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Divination With Playing Cards
By CinnamonMoon

Reading from a deck of playing cards (which have been derived from the Tarot deck) is interesting and another option any Reader can employ. Instead of the 78 cards of the Tarot there are 52 cards and the readings tend to be simplified in presentation but just as effective. There are many systems available to foretell the future and this is a very simple one to use. Whether you are just beginning or are seasoned in divination of this sort, it's a convenient, inexpensive, and easily accessible method to employ.

Remember that the cards flanking either side of the card being interpreted will define what is at issue. For instance, should the card you are interpreting indicate that something is about to be received, the cards to either side would tell you what the subject of receipt will pertain to, and "how" it will be presented, one card leads to the next. In this example of receiving something, let's say that the preceding card indicates love…therefore the issue is about receiving a token of love, likely an engagement ring…however the card following will indicate the specifics of that. If the preceding card refers to business then that will be the issue that will be received, the following card indicating if it is a contract or money as in the case of profits. Should these cards be reversed we'd be talking about loss, either a broken engagement and why it would break, or a business loss/failure and the circumstances that would cause that to happen.

The regular deck of playing cards consists of 4 suits and 13 cards to each suit; where there are an additional 22 Major Arcana to the Tarot deck. The Major Arcana represent the cosmic influences, the external influences of archetypal personas that come into play in our lives. Let's say the more spiritual influences or mythic quests and challenges. They are not represented in the average playing cards. This lends the playing cards to more simplified readings and general mundane matters rather than the "bigger picture" that the Tarot tends to incorporate.

The interpretations for the suits are:

Hearts: Symbolic of full, wholehearted nature with strong emotional force behind it. They indicate high success, integrity that would nullify any negative influences, and soften adverse signs (except where love and close friendships are concerned…there they would indicate the emotional attachment to the situation and show where grief or suffering or stress would come into play).
Clubs: Symbolic of friendship, this suit indicates the importance of that influence. With "good cards" they are reminders that friendships are to be kept to insure success. With "bad cards" (cards that are reversed or challenging) they indicate that through friends the situation may be made better or overcome. If there is an indication of misfortune it may mean that friends will desert the individual leaving them to face the difficulty alone.
Diamonds: Symbolic of the practical side of life and money, can indicate difficulties, half-achievements and that more is required for successful outcomes. If they flank a success card, for instance, it may indicate money will be needed to insure that success, an investment of funds will be required. They can indicate friction in business…strong competition. Here we find the presence of lawsuits, temporary reverses, things that interfere. They can soften at times, and indicate when wealth will be obtainable or when adversity can be conquered.
Spades: Symbolic of warnings that forearm us. If we know there are hazards ahead or misfortune about to arrive, by that knowing we can often counteract or at least prepare for the challenges. When we see spades appear they indicate interference, loss, and that one should not expect too much. They double the impact of the significators (enemies, problems, troubles in general) and are actually tokens of red flag areas in someone's life that turn out to be a blessing because this information is brought to light ahead of time.

Let's look at the interpretations for the 13 cards within each suit.

Ace: Home and domestic happiness. Can signify visitors, change of residence, or news about/from a family member.
Two: Success and great fortune are indicated here, often beyond the expectations of the consultant. If flanked by negative indicators there will be delays or a need to consider other options or projects instead of those where there are obstacles.
Three: Here we have the "hothead" or hotheaded actions on the part of the consultant. They're upset about the issue and may make impetuous or unwise decisions that will threaten or spoil matters… with disastrous results if flanking indicators are negative.
Four: The proverbial bachelor or old maid, a long-delayed or much-postponed marriage. It can also indicate reconciliation due to the consultant's fussy nature.
Five: Here we have indecision, struggle to make up one's mind, or the desire to escape a situation or issue.
Six: The indication here is about the consultant being weak in some area. A warning that impositions and an overgenerous nature may be taken advantage of are present. It may indicate those around this person will be manipulative or conniving.
Seven: False hopes and hasty promises are indicated here. When this card appears one cannot depend on others as they are apt to change their minds. If flanked by negative indicators count on nothing from others and that the consulting individual will have to stand alone.
Eight: This is a card of celebration and in general something that has already been planned or anticipated.

