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Trees K - M
By CinnamonMoon

Lemon Tree
*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews

Keynote: Time to refresh; new spirit guides about. All citrus trees have qualities in common. Their energy and fragrance is always cleansing, and the lemon is no exception. Their flowers are most abundant in the spring but only about 2% of all citrus flowers actually produce fruit. The flowers though are usually so abundant that even this small percentage is enough to ensure a good crop. Citrus trees are also long lived. They can last as many as 100 years if cared for properly, and the lemon tree again is no exception. The lemon tree fruit is very acidic, and its fragrance is cleansing. This tree's energies balance the aura and help to keep it cleansed of negative emotional and astral influences. When it speaks to us, it is usually in regards to something that needs to be cleared up around us. Are we involved in negative activities or with people who are negative? Are we allowing others' negativities to affect us? Past spiritualist mediums often used lemon to cleanse the energy of a room in which séances were performed. The fragrance helped keep out unwanted spirits and helped close the doors to the spirit world more effectively when the séance was completed. Sometimes the lemon tree speaks to us when we are not being careful about our own work in the spirit world. A staff or wand made from the lemon tree is especially important for those who are just beginning to develop and unfold their psychic energies. It draws protective spiritual guides and teachers into one's life, and it is especially powerful for anyone who does work at the time of the Full Moon. The lemon tree is a catalyst for clarity of thought, and its essence can make us more sensitive to using color therapy - in any of its forms - as a modality of healing. It stimulates love and friendship and it is strengthening to the entire meridian system of the body. The lemon always speaks to us of cleansing some aspects of our life. it reminds us that spirit is near, but to be truly open to them requires that our energy be cleaned and cleared.

*The Language of Dreams/Patricia Telesco
Eating a lemon or drinking lemonade may reflect the need for cleansing and purification of your body. Lemon has a natural purgative quality. Adoration, commitment, fidelity, and romance. In the Middle Ages, lemons were a common component in love potions. If a woman dreams of lemons, it portends good luck in relationships. A sour attitude. Clever uses of adversity (e.g., "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade").

*The Secret Language of Signs/Denise Linn
Lemons are considered a cleansing and purifying agent. Go on a cleansing diet. In addition to cleansing your body, purify your emotions and mind as well. The term lemon can refer to something that is poorly constructed. Be warned, the purchase you are considering may be a "real lemon."

*On Dreams/Mary Summer Rain
Lemon constitutes bitterness or indicates a state of perpetual troubles. Lemonade suggests acceptance.

*The Master Book of Herbalism/Paul Beyerl
Lemon is often used in rituals of love. Usually the rind is collected, dried, and ground into a powder, which may be added to any incense. The oil may also be extracted, which may be made into a lubricant for rituals which will involve sacred sexual activities. Some lore says that the peel should be taken and a small heart-shaped piece cut from it, dried, and carried in one's purse or pocket to attract a mate. Another lore involves cutting the peel from a lemon in a single piece, without breaking it. This is said to attract a new love within the period of a Moon.

Lilac Tree
*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews

Keynote: Balance the spirit and intellect; contact with spirit is imminent. There are many harbingers of spring, but for me it is the lilac. When the lilac blooms, there is no doubt that spring has fully arrived. It is a magnificent flowering shrub or tree and its fragrant flowers are delightful additions to any garden. In holistic health practices, both its color and fragrance are tremendously beneficial. It will align and balance all of the chakra centers of the body. Decorating lilac staffs or wands to reflect the chakras of the body in some way is powerfully healing. It awakens mental clarity, and for one wishing to activate the Kundalini in a balanced manner, lilac is an excellent tree staff to work with. Lilac draws protective spirits into one's life. It is a wonderful fragrance to use in meditations to open to your spirit guides. Sitting beneath or near lilac while meditating opens doors to the Faerie Realm. It has a strong tie to the nature spirits as they use the lilac's vibrations to raise their own consciousness. Various orders of fairies have always been associated with this tree. The flowers of this tree are very fragrant and powerful. The lilac fragrance stimulates mental clarity, and its essence can help us to link more productively with the kingdom of nature spirits. The lilac flower aligns all of the chakras and it spiritualizes the intellect. It awakens the Kundalini. It can open us to the ability to explore past lives, and it activates greater clairvoyance. Although technically a tree, the blossoms of the lilac are filled with faerie and elf activity. The flower is very fragrant and powerful, and as you learn to attune to the nature spirits associated with it, you will find the fragrance also has a musical harmony to it. The faeries of this flower are musical in their communications. They can help harmonize our life and activate greater clairvoyance. They can also reveal to you past lives and how they are harmonized with your present. Lilac is a great helping spirit. She is a beautiful shrub whose essence activates a play of archetypal energy within our life that helps us to spiritualize the intellect. Lilac will lovingly help us to recall past lives and it will help awaken clairvoyance. Most importantly, it helps us realize that beauty is sufficient only to itself, and that there is a beauty inherent within all things. The message of lilac is usually very clear. This is a time to be balance spiritual activities with intellectual activities Spirit is close and willing to work with you. Now is the time to open and develop trust in your spirit guides.

