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I was emailing one of our Readers about what to watch for in their developing skills and felt it may help others here to share that insight so I'm adding this post for the benefit of those just getting their bearings.

It's a good idea not to read what others post as their insights before doing your reading. It's just too easy to let that color your interpretation of the message and bias it. I don't like to have influences like that. I love reading them afterwards though and there is often a lot of common ground showing there. We all have our own style though and there's nothing wrong with developing yours. So please don't judge yourself based on what others get. Some people are very detailed and some pack a punch with very brief but nut-shelled responses. Both serve a purpose and lend insight which is what we're looking for. Both have merit and neither is better than the other.

Regarding what book interpretations have to teach you, I'm strong on getting your own impressions vs. generalities. I'm one to focus on sensory input anyway, but one day I was doing readings, oh this is years ago now, and it was the Empress Card of the Major Arcana that literally pulled me in and took me into the role of the Empress.

I was suddenly "in her position" and understood it, looking out from the card with the knowledge of that environment around me. I understood it that way so completely. After that I began stepping into each card and letting it wash through me that way so I could apply that sensory input to its message for the readings I was doing and the depth of information that began coming through for people grew by leaps and bounds.

It's really pretty easy to do. You could practice that in your journey work, just meditate on the cards (say one a day or even as you can do it...naturally the more consistent you are the faster the growth will be) and let it speak to you of its wisdom. You'll grab that faster than you will any book interpretations that are more universal and develop your own style. I believe that we can trap ourselves into book interpretations being an authority over the messages when in fact that's not always the most accurate. What comes through to us can take us much deeper if we open to it and I encourage anyone to do so.

You can't rush readings. I find clients call me and expect me to be "turned on and tuned into them" at an instant's notice and I can't switch quite that fast. I need a moment to focus the question. As I do I shuffle and cut the cards, mixing them well and hold the question in mind. This also serves to allow me to tune into their energy signature.

I have a pattern that works well and you might like to try it. You don't have to sense which card to pull from the deck then either, though that's a good method too, this one is a series of 3 shuffle-cuts.

You shuffle, cut three times reversing the direction of the stacks as you cut them. Stack the cards, shuffle and repeat the process 2 more times. (Cut the cards with your left hand or your receptive hand. If left-handed it is your right hand that is receptive.). Then you lay out the cards drawing from the top of the deck. In this way the cards fall as they are supposed to and it's the shuffle-cut that puts them in place.

If the shuffle or the cut "act up" go with it, don't force the cards into place. Sometimes several will want to stay together. They are placing themselves for the reading. If cards jump out of the deck when you're shuffling or cutting them, read them as they are and separately from the reading. It's always a message that stands on its own and prepares the client for something important.

Then put them back in the deck and pick up where you left off. I go intuitively putting them back in. Sometimes I put them on top, sometimes on the bottom, and sometimes I insert them. I just go with the way that feels right. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of things.

When I'm pondering an issue I'll use the method of shuffling and cutting and spreading the cards out to draw them randomly from the deck as many like to do. But for the general situation I always do a shuffle-cut series and let Spirit or my Guides direct the process. Another thing I do just before I address the question is to say a little prayer that what is shown to me will be truth and for the higher good of the person, for a light to shine in the darkness and tell them what they need to know.

Then I proceed. I am blunt with people, but I always look for the high road in the reading. If I see trouble coming at someone instead of telling them it's a definite I say something like: "To be forewarned is to be forearmed, and resulting outcomes are affected by the choices we make. If you choose to continue with current perceptions and actions it will lead you into ______________. However if you choose to change them you can bring about a better result. It's up to you." The responsibility is theirs, not ours. Our job is to convey the message and to set Spirit's Light to shine on things.

I always advise people to pray or meditate and ask Spirit's help. I steer them to Spirit and not dependency on the cards or me. They are tools to see into matters, they are not the source of the information, just the means to find it. IMHO So I'd encourage you to not hold back for people either. If you do you alter the message for them. They need to hear what you're shown. I stress this issue to people learning to read because the natural inclination is to hold back the negative or perceived hurtful stuff but it's there and shown to you for a reason.

Seeing yourself as the "mailperson" helps. You deliver the letter/message in its entire capacity, not just a torn off piece. That is your responsibility. It is also where it ends. What they do with the information is up to them. You are at liberty to "soften the edges" but sometimes that shouldn't happen. You'll start to sense the importance of issues. I find when someone is tuning out the information it will repeat itself again and again to get through to them. If they embrace it then it continues to expand deeper into the subject. We act as translators and it's our responsibility to translate fully. So remember: you're only the messenger, not the message itself.

Readings take time and can't be rushed or they will be inaccurate. When I do a "full reading" I go through the entire deck of cards. It's very extensive, and lends a tremendous amount of insight into matters. That takes me about 45-60 minutes when I'm on the phone or face to face with someone. When I'm doing it by written form it's even longer. I type as I go but it slows me down just a bit. Doing a forecast for a year for someone it can take me hours.

We learn things on many levels at different paces and to different depths. Sort of like going to college taking several courses at once. One suit may make more sense to you than another at first but eventually you will come to know them all and associate the energy of the suit with the messages too.

The purpose of reading for others is to lend guidance and insights...being of service to those who are troubled. Helping people sort out issues and find the best course of action. So many are blind or emotionally blinded by things they can't see anything but distorted truths and fears that seem real. So we read for them, lend insight, and direct them to take the High Road in resolving issues, to do what they know in their heart is right rather than to act on imbalanced emotions.

