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By CinnamonMoon and Skye Katt

NA teach that the hair is our connection to Spirit (like antennae) and hence the raising of one's hair (on head or the body) an indication to be alert and receptive to what's happening at the moment. It is also taught that it is our strength (Sampson and Delilah) and when shorn/cut weakens us. Many cultures believe long hair is to be worn for that reason. I used to wear mine very long (half way down my back) but as I have aged it's gotten shorter and I prefer it. I'm still very sensitive with hairs rising on me, and it's usually cautionary when that happens.

Skye Katt:
If you don't cover your bald head it will start raining

Hair Superstitions: If you shave your head on a Saturday, you will be in perpetual debt

Hair Superstitions: You shouldn't wash your hair the day before an exam.

Hair Superstitions: Hair at no age must be cut at the waning of the moon, which would prevent it growing luxuriantly.

Hair Superstitions: Hair cut off should always be burned; it unlucky to throw shorn hair away; otherwise, birds might make a nest of your hair, weaving tightly, so that you would have difficulty rising on your last day.

Hair Superstitions: Choosing to cut your hair (or nails) on a particular day means the following:
Cut them on Monday, you cut them for health;
cut them on Tuesday, you cut them for wealth;
cut them on Wednesday, you cut them for news;
cut them on Thursday, a new pair of shoes;
cut them on Friday, you cut them for sorrow;
cut them on Saturday, see your true love tomorrow;
cut them on Sunday, the devil will be with you all the week.

General Superstitions: To get rid of a cough, take a hair from the coughing persons head, put it in between two slices of buttered bread, feed it to the dog, and say - eat well you hound. May you be sick and I be sound.

General Superstitions: To drop a comb while you are combing your hair is a sign of a coming disappointment.

General Superstitions: Pulling out a gray or white hair will cause ten more to grow in its place.

General Superstitions: Cut your hair on Good Friday to prevent headaches in the year to come

General Superstitions: If a bat gets in your hair you are possessed by the Devil.

Good Luck Superstitions: Good Luck: Cutting your hair during a storm

Animal Superstitions:
Horses: Eating a hair from a horse's forelock - cure for worms

Hair Superstitions: Hair at no age must be cut at the waning of the moon, which would prevent it growing luxuriantly.

The sudden loss of hair is unlucky, it can be the sign of ill health, loss of property, business failure, or the death of a child who is a close relative.

Red hair is often the sign of a fiery temper, black and dark brown hair indicate strength, and fair hair means a timid nature.

If a man’s hair grows low on his forehead and back above the temples he will have a long life, if a woman’s hair grows low on her forehead she will outlive her husband.

If a woman suddenly develops curls near the forehead it means her man hasn't long to live.

Lank hair is a sign of a cunning nature, curly hair means a good nature and full of fun,

long hair = strength and luck It is said to be unlucky to have your hair cut when the moon is in the wane as this will cause it to fall out and lose its luster.

Cutting your own hair will tempt fate.

To determine your future: set fire to some strands of your hair - cut them off first!. If they burn brightly, you are in for a long life. If they splutter and smolder, it is said to be a death omen.

It has often been believed that a sudden fright can turn hair white.

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