*Encyclopedia of Signs, Omens, and Superstitions/Zolar
It is generally believed unlucky to take lilac into the house. In the language of flowers, a white lilac offered by a young man symbolizes the purity of his intentions. Lilac should never be given to a sick person, though, or a relapse is likely. A mauve or blue lilac symbolizes a request of marriage.

*On Dreams/Mary Summer Rain
Lilac symbolizes spiritual purity.

*Magical Herbalism/Scott Cunningham
Lilac induces Far Memory, the act of recalling past lives. It is also useful in inducing clairvoyant powers in general. Brings peace and harmony.

Linden Tree
*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews

Keynote: Keep the child and dreamer in you alive; follow your heart. The linden tree is a member of the basswood family. It is sometimes called the lime tree but it is not of the citrus variety. In both Europe and America there has been much mysticism associated with it. It is a tree whose spirit can teach healing and the ability to see the beauty beyond outer surfaces. She is the spirit of the mystic, the poet, the dreamer, and the child--all of whom have the ability to see beyond appearances. This is reflected in its heart-shaped leaves and in the fact that the underside of the leaves is shiny and not the upper surface as in most trees. Linden is the spirit than can reveal the sweet honey of all life situations. In the spring, bees are drawn to the linden nectar, and the honey differs from the honey of other flowers. It is lighter. The linden tree spirit reminds us of the dreams we have tucked away to the back of our hearts and it awakens the inner desire and strength to follow them.

In Europe, there has been a close association between the cuckoo and the linden tree. The spirit of the linden will often take the form of a cuckoo to leave the tree itself, and the cuckoo has long been the source of great superstition and inspiration. The cuckoo is often the herald of spring, the time of rebirth. In parts of Europe, it was also the herald of death and marriage, all of which are symbolic of great transformation. The linden tree spirit holds the knowledge to life, death and transformation - and the true beauty and sweetness in those processes, no matter what form they take for the individual. If the linden speaks to you, then you should study the cuckoo as a totem as well.

In America, the linden tree has had much association with the Iroquois False Face Society. Indian masks of North America often represented spirits that influence life. A person could only become a member of the False Face Society if he or she had been cured by someone in it. The individual also had to dream of the spirit, and the dream had to be confirmed by another member of the society. In the dream, the spirit instructs the individual how to make a healing mask that represents the spirit. The making of that mask was very ritualistic. A tree would be picked out, and often it was a linden tree. The bark would be peeled from a section, and then an outline of the mask would be carved into the tree. The mask was then to be cut out of the tree without harming the tree. This reflects the basic essence of the linden tree spirit - whether in Europe or America. She teaches how to work with the inner spirit to heal and transform and to find the beauty and joy in all transformations. She teaches that suffering is only good for the soul if it teaches us how not to suffer again. Linden trees remind us to follow our heart and pursue our dreams. It is a reminder that our dreams are never lost, only forgotten. I tis a reminder that for dreams to manifest, we must pursue them.

*Encyclopedia of Signs, Omens, and Superstitions/Zolar
For the Germans, this tree consecrated to Venus is said to guard villages and families. On May Day, dances around its trunk are common.

