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Sacred Masculine Energy
By CinnamonMoon


Basically masculine energy is assertive energy, it is active energy that is electric in that it is projected outwardly rather than reflective and a drawing inward like that of the magnetic feminine energy usage. Where the feminine energy is associated with lunar cycles, masculine energy is associated with solar cycles. It is also associated with the elemental forces of Air in the East and Fire in the South on the Medicine Wheel.

The masculine perspective is one that is external, things must be seen, touched, and experienced before they are accepted so it's linear perception. What is experienced is through the logic of the mind and physical reactions to things. If accepted it is taken to heart.

Endurance tests of strength and prowess along with protective focus are very much a part of the masculine path in rites of passage. In rites that initiate a young man to manhood, Vision Questing or Sun Dancing we can witness the endurance that is called for as men prove themselves worthy or sacrifice in ways that are physically painful for them. Often these rites call for life or death situations to be faced, overcoming extreme fear to find their courage, strength and stamina. Great preparation goes into this and weeks or months can be called for as that is undertaken. Conditioning of the mind, body and emotional state of the individual will be called for. The spiritual focus is imperative and the warrior framework is foundational.

I'm inviting the men in our community to discuss how they experience their masculine energy along sacred lines. Perhaps share some of the testings you've been through and the perceptions of your spiritual teachings. While I've studied the men's ways I would be doing comparisons with the feminine ways to express the differences and I think it will help the community immensely to understand this topic from your perspective relative to individual experiences. Thank you to all who willingly contribute to this forum.

I am SO glad this was added. I have felt a pull to balance the feminine and masculine energies. As this is happening I do find the experiences to be quite different- both powerful- and am very happy this Sacred Masculine was added for with this we can be balanced.

I was raised, encouraged and I studied ways to strengthen masculine energy in my world and also about how to use it. I became very unbalanced and I went through, and still am in, a learning experience where I am learning to walk with Feminine and Masculine energies in balance. I too would really enjoy hearing from the men in the community about how you experience Masculine energy and weave the spiritual into the mundane. *nudge, nudge*

I've sat with this thread open on my computer for several days...
I know that when you opened this section Cinnamon, you explained the masculine energy...then the barest bones of the North American Native initiative practices for males to step into their masculine role within the community....and then you invited the men here to share their experiences...


Healing the masculine is a big part of my journey, despite being female in body.
The battles I've fought physically are all done on the right side of my body...
every surgery has been on the right side of my body... I have all male children...all male cats (except 1 and she died young) in my household... In the last 14 years I've had dogs and they are female.

During one of the classes I took in the tradition I follow, we did something called Walking with the Sacred...and a good part of that was an honoring of the Feminine (Light and Dark) and the Masculine (Light and Dark) and then an honoring of a future map in which we honored a time and stepped into it, where neither masculine or feminine energy held sway over the other, but they were united in love and creation...

It was a beautyfull ceremony...
It was a beautyfull journey...
And I've been walking it within myself now for a couple of years...

If it is alright with you Cinnamon, I'm going to start a new topic in this section...about exploring a new map in which we honor the masculine and feminine energies of creation equally and regardless of the gender of the robes we now wear. Sort of a dreaming a future into being that allows us all to embody both comfortably and in harmony. I'll wait to hear from you before I start it, as it won't be strictly North American Indigenous...but more of a cross section of many traditions (as many as are followed here) and about our personal journeys towards this union, rather than a traditional path that has been followed by any specific group of collective consciousness.
Munay Ki

Absolutely, Wynsong! Thank you so much. I too journeyed in my lessons through both the masculine and feminine teachings and learned to balance both so I'm all for that. Our men here are rather silent in what they share so far so maybe this will help them to find their voices too. I think the topic will help many community members and appreciate your willingness to share what you've learned. I'll be happy to join in and I'm sure others will too. I look forward to your posts.

Thanks Cinnamon, I'll start to allow my thoughts to come together into some form of cohesion...so I can share. Munay Ki

Well it has been a while since I've posted here. Heck, had to create a new account as I could not recall the old email Addy I used to create the original. That's male energy for you he he he.

I think male energy is not only assertive but also destructive to a degree. Yet that destruction is more so in a creative destructive methodology. It is as we grow older that I believe the destructive quality of it changes to a more relaxed and controlled energy.

In some ways perhaps a better alignment or merging of the female half or quarter of our energy. In our youth I find male energy to be very pointed yet also unrefined to a great degree. It seems to rule us more so than us controlling it. It is explosive and charged to such an extent that we cross into the warriors path for it is both a controlled release and gives us role models.

I tend to think that male energy is badly out of balance for long periods of our life but it is because of the change of our social system. In the past many males released and controlled that energy via hunting or other sports that called for quick bursts of energy with a high burn rate.

In some ways I think nature shows us that young males need the release to learn control. In most groupings young males are removed from the herd and travel in Male herds dominated by an older male. In that grouping they learn to be males and release the destructive slant to their energy.

As we mature and get older we learn to focus that destructive or wild energy into a purpose. Sort of a: if I can see it I can make it or if I can grasp it in my hand I can work it. Touch is a major component of us (me) learning to focus and control that energy.

I think when we start getting in touch with the female part of our self we learn to abstract idea's or look beyond just the physical world. Yet that also causes us problems for it is not a "natural" state for us to be in for it goes in opposition to the look, see, feel and touch facet of so much we do.

It may sound harsh but to understand the male energy I think one only needs to look at the way males respond to sexual urges and encounters. The male energy is to burn quickly and take action. Yet the female facet of the energy is subdued yet also touches upon us but in a limited degree until we realize the importance of it. Yet that too if often discovered as we get older and balance the whole.

I think I may have just confused the issue instead of helping on this one.

Hey there stranger! Good to see you and thank you so much for sharing. I don't think it was confusing at all. You're describing the balance of learning to bring the primal urges under control and then into harmony with understanding. Makes perfect sense. Males are tactile and there is a need (at least in those I've known) to discover things on their own rather than accept the senses as the experience, they need to have the physical experience itself. Women, just the opposite, accept the sensory experience and then explore the physical. We come from opposite poles to the same center though.

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