusting unseen wings of healing to promote a deeper meaning of life, as you become a conduit of Universal Peace.
Recommended crystals for meditation: Lepidolite, Iolite, Strawberry Quartz, Lapis, Azurite, Sodalite.

Corresponds to the 7th [Crown] Chakra
Element: Thought
Complimentary Color: Yellow or Gold
The difference between violet and purple is difficult to determine. Some people define the redder shades as violet and the bluer shades as purple. The bluer shade is often described as a color of psychic phenomenon. Violet has the shortest wavelength of the colors in the visible spectrum and vibrates at the highest frequency of all colors on the color spectrum. It blends the love and will attributes of red with the truth and devotion attributes of blue and stimulates you to achieve the highest of Divine ideals. In meditation, visualizing the color purple can help open the doors to past lives especially those currently affecting present health. Violet/Purple, a powerful color, has been used for centuries as a “blanket” of strength and wisdom as well as a protective shield in many sacred and ancient ceremonies. This is the color of compassion, Universal love, service to others and spiritual surrender signifying endings, illumination and rebirth. Hope lies in the vibrancy of this color, as does calmness and a sense of

Personality Traits: Violet/Purple stimulates inspiration and humility. Perfection, integration, unity with the Divine, wisdom and purpose, universal consciousness, understanding, enlightenment, are the virtues that open the channels of energy to move us through the Blue Rays and into the Purple. Purple is considered a cleansing and purifying color on both physical and spiritual levels…balancing physical and spiritual energies. It has calming and protecting properties and has been said to help enhance one’s psychic abilities. It is the color of dignity, honor, self-respect, and hope, and has been used to bolster self-esteem and counter feelings of hopelessness.

Possible Challenges: The ability to sense that the Divine is present but old thought patterns get in the way of growth. Stress may overpower harmony and GROUNDING is a crucial component if you are drawn to violet/purple. Evolving and becoming more familiar with one’s inner voice, takes time and requires patience, a virtue sometimes lacking in the area of challenge. There is also an emotional side to this color – learning how to overcome the extreme BLUES and the need for balance in one’s life.
Health Attributes: can include the cerebral cortex, pituitary gland, the upper brain and the central nervous system. Depression may also find itself knocking at your door.
Spiritual Path: Feeling drawn to this color is symbolic of a spiritual awakening, a closure to earthly issues and connecting to the highest vibration of all that is sacred and holy.
Recommended crystals for meditation: Alexandrite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Diamond, Selenite, Herkimer Diamond, Tiger's Eye, Amethyst, Citrine, and Smokey Quartz.

A soft color that can be used to help with spiritual healing … overcoming “worry” issues to do with survival. It has been suggested the Violet Flame is a place one goes to release karma from this lifetime and others. Its very purpose is to transmute negative energy into positive energy.
Recommended crystal for meditation: Pink Kunzite and Sugelite also known as Royal Azel

Ancient Masters of Wisdom interpret Magenta as the color of the 8th Chakra
Element: Vision
Complimentary Color: Olive Green
The deep purplish red color is a combination of red and violet, sometimes referred to as fuchsine after the fuchsia flower, brings a promise of hope, and exuberant joy. Eccentrics are drawn to Magenta and it is the color of Divine love, healing, letting go, nurturing and learning. The power of magenta lies in the strength of the red and the spirituality of the violet. If you look closely you may see magenta in pure light at the bottom of a rainbow, below the violet or slightly above red at the top. Magenta is the shade that completes the color wheel and so indicates the completion
and beginning of cycles. Intense magenta shades –“shocking” or “hot pink” can be associated with anguish, isolation and visionary "flashes."

Possible Challenges: There may be difficulty in letting go of old habits and feelings of insecurities may surface. Self-righteousness and superiority can bring ego issues to life.
Health Attributes: Kidney and Urologic diseases including Kidney Stones, Diabetes and the Urinary Tract.
Spiritual Path: can include discovering and releasing the creative ray that dwells within and becoming fully conscious of one’s connection to attachments.
Recommended crystal for meditation: Amethyst

Complimentary Color - Green
Element: Love
Pink, the color of “unconditional love” and peace is a calming soothing color bringing balance to the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. It can be used to appease situations of anger and negativity and awaken compassion, love, and purity. Pink is an excellent color to visualize during meditation.

Recommended crystals for meditation: Kunzite, Rose Quartz, and Rose Tourmaline.

Element: Teaching - Ancient Wisdom Although not one of the 7 rays, turquoise is an important healing color and one of the main stones of the Dine’ [Navajo] and other tribes used in religious ceremonies, jewelry and other crafts. Turquoise is a healer of spirit promoting healing and is said to bring good luck. It connects the heart and throat chakra on an Auric level. It stimulates the function of the “Ananda-Khanda,” which is sometimes called the “Heart within the Heart,” a minor chakra at the level of the Heart Center and just to the right. The stone is a gift from the earth bringing the blue of Father Sky to the earth and melding together the energies of the heavens and the consciousness of Mother Earth.

Possible Challenges: ”Jealousy,” the green-eyed monster may rear its head and gossiping will result in negative vibrations.
Spiritual Path: Turquoise, a combination of blue and green, represents the mind and body in soul form leading one on a spiritual journey that helps develop the connectedness to all that is.
Recommended Crystals for Meditation: Amazonite, Aquamarine and Turquoise.

