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Mary Magdaline Discussion
By WolfSpirit

Mary Magdalene Digital facial reconstruction

Hey I have just finished reading the Da Vinci Code (which professes that Jesus was married to Mary Magdelene, who was not a prostitute but a woman of noble birth) and I was writing some notes tonight, when something made me go and want to check if a supposition in the book, that Mary Magdelene is in Da Vinci's picture, "The Last Supper", was true. So I grabbed one of my old history of art textbooks to see if the Last Supper was in there. Being just about one of the worlds most talked about pictures, it sure was: in an extendable three page pull out. And yes, it is pretty clear that the figure on Jesus's right looks very feminine! Decidedly so! So I decided to read the commentary to the picture, which tells us that the picture depicts Jesus with the apostles, and that St John was seated to the right of Jesus...huh???

E. H. Gombrich "The Story of Art" is one of the biggest selling, most critically acclaimed, art history books ever written. How on earth could they not spot that St John is depicted as a woman (either that or a very feminine man! Hmm! Ok, if i remember rightly Da Vinci was gay, and a bit of an anti-authority figure, but I don't think even he would have gotten away in the 1500/1600's with portraying Jesus as a gay man! )

The bible tells us in John XIII 23-4 "Now there was leaning on Jesus' bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved". What is going on here???? Now this really got me thinking! You ask any cleric which Gospel they consider the most revealing and the chances are that they will tell you John.

Who is more likely to know a man but his wife..... So all you Mary Magdelene aficionado’s out there....was St John really Mary Magdelene? Is this a common assertion? (Oh, and on a deeper inspection, the figure looks decidedly similar to the figure in Mona Lisa!)

Hi Wolfie-

To answer your question, Mary Magdalene is not St. John. It is the Gospel of St. John that he (John) describes Mary Magdaelene and her encounter with Jesus at the last supper and how she anointed his feet with a salve from her alabaster jar. This is Mary Magdelene. It is Mary Magdalene who, according to all the Evangelists, stood at the foot of the cross and assisted at the entombment and was the first recorded witness of the Resurrection. And while St. John calls her "Mary Magdalen" in 19:25, 20:1, and 20:18, he calls her simply "Mary" in 20:11 and 20:16.

In the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, along with the Gospel of John they speak of Mary Magdalene as "Mary of Bethany". Liturgy scholars have determined that this person is indeed Mary Magdalene.

The Gnostic "Gospel of Philip" mentions Mary Magdalene as the "consort" of Jesus, one of the women who was his constant companion. The evidence that Mary Magdalene and Jesus together provided the model for the "hieros gamos" (Sacred Marriage) in Christianity is found in the Gospels themselves. The numbers coded by gem atria in her name indicate that Mary Magdalene was the "Goddess" among early Christians.

"The Gospels of Mary" by Marvin Meyer explore Mary Magdalene and who she was as a woman.

The Gnostic Gospels are a wonderful resource to see MM in biblical text. "The Gospel of Mary Magdalene" is also a great book to explore for further interest in the Magdalene, and to delve into the women who followed and actually read her words of the accounting she has of her time with Jesus and her own life story. There are several articles that have come out over the years that suggest Mary Magdalene is the author of the Fourth Gospel. www.magdalene.org/fourthgospel.htm

Many books have been published by Margaret Starbird about Mary Magdalene. She has published several interesting articles on the recent influx of Magdelene energies that are charging across the Earth Some thought on 9/11 and Mary Magdalene and their correlations - www.magdalene.org/twintowers.htm I have lots more information on Mary Magdalene as you can tell. Hope this answers your questions and then some.

Wolfie, you've already heard my recommendation for "The Bloodline of the Holy Grail" by Sir Lawrence Gardner - and I will add it here again.

Shae, Thanks for your reply and for the information, if it's OK, I have a few questions...

Why do you think that MM is not the author of St John's gospel? Is there any evidence that says she most definitely was not? And do you think that, although she may not have actually physically written the gospel, that she was the apostle who's story is written by John in St John's gospel, i.e. was she was the Beloved apostle? Finally, is MM a central figure in goddess worship or does the Goddess purely relate to pre-Christian Goddesses or is this a matter of choice?

“Why do you think that MM is not the author of St John's gospel? Is there any evidence that says she most definitely was not? And do you think that, although she may not have actually physically written the gospel, that she was the apostle who's story is written by John in St John's gospel, i.e. was she was the Beloved apostle?”

Actually Wolfie, I do believe She is the author of the Gospel of St. John. I've done much research on this and have worked very heavily with the Nag Hammadi and the Gnostic Scriptures. There is a large amount of evidence which supports this theory. If she did not write it, the Gospel from a theological standpoint, and a metaphysical standpoint indicate that MM was the "Beloved Apostle" written in the Gospel of St. John. I didn't express my opinion because I was trying to be unbiased...LOL

“Finally, is MM a central figure in goddess worship or does the Goddess purely relate to pre-Christian Goddesses or is this a matter of choice?”

It is a matter of personal choice. MM is not a central figure in Goddess worship that I know of, and the Goddess does not purely relate in my view to pre-Christian times. Many people recognize the Goddess as the feminine face of God, The Divine Feminine. They call Her by many names and She shows up in many faces. In the Jewish Tradition, the Divine Feminine shows up as the Shehkina (the Dove). In Christianity, the Holy Spirit is consider the Christian aspect of the Feminine, along with the Virgin Mary. Before Christianity was born, people referred to the Earth as "The Mother" and they worshipped Her and Her cycles. In Egyptian traditions, the Feminine is expressed as Isis, Hathor and Sekhmet. In the Yoruban and African traditions, The Divine Feminine is expressed in the faces of Oya, Oshun, Yemaya and Ogun. In the Mayan tradition, IxChel is another example of their version of the Divine Feminine. It is documented many people in Judea considered Mary Magdalene the living eartly incarnation of the Goddess. She was a temple priestess and the priestess archetype is you are the sacred Chalice, representing the Goddess in human form.

