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Dream 2


By FireStarter

Off in the distance I saw clouds blowing up, quickly one next to the other, like I had never seen before. Then, a snow like powder fell from the sky. It seemed to fall too quickly to run in the opposite way....away from it.

I felt there were two choices, run away, get into a car, but instinctively knew, it was in the direction I'd be running to also. So I went into a house to seek shelter from it.

The whole ground, everything was covered in white. It was a yukky white, not cleansing like snow. I'm now in a house with others as we figure out what to do. Some people opted to go into the white and drive away hoping to find places that weren’t white. Not many had this opportunity. It was quiet.

We ate the foods in the house but wondered what to do with our waists.

Apparently the toilets didn’t work.

There was no big blast, just big clouds then a thick covering of white everywhere. The white didn’t kill us but we knew it would in time. We tried not to breath it, by not going outside and keeping it off our skin as best we could. But, ......... It seemed hopeless....the earth was covered in it.

This morning, I am beholding the green everywhere. The birds, which I don’t recall hearing in my dream, the wind, that seemed also to be gone in the dream. It was an awful dream to have, but I can’t help but feel it was somehow helpful. I am sure as I walk with this dream, I will understand more.

I laughed a bit when I told hubby that now I understand why they tell people to put duct tape in their emergency stuff. But, in the dream, duct tape would only help in the initial coming in of the white stuff. In all reality there would be no getting away from it. I've had other dreams in the past about Earthquakes so powerful you could see the Earth’s surface "wave".

I've had a dream where people from other planets came to help us "Stop this!". Stop this suicidal behavior. (I never gave any thought to life on other planets until this dream). I don’t like what I'm seeing. It’s a hard one to swallow this morning. I'm thinking about all the wild life now.

No houses to go into. Lungs coated. Death would be a lot faster for them. This dream has changed me. I'm not the same person I was yesterday. I'm kinda sad. Not scared, just real sad. I think I will really, really, appreciate so much more the surface of Mother Earth. I don’t watch shows like this on TV. I choose not to go to places in the mind that would create something like that. For me, this wasn’t a typical dream. All these survival things on web sites....how to find water, etc..... useless. The white stuff touches everything.....even deep water. I guess too, it seems, as we cry for peace louder than ever the voice of war is very loud as well. Too, I guess in time, I will learn what to do with this dream. There's no way I'll go to the corner and start yelling about it...LOL! I even wonder now, as I come to finish this if i should even post it? How would it affect others. I can’t even tell you the heaviness in my chest right now.

Namaste, Karen

Karen, this is not an interpretation, just some observations for you to take or leave as you wish... I was struck by the sense of resignation. You mentioned at the beginning that there were two choices and yet the one of leaving, which you called 'running away' didn't really seem to be considered as a viable option. How do you know what was beyond the white? Do you know for sure that it wasn't the solution, or a perfection that you never imagined existed? I'm filled with curiosity. I would love to meditate on the white and journey into it to see where it takes me. But then I've always been a bit weird!

I was intrigued by the sudden shift from black to white also, and the fact that you seemed to be a lot more bothered by the 'yukky white' than you have ever been about the 'black'!

Karen, your dream reminds me how precious the gift of breath, the touch of a friend, and knowing that we have opportunities and options before us - not much of which was present in your dream. It was a subtle encroachment into your lives. It wasn't awesome or something that grabbed your attention, it snuck up on you - so to speak. It is what can happen to us as we go through our lives shutting down our awareness - to me this dream is a reminder of the all the gifts we can bestow as we walk in awareness. The dream to me wasn't about a lack of, but about how fortunate you are by reminding you of what it could be like. This is what came to me and I wanted to share it with you. I can imagine the dream left you with a heavy impression, but I don't believe that was the message.

Hi Wind Dancer and neat questions you put out there.
They feel close to the core. I am prejudice. black+white- oh goodness. (head in hands) I can see it causes me problems. Beyond the white? Imagine......I saw the white "dead snow" or (fall out) was everywhere. It was so engulfing. Yukky white.....lol.

I am surrounded by Christians, most of them extreme. I live in Kentucky!!! It's funny, my sister just told me in an email this morning that she goes to church sometimes. She assured me she wasn’t extreme. lol. Me? I just want to put up a sign next to every "abortion stops a beating heart" sign that says, "war stops a beating heart". I think it would be way cool for you to see into the white and if you wanted, let me know? Black as positive? Well, my best friend is black. I'm born of darkness (rape) and have HAD to turn it around and make it positive just for myself. I'm the "black sheep" and have had to learn to be proud of it. Not so proud, but major acceptance. My family was very serious about black sheep. It's funny, when I wear white it feels real different than when I wear black. In my awake state I've seen two Spirit Women. They were both white. But, I do see where the darkness defined them.

Eagle Singing..... Ya, I dropped into a sleep a long while ago and wondered what on earth it would take to wake me up. Really hoping it wouldn’t be something real tragic, but really needed to wake up.

Yesterday after posting in here this dream I went outside. The black birds that fly in huge bunches were around me, big crow sitting atop a tree not far away. I was barefoot and so very appreciative and awake. I went out to the horses in the fields and held one of my kitties as I visited my red mare. I felt very awake. My awareness was such that I even put my ear on a cedar tree and listened to it respond to the wind. It was very heavy this dream, but, I really was more awake yesterday than I've been in quite some time. I would even say, my awareness was "crisp" yesterday. I am not the same person I was before the dream, and really, am so glad of that. Sometimes, I become so asleep, it takes a Mack truck to wake me up! I hope I can stay awake or just take little naps. Maybe I hibernate in the summer and am awake for winter?! lol. I am quite backwards. Have a beautiful uncovered day!!!!!

Karen, I too have had some sense of impending "doom" with the white snow. (like nuclear winter). Again not the cleansing, happy feeling with the big flakes, but the bitter cold with the small pellet like snow. Being backwards is not bad, just hard to feel at home in this world. Here is a hug for you from your sister.


Dream II

By Eyemage
I would appreciate any help anyone can give me on this dream I had two nights ago:
I walked up to a house (which wasn't my house)
and on the porch there was a dead reddish-brown snake that I knew to be a ball snake (I know there are such snakes as ball pythons, but don't know if they are this color).
I then went inside. I was carrying a black snake with me (I don't know where it came from)
in my left hand.
I was carrying it by its body and it bit my hand.
The bite didn't hurt, but it surprised me and so I jerked my hand and sort of threw the snake.

I read the information in the totem library about snake, but I still don't know what the dream means.

One thing to remember when it comes to dreams is to try to know your own feelings and emotions to what was happening in the dream and also your own responses or meanings to symbols and colors. That said the snake is about transformation and change it is possible the dead snake is some kind of change that brings an end to something, that you may need to let go of something that is or has come to an end, walk past it or put it in your past.

The other snake that you carried, could be about something that is coming into your life, an offer, change or opportunity that while it is not damaging [because the bite didn't hurt] serves no purpose for you, which would be why you tossed it away. Also could mean that you will learn something that while it is unpleasant [the bite] won't harm you [bite didn't hurt] about a new situation that is coming into your life. Causing you to turn away from that choice, or change, or toss it aside.

The house when you walked up to it you said it wasn't your home, do you mean in reality it wasn't your home or both in reality and in the dream?

Thanks Nowment for interpreting the dream. It gives me a lot to think about. Sorry I wasn't specific about the house. It wasn't mine in real life or in the dream.

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