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Symbology of Landscapes
By CinnamonMoon

Symbol Mother Earth's womb. Internal knowledge. Sacred space. A cavern is an extension of these realities. Traditionally a sign of the Womb of Mother Earth. Here we are facing issues of conception, gestation, and rebirth. Cave dreams and visions can represent sacred space or challenges to explore as well as places of refuge and safety. If you know your way around or easily find your way out it indicates difficulties will be overcome. If you are lost or struggling to get bearings you must prepare for more struggles soon to arrive. Caves also represent the unconscious and entrances to the inner more primal aspects of self. They are the abodes of hermits and sages, so can represent spiritual retreat or rebirth through isolation and times of transition. They can represent repositories of wisdom through experience, or knowledge through learning from the resident of that cave if you encounter someone there waiting for you. Caves of crystal are symbolic of enlightenment and the inner talents we hold taking on new levels of expansiveness. They also represent natural defenses and inherent knowledge.

In myth caves are often guarded by Dragons as they contain treasures deep within them. While myth points to gold and gems or precious items of wealth like crowns and scepters, or magical items such as swords, these too are symbolic of the treasure itself which is often knowledge, wisdom, or some form of enlightenment and understanding as well as spiritual gifts bestowed. Caves are also renown in myth as places of power and reflect sacred locations that in the physical reality are such repositories. When working with energy vortexes it is just as common to find them in a cave or cavern as it is out in the open. In this sense caves can be seen as portals to other dimensional realms. They are also representative of repression at times and it will depend on how the cave plays into the vision and the events surrounding that to determine what it is telling you. In the case of repressed issues you must take on the warrior role to defeat fears and gain confidence in yourself so you can learn to trust your knowledge, skills, and sensory inputs.

While caverns reflect larger caves and therefore larger challenges, it is important to note where you enter if possible. If you see it from the outside things will get better soon, if you are just *in it* or fall into it with no way out those challenges can be aggressive and war-like and interfere in your goals succeeding. The depth of the cavern indicates the size of the challenge. It may indicate that your goals are too big for you to achieve and need to be rethought or restructured. Monsters or uneasy feelings within the cave reflect our fears. Symbol Mother Earth's womb. Internal knowledge. Sacred space. A cavern is an extension of these realities.

Traditionally these represent death and transition as well as rebirth. If we are lost or frightened we are facing our fears or running from them. Sacred ground. Conclusions reached. If there are headstones involved and words of inscription those words are to be heeded. If there is a burial it indicates a rebirth after a period of time, or a healing to come. Tombs are rebirth and new beginnings, and if it is grand in design then it often reflects your lifetime achievements. Sometimes it indicates treading on dangerous ground being in a graveyard.

Cliffs indicate major times of change that can easily involve faith and challenges to the levels of it; i.e., a *leap of faith* to risk all for the great unknown without assurances. It's often an indicator that you are to trust in spiritual guidance and awareness to get you where you want to go. It is usually indicative of a time where critical choices are being made and you have come to the decision point where you must
either leap forward or turn back; in this way it represents that deciding moment and often a choice between right and wrong...being or living on the edge.

Lessons of community, variety, flexibility, adaptability, directions are qualities, shapes (rectangles and squares are good and reflect balance), backgrounds/yards higher than the front are favorable, flourishing vegetation is healthy. You must ask yourself what the city is impressing you with: is it excitement, entertaining, a place of commerce, crime, aspiration, pollutions, fun, comfort or claustrophobic? The density indicates the saturation of different perspectives.

