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Initiating To The Feminine
By CinnamonMoon

Hello Spirit Lodge,

Guidance has been received and now I’ve been asked to share what came through with you. A while ago humanity passed through a masculine initiation phase, some of you will recall the uproar here at Spirit Lodge or in your lives when that happened. It initiated changes in our lives according to the level of awareness we held at that time, and it initiated us to lessons we needed so we could grow. It was an aggressive passage during that period, a time we were to choose how we would walk our paths and the directions they would take. For some that meant embracing their path of destiny in a role of service to their communities, while for others it was a very personal passage into their spiritual awareness and evolutionary process. We were asked to examine the Path of Ego and the Path of Spirit, and that choice came forth with the forces of Chaos Energy. There was definitely chaos and a lot of confusion as a result. The solar masculine energies are forceful and we all felt the force of that hit us hard. Eruptions and tempers flared, quarrels brought about division. It jumpstarted things, woke us up, reflecting light into our Shadows and forcing us to confront our deepest fears while life and relationships at all levels mirrored our flaws and brought them to our attention…often in very public ways.

Most individuals have come to the point of completion or near completion of their assimilation process and in that they have come to terms with the changes initiated in their lives from those experiences. Not just here at Spirit Lodge but throughout humanity on a global scale. It’s happened to individuals, communities, societies, nations…worldwide. In hindsight this is easy to see, but passing through it was very difficult, it drained energy and in many cases left us feeling quite spent. We were in essence forced to surrender to that initiation whether we liked it or not. At this time there is another initiation taking place that will feed us energy…a receptive and passive feminine energy that nurtures. This past masculine initiation has taken us by the scruff of the neck and sat us down to work on ourselves, and now the feminine initiation is beginning as we learn to express those changes. We were impregnated by the masculine forces at play and for some of us that felt very much like a rape, those who were unaware were feeling very violated. Those who understood still had challenges but they passed through it trusting the process and fared far better. All the same, the seeds of change were sewn and began to germinate in the months that followed.

When this came about before there was a lot of rejection to the concept, kicking and screaming worldwide and we saw that here at the Lodge as well; the result meant wars both big and small broke out globally and personally. I was asked to announce the feminine energy initiating now – energy that is coming to us from the Earth Mother who is calling us to attention, an initiation process that is unfolding in an evolutionary way. This energy is a receptive lunar energy; one that is ushering us through a unique rebirthing processes. It is an initiation that will begin this spring in a very powerful manner; the onset signaled by the forces of Mother Nature. Each of us will be experiencing the process as we need to in our lives and the period of growth that we’ve undergone is going to be reflected in whatever changes we are bringing forth now. We will see manifestation of that spiritual growth into the physical reality of our daily lives and the courses they take. In essence we are giving birth to our spiritual development and bringing it into the world to manifest it…the mother giving birth to the child. We need to prepare, some of that is going to involve the challenges of birthing—the labor process. It may be difficult at first for some of us so the more prepared we are the easier it will be to move within the flow riding the rhythms of those energies.

I’ve mentioned in another thread awhile back that the cycles of this year’s Moons are in perfect alignment to the teachings of the feminine mysteries. Another look at what the Moons bring into play in our lives and the lessons they teach would be beneficial in your preparation process and in marking where you’re at in your own lessons…and what you should be learning. You will find the articles in the Medicine Wheel Library on the Moons to be of help to you. As well there are two other articles I wrote during the last initiation phase that will help some of you understand this better. They can be found in the Main Library: “The Roadmap to Initiation” and “Assimilation”. I highly recommend those of you wanting to work with this process utilize the information available in these articles.

Spring this year is going to be exceptionally explosive...last time it was the masculine and this time it's the feminine. Mother Nature is shifting, changing, and we will move with her. People are going to be opening up spiritually on new levels in keeping with where they're at today. In spite of the circumstances that brought it about those masculine disruptive forces have helped us to grow and given us all space to do so, then blessed us with reunion. What’s been internalized is now giving birth to the external manifestations through us. It's already beginning and it is a slow process at first, one taken a step at a time. Spring will bring inspiration for the year ahead, sprouting seeds that will initiate focus and intent for all of us through the internal enlightenments and external circumstances that come into play. It is at this time we learn to bring that growth into the physical aspects of our daily lives. We’ve assimilated and honed and now it’s time to wield our Medicine to serve the paths we walk on those levels. The Earth Mother’s influence is going to bring the contemplative, intuitive, nurturing nature out in us, gently urging us to be loving caregivers with a set of directions. Some will struggle to understand this as a new mother would struggle to understand the needs of her first child. Others will transition through this period a bit more easily as an experienced mother would know what to do with an additional child at her breast.

