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Tarot Spreads. Daily/Weekly

The Journey Of Past Life Readings Discussion

By SilverEagleDreamDancer

First I would like to say, if you aren't led by Spirit to do them.. don't. It may sound like the newest fun cool thing to do - but the first time you're witness to someone's death, you learn it's not. It's a serious ability and not to be taken lightly. I have a solid ethical platform for myself regarding reading another’s past life. This comes from a few years of experience that I was fortunate enough to have nurtured and supported by Spirit and by the people who encouraged me to develop the ability. The rules I recommend and go by are...

1) Ask Spirit to be shown a lifetime for the person that would be helpful to their development NOW to know about. Don't subject you or the sitter to lifetimes just for curiosities sake. That serves no one. Ask to be shown and let Spirit do the driving. When you that, amazing healing happens for the sitter and for you.

2) Never reveal current life connections from past life ones. If you know that someone’s brother from the past is their father now... keep it to yourself. That isn't information that's helpful for the growth of the sitter and I personally consider it a breach of the other person’s right to privacy.

Now, a word about the rights of privacy when it comes to past lives. Stories happen around us all the time. For example: you witness a birth. From your perspective, you have a meaningful story to tell about it and a right to that information. The monkey in the tree outside the room it all happened shared in it and also has a right to their information regarding it. But neither you or the monkey have a right to the private thoughts or intimate details of the mothers experience during the birth. When viewing past lives, perspective is everything. As the ability to view past lives grows, the amount of perspective that can be tapped into grows as well. It's vital to be firm in your resolve about sharing only the information from the sitters perspective and not that of others in that life. ONLY that information will be meaningful to their personal growth anyway.

3) Only one lifetime per sitting. If you're moving with Spirit, it should only come one at a time anyway - in my experience. There are many reasons for this. There are a ton of energy interactions involved with reading of this type; your emotional responses (you will have them), the healing that comes through doing them, the fluctuations of your vibrations while connecting to the past life in order to read it etc.... I only do one a day, one per sitting, one per person. Since i'm giving the information.. that's what I suggest.

4) Treat it as a sacred gift. It's not something to have. It's not something to 'try'. It's a calling - IMHO. I never asked for it, Spirit asked me. Together, we developed a method that works for me, to be able to hold the energies needed to do them. I do them only if led to, only with permission of the sitter. In some cases, like the current one - I had a flash that I recognized as a past life but I didn't look further until I was given permission from the sitter.

So, if anyone has questions.. feel free. These are just the guidelines I go by and how I'm most comfortable ethically. Not everyone does it under these type of rules so you should be aware of that too.

I am glad you brought this up. SEDD. I think I was shown a glimpse of one of my past lives many years ago, but am not sure. How do you know if it's real? Back then it had no meaning to me, but it makes sense now. I think even if I sat down right now and asked Spirit to show me a past life, I would question the validity of it. Since there is no way of validating such a thing, how do you know if it's true? I just thought with your experience, you have already dealt with the trusting Spirit and trusting your intuition issue. Maybe this belongs under a different topic altogether, but this glimpse of a past life I had really bothers me sometimes as to whether it was an overactive imagination or something real. I guess what I'm asking is how do you validate past lives?

Sunflower, I had one day after seeing a certain report on TV a dream, for a fraction of a second I thought I was just filling the rest of the story out I had seen, then I realized it was a memory. It looked and felt totally different from a dream. I could smell the fresh, sweet, pre-industrial air etc. I know that it was a former lifetime. Actually it was just about the whole lifetime I saw, as it was, as at the time usual, a short life. What I wanted to say with this is that you should know if something is a valid memory.

Silver Eagle Dream Dancer:
"How do you know if it's real?" I'd have to go on Owl with that one. You just know. Over the years I've learned to tell but, in essence they 'feel' different. Not much help I'm afraid "I think even if I sat down right now and asked Spirit to show me a past life, I would question the validity of it. Since there is no way of validating such a thing, how do you know if it's true?" And therein is the BIG problem with past life stuff. There is seldom a way to verify. Honestly though, I feel that past lives aren't really about who you were then... whether you were king or pauper. Those are identities. When I see them, they're about people and life - things we all go through whether in the past or now. Verification is in how it resonates with you and whether the lesson is something you find healing to know. That's the ONLY reason I can see for even doing them in the first place. As a reader, I know because of what I go through while viewing them. I hope that they help the sitter understand their life and to date, I've never had someone say that it meant absolutely nothing to them. In every case I can recall, they've written about what the understanding and message from Spirit has brought for them.