Clouds represent thought patterns, analysis, and reasoning and they come in many variations; each variation will speak of something unique. Storm clouds naturally warn us and the darker the more dire the situation we are going to have to face. Most of these situations indicate trouble with those close to us and perhaps even parting of ways, or of spiritual questioning that is taking place deep within us. There is usually sorrow attached to storm clouds or danger depending on your situation it can be both. If the clouds are puffy, white, and just floating then there is to be fair times ahead, fair weather, a good time to move on something or within a relationship be it mundane or spiritual, things are going to improve or ascend lifting you higher. If there are large banks of white clouds there will be a happy event or good times coming. Clouds blocking the sun are favorable for future profits. Cloudless skies mean that the way ahead is wide open to you. Dark and ominous clouds can indicate states of mental health and depression or melancholy. If they move toward you there is a warning. If clouds obscure the view there are things that you need to see are being concealed from you. Clouds can be used for scrying and by looking *into* them as opposed to the surface you can see visions forming. This goes beyond the shapes of clouds themselves (the proverbial "I see a monkey or dog or fish over there"). It is also possible that when gazing at them a vision will literally overlay itself upon the cloud and use the shadows and colorings within to create forms, scenes, or landscapes. Spirit is very fond of this source of communication and NA have long honored it as a sacred means of receiving messages from the Sky Nation/Cloud People. These beings are messengers of Air and through the movements or images of the clouds in the sky those messages are delivered.

If it is in bloom it's a sign of better times about to arrive, and success to your goals. If it is dry and barren there are difficulties, oppositions, but they are unforeseen and if there is a storm things will really be challenging however the outcome will be more than you anticipate and still successful. Barren deserts indicate a need to overcome resources that are dried up, or to escape a sense of isolation. If it seems a sign of lacking for you then this would indicate a need for something in the element of Water to nourish. That can be as simple as relaxing in the pool, strolling along a river or stream, sitting beside the lake or diving deep into your internal waters to explore your relationship with self, others, or Spirit. It's a strong indication that it is time for you to act to resolve your issues, but to do so with nurturing and compassion
so you can once again grow. The desert is an arid, parched climate and hence it is tied to the purification qualities of Fire. To journey through the desert is to seek purification and clarity or a desire to find nourishment for a parched soul. It can also indicate that there is a period of spiritual dryness (as to those times we step off our paths or shut down). Alone or lost you may be feeling deserted and it is do or die. It can also indicate a situation you have become involved in that has gotten out of your control or is not within your means to handle. Abandonment.

Gentle and clear flowing waters indicate troubles will be short-lived. Muddy and/or raging you can expect destructive forces and a long struggle. If swept up and away someone you trust is deceiving you and means you harm (often of the opposite gender). Escaping floods and flood waters means you will be helped through your challenges. Flooding often represents your emotional state and the inability to release those emotions so they are building to the point of "flooding you with tears". A warning that your feelings are overwhelming you and need to be broken down so you can put your priorities in order before they sweep you away into some disaster. Can indicate saturation of spiritual perspectives and drowning in information; floodgates are the controls used to regulate; and floodlight indicates keen awareness while flood planes are potential sudden dangers.

Growth, nature enclosed in sacred space set aside to allow it to flourish. Feminine energies, creation and nurturing. The type of garden indicates if it is for beauty, nourishment, or healing...flowers, vegetables, herbs. The bigger the stronger these influences and the focus of intent behind the caretaker. Here nature is controlled, tamed, yet yields harvest and corresponds to your life's growth. Indoor gardens can reflect indoor growth that is uninhibited. The care given indicates the desire to interact and be open to nature. If plants are dying it may indicate that you are not yet ready for what you are attempting, or that the time is not right for you to try yet. Death is part of nature too and the care given reflects your understanding or negligence. Are you willing to put in the time and dedicate yourself or do you just want to sow seeds? Are you allowing time to germinate or tugging on roots trying to force them to grow? Are you aligned with the season or working against it? Are you tilling, weeding, or planting? Our spiritual blessings and gifts. Gardening indicates humanitarian and spiritual acts in service to others.

If flowing free and clear life will be happy. If dry or barely running be ready for a time of transformation, emptying one's cup to fill it again. Fountains often reflect our intuitive, emotional, and spiritual states of being as well as our youth. They either satisfy or fail to quench our thirst in these areas. Spiritual replenishment. Creativity and talents flowing. If cloudy water those around you are insincere or you lack clarity on an issue.

