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Speaking the Truth
By EagleSinging

I have never been accused of not speaking my mind or of not speaking the truth - which are not the same thing, of course. But, Grandmother's lesson this month is challenging, don't you think? ...speaking the truth as it is called to be spoken in a way that others can hear. Finding the courage to do that in tough situations, not out of anger, frustration or admonition, but from a place of understanding and without an agenda to change a situation. Instead to speak to what is and recognize that whether things change as we desire them to change is not for us to determine.

I have regularly spoken the truth and not been believed, it's been the one thing I have truly raged against throughout my life. It's taken me up to very recently to realize that my life lesson is to understand that speaking the truth is more about your integrity than anyone hearing or understanding. I can speak it and not be heard and that is neither my problem nor my responsibility. It's very freeing to give up expecting others to know I am truthful, but still a work in progress. It still hurts when people you love don't think you are telling the truth, but at least now I don't feel like I have to run after them demanding they listen, demanding to explain myself.

Speaking the truth is like wading through water, if you’re not careful with yourself as well as with the one receiving it, the emotional splash back can be drowning. It is true that if spoken with the right intent and from the grounded heart in the Spirit you will speak the truth eloquently with care.

Exactly Shard/GoldenAmber, this Grandmother teaches us to speak it with graceful hearts, with kindness not to harm or point fingers. That's usually where mistakes happen. People tend to speak it emotionally rather than sensitively. We can all learn much from her teachings.

Good points, Eshard and Cinn, I'm Sag Rising. I speak truth with graceless optimism and tactlessness. But never ever meant to harm and never from negative emotion. Only from joy, which I forget can be a slap in the face to those in pain, fear or denial. We forget, in our own happiness, that positive emotion is harsh to those not ready for it. Even truthful love can hurt if not spoken carefully.

Yes, good points Crow. And thinking before we speak is one of the things this Grandmother teaches. She wants us to look into our hearts for the grace that will make the truth easier to be received...through kind thoughtfulness to lift up rather than tear down another.

Oh well did I ever screw up this lesson this month!
I was fed up, and rightly so, and overworked and spoke tactlessly and hurtfully from emotion to colleagues.

If I had taken the time to not act from frustration and consider others more carefully, it probably would have turned out better.
As it is, I'm doing the apology thing, the walk of shame thing, and the eventual, 'oh eff it' thing. Fun times.
Feel free to learn from my mistakes everyone!! lol.
I'll try to do the same. But I can't help but feel that I have been here before...and before...and before that too. And STILL haven't learned this lesson.
Frustration is a difficult emotion to deal with for me. Especially because I don't recognize myself as being frustrated until it's REALLY BUILT UP and ready to knock the damns down. And so...since I'm still not perfect, and never will be, and ultimately don't desire myself to be, I am learning instead to Love My Self Always, including any and all mistakes, any and all misbehaviors, and with the same kind of forgiveness/second, third, fourth chances that I'd readily offer another.
I'll continue to try to learn to speak more tactfully and heartfully; Spirit knows I'm doing my best; but in the meantime - I'm gonna choose not to beat myself up for being human.

One thing I've found challenging with Speaking my Truth is that really, most don't want to hear it. I don't mean that in a 'woe is me, no one's listening' sense either. I just mean that mostly, as people, I've found we're most interested in our OWN truths, not our neighbors'. So it's a journey for me also to learn about speaking truth without hope or expectation of it being received well, or even received at all.

M2, I'm tied up with some business matters at the moment and have to get those seen to so I'm flying through here so this is brief. I do want to leave you with the thought that you should re-read your post...see how your awareness of yourself just shifted buy that experience. If it's shifted enough the cycle of passing through it will have been broken and you'll move past it the wiser, having understanding, and having grown. Some of my most humbling lessons have come from mistakes like that and I'd have never seen those things in myself had I not made them. I wasn't looking for them. The experiences made them jump out at me and say: Well, that's embarrassing. I won't be doing that again. And I chose on the spot to change. Seems to me that's where you're standing with this right now. *Soft smile* Lesson learned?...that's your choice.

Pssssssst ... stop using the 'can't' word.

Unregistered Guest:
This, coincidentally happens to be one (there are 2) of the lessons or tasks I have given to myself to work on currently, too. In speaking my truth, first, I find I must be honest with myself about how I feel about certain things. Not always easy for me, but getting easier. If I come from that place, first and try to remain in compassion and heart-feelings, speaking my truth has been (so far) surprisingly easy. Far easier, I must say than all the anxiety I used to work up in the past over what ifs and maybes. One thing I would like to add, though and especially to michelangelo2 is that I have had to learn that speaking my truth has less to do with how others will (or may) receive me, but more to do with being true to myself. Do that, and most all else falls into place pretty well.

Thanks for these posts.

My in-sights from this Moon...

Speaking my truth - what is my intention? Is it my intention to be right? To defend something? To prove a point or teach without being asked?

On the other hand, how often do I hold my tongue when I know that the consequences of holding my tongue are not in alignment with my intentions. It is because I make myself responsible for or dependent on the other (whoever that "other" might be).

Both are externally driven and motivated. Both are maligned with fear and both are conditional on "other" and they are hooked to "shoulds", duty and expectation.

When I speak my truth from love, from the heart, from Essence, it is unattached to action or reaction of another. It is a declaration of my own intent, my own values, a snapshot of my own place in life. And from that, I always have the choice and freedom to shift my truth if needed, and others have the option of shifting theirs if it resonates. Unconditional.

Michelangelo2...I've learned to allow myself the emotional room to turn around after coming to the understanding of a job not well done by me. I so dislike it when I recognize I've been in this place not just before but yet again! I take care of my wounded emotions as I would a child. I'm self-forgiving and though feeling miserable I'm glad that I've been allotted the time to try again, hopefully learning the self-truths there that I failed or wasn't ready to command justly before. And actually there have been times that going to the one that I rolled over with heated emotions, they were holding for me the key of release from being caught up in the never ending turnabout. They themselves usually don't know that they're path was brought together with yours for a purpose of learning. And just maybe it was them that needed your emotions to open them. "One can't shed light upon another's path without it falling on your own." I don't remember who the quote belongs to but I've never forgotten the truth of it. So what I've tried to say here is, be gentle with yourself and remember we are so limited in our sight when it comes to the "Why".

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