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Healed Wounded Masculine Leaders
By DragonHawk


In a thread about evil Wynsong said the following: “I see Obama as potentially the symbolic Healed Masculine. We have the choice of moving forward on a new map of union between the Masculine and Feminine in Consciousness, that has never before been available...”

During Hitler's time, we got Churchill (thank Goodness), but Churchill was not a healed masculine...he was a wonderful example of the Wounded Masculine, as were most of the leaders of that time... and while he won the war, the wounded masculine decisions he and his co-leaders made at that time have created many of the 'evils' we are now dealing with, and have dealt with for the last 60 years. And I was curious to understand how/why Wynsong perceived these two leaders the way she did. Although I am a Brit, and so I was never going to have a vote in the US election, given the importance of who is US president on global affairs, like a lot of non-US citizens, I took a keen interest in the presidential elections race. At first I was pro-Obama, but at times it struck me that his campaign, and the promise of his rhetoric, reminded me too much of the Blair/Brown UK election campaign of 1997, when Tony Blair became Prime Minister of Britain. Blair and Brown have damaged Britain badly, and in my opinion, irreparably (at least in my lifetime). Obviously, I hope that the association is not a valid comparison, as I think we need a healed masculine right now, so I wanted to discuss why Obama might be a healed masculine figure and Churchill was not as they are both well-known figures I can see big differences in for better and for worse on both sides....but the evil thread seemed to be the wrong place to discuss that, so I am starting this thread...

DH ~ I know very little about Tony Blair, so I won't go there. And, of course, we don't know how Obama will go about things once he is actually seated as President, but I've seen him, read about him for longer than most because I'm here in Illinois. The difference between him and our megalomaniacal governor, Blagojovich is astounding. Their totally different approaches to leadership can give some clarity on this, I think. Blagojovich surrounded himself with cronies and yes-men, then literally cut himself off from anyone else - his party, his Lieutenant Governor, anyone who did not agree with him 100% or give him what he wanted. It has thrown the Illinois government into chaos. The budget sessions the last couple of years have been brutal and have not resolved anything. Illinois is in big, big trouble financially.

Obama, on the other hand, invites dissension and discussion. He surrounds himself with those who voice differing opinions. He listens, then acts. That doesn't always make him "right," but he educates himself by becoming familiar with all sides of a situation. People are heard, people are affirmed. And he's not necessarily strictly a party-man, because of it. That irks some Democrats and raises the ire of some Republicans, because they can't always put him in a box. People want to label him as something - I hear liberal, socialist, communist being tossed around frequently and moderate, too. He's had friends, associates, teachers, family even, who ran the gauntlet of labels, so folks want to associate him with those labels - pick the one that irks you the most and that's what he is. Now how a man like Obama is going to be an effective president - I don't really know. I pray his style of healed masculine leadership is exactly what we need. I like it. I prefer it. But will it give us the direction we need or throw folks into more chaos because they aren't ready for it? But maybe that chaos is what we need to breakdown old labels, old perceptions. He can only be president for 4-8 years, ya know. Will that be enough time for the kind of direction change we need? I don't know. And will he even last 4 years? There are great fears that someone will take a pot-shot at him any moment. And he sure as heck has his hands full. Can one man be expected to handle it all? No. And that's why he surrounds himself with people who can bring him balance, expand his vision, keep him accountable. That's what healed masculine is about.

I've said for a long time that what this cycle is about is the evolution of a new model of leadership. I first got hints of it back in the 80s when my ex went through he** with a couple who led our congregation into chaos by scuttling Jim's ministry behind his back. I've seen it played out over and over since then in churches, governments, the workplace and all sorts of other organizations.

Just my two cents and I may be all wet - I am a Swan, ya know.

DragonHawk, I am sick today, so my head is mussy and my answer will not necessarily be any clearer when I'm well, but being sick, gives me such a lovely reason to not be able to focus on my answer.

Within the plethora of classes that Alberto Villoldo's School offers, they do one called Working with the Sacred...in which we visit in ceremony with our relationship with archetypes and Gods. We used the Tarot there, and a lot of what we do with the Tarot is from a book called “Tarot and the Journey of the Hero” by Hajo Banzhaf, and we worked with the story of Parsifal and that of Psyche...as we explore the Archetypal stories of Masculine coming of age, and Feminine coming of Age ... Of claiming their own story... The Masculine story of Parsifal contained a loop...of being mothered, leaving the mother, (her dying), going to court, mishap and mayhem working out in his favor, becoming a knight (his dream when he left home), meeting his teacher (a Hermit) and his Ideal Feminine (Untouchable), Finding the Grail Castle and not asking the Question, leaving and questing for 40 years, and coming back to the Grail Castle (broken from accusation), and we were left on the door step, not knowing whether he got in our not... In some stories, he gets in, asks the question and the Fisher King is healed and then dies...

As an archetype for the wounded masculine, we have the Fisher King, wounded in his manhood and unable to produce abundance within his land, and unable to enjoy that which exists... And we have the young innocent, who sets out to be his ideal "The Good Knight", who doesn't ask the question he was meant to ask while still an innocent, quests for 40 years, in a way that no one dies by his hand, but comes back to the Grail Castle broken by the accusations of a hag and those whose hearts were broken by his deeds (by the hurt they endured by the loss of their men, who left their fight with Parsifal and went off to join Arthur's Round Table).

