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Moon And Scrying
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While this is a topic that would fit well in our Divination forum, I am going to discuss it here as a part of our Moon Series.

Lunar scrying is a method of divination that has been used throughout the ages and throughout all cultures to initiate visionary experiences and see into matters clearly. It is often said that bodies of water are Diana's Mirrors...Diana being the goddess of the Moon. The element of Water itself is assigned to the Moon in most traditions and the art of scrying as well.

How does one scry, into water or any other surface for that matter? The act is a simple one, and it is not something to intimidate you in any way. While there are very elaborate rituals and ceremonies in some traditions, I do not find they are necessary. It is best done facing the East since this is the direction of the Higher Mind, conception, illumination, and insights. Scrying is simply a focal point to summon a vision and an ability that can be developed. When one wishes to know more about a situation or to look upon another they are concerned about, any reflective surface will do: a bowl of ink, a crystal ball, a bowl of water, a lake, a pond, a pool, or a mirror laid flat are common instruments of visionary work.

To prepare for this one must sit quietly and create Sacred Space through the process of centering. Calling in the elemental forces is recommended, and it is a simple spoken invitation for them to attend your session. Some people like to smudge and purify the area being worked in with different incenses and this is personal preference, but some sort of purification and centering process should be applied for the right state of mind and spirit to be achieved. Please see the Knowledge Center articles on these subjects if you need help with the process. You will want solitude and an undisturbed atmosphere in the immediate environment.

Once Sacred Space is prepared, a bowl of water, seated over a pool, or body of water, you want to set the stage. Scrying is best done on the Full Moon cycle but anywhere from the New to Full will serve you best. The reflective qualities of the Moon and the light it gives off permits illumination and vision. Working in this way as the Moon wans is prohibitive as the energy is drawing away from us during that time and weakens the work we are trying to call to us.

Sessions should initially be no more than 15-20 minutes, and if you are unsuccessful at that time you should stop and try again on another night. It can take several sessions to build a successful vision and as you work in this way you will also build a natural ability to stay with the work for longer periods. This said, let me address what the signs of a successful scrying session will bring to bear on the exercise.

First of all you want to make sure that you are not looking at the surface of the scrying area, look at the center and beyond it, or through the surface, and you want no images being reflected other than the Moon herself or you can sit with the Moon allowing just the illumination of the surface itself to stand out with no image of the Moon showing. Both ways are acceptable. The images will appear either on the surface of the water, mirror, or Moon.

You want to soften your gaze, and you do not need to strain your eyes--it's okay to blink them--focus on the surface you are scrying into and concentrate on the question or individual you have in mind. No wandering thoughts at this time, as they will detract from your success. It must be a focused thought and held firmly in mind. Next you will pass your hands, over the surface with three sweeps: left hand receptive first (if you are right handed); right hand active (dominant hand) next.

The surface of your scrying will begin to cloud over. This may appear as fogging, or clouds that The surface of your scrying will begin to cloud over. This may appear as fogging, or clouds that are roiling around, it can look like wisps of smoke lifting from the surface, but there will be some form of clouding, and sometimes a spinning of the outer rim. As this happens let it come. It is the first sign that you are coming to your scrying portal and the clouds will begin to clear leaving you a "screen" where the images will appear.

The size of the surface at this point becomes insignificant and you may find it covers your entire field of vision as if you had stepped into that surface itself as a landscape. At this point you may find little pinpoints of light begin to dance across the surface. They can be silver or multicolored, and they will begin to form patterns, clustering to bring in the images. Some people do not get this experience but go directly into the vision and it can vary between the two. Each of us has to get a feel for how we receive.

As the images come there is also variation. We may get a "connect the dots" image, a symbol, stick figures, outlines, or a full vision in black and white or in color. Again, this varies from individual to individual and can be a mixture of all the above. Let the images come, and watch what they reveal. I've had them play out as if they were on a television screen and I were watching a movie, and I've had pinpricks of light form symbolic representations of locations and events, as if I were looking at a page in a coloring book.