Burdens will be lifted. A spiritual retreat is needed.

Extra effort will be needed in a temporary situation.

A contrary sign indicated by the distance. The further away the closer your success, while if close it indicates delays. Perspective held

Stranded on an island indicates obstacles and the outcome indicated by if you escape or are rescued or not. If it is a pleasant vacation or property you own there will be exciting new adventures coming soon. Islands can indicate a need to quest alone or to seek solitude and meditate. It can be a warning that you are isolating yourself from others and that you need to step out into the world more, or ask for help if you need to be "saved." Islands also indicate it is time to seek sanctuary when they are appealing and inviting, a time to review and re-evaluate one's path. A time and place to quest for one's destiny, or a place of safe harbor and refuge (generally if washed ashore from a storm at sea or when surrounded by raging oceans). Pause needed while spiritually searching. A rest period.

Guard all resources and do not involve yourself in the schemes of others. Walking in it can indicate entanglements that are foolish (often romantic in nature) and you are being advised to get out of them before they are a serious problem. Jungles are indicators of our primal natures and our need to honor that aspect of our self, perhaps even let it out into the open for a time. They can indicate exploration of exotic realms. They can be entrapments as well and your passage through the jungle or the feelings it stirs within you are strong indicators of which way you should perceive this landscape. Chaos and the primal, untamed environment that fosters wild desires and the ability to be free along with dangers that lay hidden. If there are vines beware of entanglements and hidden hazards. Intense heat and humidity can indicate stresses. A confused spiritual state.

Alone good fortune will come to you suddenly like "a bolt out of the blue." If accompanied by thunder or a storm luck will still come your way but there is frustration or worry before it arrives. Heat lightning is indicative of social events that are exciting. Lightning rods mean jealousy that is hidden and someone is not to be trusted. A symbol of power and sudden breakthrough. Many NA believe this is the Sky Father in union with the Earth Mother as they conceive or give life to something. It indicates the speed, strength, and the quickening of your awakening process as well as your having the available energy needed as a gift of the Thunder Beings. Lightning pierces the darkness, initiates change, marks destiny, addresses chance happenings, flashes of illumination are found that show the way ahead. It can symbolize truth being revealed to lend clarity to issues. And it can warn us of upcoming difficulties such as storms, or static conditions such as those that hover around heat lightning. It can indicate destructive forces at play bringing forth devastation and so act as warnings to allow you to avoid that outcome. It can represent divine intercession (for good or bad) if one has done something to anger or please the Creator. Connecting with spiritual sources. Potential disruptive forces that bring change for the better through opportunity achieved in changing direction or perspective.

These settings reflect the ability to move beyond emotions and passions as stages in life. As reflections of decomposition they demonstrate that which is passing away and how it can nurture that which is coming into being through transitional periods and the stage of decomposition is
often an indicator of how far that process has come. It is the breaking down of the old so the new can emerge. Be careful not to get dragged into affairs of friends and relatives very deeply, it is better to advise and let them act. Transitional borders of Earth and Water, marshes can be stagnant and indicate uncertainties. If it is a vibrant marsh there are indications that sustenance will come to you as you undergo changes helping you to maintain a balanced transition. If you are trapped in the mire it is time to undergo a purification and regain solid ground. Spiritual saturation.

Generally areas of abundance in both wildlife and vegetation, often close to streams and rivers to nourish that abundance. It is a soft and gentle landscape to the eye, welcoming and inviting, peaceful and pristine. Soil is usually fertile and the colors present are voices to listen to be they in the vegetation or the wildflowers. These are places of silent growth, gentle and easy to pass through reflecting balance and harmony, an ease of understanding. Generally indicating spiritual harmony and balance, it can also be a gateway to the realm of the Fae.