Nine: This card brings fulfillment, harmony, success, and is often considered the "wish" card that allows dreams to manifest or come true. If it is flanked by negative cards there are likely to be temporary obstacles or delays, and sometimes they can be serious.

Ten: This is a very good card that promises success and good luck to any given situation. It may indicate this will arrive as a surprise and good fortune. It strengthens good cards and counters bad ones.
Jack: This is an individual who is close to the consultant. A dear friend or confidant. It is not necessarily a man but they have a long-standing relationship established and it could be like a childhood sweetheart or schoolmate.
Queen: She is a faithful, loving woman, either a trusted wife or good mother. Certainly she is the true love of a man. For a woman she can be a potential rival, but she is kind and fair-minded.
King: This is a man of influence with good intentions. He's generous, likeable, but can be impulsive thinking after the fact rather than wisely beforehand. He's not the one to turn to for advice as he has a hot temper and will argue.


Ace: Wealth, financial success, perhaps fame in a chosen profession. It also indicates many friends that are helpful to the individual throughout life.
Two: Direct opposition where one cannot count on any support from friends or business associates. In fact, they may be the source of that opposition so the "lone wolf" aspect is at play here.
Three: A second or third marriage that will be successful; a long engagement to one person followed by a marriage to another but with a friendly parting.
Four: Warning of sudden misfortune or failure of a project, this card indicates that there may be false or fair-weathered friends or associates who complicate or injure matters.
Five: Generally indicates marriage to a wealthy partner, a prosperous future to both parties, or enhancement to other projects.
Six: Partnership and success in business with friendship involved. Friends and associates that are close should be consulted or considered in issues where this card appears, or in seeking financial aid.
Seven: Success and good luck where there are no complicating factors in cards that flank the issue…particularly with the opposite sex. It needs supportive cards flanking it to ensure the outcome.

Eight: Anxiety or an overwhelming drive around money matters. Betokens a good friendship where independent individuals or projects offer sufficient gain for all. If not, friends are sacrificed for the profits, and can mean that the individual would gamble or risk borrowed money with their own.

Nine: Trouble comes with this card and if there are indicators of gifts or rewards flanking it a friendship will be lost as a result. It can indicate arguments that are frequent in friendships and often bring harmful results or betrayals. Ambition injured by stubbornness.
Ten: Strong good luck favors the issue and good fortune from an unexpected source arrives. It can indicate a long, successful journey and is a card of happiness that wards against any negative influences.
Jack: A friend that is both sincere and generous. Male or female, this individual will flatter with good intent, possibly with suggestions or a proposal that is flattering.
Queen: Kind and loveable this woman can be temperamental but will always be true in either love or friendship. For a man it is generally a wife, and for a woman it is a lifelong friend and confidante.
King: A man who demonstrates consistent and valuable friendship. For a man it can be a rival, but he's a generous one. For a woman it may be a relative, family friend, who is always honest, loyal, and sincere.


Ace: An important message is about to arrive by letter, or messenger. It often pertains to money or a gift and can mean an engagement ring.
Two: A serious love affair that will result in marriage or interfere with a marriage depending on the situation as indicated by flanking cards.
Three: Quarrels and disputes in business that could lead to lawsuits. In home settings it indicates either separation or divorce that will result.
Four: Quarrels within family or friendships, at times both. There is an indication of neglect or forgetfulness in friendship, and in marriage it is usually frequent arguments and relatives that interfere.
Five: Prosperity in business, or a good marriage. In business honesty in those dealings leads to an enduring friendship, and in marriage it indicates pride in family and children.
Six: An early marriage that has an unhappy ending, boding ill for a second marriage as well. The flanking cards will indicate why.
Seven: This represents one who gambles, generally a heavy loser. It can indicate false rumors or unfair criticism and brings bad luck to any venture.
Eight: Travel and marriage are indicated late in life. It can be related issues here wherein travel leads to courtship, and often a rural life that is more relaxed.
Nine: Here we have adventure and wanderlust with money as the object. Moving from place to place due to one's career or in hopes of greater earnings and/or advancement. Flanking cards will indicate if it is to be news about "another move" or unexpected news of a promotion.
Ten: A journey with money as the objective but one which may or may not be successful. It can also indicate an unexpected marriage with money involved.
Jack: This is a person who is selfish, generally a man. It can also be a messenger that delivers bad news. There is indication this individual could be a relative or unreliable friend, it's someone close to the querrant. If the consultant is a male the individual poses little threat, it's more an annoyance. If the consultant is a woman it is bad news unless flanked by more supportive indicators.
Queen: This is a flirtatious woman who disrupts business or a love relationship where a male consultant is concerned. She's given to gossip and scandal when a woman is consulting. This individual is attractive in a dangerous way and she can be very persuasive and manipulative with the opposite sex.
King: A dangerous man in business, he is a ruthless competitor; in love he's a bitter rival. Where women are concerned this can mean a deceitful lover, or a bad-tempered husband.


