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The Language of Color
By Nofi

Imagine yourself if you will, waking up one morning, opening your eyes to a...black and white world! Shaking your head in disbelief, rubbing your eyes, closing them and opening again...nothing changed, the world is still black and white...no other color what-so-ever. Now you start thinking...is it morning or afternoon? Is this the blue shirt or the green one? And what is that "thing" overlaid on my plate?

Colors are the language the universe is using in a conversation with our soul! They are certain energetic codes, like we said before. Each color holds different energy, and each color is active in a different area. As human beings we are able to distinguish seven main color rays here on earth, energies we refer to as the "rainbow colors". In addition we also have the "infrared" and the "ultra violet" rays. All hues, shades and different tints we are able to perceive are being formed from the main rainbow colors, in different dosages and combinations. I see it as an infinite creation, in constant motion. Different additional colors do exist in the universe, yet they are energetically unfit to reach earth.

Throughout all human evolution, we have always used colors in many different ways. In Atlantis it was the loading of the energies into the crystal mountain that provided life force to earth; in ancient Egypt it was used to heal the person physically as well as mentally and spiritually. Body paints have been used in native cultures for different processes. The animal kingdom uses colors for camouflage, or prominence, depending on the place, time, situation and the animal itself. The flora kingdom is reflecting all colors in a most awesome way, allowing us to experience the great variety of beauty.

Today we know and use many different methods for working with color therapy. The most popular ones are working with chakras-the energetic centers placed in and out of our body, working with crystals, herbs, colored water, working on our aura, as well as different methods of diagnosing situations by color readings. We also know the work with physical paints such as body paints, drawing as a therapy, and the design of our surroundings for the optimum effect. In every place we exist, on every situation, we always see, speak, sense, hear and breathe colors be it in the physical awareness, or beyond.

As a person who "lives" colors all the time, I would like to mention a few of the better known and unknown methods of color therapy. First I would like to emphasize that the most important tool we have is how we "feel" about certain colors at a given moment. Our soul and inner core know our personal color combinations to begin with, colors are referred to as soul attributes and they know which color energy is needed at certain times. Listening to our inner self can give us the best indication to our situation then. Now I would like to bring a few of the popular methods to work with color energies. In this lesson you will have a list of different techniques and the methods to work with them, check and see which of the applies to you best, this is the one recommended to start with. Loading

Colored Water:
Colored water can be used to work on each level separately or on the whole person in general. We can drink different colored waters for many purposes. For example, when a person feels tired and drained for a long time, it will be recommended to drink red loaded water for a short period of time in order to restore the energies. For dealing with cold situations, as well as the flu, it is recommended to drink green loaded water for a few days in order to help the body overcome the weakness. These examples are just a drop in the sea, we can prepare colored water for almost any purpose required, be it for the physical body, for mental level, emotional stress or spiritual work.

Preparing the water needs some attention and awareness on our side. First, to be aware of which color is needed, or which color is the one which is "calling" us.

A few methods are being used in loading colored energies into water:
Radiating Colors Into Water

For this method we need :
Sterile transparent glass bottle or jar ( we can sterilize it with boiling water)
Purified water

The result will give us water we can either drink for healing or apply on an outer location on our body.

Pour the water into the bottle / jar first.
Center yourself, bring the color you want into awareness.
In your mind`s eye, send the color energy to your palm, letting it accumulate there for a while.
In the center of our palms we have small chakras we always work with.
Once you feel the chakra or the center of your palms are loaded, you concentrate on the bottle / jar filled with purified water, and start sending this energy into the water.
It can take a while, keep radiating the color as long as you feel the energy flow.
"See" the water slowly change its color.
Once you feel the flow has stopped, your work is done.

You can store this bottle / jar in a cool place for few days of use. For severe cases drink as much as 3 cups a day, for lighter cases a medium size cup first thing in the morning can create wonders. This method is powerful due to the additional life force radiated as a natural process whenever we radiate energy through our palms. This creates a synergy of color and life force.

Natural Light Absorption :
We need transparent colored glass bottle or jar ( sold in many warehouse stores).
Purified water
A sunny location

Fill the transparent colored bottle / jar with water, let it stand in the sun.