Major times of change and/or transition. Moving to a new environment. Collective consciousness and awareness of the needs of the whole. Relocation either physically, mentally, or spiritually.

Feminine energies that generally nurture and support. Spiritual gifts and applications. Moonbeams awaken or shed light on our talents and act as a call to put them to action. If rising it indicates talent rising within and the development of that gift or ability. The new moon over your left shoulder indicates a good month ahead. Bright and waxing full indicates exciting changes or projects. Clouds before the moon indicate challenges to be overcome and then reaping rewards for your hard work. Full means success in love, wholeness, and intuitive creativity, as well as reaching maturity. If it is a harvest moon it indicates good harvest of investments, efforts, or income. If very bright light is being shed there will be happiness in the family. All phases are increased considerably if reflected in water. To dream of the man or lady of the moon means you are preoccupied with flights of fancy and need to be more practical. The receptive, cool, dark aspects of internal life where you are being called to explore yourself. It can indicate a need to heed your dreams, to receive the gifts Spirit is about to bring you or is currently presenting you with, a time to go with the flow rather than try to fight it. The new or crescent moon indicates a time of inner reflection, of listening to your inner voice, new beginnings and growth. A waning moon indicates decrease, banishing, and old age. The moon is also a source of inspiration or scrying to see into matters as well as the germination that lends itself to the fertility of outcomes. An energy that can bring forth strange activities and behaviors.

Here we find the reflection of the lofty heights, the higher mind, the closer proximity to Spirit and the wider view of the world. This is a masculine energy due to it being vertical and high, the mass and assertiveness to the power indicate greatness, generosity, and expanse. If the mountain is hollow there is something developing within, or a tempering of the spirit of those who enter there, like entering into the womb of Mother Earth, where gestation can occur. It also reflects the realms of the Fae, where Dragons, Gnomes, etc. dwell in the myths and folklore. Do not be surprised to encounter them as new dimensions open to you. Mountains represent spiritual attainment and overcoming obstacles, the higher they are the greater the struggle you have undergone, and your position on that mountain is going to indicate if you have reached the top or
have further to go. They link heaven and earth, and are related to the crown chakra and our higher awareness and inspirations. It is here that the powers descend upon earth and communion with the divine takes place. Higher meditation work, spiritual elevation, and communion with our teachers as well as cosmic awareness come into being. Clear sight, thought, and future visions. If the mountain is insurmountable you may be making mountains out of molehills. As well, they can be challenges that lead to opportunities once they are overcome, and that persistence will pay. It can indicate reaching for a dream, transcending current circumstances, retreat, nourishment from spiritual sources, and communion with the divine.

Muddy Terrain:
A combination of Water and Earth that leads to transformation or transition, often difficult to pass through. It is the matter that brings things forth and combined these elements stimulate change. It can indicate (through its density) just how difficult things will become, or how hard it will be to work through issues. It may be a time to renew and strengthen your relationship to Mother Earth, to let new seeds germinate. If it is excessive and you are stuck in it then it is an indication that you are stuck somewhere on the path to your growth. You may need to pull away from something/someone or release outworn notions to make room for new understandings. You may be saturated with misconceptions or outworn ideas/ideals. You may be bogging down with emotional issues and unwilling to address them. If the mud is something you are enjoying it can indicate a need to release the inner child and explore that child-like wonder in life, the sheer joy of squishing mud between your toes or making mud pies, or just mushing it around with your hands and finger painting. Can represent perceptions that have been distorted or a healing that needs to be effected.

Indicates growth through intelligent speculations; picking them means prosperity and protection; eating them means improved status and social contacts. To eat them is a symbol of leadership. Often indicate strength. Shamanically they can indicate visions or the deeper consciousness within us. They are said to be the children of lightning, the bond between heaven and earth, the consciousness connected to the intuitive. Benefits received. Nourishment.