Trust your process, because the things changing beyond your control in disruptive ways are the universe at play and pointing you in new directions. If a door closes know that it is closing because what resides there is no longer serving the needs of your path. Another door will open, where new blessings are hidden in the resolutions of those changes. Relationships are a part of that in a major way…our relationship with others, with life, with serving the paths we walk, or simply to one’s self. The awareness of this initiation process will help us feel our way through it…and the feminine analogies are going to be everywhere. You’ll hear people focus on terms along those lines and the new buzz words will be reflected along the lines of conception, gestation, development, birthing, growth, and maturity as the seasons unfold. Sensory terms are the feminine receptive semantics and those will become part of the new buzz in the air. I anticipate this process to take about a year, longer for some and less for others as we come through it at our own pace, but knowing this is taking place is going to make passage much easier for everyone.

Those reading this thread are welcome to accept or reject what I’m presenting, welcome to discuss it, but guidance has directed me to bring it to the attention of the community and so I have.

I ask you to consider if you have passed through a period where you’ve been distanced from others…or are heeding it should this be transpiring for you at this time. We are spiritually undergoing a rebirth process, a quickening, and therefore awakening to the feminine. For some that means being taken back into the womb of the Earth Mother and beginning to enter into the rebirth phase this spring. Some will have passed through this already, those who are ‘placed’ to help others. For the majority of people, the masses will come to see they are passing through this now. Those who chose to walk with Ego or Spirit during the masculine initiation period are going to be relocating or have already done so, and with that environment they will experience things through trial and error. Those who choose to walk with Spirit in awareness will experience things through continual enlightenments—guidance will be there and with it the validations as the Earth Mother brings into being that which we are to give form to in our lives. In a sense it is spiritual infancy as we come to recognize the world around us through new eyes much the same way a newborn gathers its bearings.

If you have experienced the distancing, the aloneness, the feeling of floating in a void, a sense of being ‘held’ you have undergone (or will soon undergo) the phase of gestation in the womb. There was purpose to the last initiation that ripped things apart…relationships, outworn modes of thinking, things that no longer served us had to be discarded and we were left alone in the void of the womb of the Earth Mother. This was a painful experience for many individuals because as one strives to cling to what is familiar, holding to comfort zones, that grip can become a death grip due to the fears of the changes taking place. Chaos reigns then…for a time. As it settles we find we’re all alone (or nearly so) in a very sacred space. Our Guides gather around us protecting and guarding us as we sort through things bringing about our transformations. Shedding light where they can, helping us heal from the thrashings and wounds we’ve self-inflicted fighting the changes that were called for we come to healing and understanding through the enlightenment process.

Within the womb of the Earth Mother we undergo a spiritual transformation as we search for the light in the darkness. It is there we are given time to assimilate and develop as a result. This spring we are going to be careening into the manifestation of that transformation. A strong Wind will blow through your life and move you forward out into the world more…an emerging process. Are you ready or are you doubtful wanting to watch for it and see what happens? In either case you are being put on notice that spring will be dramatic and I hope that each of you are able to embrace this on some level because merging into the physical reality with these changes the rebirth process more or less sets you on the path of a new journey. Now naturally it’s a continuation of the journey you’ve been taking all your life, but this is a new leg of it and you may find yourselves moving into an entirely new environment or experiencing the expansion of the one you are presently in.

As a result of the masculine initiation process we learned to be more tolerant of others as we came to understand our need for tolerance of ourselves. Now with the feminine initiation we are learning to actively discern and bring forth the loving nature within us. That voided space had to sit empty for a time, we had to sit alone and reassess what we really needed to change in ourselves and our lives and thus assume the responsibility for those changes. Now the discernment is to be exercised through the feminine means of sensory perceptions. We’re learning to trust our sensory impressions more, new levels of awareness are present, and we’re going to need to use them in the course of our daily lives. We’re going to have choices to make once again, and some of them will involve the company we keep.