I've only had one reading that I thought could possibly be traced to some validation but I never

got a name for the person. I seldom know where I'm seeing a life, but in the one I'm recalling now, she had a life in Seattle - back in the beginning of the logging days there. Records were kept from then so were I to receive a name, she may have been able to trace that. But I never did. And then there's the aspect of, what would that sort of validation bring you that listening to your heart and Creator doesn't? Would it make it more believable? And to what end? So you can prove it.. then what? On the other hand, blind faith isn't entirely a good thing either. As a reader, I don't worry about the validation angle and that likely doesn't help my credibility to eyes outside of the experience. The only claim I ever make is that I'll ask Spirit to show me and if I don't get anything for someone - I'm upfront about it. There are more times than not that I receive nothing. I only hope that it brings the sitter whatever healing Spirit wants for them. Then, for me the ability and experience have value. Everything else is up to more brilliant heads than mine.

Hey Sunflower. I've had memories of several past lives since I was a lil’ kid. There was a time where that meant a lot to me, it gave me a kind of status. I knew that I'd been a teacher. Yay. So I felt all spiritual just because of that. Then I knew I'd been involved in how my parents were killed and killed myself in the process (horse wagon into ravine...) and I felt all guilty about it. LOL. I wrote at another board about how I was able to validate a memory in the sense that I found the grave of the person involved and actually received a hug from that person's mother. It was a very emotional experience, and if given the opportunity, I'm not even sure I'd do it again. Thing is that it doesn't matter whether or not it is an image that is fabricated by the mind to help you connect with a feeling that needs to be released or clarified, or whether it really is something from the past. In my mind, we've all been there and done that. How it works, I've got theories, but no proof. Ask me when we meet on the other side. Perhaps we know then.... But for now, I'm perfectly happy to see a new memory pop up, because I've learned over the last decade or so that each memory, whether real or imaginary, has something to show me about the origins of a blockage or obstacle *now*. So I take the image that comes and run with it... whether or not it was actually a past life memory, or a memory of a film I saw or a story I read or whatever. For me, they are simply messages from Spirit, from the Source, in a language that works for me (imagery and physical sensation) .

Regarding the one I was able to validate... it served its purpose, I was shown why I was so connected to a town in Holland... and after the hug from that person's mother (who would have been "my" mother in that other life), it was okay, I was able to find accommodation in the city of my choice, I found work... I was able to release the past, the past was able to release me. Yet every single memory I have had, whether real or imaginary, has given me that exact opportunity... to make do with the past, with an obstacle, a repeated behavior, etc... and to move on. There are two memories now that have served me well regarding understanding why the pull to Canada was so big, why it was as good as inevitable. Yet the key in this is, to me, to NOT judge whether it is real or imaginary. However the images popped up, if you are genuinely seeking insight into a specific subject, the images you receive

will be helpful. If someone is just looking for sensational stuff, they are not using it to validate and heal, but to justify and stay stuck. That might sound judgmental, but so far, that's been my personal experience (when I was using it for that) and from what I've seen and heard others do. I hope this lil’ dissertation helps you Sunflower. Go with what feels right. Otherwise, let it sit or ask for signs to clarify or validate. There are so many ways in which we can receive messages.

Wisowl..." What I wanted to say with this is that you should know if something is a valid memory." I think you're right, but I love to question everything. Thanks for your insight, it truly helped hearing how sure you are of yourself. SEDD... "And then there's the aspect of, what would that sort of validation bring you that listening to your heart and Creator doesn't? Would it make it more believable? And to what end? So you can prove it.. then what?" Yes, I think validating what you see would help put confidence in yourself. Herein lies my problem, I don't think I have enough faith in myself. I am always second guessing and thinking that I am making stuff up. Am I really getting messages from my guides or is it wishful thinking? And now we are going into more than just past life stuff. Sorry. But, yes, I see your point. I really should just listen to my heart and Creator. And my heart tells me this really did happen because it gives me answers to questions I've had for a while. It resonates with me, like you said. Maybe at the time I had it, I didn't understand it because I didn't have my problem identified but since it had stayed with me over the years, it makes much more sense to me now. Thanks SEDD.

