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What Spiritual Activities Do You Consider Masculine?
By DragonHawk

As the new Celtic year started at Samhain I felt a new lesson starting: a lesson in connecting more deeply with my masculine side having connected deeply with the Celtic feminine this last year via working with the Celtic Moons. But as the first couple of months of the year have passed, I feel it is deeper than just the masculine…<Snip>… So what activities do you consider masculine, particularly in terms of your spiritual path?

I am not overly masculine I don't think, but the ways for me masculine and feminine seem to balance is that the feminine brings security, the masculine freedom; the feminine stability, the masculine flexibility. Or maybe it's the other way around and I have the masculine-feminine switched up. I can't quite make the distinction very well. But what I was getting at was travel verses homing. Masculine for me would be more about travel, feminine about nesting/home, and hence I thought of long car ride/motorbike ride as ways of traveling 'masculine style'.

Interesting question. Not sure I really have an answer. I know when I was managing for a brief period of time, that had a masculine feel to it for me. The way I had to make decisions and implement things was based on the need to get stuff done, to accomplish an end rather than what I'd consider more feminine for me which would be concentrating on the flow and experience rather than the result. More recently, the plan to move from one home to another the middle of this year felt like a combination of masculine and feminine. The brute strength and implementation of the move (masculine) combined with the flow and flexibility of the moment and details (feminine). But, I'm not sure I really delineate solid lines between masculine and feminine in myself so I may not be a good source to listen on it. The creative force it takes to do anything, moving, management etc... seems to me to be where I tend to focus the most energy. In generalities, I tend to see feminine as flow and masculine as form, now that I'm thinking about it. Not much but maybe you can find something useful.

I tend to function a lot like you do SEDD, and I think once we've found our balance and are able to employ both successfully that it is a harmony of the two working together in all that we manifest...whatever it may be. I can see where someone would want to define the two and take each deeper for fuller understanding but that comes with the teachings we receive along the way too. I know I explored the teachings from both angles, not everyone does that but my path took me there over the years and Stars was I resistant toward the masculine. It felt like the long way around to me because of all the exploration and physical effort it called for.

At the time I didn't understand why I had to go through all that, it seemed so senseless because when I employed my feminine abilities the answers I was seeking or the accomplishments would come about much easier...and faster...or so it seemed at the time. I could See and Feel my way through things expediently with the feminine. The masculine way of proving what I was feeling seemed almost redundant to me back then. Now I do appreciate those lessons, there are many layers that have been touched by them, understanding the masculine nature itself for one has made communication with men a lot easier; then the 'how to' of delving into things deeper as I explore them is another; I find that sometimes that's necessary when we need to learn new means of accomplishing things too. I still find I'm resistant to it but I will do it when necessary. I tend to trust the things I sense and feel, always have, and they have guided me all my life. I don't second guess those things where the masculine is all about proving them before embracing them and has always felt like the long way around as I mentioned. The trust factor having to be explored more readily so I can see where understanding the feminine would challenge a man too. They'd want the tangible proof first where a woman tends to be more comfortable working from the intangible to the tangible, for a male it's usually the opposite due to our genetic natures.

I also see the masculine as more externalized where the feminine feels more internal and think I naturally balanced the two in my nature to begin with, I just didn't define it as such at the time. Over the years that did become defined and then unified again. It's a lot like walking the Wheel either from the world of form to the center (masculine) or from the center to the world of form (feminine)...my personal take on it anyway. I'm not sure that's helpful to you either Wolfie, but I've been working with the two in union for so long now defining just seems futile to me. I don't use one more than the other, just jiggle things in one direction or the other as needed and define them by what actions are receptive (feminine) and which are assertive (masculine) as you've pointed out. I do see that it takes both to create though and feel that everything (life forms, physical objects or actions) has a masculine and feminine aspect to it to some degree. I'm not sure I've even really addressed what you were after here but I hope so.

"I also see the masculine as more externalized where the feminine feels more internal"

Is the tree male in general, deeply grasped into Mother Earth?
I was in a tug of war along with my marriage, male female this and that.
We separated for one full year. In that year I found the male and female deep within myself and had a marriage ceremony.
When I merged deep within and partnered up, I found the tug of war over and our marriage is strong.
I respect and honor the male and female within my hubby and he the same.
Oh sure there are some battles, but we/I have spent plenty of time watching the male and female in nature and in animals.

My Pipe is not sacred unless the male is joined with the female.
The stem obviously the male and the bowl, womb, the female, it is beautiful when the male and female become ONE in many, many, ways.

I heard a story....it was probably just to get our minds to let loose of things, that before we lived here we lived with the stars we were (still are here) star people....star people were hermaphrodites.
Externally and internally. I thought deeply about that. How that would make us be.
How some things would just be un... important. Is just a story to open the mind. It worked on me!

Firestarter, I love your use of the Pipe. It fits so well the need for us to hold both genders in perfect (merged) balance and equality - within us... without of us.

I started my spiritual journey searching for androgyny - to release gender differences. It took me a while to realize you need to embrace BOTH first and your word finishes that step for me in a way I hadn't really realized before... merging. Thank you.

I think we are moving into an era where humans will see less and less gender differences as there is more merging.