The water then absorbs color energy from the glass itself, receiving in addition the energy of the sun during the day, and the energy of the moon during the night.
Again we have a synergy combination that works on all
For sever cases we would leave the bottle / jar out (covered of course) for 4-5 days.
we will get a concentrated energetic water to drink.
For mild cases, 2-3 days out can be enough.

For example :
for an infected wound / scratch / burn on the skin I would load water with either gold or purple color (both antiseptic) for 4-5 days.
it will give me a concentrated energy to work with compresses, plasters, or washes.
In addition I would drink small portions of the colored water twice a day.

For a continuing insomnia I would load royal blue water for 2 days, drink a regular size cup about 2-3 hours before going to sleep.

For general lack of energy we face at times we would load red or orange color for 2-3 days, drinking it throughout the day or for those hours we need to be more active.
The period of time this treatment last depends on how sever the case is.
Self-awareness is an important tool, one we use to detect our situation at all times.
Listen to your body, inner self and what you are called to do on a daily basis, it will allow you to determine what you need.

Use of Colored Papers / Fabrics :
Much like the second method, this one involves absorption of sun and moon energies.
Instead of using colored glass we use clear glass bottle / jar, wrapping it with colored paper or fabric.
The main difference between the two methods is the density of color absorbed. while using transparent colored glass.
Water will absorb gentler less dense energies.
When we use paper / fabric wrap, the colors absorbed are "thicker", they are fitted more for physical use then spiritual healing.
Strong opaque colors are more related to earthly / physical energies in the sense of density.

Crystals and Minerals Colored Water :
Working with crystals and minerals is a very well-known method for loading colored energies into water.

For this method we need :
A sterile jar ( bottle will not fit for this one)
Purified water
A cleansed and purified crystal / mineral
A sunny place can be an advantage, but not a must.
Note : the crystal or mineral we will use MUST be purified before put into the water. this is to assure that only natural attributes of the stone and color will be absorbed into the water, and not any other energies the stone picked from its surroundings.
Put the desired crystal / mineral in the middle of a jar, and slowly pour purified water, filling it
almost to the top.
Cover the jar, leave standing for 1-4 days, preferably in a sunny spot.

Here is a list of crystals and minerals I use for this method :
For red color we can use : ruby, red obsidian, and hematite.

For orange color we can use : carnelian, and orange amber.
For yellow color we can use : citron and yellow amber.
For green color we can use : bloodstone, aventurin, jade. (never use the malachite !)
For pink color we can use : rose quartz.
For turquoise we can use : crisocola and turquoise.
For blue color we can use : sodalite, lapis lazuli, and angelite.
for purple color we can use : amethyst and sugylite.
For white color we can use : clear quartz crystal
For black color we can use : snow flake obsidian, black onyx.

The Feng Shui Color Use :
Feng Shui is the Chinese concept of living in balance and harmony with the surroundings. It involves coordination between energies of place, element, animal totems, energies of the surroundings and the use of colors. The aspect I bring here is the one of colors only. The colors presented here are adaptable to a Western lifestyle and perception. The physical environment colors are effective on all levels at all times.

A few components are being taken into consideration when we use the Feng Shui method for ultimate absorption : first is the background the color is laid upon; second is the nature of the surface, meaning if its smooth or rough; the third factor is the kind of light we are exposed to. In addition, three components determine the quality of color : the first one is the color itself or the shade; the second is the tone which reflects the clarity, which is determined by a black/white scale. In order to get luscious color, we must add white, if we want a darker one, we add black. The third component is intensity of the color, which is determined according to brightness or opacity. It relates to saturation relatively to grey. A strong color is one that holds full intensity, a soft color is a more opaque one.

When decorating our environment, (house, place of work etc.) we should consider the different effects colors have on us. We are able to create an illusion of a very open space when we use clear and bright colors, or create a closed, sealed feeling when we use the darker ones. The right use of colors is able to emphasize shapes, like a dark sofa on a bright colored wall.