Ancient history shows us time and again in pre-Christian societies that worship of the Feminine was prevalent in many cultures and Priests and Priestesses of the Feminine were people of tremendous power and position. Just some examples for you. They don't call her the Goddess of 10,000 Faces for nothing...LOL Many of the new mystical Christian traditions and Gnostics work with MM. My connection with MM started back in my childhood. I was raised Roman Catholic and always felt a strong affinity with Her. As I grew older and began my theological studies, I became fascinated with her and came to a deeper understanding of who She represents in the world. My own priestess lineage comes from Mary Magdalene. In my training as a Priestess and a High Priestess, we explored the mysteries and archetypes that MM represents in our culture. I am a Magdalene High Priestess, as befits from my tradition and priestess lineage.

Hope this helps answer your questions. Ask anything you like, will be happy to answer...

Have you ever heard of the Knights Templar? If you read the Davinci Code, you know what I am talking about. There is a lot of information on this group and it's legends that are really interesting to look into and dig deeper. In France, there is a chapel to Mary Magdalene. Off the top of my head I can't think of it. But, it is rumored and believed that the Holy Grail was once stored there. Just adding more silk to the web- so to speak on the legend of MM.

Shae, Thanks so much for those links. Definitly some good points there . More food for thought. I just love that . Thanks!!

Hey Mouse, Thanks for the reminder!

Shae, Wow! Thanks for all the info! This will give me something to chew on for a while

I was just sat here last night writing about something completely different and I started writing about MM! and then I felt I had to go and do look up the reference to the picture in the Da Vinci Code. But this wasn't a "I wonder" sort of moment this was almost a compulsion! And when I read the stuff in the art book, I was told that MM wrote St John's Gospel, and I knew that a few people here had mentioned MM in the past, so naturally I had to come check this out!

I knew about the Earth being a feminine principal, and I knew that there were many feminine Goddesses from various different cultures prior to Christianity (although I did not know all the names), and from the Da Vinci code I read a lot about the demonization of the feminine...but I feel that there is a lot to learn about from your post. Where this is all going, I don't know, but I am sure that I will be coming back to this over the coming months!

I know this all ties in somehow with my old Fourth Age thread and possibly my Third Gender thread: the stuff I was looking at before I went to Scotland. But right now I am off to finish reading the links you put up, so I dare say that I shall be back later! Thanks again Shae.

Unregistered Guest:
Thanks Wolf and Shae, it's been really interesting to read this thread. I wanted to ask these types of questions myself in the Da Vinci Code thread. Due to the amount of time I have here, I've not been able to get involved with the Mary Magdalene issue which I find fascinating, and wonder why on earth I've not come across this before! That is a wonder in itself LOL.

I've added the book you mentioned to my wish list Mouse and thanks for that, I know you'd mentioned it in the other thread.

fantastic to read and like Wolf I think there'll be more questions and discussions in the future.

I think that's what I truly enjoyed about the Da Vinci Code. As you said in the other forum it's not a great literary work yet it provokes thought, and made me inquisitive to find out more about Mary Magdalene. Like I just said, I'm astounded not to have come across it before. I've got some reading to do that's for certain LOL

Any more posts on Mary Magdalene will be very much appreciated and enjoyed!

While I haven't read DaVinci Code...I've ordered it twice and both times the order got cancelled! ...I have read some other novels that deal with MM or the Grail/Templars.

Moon Under Her Feet by Kinstler...a good story woven around MM speculation based on history. Gives you much to think about.

The Archer series of books by Bernard Cornwall. I love his stuff. Great reads. These deal with speculation around the Holy Grail/Templars. He also has a series re King Arthur that's worth reading and one on Stonehenge. Good storytelling based in history.

I've also tried to wade through Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln. It's not easy reading, but this one is a must for Grail lore, Roslyn Chapel, etc.

Stardreamer, “He also has a series re King Arthur that's worth reading and one on Stonehenge.”Do you know any the titles of any of these?

The Arthur Books
The Winter King
Enemy of God

The Stonehenge book is just titled Stonehenge

The Grail Quest Harlequin (UK title)/
The Archer's Tale (US title)
Vagabond Heretic

I am doing some research on the Black Madonna/Mary Magdalene correlation. I have numerous articles and books I have gathered over the last few months. I found this great link this morning online and it discusses the correlation between the Black Madonnas/Black Virgins and Mary Magdalene and how they have always been associated with MM and the Goddess. Mary Magdalene Article From what it looks like there is also a documentary you can view online.

Thanks for the link...a very interesting site all round!

Fascinating stuff, Shae! Thanks for the link!

A very good book with many, many details and information is: China Galland: "Longing for Darkness. Tara and the Black Madonna" It describes the journey of a woman (a true story!) to find what Tara and the Black Madonna means - and she really visited over years, years, years the places all over the world, got deep insight... This journey became her own life journey, too...It is a true story - and a really interesting book. Lots of information. Also how the Black Madonnas are connected...

Fascinating. Thank you, Shae.


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