As we grow and evolve we find we need to keep company with those who are more advanced than we are…learning from them. We keep company with those who are on similar levels as we share our lessons and understanding of them to assimilate. And we keep company with those who are following behind us that may need a helping hand. We cannot keep company with those who are going in another direction because we aren’t going ‘there’; we can’t journey ahead if we anchor ourselves to others who have their own lessons to learn along different lines. We can’t waste our time relearning what we’ve already come to know, we must press forward into the new lessons. The Mother’s sensory impressions are going to be expanding and growing within us to guide us in all relationships.

Discerning who we accompany, and who we cannot becomes imperative and in that we exercise the tolerance for others and where they are going, we disengage (give way to, or birth to the unfolding process) releasing them and ourselves. We can love them, bless them, but we must move on just as a mother must release the child from her womb. The discernment brings about a selective process of who enters into our sacred space with us and why so it becomes quite focused. When this happens our levels of tolerance for others shift and expand. We can then bless those we can't walk with knowing they are walking into their lessons and toward the teachers that will help them...be that spiritual guidance or a physical teacher or an experience. You will find the lessons of Shadow and Light dance with us during such periods so watch for them. We learn things the hard way until we become enlightened enough to observe what's really happening and embrace it. So those we can't walk with we can bless... and then we can detach ourselves from their outcomes as we focus on our own. It's a process of evolution and when we evolve we need to keep to those who have energy vibrations in harmony with our own. We simply have no use for anything less.

At first that discerning feels harsh and cruel. It isn’t easy walking away from people, situations, or environments we really care about, but we come to see our path is taking us in other directions we need to explore. In time we learn to let go of the outworn or outmoded. If they aren't walking in the same direction we're going there's no way to walk with them is there? We come to accept and embrace that, and we take conviction with us as we make new steps into new territory. And you'll soon be filling those spaces if it hasn’t started already...family, intimate relationships, and then beyond to the social circles or community/communities we involve ourselves with brings about new relationships leading to new environments and new growth.

See what you are giving birth to in your own evolutionary process now. This is a year of manifestation. Watch the pattern of this initiation that has impregnated you give birth to the new path ahead this year…watch it weave your tapestry and you’ll see where you’re to go. Watch the Earth Mother nurture, sustain, and shelter you as you bring forth the feminine aspects of your nature to do the same in your life. Spring will start the manifestation process for you, over the summer you’ll develop with the growth energies of the season, and by autumn you’ll begin to see the harvesting of your efforts come to fruition as winter gives way to a time of reflection and sharing what you’ve learned. This is a year of the feminine energy at play, and the Earth Mother will voice herself in a very strong way. She’s already begun with the tempests of her labor, now she will send new life careening into play.

In all this the feminine energies and connections with the Earth Mother and her children are growing stronger. Haven't you, in your own way, walked with those who can listen and understand or shed light on things for you or help you sort out and sound out what's been happening? Now it's time to willingly step through that door to initiation for those who want to walk through it and for those who deny it is taking place there will be a forced shove through it. One way or another it is going to happen. The time is upon us, it will begin this spring so watch yourself...it's going to come on 4 levels to understand it fully.

These are:
mental/Air, physical/Fire, emotional/Water, and spiritual/Earth.

Then you will assimilate through the axis points....
Past/Below World/what you’ve learned,
Present/Middle World/manifesting that knowledge and expanding its use in daily life,
Future/Above World/how the knowledge is to be used in the future.

At that point it will all make sense, the path will be clear, and you'll be at peace walking it with total conviction and in the fullness of who you are. By merging all aspects of self into Oneness when the process is over, the duality of the masculine and feminine have come into the balance through Union…and each of us will reflect the state of that union within us. Through this experience we gain knowledge, but it is the experience that teaches us to use it wisely.