Ace: Misfortune that brings about an ending to a situation or condition in life. Bad news, tidings of death, it brings with it the emotional turmoil and conflict of sudden endings in love, family, and friendships that call for a parting of ways. It can also be an ending to a situation or stage of life that leads to rebirth or transformation.
Two: Complete change or separation such as that of parting ways from loved ones, the loss of a home, moving to a distant location, or a death. It is a strong influence on the card that will follow and is indicative of the situation as a result of the card that preceded it.
Three: A card of unhappiness, misfortune in love or marriage are strongly indicated. Troubles here should be forgotten or forgiven or they will nullify all other good indicators for the consultant. A "let it go" card.
Four: Minor misfortune or upsets, this card tends to indicate a short illness, temporary setbacks in financial matters, envy or petty jealousy. It can either be relative to the consultant themselves or to those around them. It indicates that this influence will hinder any projects suggested by the flanking cards.
Five: Business success or a happy marriage are both shown by this card. There will be many reverses to overcome before that can be achieved, tests of faith or extensive effort for success, these challenges can be overwhelming and are often extremely discouraging, especially if there are other extenuating situations to contend with.
Six: Great plans with less than satisfactory results are indicated by this card. It suggests much effort for little gain leading to discouragement. Perseverance may bring success, but that is going to be shown with the flanking cards. It can bring luck all the same despite any failures. The flanking cards would show that to be the case or not.
Seven: Sorrow and quarrels are an indication here, and it is wise advice to encourage the consultant to avoid misunderstandings with others be it friend or relative. If the consultant does not heed the warning then there will be later regrets. It would be better to let things ride and fade away than to fuel fires.
Eight: Opposition and false friends who could become enemies are indicated. If the warning is observed then most of the trouble can be avoided. The consultant should look into all affairs immediately, especially issues indicated by flanking cards.
Nine: Illness, loss of money, misery, no matter what the flanking cards indicate, this dampens them and the consultant cannot depend on much more than hoping for the best in any given situation.
Ten: Bad luck, this card nullifies any good omens and doubles the impact of flanking cards that signify misfortune or trouble.
Jack: The "clinging vine" individual that "hangs on for dear life". A false friend, a needy person who drains energy, a useless partner who may be sincere but lazy, this individual hinders the consulting party in any arena.
Queen: A treacherous woman, ruthless and cruel. She's the "merry widow" for a man, and the betraying friend to a woman. Certainly she cannot be trusted.
King: A dangerous and ambitious man, he will injure business or marital relationships. For a woman it is a warning of a man who is worthless or incompatible according to the flanking cards.

A sample layout to practice with: Seven Triplets/Seven Fates/Seven Sisters: The shuffled deck uses 21 cards in this layout. The deck is cut into 3 piles by the consultant using their left hand. From each pile cards are drawn face up in a cluster of three until 7 clusters are formed. These clusters represent 7 issues to be addressed with the center pile cards indicating the focal point. The cards from the pile on the left indicate influences leading up to the issue. Those from the pile on the right show significators that will following that issue, or the outcome.

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