When thinking about color decorating we refer to few color wheels :
1. monochromatic - (one color)
Its principle is based on one color and the use of all its tones as a scale. This creates a sense of tranquility, but can be very boring. For more interesting effect we can play with the intensity of the color, as well as its tones and the many different surfaces.

2. Complementary colors :
A principle based on the use of two opposite colors on the wheel, one of the cold family ( green, blue and purple), and another from the warm one ( red, orange and yellow). This is called " complementary effect". complementary colors are : red - green, orange - blue, yellow - purple, turquoise - peach, and gold - indigo.

3. Compatible wheel :
This principle is based on the use of two attached colors on the wheel, holding similar shade qualities. This kind of layout is considered quiet and pleasant, and can be improved with different tones of the colors on certain levels. For example : orange and yellow, or green and blue.

4. Triade wheel :
This principle is based on the use of three different colors , positioned in equal distances from each other on the wheel. for example : violet - green - orange. These combinations can have a pleasant balance for the eyes, provided we use a low intensity of the color, and the range of tones.

5. Complementary and Split :
This principle is based on the use of three colors from the wheel, two of them attached, and the third is an opposite one. For example : yellow - orange - blue. These combinations are also very pleasant for the eyes. To those of you who enjoy creative skills, I would suggest painting those color wheels for a better understanding in the use of them. Each and every color holds different qualities and traits like we said before. We refer to colors as coded in an energetic wave length. Being an energy expressed on earth, or anywhere else around the universe, these codes are balanced both by positive and negative attributes.

Very similar attributes will be found in most studies and literature. Some differences though will be found when we refer to colors on the different levels : physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. All we need to remember is that each color is a whole world unto itself, hence we should always keep our mind open to any information we receive from it.

Each color holds a whole unique library of information. Here are the qualities we will usually find in most informative literature and studies, as a general meaning of a color. As you start working with the colors you will find that certain shades are more effective than others, depending on the person who uses them , as well as the method being used for work, and the purpose for this use.

Red - is the first color babies identify after black and white. It is an evocative color, it increases the rhythm of heart activity, blood pressure and breathing. Although red is very much connected with sexuality, it is preferred not to use it in bedrooms, in order to prevent sleeping disorders. Being an appetite and motion stimulator, it is very often used in restaurants in order to increase turnover. Red is good for use in any place where dynamic activity is taking place. It is usually preferable to use red as secluded or single spots in space. These red spots are able to create a motion feeling. When used in large surfaces, its better to use soft tones of the color.

Orange - symbolizes health and life, is considered as propitious, ambitious, creative, and imaginary. The use of orange around the house or work place inspires optimism and cheerfulness. It is very recommended for dining areas due to its blessed effect on the digestive system. In most cases it is preferred to be balanced with the complimentary color: the blue and its many shades and tones. An orange lighting is inviting social conversations and talks. As a preferred use of the full pure shade of the color in spots around the space, and when used in wider areas, use the softer tones, such as peach, autumn colors, or terra-cotta. Orange is very recommended in a surrounding of children rooms and students study areas.

Yellow - symbolizes the sun and light, its cheerful and the color of joy, invoicing thought, logic, openness, and intelligence. The yellow has a positive effect on body to cleanse and purify. It encourages life force in the body. Overuse of yellow can cause confusion and imbalance. An addition of white to the basic shade will create brightness and lively atmosphere. Such a tone can be suitable for the kitchen or dining room. Combining green with yellow creates a feeling of freshness. When combined with blue it creates a pleasant feeling.

Green - represents balance, growth and harmony. It creates a feeling of freedom and motion. It holds relaxing qualities, quiets the senses and nervous system. Using it at home is preferred in combination mainly with flora, or use in smaller dosages of the color. It is wonderful to use in areas of bathrooms either in larger surfaces or as accessories added. When overused it might create a feeling of depletion in energy. Green combines well with lime green, pink, magenta, blue and peach. All those colors are pleasant combinations for the eyes and leave us with a sense of freshness.