The sacred space of distance in the past allowed us to make choices without external pressures, to face the truth within it so we could live it and walk our talk. We learn in one of three ways...observation, experience, and osmosis. How are you going to learn the lessons the Earth Mother is bringing your way? What can't you see? What can you see? What are you feeling to be your own truths? That will tell you the method the various lessons you need are based on at this time. Follow the rhythm of the Mother’s heartbeat…Dance with her, feel her within you and express that feminine energy as it flows from you. Learn to be One with both the Mother and the Father for you are their Precious Child and this is a year of tremendous growth that is initiating us so we may walk in balance now. The unity of the family will be reflected in our humanity toward our global family as well as our unity within our spiritual families…our Guardians, Guides, and Teachers that watch over us and our personal families and friendships.

We are the children of an exciting new era in the history of humanity and the world itself. This is an era that is filled with exceptional changes and unprecedented enlightenments as dimensions merge and our awareness with them. By whatever name you choose to give it, the masculine and feminine forces are joining to balance themselves and unite…in the world and inside each of us, inside our lives and outside in our communities. Here at Spirit Lodge we have just such a community, one of many hands to grasp when we are struggling, I offer mine and hope you will offer yours as the year ahead unfolds…it’s going to be very interesting.

Thank you for sharing this; the timing was and is perfect. Just today I was thinking how the only way through the chaos of the last few months has been to feel my way. One has to overcome the fear created by the analytical mind to provide security and chose trust in recognition that guidance is present. Things have fallen into place not always to my expectation and yet sometimes to my liking; yet the only way through has been to trust what feels right even when the path takes you beyond your traditional comfort zone and makes you confront fear. It is beautiful to watch things unfold and I have come to realize that security is not the way to live but following dreams are. Yet it has been a time of an intense solitary journey which has touched all aspects of my life.

Thank you for this article as well as the road map to initiation and assimilation. They along with Lotus’s message have held significant meaning over the past few months. Thank you (((Lotus))) for the words you shared as well. All have helped me stay centered on a roller coaster ride I never anticipated. It has been a journey which has encompassed my personal, family and professional life simultaneously and has required me to let go and move forward in patience while watching the perfection of the timing of things that have enveloped me. Through your words I have been given the ability to see the guidance and the perfection we are given even while the turmoil is intense. It is not a process which one forgets and the only way through is trust in that which is manifesting even when that requires you to move in directions that others would not tread in. Watching the process unfold is incredibly beautiful. All of your words have helped me to be aware of what was happening and what was needed. Therein, thank you again.

As you know, I am walking the path of the feminine right now. At times, like when the house fell through recently, it has been a very difficult path to walk: as Earthwalker said, learning to find that trust has been difficult. But I realize now that all my physical trips over the last couple of years have been about learning about the feminine, starting with my trip to Scotland and the Neolithic ( a feminine age) stone monuments I saw there, to my trip to Italy which seemed to be a confirmation of the knowledge I gained from Renaissance artists, architects and philosophers: the emphasis has been on the feminine and my learning of the Celtic Wheel with its very deep emphasis on the feminine seems to confirm all of this and bring all the learning together.

The feminine has always been there in a sub-conscious fashion: I trust my guides and helpers, but I have seen the two worlds: the spiritual and mundane as two separate worlds that I have put into boxes for the twain never to meet. Of course at times the spiritual has given me guidance for the mundane world: but it was not “on tap”: it was a conscious thing in that I had to meditate to receive that guidance. What I am finding now is that the two worlds are melding in the mundane if that makes any sense whereas before it felt like they were (or at least my Being was) melding in the spiritual. Reading the Kabbalah over Christmas really helped with my understanding. We can travel up the Kabbalistic tree to reach Source and gain enlightenment: and prior to last couple of years, I thought that that was the aim of a Spiritual path, but over the last couple of years, I see that that is only half the journey: the full journey of any lesson is to bring that Source energy into our consciousness in the mundane; to work back down the tree into the mundane world.

I am finding now that I am able to bring both the masculine and feminine to bear on situations in my mundane life in a conscious sense. Through the actions of my neighbors particularly I have learnt compassion and the use of feminine energies that, this weekend, have proved fruitful. This has helped me understand the “being held”: I felt I was there all last year, and the end of the year before. I feel now that that “being held” was to bring that balance forward: as you said to assimilate quietly the lessons from the mundane. For most of last year my guides and helpers seem to have vanished from my conscious awareness: just appearing occasionally when it seemed like I had reached turning points, but at the same time I was aware that I was being guided. I did become consciously aware of guidance coming forward in the sleeping dreamtime and of what I can only describe as a more expanded guidance coming forward: totems and helpers merging so that they were no longer distinguishable separately and guidance just being there without conscious thought. Looking back now, I feel that this was a more feminine guidance, as it came through without any kind of conscious effort (i.e. to meditate) on my part.