Tints & Shades Black:
Complimentary color, White
Element: Compassion
The word “black” seems to have negative connotations but in truth, black is a protective color often used to ward off negative emotions. Black is grounding and calming, especially to extremely sensitive individuals [empaths] because it activates the magnetic or feminine energies of the body, strengthening them. Black is seen as spiritual color for some religions; and the color of death for others. Black is more effective when used in conjunction with white and should rarely be used on its own.

Possible Challenges: Emotional problems can arise promoting resistance, obstruction, and opposition, leading to increased fear and suspicion.
Health Attributes: On the health front, anxiety, stress and depression are conditions to be aware of.
Recommended crystals for meditation: Smokey Quartz, Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, and Onyx.

Complimentary color - Blue
Element: Balance
Brown and its lighter cousins, tan, taupe, beige, or creams are balancing and grounding colors. Symbolic of the earth, from the soil to the rocks, minerals, and trees, all earthy tones are excellent colors for stabilizing energy. When used in healing, brown helps to promote calmness and balances the mental and emotional levels. People drawn to these colors are reliable, steadfast, and friendly.

Recommended crystals for meditation: Sandstone, Pietersite, and Picture Jasper and Tiger’s Eye.

Complimentary Color – Green
Element: The Sun
Gold represents the alchemy of consciousness and is a color that can strengthen the heart and the energies associated with the entire immune system. Gold is often used with other colors to amplify the effects without overexciting the system.

Recommended crystals for meditation: Topaz, amber, Golden Healer Quartz, and Golden Flourite

Complimentary Color – Pink
Element: The Moon - Feminine

Gray is a combination of black and white thereby is a neutral, balanced color. It is a cool, conservative color that seldom evokes strong emotion although it can be seen as a cloudy or moody color. Dark, Charcoal Gray - is a sophisticated color without much of the negative attributes of black and carries with it some of the strength and mystery of black. Silver doesn't have the warmth of gold. It's a cool metal, the color of peace and persistence and enhances the powers of the Moon. Silver provides a strong connection between the physical and astral bodies, as it tends to strengthen the “silver cord” which connects the astral body to the physical body. It is the major purging color and can draw negativity from the body while transferring positive forces where needed.

Recommended crystals for meditation: Apache Tears, Hematite, Kyanite, Hematite, Silver, and Snow or Rose Quartz

Complimentary Color, all colors are suitable companions for white
Element: Prayer
White (full color spectrum white color) contains the entire light spectrum. Thus it influences all systems of the body. White is strengthening. It is cleansing and purifying to the entire energy system. It promotes purity, innocence, cleanliness, virtue and spirituality. White is also nurturing; heals fevers, infections and pain; calms the heart, mind, nerves and emotions; and promotes vitality and supportive feelings. White can awaken greater creativity.

Recommended crystals for meditation: Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Moonstone, Selenite and Diamond.

The Aura Color Spectrum
The Human Energy Field is the manifestation of universal energy and can be thought of as our “Spiritual Signature.” Human auras, [we have several layers, each differs with its own purpose] have been scientifically investigated and allegedly emerge from the Chakras. After observing people’s energy field, this article would not be complete without some basic description of how I “see” aura colors on the soul level. To my clairvoyant sight, this is how I interpret the colors

Green Emerald: Artistic and creative. Nurturer.
Green Lime: Unresolved issues connected to a past life.
Gray: Negative energy.
Gray Light Easily influenced, difficulty feeling empowered
Gray Dark: Shadows and darkness are companions
Indigo: Deeper connection to Spirit
Lavender: Spiritual awareness.
Magenta: Moving into one’s personal life assignment
Orange: Strong character. Motivated.
Pink: Love. Compassion for humanity.
Purple: Embracing the Infinite
Red: Vitality. Vocalizing anger or a need to.
Red Dark: Deep-rooted anger.
Red/Orange: A vibrant life-force and sexual passion.
Silver: Communication and opening of the “Third Eye”
Turquoise: Culmination of Spirit – Healer
Violet: Cosmic and cognitive balance and perception
White: Truth and pure energy.
Yellow: A free spirit, affectionate and intelligent.

Blue: Newborns and in the early stages of life, baby’s energy field is of the blue ray.
Pink: Seldom seen as a “single” color, fragments of pink appear with other colors.
Red: The darker the red, the deeper the anger.
Soft Pastel colors are often visible in the auric field when a woman is pregnant.
White: It is not unusual to notice the aura growing whiter as the earthly body prepares to shed its physical appearance and the journey of soul begins.

My studies have included the following authors: Barbara Brennan - “Hands of Light”, Edward Cayce - “Auras, The Meaning of Color”, Mary Anderson - “Color Healing”, Vicky Wall - “The Miracle of Color Healing", Helen Graham - “Healing with Color

The information shared is a culmination of studying, personal experiences and traditions. Over the years I discovered many old teachings that go along with healing as well as Spirit and prayer. The techniques used are a combination of healing methods, some developed through my own healing journey, other techniques developed I have studied or been taught and adapted them to my own work.

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