The scrying surface is merely a focal point to summon a visual of the information you are seeking. But where that vision appears defines things in time and space too. Past, present, and future can be revealed. You can witness portions of events or the entire event, all the doings of those involved, the reasons behind the actions, what has been spoken or written. Clairvoyance (clear vision) is the ability that is being called upon but it can also be accompanied by clairaudience (clear hearing). Some people, those who tend not to hear during these sessions, will witness people talking and to bring in the conversation will add automatic writing to their process. In this case the hand works on its own to receive the conversation and there is no focus on the writing act itself. It happens automatically and is adapted to the vision afterward.

During the session the practitioner slips into a state of semi-trance and becomes enveloped in the experience. During this they are still wide awake and completely aware of their surroundings, so you need not worry about coming out of the session. It's like going to a movie and sitting in the audience, you know there are seats and people around you but your focus is on the screen.

Sometimes the surface seems to disappear altogether and the individual is drawn into it where visions appear life-sized. It may appear bleary at first but will become clear. Be patient. It is common for it to take between 5 seconds and 5 minutes for visions to come to experienced Seers. For me the milky clouding comes first, then an illuminated ring begins to spin around the outer edge, first clockwise and then counterclockwise. It feels like I am adjusting a set of binoculars with the focal ring. Some see flames burning and then a vision comes through them. These "signs" can come intermittently between visions as well...like the curtain that opens and closes between the acts of a play. For others the pictures simply "shift" in an ongoing display of various events, symbols, or information. The duration of the vision can vary from seconds to lengthy sessions of 30 minutes or more. I've watched things for up to an hour, as if watching a television program.

Sensory input often accompanies these scrying sessions and you may feel things taking place quite physically. This ranges from comfortable to uncomfortable as the case may be. Afterward there can be a giddiness felt, or dizziness so grounding is going to be essential to restore your state of balance. There is nothing here that is going to put you at risk to your health, however success is not to be expected if you are emotionally upset or feeling ill. You need to be in a natural state and calm.

The reflections and points of light that begin the onset of the vision fix the scryer's attention as to where that vision is going to begin. It is common enough to hear raps during the sessions for some people. On occasion two people may witness the same vision, this is rare but it does happen. While I've heard people talk about the location of the vision in the surface to indicate past, present, or future, I tend to "feel" that event as such and find that my vision does not "locate" itself in this way. It expands over my field of view and encompasses the entire landscape.

If you have something specific you are looking for, a focus on that issue, person, or perhaps lost object is necessary to bring in the information. You are "looking for something". If you are uncertain as to what to focus on, or if you are just wanting to practice this art, you can simply clear your mind, ask for a vision, and allow it to come. We are often guided in this way for pathwork or upcoming issues we are unaware of but may "feel" things coming toward us and a need to know why. Whatever your purpose for scrying, persistent and regular practice will allow you to achieve your goal. The more you do it the better you get.

I own 5 crystal balls of varied sizes and all serve to function well. Water, the Moon itself, a bowl of ink, whatever you choose to work with, the surface needs to be reflective and free of distortion. You can work by candlelight but you do not want that flame reflecting in the surface. The angle of the gaze should give you just the surface itself so play with the positioning of your body or the object you are using to achieve a "clear" view. Good luck and please feel free to post your experiences should you explore this fascinating arena!

Thank You for an indepth informative post on Moon Scrying Cinn. As questions were forming in my head, they were being answered in the next line!

Oh good, that means I did it right! LOL Thank you for your comments and I hope it helps you out. If you explore this arena of study please share your results.

“I own 5 crystal balls of varied sizes and all serve to function well.”

What type of crystals are they Cinn? I have two at the moment. One is medium green Obsidian or green volcanic glass that is clear right through, and the other is a dark purple/green Fluorite which has many beautiful fractures and swirls through it. I would dearly love to come across a clear quartz one someday with fractures. Do the fractures matter or so long as the surface is reflective all should go well? With a full moon on its way, I'll prepare and try it then. I'll let you know how it went.