But I have struggled with this “being held”, as I am someone who likes to try and forge my own path where I can, and occasionally that struggle has seen me really kick out. However, those masculine energies were needed after what had gone the years before when I have not forged my own path. When the company I was at director level for went bust when I was thirty, it really hit my confidence hard. Although at that time I took the decision to go self-employed, which would appear to be forging our own path, this created a lot of problems financially. Need for financial security made me rely on others who I felt could help me regain that security. I feel now that that was a necessary journey and all part of the being held. I realize now that I feel I am out the other side of that “being held” and things are starting to move again, and that “being held” is sometimes necessary: it gives us the time to re-access, and even if we cannot make moves in this period that appear to be “forging ahead” we are still making moves: it’s just that they are the smaller, more incremental steps that are necessary to make the larger moves when we finally release our need to “make moves” and so allow those moves to happen naturally.

The more masculine energies where needed to help define the new direction I was to take and they have stood me in good stead to prepare me for what is happening right now: I learnt to find me own voice and my own purpose, no longer willing to acquiesce to the needs of others: for instance, those of the friend who owns the agency I have worked through for the last four years: my fear of not being in work made me take whatever projects were available, not those that would be good for me in an active sense. That acquiescence came about through financial insecurities that go back to when my parents divorced when I was seven, so this has been a time of healing at a very deep level. The small incremental steps I have taken over the last two or three years, to bring forward that financial security, now allow larger more fruitful steps to be taken, but at the same time the hard lessons of the last few years have made me more reticent and careful in taking those steps, ensuring I am not going headlong down a dead end of the maze of life.

Looking back now, for me, the chaos here at the Lodge was in time with the lessons I was learning, as there was definitely an element of finding my own voice and being prepared to speak my own truth. Maybe my discernment wasn’t that strong at that time and maybe I spoke out of turn at times, but I was speaking my truth as I saw it back then, not someone else’s. From my experience since, I would say that discernment comes after the chaos that implores us to speak our truth, and we learn from the cuts and bruises of that battle for the next time we experience such a situation Speaking my truth, whether it was right or wrong, was a major step forward to where I am today for me back then and I am sure that others who perhaps spoke their truth for the first time, or like me, for the first time in a long time, back then would agree with me here.

The masculine energy was needed to teach me to actively trust my own intuition and act on in: the feminine initiating the masculine to act. Then the sequence is reversed as we seek to discern through the feminine when to act and when to simply observe. We also seem to learn compassion through this processs and as the lesson draws to a close we are shown how that compassion pays off, as I have this weekend with my neighbors. So in all this I see the intermingling of the two energies: one is never present without the other. One aspect of “As above, So below” for me now is that, just as there is a spiritual world (feminine) and a mundane world (masculine) that are one and the same, so the masculine and feminine aspects of self are one and the same: the dichotomy exists only if we choose to allow it to exist as I have been doing: the two are always present. From speaking to people here in inboxes as I have walked through these lessons, particularly since Samhain, it strikes me that our essence will always be on the sex we chose in a particular lifetime even if our actions are that of the other. It took me a long time to realize this. As a guy at a site that is essentially a women’s medicine site, I had always considered myself to be in touch with my feminine side, but the last two or three years have shown me I was not. Meeting Cedar, whose essence is so essentially female, and Earthsky whose essence is so essentially male, but who both allow the opposite in their Being, really brought that home to me. I think that is why I had such a profound experience in their back yard when I was with them: just being with people who allow that balance. It has struck me since that we chose the sex we are this lifetime and the lessons we are to learn, to learn how to embrace the opposite so that the dichotomy can be broken down.