That’s exciting just to think about.....I like your name White Crow.....I love Crow, white Crow though, humm, I just got chills thinking about it. The whole idea of White Crow has never ever entered my mind.......it is so different! I love it!!

Thank you. The name was given to me a while back, well... I asked who I was and this was the reply. When I went looking for information I found out that the term "a white crow" is used in science to mean one different fact that changes an argument completely. I kind of like that - it's sort of something that makes you look again and see other possibilities.

I'm not really sure about feminine and masculine. Feminine receptive would make sense to me, but I'd think of masculine more like active. Assertive to me would be in the middle, because as I understand it as it's applied in the business world it means that we are both receptive and respectful of the beliefs/thoughts/emotions/choices of the other but also if it becomes appropriate assert that we're entitled to our own.

Submissive/domineering would be examples where that gets out of proportion along the female/male line. Flow to me would be like a balanced neutral, because it's kind of gently receptive at one end and gently active at the other. I would think of empathy as feminine and synthesis as masculine. These seem to be the things that most nearly differentiate between most women and men in psychological research studies, followed next by emotions and thoughts.

Intangible and tangible, not so sure about that, as abstract would seem to be more air associated and concrete more like earth and they are usually considered male and female. But things can always kind of be looked at either way on. Whenever any kind of communication (in the widest sense of the word) there would be reception at one end (female) and transmission (male at the other). The communication itself is both male and female with respect to the ends.

There are things like introversion and extroversion. Most people in US/UK are extrovert rather than introvert. But I would say when younger that females tended to be more introvert and males more extrovert and have found this often occurs in the work place, at least in the more male dominated environments in which I've worked.

There are personality tests that attempt to test degree of female/maleness and I come out male on those, but more female than most males. A lot of people associate right-brained with female, but most people in our culture are left-brain dominant as adults whether they are male or female. The left brain is associated with judging which is usually considered a more male trait. In other cultures that are less competition oriented and more communal and cooperative most people are right-brain dominant. Young children in our culture are right-brain dominant, and I am quite extremely so in most respects. And there is some research in relation to neuroscience and mental health that relates to left brain and right brain in autism and schizophrenia. For example schizophrenia has sometimes been associated with damage on the left side of the brain, and some research suggests that the left brain isn't working properly so the right-brain is dominant in a way that it shouldn't be. And other research suggests that both sides of the brain are fully active and they are connected and neither is dominant. It's also kind of relevant to hearing voices, because it's been found that when people hear voices, areas in the right brain are active when with hearing of sound from external sources is associated with the mirror of that part of the brain on the left side.

Females seem to be much better at language and communication, but this is a left-brain function. Abstraction and creativity are right brain and concrete and logic and reasoning are left-brain. High internal locus of control where on feels a high degree of control and responsibility over one’s own life and destiny and circumstances is left brain. That's about the only left brain function that I personally (very) score high on. People who are more right brain oriented usually tend more to think and feel that events conspire to affect them in a way that they have little control over.

If we take the right and the left as female male, then the left side of the body is female because it's associated with processing in the right side of the brain, whereas the right side of the body is female. And to me this would seem to make sense (at least for right handed people). I find there are reflections of this theme in positioning, and posture and focus. For example, for me looking down to the left for a long time always feels strange and negative and judgmental and contradictory, while looking up to the right feels positive and uplifting and that would be more familiar and comfortable for me. It strikes me that most adult females are shorter than men so they would tend to look up more in social situations, but I'm relatively short and was particularly so when I was young. I also find that I've always generally preferred to position to the far right of a room so I'm seeing through my left eye whereas teachers would always pay more attention to children sitting more to the left and in front, so they were both engaging left brain more in my estimation. But if the teacher turned round to the blackboard and heard someone say something they would blame someone at my side of the class, presumably because they would be processing it more in the left brain and associate it with something happening on their right. Generally, I think people who are right brain dominant might be more likely to be considered mentally ill in our society, particularly if they ever hear voices, given the auditory link and if I remember correctly the right temporal lobe, there would also be a link with any kind of altered state of consciousness as this would be more likely to engage processing which would be more likely to be associated with that kind of effect. That would also seem to be supported by experimental research into the psychology of perceptions that altered states brought on by prolonged exposure to certain conditions tend to lead to perception shifts.

I've kind of gone off on a tangent a bit, but I know people have considered how female and male brains might work differently before, and I know some people have heard voices or had other perception shifts, so I thought the perspective might be of some interest.

Some of the scientific research will undoubtedly have arrived at the wrong conclusions but it kind of at least gives a flavor of these things.

White Crow, I liked what you wrote about the name. Science does rely on a set assumptions that tend to remain in place and be taken for granted unless and until they are experimentally disproven, as happened with some of Einstein's theories which initially met with resistance, but were eventually accepted and replaced Newton's as the current model. It's a recurrent theme in science. But yet some people think it's the answer to everything, even if the evidential basis is very slim and uncertain and poor quality.

On the other hand paranormal phenomena doesn't get accepted and the required conditions for experiments and thresholds for acceptance just get more and more demanding, because they go against the grain of accepted scientific theory. I bet we all kind of feel like that in some ways occasionally, like we are the phenomena that's not quite accepted. LOL


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