It is said that life began and came forth from the oceans of the world. The ocean is a symbol of the womb, mother, woman, amniotic fluid that sustains life while it is forming. The force behind it is powerful and untamed, constantly moving with the ebb and flow of its tides and currents. Look at those waters, are they wild and raging or calm and tranquil? They often represent the sea of the mind, our subconscious and unconscious awareness, and they can awaken us to our deeper selves. If calm it is a good omen, choppy seas mean a mixture of ups and downs, and it is a warning if it is rough and/or stormy calling for courage to overcome the challenges ahead. Weather conditions modify this. Travel on the ocean indicates a fortunate way out of a situation that may feel like luck resolving an irritating issue. To swim in it indicates that you are about to expand your awareness, range of activity, or enlarge your area of influence. Here we have the cosmic sea of life that invokes the intuitive powers within you and taps into primordial wisdom. The spiritual facets of your life.

The width of the path indicates the ease of your progress, naturally the broader the better. It can also, through the depth of the cut, indicate how well-traveled it is. If it is narrow there is need for caution and roots across it may indicate deceptions or entrapments to be wary of. Paths can indicate your specific
paths in life and whether or not you are staying true to it. They can also indicate that you must trust that no matter where you are in life, it is the right place, the right time, and the right path for you. The path often indicates a spiritual decision, and spoked it has much to offer and explore. Some indicate Fairy presence when the grasses are bright verdant green or lined with luminous mosses and lichens. Where paths cross is another place of choices, coming to a crossroads in life, and the condition of the paths indicates the things that wait up ahead: weeds and roots being entanglements, deep ruts may mean difficulty overcoming things or routines that are outworn.

This indicates a desire to explore unknown realms or seek adventure that will alter your current situation and perspectives. Here we witness (through the planetary movements) the cosmic dance of the universe as its many sources of energy interplay with one another. Earth is grounding; Jupiter is expansion; Mercury is messages and speed as well as communication. Mars is aggressive passion or conflict, justice, and a warrior spirit. Neptune is the mystical and metaphysical aspects of life. Pluto brings the spiritual emergence into life. Saturn paces us teaching us to move through life while manifesting, producing, and achieving abundance. Uranus brings forth our untapped abilities. Venus is the feminine beauty, love, harmony, and gentleness of love ruling relationships and passions. And naturally if depicted in a negative way these aspects would be contrary experiences or learning things through the school of hard knocks. Indications of cyclic patterns that generally are lengthy. Influential elements in one's life.

Gain through industry if it is a millpond, otherwise it means that the condition of the water and other elements are influences you are experiencing and need to focus on. The size of the pond will indicate the size of the concerns you are to explore and their relevance to your life in general. Spiritual source that is either positive or negative depending on the condition of the water.

Swimming pools are social issues and good times as a rule depending on the condition. A garden pool indicates happiness and love. The quality and quantity of goodness while interacting with others, or sourcing nourishments.

A clear path ahead.

The nature of the rain indicates the *mood* of the sustenance or complications around current issues. Soft rain is good luck with promise of good things coming, possibly from seeds sewn in the past. As a rule it means purification or cleansing, clearing of the air. Heavy downpours can mean substantial improvements for parched areas of your life. If you are doing well it can indicate reverses. Fine mists and drizzles mean petty issues will soon be resolved. Normal rainfall indicates happy outcomes and a drenching rain means there may be unexpected wealth or an inheritance. Rain can indicate a time to shed tears and release emotions or unresolved issues. Searching for truth consistency in spiritual arenas.

If the main focus of the vision it indicates all troubles will pass and happiness is to come. A time of blessings will soon arrive thus bringing hope or letting us know we've been forgiven. A sign you are going in the right direction and the path you walk is blessed and guided. A time of celebration, happiness,
and completion is at hand. It is a sign of hope and an end to those issues that have been troubling you as birth, fertility and creativity can now flow. The worst is over and things will begin to brighten up now for the rainbow is a bridge between this life and the next, between this situation and the next, between the physical and the spiritual. A sign honoring one's accomplishments or efforts. Rainbow represents promise, the coming together of All Our Relations and races to share wisdom and knowledge in harmony. Represents promise, the coming together of All Our Relations and races to share wisdom and knowledge in harmony.