The feminine teaches us to question our actions, and through the lessons of the last couple of years where I can now see that the masculine and feminine have been at play in every prominent situation I have found myself in, from my work situation, to the lessons with my neighbors to the house-hunting lesson. I have been learning to hone those feminine skills of discernment so that there is no longer a time lag, where I needed to go and meditate, between a situation coming forward and a need to take action based on discernment. The time given to take action has been cut shorter and shorter. Magick has been needed to be able to work in the timeframes given, so there has also been a lesson in learning to accept the spiritual (Magick) in the mundane: breaking down the dichotomy and emphasizing the “As above, so Below” again. Over the last two years, I have gained the strength and trust to balance the two aspects (male/female and spiritual/mundane) of the dichotomy more and more.

Working in such a male dominated environment, particularly the aggressive environment I have been in the last couple of years, sure has been a test of that trust and balance! To have finished that contract on Tuesday and finally be able to be myself was such a great feeling. I am now officially unemployed and it feels great! I have no fears about finding just the right work when I need that in the future and have enough money stored to keep me going till I do. In this respect I already feel the increase of Spring coming forward. Who knows what changes it will bring, but I hope to be ready and able to embrace them and use the skills I have learnt over the last couple of years to greater effect.

Namste, Cinnamon.

So much of what you wrote wrings oh so true for me.
You used the word rape near the beginning.
And, I have given that word much thought.
That is exactly the way I felt a few years ago when it happened and the void came into my life, though I thought, "drama"....
because the word is so dramatic.
Though, what is happening is dramatic.
There have been some extremely beautiful beings born from rape.
It is time to cut the top of the gourd, that I have let sit in the dark to dry, open!
Watch the seeds that I planted because in the void, is the good time to plant, in the dark of the moon.
Wow......think I'm getting it.
We are coming to the fullness of the moon!
This morning I made the decision to quit my job.
Then I read half your post and couldn’t wait to get home from taking my daughter to the obgyn (she's doing great!...thanks for the prayers!) to finish reading.
I'm not going to pretend I know what this will all look like.
The void, though..... is a good place to have been.
It did serve me oh so well, though there were times it was oh so painful for me.
I whaled out in pain at times.
Also, in the void, is a good time to heal.
Is what I have been doing.
It will be interesting to see all that I have planted come up and produce.
You talk about the ones we leave behind.....
I had an overwhelming desire today to go back and get someone and bring them to this path.
But, it is not in the best interest at all.
Ahhhh.....the feeling of going on a voyage, especially on the water.
I want to make sure I don’t leave fragmented pieces of myself.....and this void, again, has been good for putting this humpty dumpty back together again.
Time to come home?
Time to come home is a very, very, timely event on my path and these words are triggered by your message.
Not that it’s an end, but something else.
You have given me a deep message to carry.
Merging can be volatile, indeed.

There is just so much in your message but I feel I got a bite of the big picture....I'll chew on it and make it a part of me.
Thank you!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I'm not ignoring you. I'm holding space for others to do the same.

I thought I would share a couple of perspectives of how this initiation is playing out in the mundane world of my life.

Quiet perspective:
This initiation process is affecting the smallest details of our lives and if we watch from an overview perspective one can see how we are guided into situations. As an example, at work to get to know one another better we decided to start a book club with each person choosing a title. The first title was Tennessee William’s play “The Glass Menagerie”. As we discussed the play we saw the beauty of each person and their respective perspectives unfold and we could each share experiences through the characters in the play. The play became stepping stones into methods of sharing life’s experiences. The piece I shared was the need to let go of expectations and embrace the beauty or the reality of a handicapped child (something the mother couldn’t due which was part of the family problem). It took all of 1-2 minutes to share but stuck in other people minds as shown by discussion afterwards. The purpose of this sharing is unknown right now; yet, a perspective was left as a seed for others to use in the future if the need arises.

I have felt frustrated lately due to the lack of time and wanting to help others grow but I realize now that that cycle of frustration is something I own or have created and is based on my own need. Isn’t most work really done behind the scene? In other words, planting a seed (a thought, an idea) and then standing back and watching it grow within another’s garden as another’s own idea. Incognito (without recognition) in actuality I believe is the most important and satisfying way of helping others. It is wonderful to see others grow into who they are meant to be. I am thankful for being able to see this “quiet way” being played out in all aspects of my life right now (along with the more visible challenges).