He was unable in the forty years to throw off the yoke of his mother's rules for him...and he was unable to touch his feminine (Blanche, I believe her name is)... He comes back to the Castle, broken and maybe gets in and asks the question, releasing the Fisher King from his wounds, but not healing himself... Or He doesn't get in, the Kingdom continues to crumble and he quests for another 40 years, looking for redemption...for the ideal he thought he was becoming that is no longer possible for him...The greatest knight of Arthur's round table.

I think that it is possible that Obama, has a balance of his masculine and his feminine energies and can escape that loop. He would not be the first male to live balance, but within the American election, there was such a huge motion to change. The choice was between McCain who is the epitome of the Wounded Masculine Warrior...He would/could and had gone out (quested) to protect the weak, to keep the kingdom safe and prosperous, . . . or Obama, who was talking about strength and reconciliation...about finding a place in the world for an United States of America that speaks to their own highest ideals (Right to Self Determination among others), and at the same time a United States of America that was strong and abundant.

The American public, in unbelievable numbers, and even in states that don't usually vote that way (even if the State ended up giving their electoral seats to McCain, the numbers in some States were staggering...huge voter turnout, and 49-50% in favor of Obama), they gave him a Democratic House and Senate (Hardly ever happens that way)...(Balance is often kept by having a President and House of one Party and a Senate of the opposite or some combination of that so that no one party has too much sway) This Man who seems to operate from a place of wholeness, has a mandate from the people across the nation to be different. I can't do this now...I started on Winston Churchill and my head shut down. But at least you know I'm not ignoring it.

"I'll be back" to quote a familiar Republican Governor, whose state is always Democratic at the Federal level. Munay Ki

hey (((Swanny)) (((Wynsong))), Thnanks for your posts, I can see what you mean about Obama Wynsong, I am sorry to hear you were not feeling too well but I hope that you were just having an "off day". There is no problem re the reply: I have a lot going on right now so I'm way behind with replies anyway.

As an archetype for the wounded masculine, we have the Fisher King, wounded in his manhood and unable to produce abundance within his land, and unable to enjoy that which exists...

I had always wondered about the significance of the Fisher King's wound, but now I understand: Thank You! Plus it ties in with what I have been learning in the Tarot. I had a read around this last night and found that the wound was inflicted by Sir Balin, the stories around whom are very reminiscent of the stories of Enki and Enlil: the original Adam and Eve story, which makes me wonder if the wound in some way represents the story of fall from the Garden of Eden. I also found that the King Arthur stories come originally from Celtic myth, which confirms a suspicion I have had on that front for some time...

I read something really interesting tonight: looking for info on Celtic Solstice mythos, I found a reference to "bloodletting" at the Winter Solstice being a part of the Celtic legends. There was a belief that the letting of blood appeased the mischievous Formorians, the Spirits of the Land, who had no care for human well-being, and the sacrifice allowed the Tribe (ie the people) to survive the Winter, which in Celtic times was not guaranteed. Blood was also believed to be the nourisher of the re-birthing Sun. In Celtic mythos, it is the Formorians who steal the fertility of the Land in Winter, once the land Goddess has been stolen away into the Underworld by the winter god, the Cernunnos, before she gives birth to the Sun god again at Solstice. Given that the Fisher-King's wound is linked to the land I found this blood-letting mythos interesting.

I missed this post you made DH, sorry about that. I'm familiar with the King's being tied to the land and the bloodletting to sustain it as a sacrifice. That holds variations through many cultures.

One of the sacred feminine mysteries is in the menses and blood flow that sustains the bringing forth of life too. It is strong in the Native teachings that a woman on her Moon Cycle can 'steal' the Medicine of others or make it go awry. In this sense she is said to be 'unclean' though the 'unclean' is not a degradation of any sort. The women out of respect for the power menstrual flow holds choose to isolate themselves from others during that time period so they will not intrude unintentionally.

In the story of the Fisher King (and others like him) it is the mortal wound and blood that flows from it that flows back into the Land (which is the Mother) thus why the land and the King that are tied in a sacred manner. The child born becomes a man and he dies a sacred wound. As his health is a direct reflection of the land (Mother) that gave him his birth the ties to the Godhead are reflected in the King's journey itself. The blood-letting reflects the mortality and immortality through life, death and rebirth cycles of the masculine. The feminine does not die, she merely slumbers for the Lord of Death fell in love with her and spared her that journey therefore she is the eternal Mother and Womb and her power resides there. Interesting, eh?

Cinn, for some reason I don't think I saw your reply here, and it came up as "new" when I open the forum today.

The question the Grail Knight must ask is " whom does the Grail serve" and the answer the King gives is "the feminine". From the blood-letting of the King the sacred Union between Man and the Earth is renewed. In Kabbalah the King is the ruler of God's Creation: his own Beingness created in the Kingdom: so the Grail message then is that the King (the incarnation of the Divine) lets his own blood to assist the Creation (i.e. Earth)

In this sense the Christian mythos makes sense: the "Lance" that pierced the side of Jesus, before the self died and the Self was reborn.

That a woman on her Moon Cycle can 'steal' the Medicine of others or make it go awry

Now what I would be interested to look at is the where we are in the moon cycle right now...given events this weekend!

Yes, I understand what you're saying. As for the present position in the Moon Cycle and this past weekend we are at the New Moon phase, most women have menses hit around the Full Moon so they're coming into it until then. The flow comes when the Moon is Full and the release as well.

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