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Stepping Out of the Shadows
By Druidkat7

I'm new here, I know...

There is much yet for me to read within the pages of the archives here, and I thank Divine-Mother-Father-Force for guiding me to this place. They've mostly guided me here via the various animal spirits that have come into my dreams or into my favorite animal 'oracle' cards, or simply through physical appearances in 3D reality (praying mantis and grasshopper being the most recent--praying mantis was HAUNTING!!! ). I Googled these appearances and three times, this forum came up in the search...and being of Celtic extraction, 3 is a big number for me. But as in my username, so is 7, a number of change and transformation.

Because I'm new here, and because of previous negative experiences at another supposedly magickally/spiritually-minded forum, I've felt the need to tread lightly.

I also feel the need to tread lightly because I've been accused of talking too much, sharing too much. I've been told that I'm like my dad: I dominate conversations. I've ascertained that perhaps I've done it because of a desire to feel heard and what I have to say has gone unheeded, as if my opinions don't matter. Which is true: I HAVE felt that way.

But here, I'm stepping out of the shadows a bit to lay bare what I wish others to know about my particular walk on this Earth as a female:

Sometimes I feel desperate to understand who I am, even though there have been recent occurrences letting me know precisely Who I Really Am. Knowing intellectually and KNOWING within the heart--indeed the entire BODY--is an entirely different thing.

I sometimes feel that desperation because of my parents trying to tell me who I am, sheltering me from this or that failure because I was born hypothyroid, and because the doctors didn't know much about that condition in infants back in 1978, I possibly had some "brain damage" due to the lack of thyroxine in my body. My math scores in school were not that great, but English, Spelling, Music, Reading and Art? Off the charts!

So it begs the question: am I really brain-damaged or did I simply arrive with gifts specially geared to what I now know as my calling in Music, Spirituality and related forms of creativity? It seems I'm intelligent enough...*shrugs* I honestly don't know except what my intuition quietly has whispered to me over the years, via certain feelings I get...certain kinds of Knowing Shivers that course through me like fire...I won't go into details here, as these feelings are specific to me and I am unsure anyone would be able to relate at all.

But another thing about my soul's current expression as female this lifetime has me scratching my head.

Why am I so drawn to the Divine Masculine polarity when it comes to learning deeper spiritual Truths, when it is thought by some sectors of the spiritual community overall that women should only learn from women and men should only learn from men?

Don't get me wrong. I have discovered fabulous teachers in the women I've met over the last few years. But those are the ones that I KNOW Creator has led me to for one reason or another.

I'm talking about gravitating naturally, without feeling expressly "prompted" or "told" by Spirit--except maybe from within (?) to certain members of the Masculine polarity, whether they be authors, musicians, scientists or whatnot. I am always excited to meet new male friends, even when there's part of me that worries that I should have "girlfriends," too.

So I have to ask myself, how exactly do *I* connect to the Sacred Feminine, considering I'm drawn like a butterfly to the Divine Masculine polarity so much?

These answers are slow in coming, but they show up here and there.

That's about all I can write without rambling too much.

Hello Kat-7,

Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I think it’s normal to be a bit cautious and get a feel for new groups, but I will share the Lodge is a good place to be. J (I’m biased but I think most here feel the same way.) As for talking too much, well I have failed Brevity 101 so many times that I have a Master’s Degree in failure there. I’m an old windbag that loves to share and lets her mind flow out her mouth most of the time. I love spiritual topics. Feel free to express yourself, there are others here that like to share too so you’ll fit right in.

We all search to find ourselves and in that come to find Self deep within us. Looking externally is going to give us answers to externals, the internals are found within us. *Soft smile* Spiritual foundations and exploration help us get there. What holds us back while we’re young and developing fuels our passion as adults to explore so we lose nothing really, it just comes to us a little later in life. I would venture you’re not brain-damaged, your posts are too intelligent for that, and it would seem (from what I’ve seen of you here) that you’ve answered your own question ad did “…arrive with gifts specially geared to your calling in Music, Spirituality and related forms of creativity. “ And we do relate very well to the intuitive and sensory messages we all get. You’ll find most of us operate on that level here.

You asked why you were so drawn to the Divine Masculine polarity I would venture that’s because you need to bring that side of yourself up and out more. We all have a feminine and masculine side to us and part of the journey is learning to balance the two. Some believe as you’ve stated, that women should only learn from women and men should only learn from men, and others believe just the opposite: women should learn from men and men from women. I personally believe it’s a mixture, we learn from those who cross our paths and have something to share that we’re in need of. Does it matter if they are male or female? Not in my book, we can jiggle things into our way of perceiving as we expand on that through what they share with us. So I think your natural gravitation toward the masculine has more to do with balancing within your Self. Be patient with the process, embrace both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and you’ll find your point of balance with them both as they merge over time.

I’m sure some others will have their views to share too. Be at ease with the speed of replies here, some come daily and others come a couple times a week. Again welcome!

And some of us come, read the replies and realize we have nothing particularly new to add, so we just read. Sharing, especially on an open forum is always a risk. Cinnamon and her administrators have created an amazing space and hold it well, but because it is completely open, anyone can have access to what we share, so I do not think your caution is unfounded, but in fact a good thing.

I have nothing to add to what Cinn wrote about your question, as I also believe we find the teachers that we are ready to meet. I do believe that the externals are not just externals, but also mirrors into who we cannot see our self to be, yet. Mirrors to our shadow self. So maybe there is some aspect of the masculine that you are needing to see in the mirror, in the men you are drawn to as teachers...or maybe there is some aspect of the feminine in the men you need to see in the mirror. Creativity is such a wonder filled place to explore the masculine and the feminine, as they are so delight fully woven together in that form of expression.

Hey DruidKat7, you asked: "Why am I so drawn to the Divine Masculine polarity when it comes to learning deeper spiritual Truths, when it is thought by some sectors of the spiritual community overall that women should only learn from women and men should only learn from men?" I can't say for certain - I'll leave that up to you.

I will share that when I came here, I was deeply drawn to the Divine Feminine. My quest to understand and experience consumed me. I am a woman, and the reason for me was that I knew well the Divine Masculine. It all had to do with the way I was raised, the priorities and characteristics imbued to me as a child, teen and that I carried within myself and treated as my own. It is represented in my profession (although now I bring in a lot of feminine energy and I have fun sprinkling or dousing it, depending on the situation). I was unbalanced really, and I needed to absorb and experience what this so-called feminine energy was. I see all this now, in hindsight, of course. It was a wonderful thing to have happen even though it was a lot of work.

Welcome, you'll find peace and safety here as you continue in your search for answers. Everything your needing, every question that needs answering has already been given and provided. The mist that cloaks them all will lift revealing one at a time or several when your truly ready, ready to wisely use the gifted answers. Stay of good courage.

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