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The Cup of Abundance
By CinnamonMoon

There are many names for this cup: Chalice, Holy Grail, Cauldron of Cerwidden, the Cup of Abundance, the Horn of Plenty...it's a long list and there are many myths and legends about it, many traditions that speak of it in esoteric ways that leave us wondering...just what is it? Is it real? Is it symbolic? Is it an ever an elusive enigma? Let's begin with the image of a chalice overflowing. It represents abundance in all things, love, joy, fertility, nourishment from Spirit, and if it were to be turned over, it would be unstable, or an overturning of the present state of things the glass overturned upside-down saying 'enough already'; on its side it is tipped...spilled water, wasted nourishment, regretted actions. Is the cup before us full and overflowing, tipped, or overturned?

The contents of this cup are water in the Tarot, this represents connection to higher consciousness and the emotions that take us into deeper introspection. It is a reminder that when the mind is filled with Spirit and faith in Spirit that Spirit will fill the material cup with overflowing abundance, enlightenment, guidance, and understanding that brings great happiness.

If we turn to the Horn of Plenty...we have the image of a fruitful harvest, bounty to share. With the Cauldron of Cerwidden we have the baptismal rebirth into enlightenment and spiritual understanding that allows us to evolve...it is the womb of the Great Mother. In the Holy Grail we see the chalice that held the blood of Christ...the containment of the spirit that brings life to the body, and the face of God that gives that life creative form or denies it. It contains what is sacred and holy...do you see your spirit as such and nourish it?

The cup is often a symbol of knowledge or enlightenment, nourishment from Spirit. It is also preservation for it 'contains'. It represents love, pleasure, and enjoyment. The rebirth of the soul is tied to this as well. It is the fountain of youth, the ritual of baptism, and we can either drink from it to be replenished or we can spill it to dissolve the old "I" and connect on a higher level with the Oneness.

It tells us the life of each individual is finite (the space the cup contains), and that the certainty of death is part of life (the empty cup). The overflow is the process of rebirth, a sense of communion with Spirit that brings abiding peace, happiness, and liberation when we connect through our Self and Spirit to merge with that Oneness. There is no fixation of ego in this enlightenment, just the union of Oneness...that which contains understanding. It is the way we perceive our quality and quantity of life. Whatever that chalice contains is a gift from Spirit, and when it appears in some form to us it is an indication that the cup is being offered to us...the gift of Spirit is presented. A toast to life.

The gift (in whatever form it is going to take) gives our inner and outer life a new point of reference (the cup being the body, the contents being internal, those contents being mana...spiritual nourishment). It lets us come to the awareness that we can use our inner abilities and connect to all that is with them.

Each of us, as human beings are that chalice, cup, cauldron, what-have-you. The body contains the spirit to give it form. Without the body the spirit is energy and expands, merges, melds into the Oneness, it becomes fluid and ethereal. Within the body it takes host and is the source of our nourishment and enlightenment that allows life to exist in this physical form, allows us to experience life as a person. You are your own Horn of Plenty, Holy Grail, Chalice, Cauldron...you contain your spirit. Are you toasting life with the contents? Have you tipped your Self and spilled the contents? Have you overturned yourself and ceased to exist? Have you stopped ingesting the contents...stopped growing? Has life or circumstance done that for you? Do you realize that it's up to you to set your cup upright and be patient as Spirit refreshes the contents? Or that you can ask Spirit to right you if you are too weak to do so yourself? How often do you drink the nourishment, look into your Chalice and see what it contains, connect to the life force within you?

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