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Spirit Lights
By EarthOakSprite


Hi everyone... hope everyone is well. I've been through so many changes - I don't know where to start! The last time I was here I recalled using the metaphor of being squeezed through a bottle neck - well... I think I've finally popped out I've had some losses in my life... my Mom passed a year ago June 20th... and two of my dogs - one being my beloved ThorBear who was like a son to me April 2009. Having said that... I've had some unusual experiences that I've been ignoring, but they seem to be getting more intense. At night while alone watching TV - I see little white lights close to the ceiling... or high on the walls out of the corner of my eye - when I look right at them - they're gone. I've also - though less seldom - seen a red tiny light. A couple of years ago - when I brought my first horse home - I was worried about him - and in the foliage I saw a tiny red light... and felt comforted... that he would be watched over. Recently after jumping one of my horses at my first horse show - in a photo much to my surprise - I noticed a tiny red light in the right corner by Kiwi's leg. Today while sitting on the couch... I looked to my right and saw a tiny red light by my right hip. This can't be a coincidence.... but I don't know what to think of it! I was wondering what these could be??? I've uploaded the pic of Kiwi's leg - this is exactly what I see... I was amazed to actually see it caught in a picture!!! I've got a million questions, but don't know where to start. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!

Jimmy WhiteBear:
An old friend and I use to go out in the early evening hours to wait for animal friends to show up. Once in a while we would witness red amber lights blinking and winking at us. They also helped me off a mountian one very dark night by blinking when ever I stepped off the trail to get me back on. These are spirit lights! Communication with them is generally by emotion and feelings. Next time you are visited, ask a question of them and let them answer by number of blinks or what ever way you can understand. They will guide you when you are in trouble! Bear

Good advice Bear, some call them elemental spirits, tied to nature. I'm also hearing from a lot of people witnessing more and more of this type of interaction these days and lots of them catching it in pictures. That along with the orbs has become quite the thing, and I think it's part of the growing awareness within the Web of Life. More individuals are seeing beyond the human condition and it's becoming more pronounced. EOS...enjoy the connection, they tend to show themselves to those they know have good spirits themselves. *Smile*

My husband and I have been noticing things in our house too, but they move too fast. I haven't thought of trying to take some photos of the room. I must try that. We have managed (purely accidentally) to get a few orbs in photos, but nothing as impressive as your light.

Ahhhh.... I feel honored that they are with me! It's interesting to note that they're Elemental Spirits - tied to nature as that's where I feel the most connected. I smile and nod to them when I notice them now . I will try to communicate with them as you suggested Bear - I know they watch over my animals for me, and I want them to know how greatly that is appreciated. One of my horses escaped the paddock a couple of weeks ago ( we now have an electric wire running along the top of the fence) in the middle of the night. A black horse wandering around along a dark country road could have been disastrous! Something spooked Rocky and we heard him running around our driveway - we got him safely back into the paddock. I know the Spirits were helping us!!!

Thank you Bear, Cinnamon, and WhiteCrow for your comments.

I do hope that the connection to the nature spirits deepens for you, EOS, and I'm glad that Rocky is okay. We had a lead mare that used to work the bottom wire of the fence line loose every now and then. She'd get down on her belly and crawl underneath it with the rest of the herd (14 of them in all) getting in line behind her. She taught them all how to escape! LOL Then they'd take off either to the neighbors or right into the center of town (we lived a 1/2 mile out at the time) to show off their new found freedom. I'd get a call and as long as we could rope her and head back home the rest followed. Quite the scene on the way back and they all came single file too. Ha! It was scary as we lived on a logging road and those trucks couldn't stop to avoid livestock on the loose. Fortunately there were never any accidents and it was all mischievous behavior but they sure loved their adventures. Best wishes for the communication with the nature spirits! Please share your progress if you can.

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