I always use a client reading as a way to direct the person into personal meditations and going within for their own answers through Spirit too. I shine the light on Spirit and it's amazing how many of them thank me for it later. I feel good then, like I've served Spirit's will in bringing someone home. It happens one touch at a time and in hindsight there have been many. I'm a teacher by nature, I simply have to share. So I take the opportunity presented as one to do that and help them find their way to their path.

By restoring spiritual harmony in their life they find the balance they are seeking in the mundane sense too. So it all serves a purpose. Don't ever underestimate a touch. Sometimes the most subtle touch is the most profound. Sometimes the whisper is more powerful than the shout.

And as you feel their energy signature develop over time, you'll know what they are really looking for. People disguise their truths in seeking answers in their questions. They'll ask one question and hope for another to be answered. Either because they are a bit shy for some reason or just don't want to say what really is troubling them for fear of looking foolish or the truth coming out too far into the light. What I've found over the years is that the message that comes through, whether it addresses their question or not, is what they need to hear most. In general, I prefer not to have them address a question. I will ask Spirit to show me what they need to know and tell them what I see first. (15 cards drawn to do that). Then I let them address questions to me one at a time. This way their truths begin to emerge and they have instant validation you are tapping into their issues.

For each question I'll draw 5 cards. Upright is yes, reversed is no, and you go with the odds there for the answer. Then you read the series of cards drawn 1-5 as distant past, recent past, present, near future, distant future and you have the reason for that answer in terms of events that took place, current choices in the way they are reacting to them, and the potential outcome if that choice of action continues. If they don't like what they see then they have the choice to change a perception, course of action, attitude, whatever is called for.

In this way they get much more out of the reading than what would otherwise come through. There is room there to advise them based on your own life experiences to help them see differently, or through experiences of others and some storytelling comes into play to exemplify things, but it's all good and it gives them a tool to start exploring more positive perspectives and potentials.

The Seven Sacred Directions are also used. I ask often if they are seeing this logically, through experience, emotionally, or based on traditional perceptions of what "should" be as opposed to what's in their heart and true. I ask them to look back, look ahead, and then make a sound decision. Just little nudges to see things differently and it's amazing what that does to give them permission to bring about change in their lives.

In the end they will do as their nature calls for, if they grab what you're saying they run with it. Some are stuck in ruts, control, manipulation of others, altering things selfishly and not seeing the impact that has on anyone else. It's selfish ego stuff, but that's their lesson of the moment and not ours to dictate. We may see it and even tell them so but if they aren't ready for the truth they will go into denial. All we can do is what we're asked to do by Spirit, relay the message, sometimes share wisdom or knowledge, but it's up to the person to use the information. Our responsibility ends there.

It has to be something you feel is right for you to do. If you doubt yourself the readings start to falter and become inaccurate. Not because of what is shown to you being wrong, but because you start to taint it with misconception and either consciously or unconsciously color the messages. I find the best way to approach a reading is through Spirit, almost like a prayer, then open to the answer being revealed to you. The accuracy from that perspective is amazing. It's how I achieve my high percentage of validations from people coming through to me.

I know that my readings are in the high 90% range. I trust them totally. But then I trust Spirit totally too. Time has shown me this. You'll find the feedback helps you see your accuracy too so when you feel moved to read in the practice forum do so. It's a good arena for the feedback.

Visions will often accompany a reading. I often get flashes or very strong impressions of a given situation that enhance what I'm shown in the cards. They intermingle for me and it's quite common to have it happen so don't be surprised if the readings you do here contribute to other growth areas too.


Online Deck Resources

By SilverEagleDreamDancer

Here's an excellent site for viewing and reviewing many kinds of decks. I can't vouch for their other info because I haven't read through the site but... they have about every deck known to man! So it's an excellent resource in that way.


Tarot Relationship Layouts

By ScubaGrrl

Some of my favorite layouts.

Relationship Layout:

6. Where the relationship is going.
5. Something we don't know.
3. How you see the relationship.
4. How they see it.
1. How you see your mate
2. How they see you.

1 2

3 4 5


1. What nourishes me most in this relationship?
2. What depletes me most in this relationship?
3. What of my hopes does this not fulfill?
4. What of my hopes does this not *yet* fulfill?
5. What of my hopes will this likely never fulfill?
6. If we continue as a couple, how will I most likely feel in (insert time frame)?
This one is in 5 columns, and 7 rows.


3 8

5 10

2 11 7

4 9

1 6


1, 6: Foundation of the relationship, patterns of relating to one another so far. What has been built from each of your perspectives.
2, 7: Past relationships of importance, or issues from childhood, parent-child relationships. What each person carries with them from the past.
3, 8: Other. What else is going on in your life that influences your behavior in the relationship - work, private thoughts, struggles.
4, 9: Letting go. What each person needs to leave behind. Habits, attitudes, viewpoints.
5, 10: Embracing- what each person needs to embrace, accept, take forward.
11: Meeting in the middle: what both parties need to do to meet in the middle.
12: Mutual hopes/fears. Sometimes our hopes and fears are the same- that hope fulfilled, is an ending of a pattern we knew.
13: Potential Outcome: Turn over cards until a Major appears. Use the cards you drew for further clarification, or you can ignore them and just read the Major.



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