They are high grade Austrian Crystal, and were expensive due to size and quality. Clarity is important but I've never heard where color matters. If it is easy on the eye and clear that's what's important. The green Obsidian sounds lovely. The Fluorite sounds like a piece that would serve you better in another way as the fractures, bubbles, and swirls distort visions that come through. I've had good results with the acrylic balls as well and it's different with each of us there. So that may be an affordable way to start if the Obsidian doesn't work for you. I'd suggest several sessions with it first before looking for something different as I believe it would serve you very well. Just remember that for gazing you don't want the fractures. If you want a collectible piece that's different. You see in gazing you look beyond the surface so you don't want any distortion. Yes, do post your results. It's a wonderful tool and it does take time for some to get the hang of it. I wish you instant connection!

After reading your post, I'll get the Obsidian ready (as well as myself! ) Your Austrian Crystal spheres sound beautiful. I received a very vivid image of them as I read it. While you've been doing scrying with your spheres, do you think the information you've received may have been influenced by where the crystal is from?

Sorry for ALL these questions, but I am very interested in this topic.

To answer your questions, no the information has nothing to do with where the crystal balls come from but the quality of the visions definitely is related to the quality of the crystal. The better the crystal the clearer the visions and the more information you seem to get. It's like talking over a phone line, it's either a good connection or one filled with static that can cut out or block the conversation. For example, with acrylic balls I've had some good results, I get images but they are flashes and you have to put them together like puzzle pieces. With the Austrian crystal it's like watching a movie, the images are real, in real time, and ongoing for an hour or more. Big difference there.

At least in my experience. You're welcome to ask all the questions you like. That's how we learn. Keep them coming. I will do my best to help you out.

We didn't get a continuous view of the Moon last night, it was way too cloudy. After the boys were in bed, I sat outside in the open with the Obsidian. Once I was in a meditative state, I received images every now & then when there was a break in the clouds. I couldn't hold any of them for long once the moon slipped behind the clouds each time. I was met by Panther and shown various things. I think I'll need to sit quietly and meditate on what I was shown to piece them together. Thank You again.

This is a typical reaction. Even with my good crystal balls the images can vary. This is why quality really helps, because our own energy varies. It's never good to scry when stressed or overly tired. It just takes more out of you and rarely produces good results. I've found that in scrying I have may differentiations with the way the images come. It can be anything from tiny pinpoints of colored light that form images or symbols, to cartoonish characterization (like in a coloring book), to a video type moving image where you can clearly identify the environment and what's taking place in it as well as the people involved.

One of the key factors in scrying is to hold your focus. For instance, I might want to check on my daughter who lives quite a ways from me and we don't see one another often enough. So I would look into the crystal and call her name softly. Just her name over and over and over, like a whisper but holding her in focus. Now I don't just focus with my mind, I focus with my heart, feeling the person's energy signature, "wanting" to know about them genuinely. It's not like picking up the phone and saying "I guess I'll just call and see what's up". The focus is important and the more of yourself you can put into it without straining the better.

Visions take between 5-20 minutes to appear as a rule. The more frequently you gaze the faster they seem to come. If you break a steady pattern of gazing (say you do it every other day for weeks and then stop for a week or two) it's common to start over from scratch to get the visions coming through again. Usually with less effort than the first time but still lengthy enough to let you know you've "dropped the ball" LOL. The fact that you got glimpses initially is a good sign that you will be very successful with this tool. I wish you the best and will be happy to answer what questions I can as they arise for you.

You actually answered something for me, without me even knowing I had a question for it! Our sons have been ill over this last week with gastro and severe hay fever. I have had many wakeful hours over this time, and I have been feeling very tired and drained of energy myself - even the night I did the scrying which is possible for the fading in and out of the visions.

Oh good, not that you're tired, but that the question formed as you read the comment. It is
important to remember that no matter what type of spiritual work you are doing. You want to be in a very relaxed but stable state of mind and body so illness and over-exertion are not the most conducent states to try to work from. Think about it, you stay home from work if you're ill, you take a nap if you're tired, you rest when you're weary. It is the same with pathwork. I'm sure it did play into the stability of the visions you received. But part of that may have been the assimilation to the process too. The more we do it the better we get.

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