Perfection of Guidance:
My daughter and her fiancée have been looking for a house to buy and decided to move closer to home. Therein they have been living we me for the past few weeks. It has been a stressful time and has been wrought with ups and down. Initially finding the perfect house and watching it not become a reality due to a bidding war. Finding a second house and losing it due to the lack of a mortgage commitment. I have watched them struggle and meet each of these challenges both alone and together and have been given the opportunity to see the strength that they each bring to their relationship through the stress of the roller coaster ride they have been on. I kept space saying the right place will just come into existence when the time is right. About six months ago I had seen a house on an obscure website but due to a miserable travel night (a the long dirt road steeped in mud) as well as a relatively high price, it was discarded as an option. About 2 weeks ago they went to look at this property again and asked me to look at it with them the next day. We went to look at it and fell in love with the home. It’s a perfect dump, needs a lot of work and is off the grid. Yet is has what they both want and is in a perfect location for work for both of them. It also has two twelve acre parcels of land, one of which I could buy and build on later when I am old and gray (well let’s say white). Problem is, they needed to pay cash. Mom, the price has been reduced and ? I now know why I have been so interested in off the grid property. This situation has taken me well out of my comfort zone since my mortgage is almost paid off and I was looking forward to just retiring in a few years. But this house and absolutely beautiful land “felt right”. I have also been worried about being so far from the kids and the long term escalation in taxes of my current home. There is a part of me that is still scared since the world
seems to say “off the grid” but nevertheless we close on the house and property in about 3 weeks.

The spirit of the place including the quiet was so strong and met exactly their need as well as my long term ones; I know I have been guided here. Nevertheless the struggle out of my comfort zone has been an experience. It’s time to live again not just rot away into oblivion. I am looking forward to this new adventure in life realizing that guidance is there even through the struggles and problems that will occur on this new journey. I am thankful for the kick in the butt to get me moving again as well as for the closeness of my family. All oblique factors just came together at a perfect time for this to happen and I believe there are things that are meant to be. Sometimes feelings as opposed to analysis are meant to be followed even when the on looking world holds their breath.

I've been feeling that Spring is bringing feminine energy and I've looked forward to it since January. Cinn, what you said about last Spring and the masculine energy, I now clearly see in my own life. Your words were powerful for me.

“Spring this year is going to be exceptionally explosive...last time it was the masculine and this time it's the feminine. Mother Nature is shifting, changing, and we will move with her. People are going to be opening up spiritually on new levels in keeping with where they're at today. In spite of the circumstances that brought it about those masculine disruptive forces have helped us to grow and given us all space to do so, then blessed us with reunion. What’s been internalized is now giving birth to the external manifestations through us.”

Changes I made last Spring in my relationships, in my thoughts and in my behavior related to those relationships brought about very significant growth within me. I was pushed last Spring out of what I'll call "a last resort" and just last month tangible fruits of dreams and desires I've held came to be and I know it is because of what I did with the energy that pushed me last Spring. I feel a softer, nurturing energy now. It embraces me, soothes me and always reminds me that things are as they are to be, let others walk their path without interference, and to always love one another.

Last Spring I was pushed to be done with the internal upheaval that had been building for a few years. In January, it felt complete and with that a gentle energy washed in. I mean, I knew the gentle feminine energy had been there all along, but it wasn't as dominant as it is now. I feel kinder, more giving and forgiving - especially toward those that have pushed my buttons like there was no tomorrow. I see the change within myself and I marvel at it, how it came to be, because it has not been my pattern in life. I like it. I embrace it. And, when I wake up I look forward to see how it will develop in my day.

It warms my heart to hear that there is a general shift occurring - that Mother Earth is assuming a more dominant role. I look forward to how that will develop in the lives of those dear to me and above all it encourages me to remain open to their experience, as they come to terms with their own issues inside of themselves.

Thank you Cinn for shining light on this.

“Spring this year is going to be exceptionally explosive...”

It feels like the "ring of fire" that announces the imminent crowning of the baby, as the tissues stretch beyond what we ever thought was possible. The more we resist the stretching, the more we fear the upcoming unavoidable change, the fiercer that ring of fire is. Often with the first birth, that ring of fire is terrifying, a shocking moment at the time where we thought it would all be over soon, it takes our breath away and we ask ourselves "How did I ever think I wanted this??? I'm being ripped in two!"