Falling into one relates to family matters and difficulties that will arise; jumping in it is a warning of hasty actions; sitting on it or walking along it means that you are to continue the path you are on to reach successful outcomes.

Often associated with the flow of time, thoughts and actions, with the speed of the current indicating the speed of passage. The meanderings are indicators of a lazy pace of meanderings or the rapid pace of white waters and rushing through them bringing dangers that call for remaining alert. The beginning is the past, the course the present, and where it goes the future and relative to your own life if you travel on it. The flow of the river to the sea often indicates the continuation of life and the cycle that sustains it bringing forth evolution. Rivers can indicate your passage through life itself and the course of that journey. Always they indicate the passage of time, movement, rhythm, and change. If you are trying to cross the river it may mean crossing emotional barriers and the passage through or over it will show how easy or difficult that will be. If you are in the water and overcome it calls for a surrender of self to overcome current circumstances. Water washes away impurities, toxins, and disease so they are often seen as healing sources...what is the water carrying away? Spiritual elements running through one's life. A way to journey into the past, present, or future.

The straighter and wider the better the path. The rougher and narrower the more challenges you will encounter. If there are twist and turns or dead ends these indicate changes and sometimes the "end of the road" means going back the way you came. Road signs point to helpful hints that can keep you going in the right direction or tell you when you need to change course. The direction one is taking in life and destiny being fulfilled -- or not. Forks in the road are times of choices, obstacles are lessons and challenges, the condition of the road the level of difficulty getting through those matters. Rest spots are places to restore energy or take shelter, while shrines tend to indicate places to ask for help or receive blessings along the way.

Rock Art:
Spiritual symbols that address what you need to focus on and where your next challenge, lesson, or phase of growth will come.

Rocky Terrain:
This indicates possibilities and challenges, perhaps obstacles that must be overcome by either climbing over or moving around them. They can symbolize the true self, and the meaning of the particular type should be considered. Terrain that indicates high mountainous regions are often considered the abodes of gods and goddesses, often inaccessible or difficult to navigate. They can also reflect solidity, stability, and strength that is dependable. To maneuver through these
things allows us to gain new perspectives and change our views as we grow in understanding. A rock-fall or landslide is an indication of sudden changes. Rocks (the Stone People) can be symbolic of strength, power, and beneficial help. It can be a place of grounding as well as exploring deeper into the secrets of Mother Earth.

These are the pathways upon which the Medicine Person travels to Otherworlds. All are a form of straight lines that can be traversed going and coming or to invite other spirits into sacred space. In the case of the pole a rope is attached to it and the pole becomes the spiritual center of the worlds with the rope becoming a pathway to it. Ladders are symbols that represent a way of reaching the Above World and a path on which to return. The pole is symbolic of the shamanic tree and found in the center of sacred circles, lodges, and the majority of ceremonial locations. The poles are cut from living trees and they are considered to hold the spirit of that tree within them. Sometimes a tree itself will be planted or grow at the center of a sacred site.

These indicate improved conditions about to arrive if ancient, if contemporary expect unhappy news regarding a friend or relative you are close to. Can indicate crumbling situations, relationships, or systems of belief; falling from grace, or respect. Sometimes they indicate the bringing forth of revelations containing deep wisdom or inspiration.

With all the crystals and stones there are too many meanings to list here. These range from healing, warding, sending, and receptive qualities depending upon the stone itself. (Please see Stones and Minerals section)

Represents the shamanic tree, the path of the three worlds: Above, Below, and Middle through the branches, roots, and trunk.

Symbol of transformation or self-discovery. A new route of discovery, a passage to Otherworlds.

Represents a situation that continues to grow and may reach a great distance before it is complete.

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