Magnolia Tree
*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews
Keynote: Recover what has been lost; faith and ideals tested. The magnolia is an evergreen. It has very large leaves and an aromatic flower that is bisexual. All magnolias have a strange, knobby fruit that often looks like a cucumber. The trees are practically free of insect pests and easily tolerate fumes and grime of cities. This reinforces its primary message. If we hold true to our ideals and have faith in them, the pests that seem to be pressuring us will soon disappear. For centuries, the Chinese have been growing magnolias in many varieties. Herbally, many aspects were considered helpful to anemic conditions. Its blossom symbolizes a beautiful woman. The fragrance of the flower is actually an aid in the opening of psychic energies, and it can enable the individual to use that intuition to locate lost items, lost thoughts and lost ideas and apply them anew. Magnolia is a tree whose energies help to strengthen and activate the heart chakra, the center of idealism, love and healing. More importantly, it aligns the heart of the individual with his or her higher intellect. Magnolia's spirit strengthens fidelity of all those around it and provides opportunities for developing stronger relationships, based on ideals. Because of this, it is a wonderful tree to have around the home. Magnolia reminds us to be true to our ideals and our heart, no matter the pressure upon us.

*Magical Herbalism/Scott Cunningham
Magnolia is an excellent oil for meditation and psychic development. It also brings peace and harmony.

*On Dreams/Mary Summer Rain
Magnolia represents a fragile or delicate aspect of one's life.

Mango Tree
*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews
Keynote: Trust your psychic abilities; watch sensitivity. The mango is a tropical tree that produces an oblong fruit. It is actually related to the cashew and to poison ivy. Today’s mango probably developed out of the Asia and India trees and there might be past life connections to these areas for those whom mango is a totem or messenger. The skin contains irritating oils, causing similar reactions to poison ivy. Our skin is our largest sensory organ, and the mango may provide messages about oversensitivity. It may also indicate that what we are "feeling" is a psychic/intuitive response and not just an emotional one. Although a tree, its flower has a dynamic quality beneficial for all who are working to unfold their psychic energies. It awakens the intuition and stimulates telepathy. Anyone who works with the nature realm in any fashion can benefit by alignment with its essence. It has ties to the archetypal energies that awaken within the aura the hope of true spiritual realization - one that is attained by alignment with nature. Its scientific name has an exotic sound which reinforces this, when this tree is addressed by this name in meditation and other magical practices. (Mangifera)

*On Dreams/Mary Summer Rain
Mango pertains to a hardened exterior personality covering an inner sensitivity.

Maple Tree
*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews

Keynote: Balance the male and female in you and relationships. Maple trees are probably the favorite shade and ornamental tree in the US. There are more than a dozen species. They are all
relatively tall growing and their leaves are relatively pest free. The flowers and fruit are not very impressive, but most children have found enjoyment in playing with the winged seeds and their "helicopter" type flights. And in the fall, they provide some of the richest colors. From silver maples to sugar maples, they are always a popular tree. Maple is a tree, who’s loving spirit will help us to bring a balance to the male and female energies within. This is particularly true of the sugar maple, from which maple syrup is developed. Europeans learned the art of sugaring from the Native Americans, and they each developed their own techniques. For the most part, a tap is inserted into the tree in the early spring, allowing the sap to flow out. It is then slowly boiled down. It takes about 30 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. This insertion of the spout to produce a flow that leads to sweetness has been likened to the sexual act. When the male and female come together there is always a new birth.

The Native Americans have a strong connection to the maple and they often speak of its spirit loving the company of humans. The love works both ways though. Humans love the maple just as fervently. All maple trees though are associated with the linking and balancing of the male and female. Maple trees balance the yin and yang, the electrical and the magnetic. This tree's spirit and the archetypal energies behind it help the individual to ground psychic and spiritual energies and to find practical means of expressing them within their lives. It is activating to the chakras in the arches of the feet, which enable the individual to stay tied to the energies of Mother Earth. It was a popular tree for making and using magic wands - especially for sex magic and for awakening the intuition. For men, a staff or wand of maple is often beneficial to work with as it facilitates the awakening and proper expression of the feminine aspects of nurturing, intuition, and creativity. For women, the staff or wand of maple helps them stimulate more outward creative expression. The beautiful maples have the energies of sweet promises and aspirations. They awaken the inner fire, which illumines without burning. Maples remind us to keep a balance between our masculine and feminine side. When they are in balance, our intuition is sharper, our creativity is stronger and we are healthier.

*Encyclopedia of Signs, Omens, and Superstitions/Zolar
In American folklore carrying a newborn under the foliage of a maple tree will make him strong and vital.

*On Dreams/Mary Summer Rain
Maple portrays current benefits or gifts that one hasn't yet recognized or acknowledged.

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