Yes, we are.

The tissues stretch as far as we never thought possible. We birth a new part of ourselves, a part that never before was allowed to be on its own, visible for the entire world to see, to experience, to meet. When that part crowns, we wonder "How did I ever think I wanted this??? I'm being ripped in two!!". It's several things. It's dying to the old, being born to the new, and then there's the new on its own, and there's that part of the old that we choose to keep, to deepen... which will nurture the new part of ourselves into a beautiful, wholesome, loved new life.

It's the solar feminine. It burns away the old. It dares to take its rightful place *beside* the masculine. It says "I'm here too. I'm worthy. I'm you and you're me." The solar feminine is a force to be reckoned with. She warms your heart and simultaneously burns away the old. She's the Phoenix. She's Amazon, she's free.

Let her come through. Let her stretch the softest tissues in your "body" to the max. If you need a more current visual, look at the world map, and look at the "Ring of Fire" that circles around Hawaii - where Pele, Goddess of Fire, is born through volcanic birth. The Ring of Fire - where East meets West, where tropics and arctic are equal, where Hawaii is the center, the volcanic center, the opening to the Mother's Passionate Womb.

See the Solar Feminine budding all around you this Spring. Accept her birth upon Earth, into the hearts of Man and Woman alike. See the oranges and reds and yellows, with that beautiful violet flame in the center. Let her work with you while you find your own passion, while you warm your heart, while you burn away the past that is no longer of use. Let her in when you find the Creative Core within you, the Womb of Creation, of All that Is - where passion joins inspiration, the Breath of Life.

Wow, Cinnamon, it's like you wrote my biography! I'd been waiting for the right day to read this post and that day turned out to be today. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed it and it makes so much sense. It's helping to clarify some of what has passed also.

This time last year I was at a course and had a wonderful time and when I came home something happened that was one of the most painful experiences of my life. A lot of that time is a blur, but I remember standing in the shower and saying the words: "I allow this to be the best thing that has ever happened to me". This wasn't bravery, it wasn't even surrender as such, it was desperation. It was too much to bear, I just couldn't take it on and so I had no choice but to give it up to a higher source.

I was a little apprehensive arriving at the anniversary of this time, but the past couple of months have brought the shift, just as you mentioned. It has been the time of manifestation and birthing after the time in the shadows (which ended last Sept for me), and I am so grateful. I still feel a little sad when I think about what happened, but I also know that it had to be this way. Up until that point I had shouldered everything that had happened in my life and so this was a lesson that I needed to learn.

The feminine energy (which has always scared me) has finally been recognized in me. And it is as powerful as they say. I am so looking forward to exploring it more and finding out what is possible in this new balance.

Many thanks to you all and bravo to those of you who are now 'unemployed' or moving house.


There is a small group of us doing Journeying. This last meeting I wasn't able to be there. The messages they received were that we are part of a larger group of people Journeying and that the energy is helping us break up blockages or let down our shields. This was the night I received that energy that gave me the Buzz. Instead of fighting it I let it in and let it work through me.

One of my Teachers near me said, she was told that this energy was coming in on March 28th but she didn't know what kind it was.

Also Mother Earth has been using this energy to cleanse herself. And Mother Nature isn't letting it pass without taking advantage of it either. North American weather hasn't been a typical Spring. Tornadoes and Winter weather storms have been abundant here. I feel the energy as cleansing, but those who are fighting or being aggressive (masculine) with it are having a rough time of it.

We have Cinnamon who let us know what this energy was. Giving me the chance to accept it and not fight it. And in using the energy of the Solar Crone I have passed this information on and then let them accept it as it works with their path. The result have been varied. It has helped some of them better understand what is happening in their lives.

I have a hard time explaining myself. My point is that Cinnamons articles "Initiation to the Feminine" and "The Solar Crone" have helped me relate to this new energy and to help others to relate to it also.

Awwwwwwwww thank you for sharing that, StarBearWalking, how nice to hear it! Keep going with it too! What they do with it is up to them, but at least you're giving them something they can work with if they want to.

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