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What Balance Is or Means To Me
By MonSnoLeeDra

As I pondered what balance was and was it obtainable I realized that before I really could answer that I had to determine just what balance was to me. In a true balanced situation I first though that it would imply the typical 50 - 50 relationship of one side to the other. The whole would contain equal amounts of elements A and B to produce 100 percent, in my scenario using two forms of energy, masculine and feminine.

I settled upon masculine and feminine as they were the basic constructs of all life. Both could create but the creation process was different for each in regards to the way one worked in contrast to the other. Following more of a shamanic & Green Witchcraft type path the visible and hidden facets of life are clues to the way I view the world. I see that the single celled animals may recreate from splitting yet the farther one goes up the kingdoms the more prevalent are the impacts of feminine and masculine energies. The more examples one sees of a separating of the species yet the combined influences of the energies upon the species.

Yet the more I reflected upon this concept of 50 - 50, the more I realized that was the illusion of balance. While it might be an obtainable quality in an experiment or something it would not do for a living thing. Search as I might I could find nothing that held a perfect 50 - 50 ratio. Nothing was completely 50 percent good and 50 percent evil, 50 percent male or 50 percent female, literally nothing was 50 - 50. Yet that is the typical imagery of a perfect balance the scales held level at midpoint.

Analyzing my own memories and responses to events I began to see that a 50 - 50 balance was an illusion but one might hold the 100 percent combination but constantly change the amount presented in an action or guiding that action. One might obtain a dynamic balance of the greater whole, while the two parts actually stood quit out of balance in regards to the amount present in a given instance. Yet they may shift and align influence to create the balance that maintains the total creature.

As a visual example of those two energies I chose the Yin - Yang symbol. It fit the assumptions I had chosen to describe my position, clearly two types of energy that where in a semi-balanced state and the combination of the two reaching 100 percent. A imagery where one could be the rising influence yet at any point the influence could be shifted or changed, or a scale that could be viewed in an instantaneous point to show inequality of the energy and a greater balancing of the parts.

I realized that part of obtaining the concept of balance was that I had to recognize there where two primary classes of energy within me. That the means by which each worked was different thus the manner of presenting it would possibly be different as well. That in usage I might be pulling part, some or all from one side then have to release and go in the opposite direction or energy flow and influence. In essence I maintained a dynamic sense of balance because I juggled the influences of each upon me and the presence of their actions on me.

I also realized to a great extent it was not my awareness of the action that enabled me to juggle it but the automatic balancing act that occurs within. Yet even as the internal balancing act occurs I can change or influence the impact upon myself in how I accept the influences and changes being reflected upon the outer creature. I can allow the emotional feminine to move me to tears or weeping or resist it and push the harsher and colder masculine actions over it.

Granted the feminine in this instance is not so much removed, as it becomes the fuel to feed the masculine energy I knowingly pull into its position. Of course the inverse is also possible where the harsh and cold energy of the masculine is used to fuel the feminine and make it more powerful so it has both a internal reflective and an external reactive.

It was in the deducing of how things worked within me that I realized that to try and force the 50 - 50 balance that it actually became destructive to the whole of self. To try and reach a point where the feminine and masculine lay in a 50 - 50 balance is to destroy or undo their interactions and influence upon each other. Basically, one reaches the point where there is not enough assertion to move you to either course of action for they would cancel out each other and seemingly produce a state of no action.

I came to the conclusion, for myself, that to try and balance myself between the influences was more harmful. My balance would come from my recognizing that I did possess each and that they worked in harmony and flowed and ebbed as the influence of each was needed. I could influence the physical and emotional outcome of that inner working to increase or decrease a result but it would be for a few moments at best and not directly impact upon the greater inner working taking place.

I also realized that to blindly accept the results of the action of the two energies could produce a null state or no response state. So not only was I subject to the balancing act of the feminine and masculine energies within but each had to have more faces than I initially gave credence to. So it called for a sub-balancing act that must occur within the workings of each. Perhaps a feature I have no control over for it is ingrained or a survival feature that overrides the higher level balancing acts that occur.

Those animalistic actions that override the mind or body, the so-called fight or flight actions. Perhaps something that operates on a lower function concept like the routine actions of breathing, body action, food consumption and processing, etc.

Now some might suggest that this in no way accepts the concepts or actions of a god / goddess, spiritual and religious perceptions or even their day to day workings in the mundane world. For some this maybe a true statement but for me the way I perceive my god / goddess (es) is a combination of emotional (feminine) and internal reception. It is the feminine energies that allow me to feel and look inter-perceptively, to know my gods / goddess and what they mean to me and how they interact with me, and I them. It is a combination of the energies that make me love them or stand up and fight to defend them.

On a mundane level it is that which influences the way I see the world, those within it and how I react to them and what they do to me or for me or even with me. It is the influence that determines whether I meet them halfway or do I shut them out. It is the filter through which I decide how to respond to them and just what I shall allow them to see or be a part of.

It is part of the concept known as balancing. Balancing of my inner energies, my outer workings with the world and those about me, the way I acknowledge the spiritual and religious about me. It is a balancing of the forces I see in nature and the way I see them interacting.

Mostly, I think it is the dynamic action that occurs within and without of me that allows me to understand and function within my world. To be able to survive and act in an ever changing world and spiritual landscape. It is that process that takes 100 percent of me but changes the parts of each situation and how I see it and respond to it.

But it is also an illusion for it can never be the 50 - 50 balance that one might think of when pondering the word balance!

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