Turquoise - is the color of the sea and summer sky. It's oftentimes used in the Middle East for an outside paint on houses walls, because it is believed to be a protective color against the "evil eye". Turquoise holds both earth and spiritual effects at the same time. It invokes sub-consciousness and the world of emotions. It is considered to be a prestigious color and is ideal for use in different rooms such as : living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, as well as in an office or work area. It is best combined with hues of red, pink and peach. Small additions of green create spectacular effect for the eye. Turquoise is considered to be a "new age" energy. It was widely used in the days of Atlantis, disappeared from the face of the earth after Atlantis was destroyed, and returned only a few thousand years ago. It is very common in jewelry design and use, especially among the native people who are very aware of its attributes.

Blue - is the color of peace, truth, trust and security. It relates to spiritual qualities, has a cooling effect on the physical body. The darker blues are usually more difficult to accommodate and better to use in combinations or red, orange or yellow. Green can also have a blessed additional effect on it. Blue is best used in offices, clinics, and therapy rooms.

Light blue is a wonderful color for a nursery room. Painting the ceiling with a few shades of sky blue in children's rooms gives a feeling of freedom and open space. The more dramatic tones of the blue are the indigo and navy blue. They should be used with paler tones to get a balanced effect. Light blue or azure combines well with lilac, brown, peach, lime green or white.

Violet represents ideals, intuition, integrity and performance of ceremonies. It’s a color of detoxification, a very powerful energy for a sense of good health. Its a very dominant color, best used in meditation rooms or sacred spaces. The lighter tone of violet - the lavender and lilac are enjoyable and very pleasant for the eyes. They are very suitable for use in different rooms around the house, like bedrooms, bathrooms, entrances and living rooms. They are capable of creating an illusion of size and space. In addition they are well combined with magenta, pink, blue and green.

Black can add glory and splendor to a room, as well as create a mystical atmosphere. It is preferable to avoid large black spaces on walls for it might create gloominess and depression. When added in smaller dosages black is a noticeable energy. For some is it a color of negative energy, while for others it represents inner dwelling and hibernation.

White is the reflector of all colors. It is the color of the source, the color of Mother Energy. It makes a room seem larger than it really is but without other additional colors it will look sterile. Its light radiates a cold feeling, unless used with additional hues or tones of yellow.

All other colors fit white perfectly, most of them fit black as well.

Color Candles and Symbols:
A very powerful method to work with color energies and symbols at the same time involves the use of candles. The combination of candle light energy, color energy and the different symbol energy meanings is used to direct specific prayers, requests, and healing work. I have made two separate lists here in order to allow the choice of different combinations as you see fit.

The work of candles can be combined with other methods, or stand independently on its own. Pay attention to always use candles in a safe place. Here are some of the well-known color meanings when working with candles, again, your intuition here is very important. You can either use ready-made candles, or make them yourself for specific purposes. Colors can be combined here for increase of effect. Combinations of a few color candles, or combinations of a few colors in one candle are good. To increase this method`s effect, you might want to use a mirror to reflect the light sent out. Simply put one to two mirrors behind the lighted candles, it will reflect the light and color in a wider angle.

Red is used for vitality and grounding
Orange is used for increasing creativity and emotional healing
Yellow is used for mental strength during studies
Green is used for physical healing and growth
Pink is used for sending love and healing
Blue is used for calmness, and peace
Purple is used for deeper healing levels, for helping those who are in the process of crossing over
White is used for all purposes and purity
Black is used for inner centering
Gold is used for high level healing and psychics
Silver is used for protection
Copper is used for growth and financial prosperity.

Symbols can be added as well into this method, either carved on the candle, or painted on with colors. Here is a short list of popular symbols, you are welcome to add any others you are familiar with :
Triangle - the triangle has the pyramid affect. It increases the power of the life force, and healing forces.
Square - (not as in the 4 directions) the square stabilizes the physiological system. It calms, grounds, and centers the basic life force.
Four Directions - this is to use for balance with the elements ( fire, water, air and earth), it brings into harmony the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. It helps to balance the electromagnetic field - the aura.
Pentagram - awakens one`s individual spiritual energies to assist in healing process.
Six ray Star ( Star of David) - helps the healing process to occur on all levels. The six ray star helps strengthen when needed, and creates a powerful protective shield.

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