Mouse... "So I take the image that comes and run with it... whether or not it was actually a past life memory, or a memory of a film I saw or a story I read or whatever. For me, they are simply messages from Spirit, from the Source, in a language that works for me." I think I am understanding your point here. It doesn't matter if it's real or not. This was something shown for a reason so you take what you need from it and get rid of the rest. " if you are genuinely seeking insight into a specific subject, the images you receive will be helpful. If someone is just looking for sensational stuff, they are not using it to validate and heal, but to justify and stay stuck." This is another reason why I doubt. At the time I wasn't looking for an answer for anything, just seeing if I could come up with a past life. Well, it scared me enough to not do it again and I put it in the back of my mind until I recently put 2 and 2 together. Is this healing me? No, but it does help me understand. Perhaps I need to give it more time and let the validation come when I'm ready for it. Thanks Mouse.

Silver Eagle Dream Dancer:
"I don't think I have enough faith in myself." You will.

wolf spirit UK:
Hi all, I have regular quite strong pictures and sometimes words being spoken names, dates etc. of what to me are past-life memories. They are of places neither I nor my ancestors have any connection with in this lifetime. Yes I could have seen pictures of the places - dreamt them from TV/films, imagined them from a Dickens' novel - but they feel more real than that - and they would explain some of my frustrations as I walk my current path - but also how I achieved a degree of career success at an early age - as if a memory carried over of how to make progress - like a shortcut being taken - as if I already had the route map.

But I also get a very happy feeling when I am around similar places - as if the familiar makes me feel more comfortable - but also a disdain for others. I have a definite affinity with the early 1900's - dress, houses, furniture poetry etc., etc.- and a disdain for similar stuff from the 1700's.

These feelings are quite intense - much more so than the likes and dislikes I have today’s world despite the eclectic nature of such things today. Just my two-pennithworth! Sunflower, On the topic of general guidance. I have found that faith in your guidance comes when you allow it to! I used to worry that the stuff I got was merely wishful thinking - even when I occasionally got verifiable results. In the last few weeks, I have come across so many situations that tell me that the stuff I get from Spirit is guidance and not just wishful thinking.

The more use you make of the guidance you get - the Gift you have, the more comes in, the more you trust, the more you use you make of it and the spiral goes on all the way from you to Spirit. When I joined Spirit Lodge I was still wondering if it is just wishful thinking - now - trust - in about 6 weeks once I let go of negative self-talk on the subject and used the abilities I have been given.

Thanks WolfSpirit! I needed to hear that. Just to know that I'm not the only one who doubts themselves at times. You have given me encouragement in more ways than one. It seems to me that my faith is continuously being tested and I am determined to get over this hump that blocks my path. And you are right, I need to get rid of the negative self-thoughts that come when I am looking for answers. I didn't realize I even did that until reading your post. Now I will watch for that negativity and instead of going with it, I will try to focus more on the message I receive and not allow the negative thoughts to enter my mind.

I have dreams of same places, A wide road , long with houses across, and there is some water at one side. Not many people. I am searching a man or an address, in the place called Yugoslavia. I saw buildings in those dreams which I saw in Russia. I am writing stories, where I watch some part of some of them, in TV serials 5 or more years later. I am not really sure if they are past lives though.

An alternative to a past life reading is regression therapy where you by a guiding person is brought into a state of mind where you experience one of your past lives clearly. There is a very interesting program in Danish TV at the moment where they check the information by travelling to the place the person has seen, check the names they come up with etc. TV can be manipulating, but I have no doubts as I´ve been in regression therapy once and now can do them myself. In contradiction to dreams and readings you are fully conscious and your experiences are not mixed with fantasies emerging from a movie or your daily life etc. When I did it, I had a specific question about the karma between my ex-husband and me and I was brought back to a life in Spain about 1600 where we by our parents were arranged in a marriage. The story is too long to tell but the thread between that life and the complications in this life were clear as crystal. Once I asked the question when and how I changed my Karma from been destructive to be positive and was brought back to a life as an Indian boy living at the amazon. My whole family had been exterminated by another tribe and the village burned down. On my way to get revenge I decided to let go of it and live my life alone in the swamps. Last time this subject was brought up somebody said that regression therapy is quite expensive, but if there is something in your life which is preventing you from being happy or finding your pathway or develop and expand I think it´s worth the money.

Tarot Spreads: Daily, Weekly, Etc.

By ScubaGrrl

These came from people on the Comparative Tarot email list:

1. My body tells me this.
2. My mind tells me this.
3. My spirit tells me this.


1. How do I feel about myself right now?
2. Why do I feel this way?
3. What do I need to know to improve this?
4. What will happen if I continue this way?
5. What will happen if I try to make improvements?
6. Advice.


Facing the Gap (from PD Cowan)

8. 2.
7. 3.
6. 4.

1.This is possible.
2. This is important.
3. This is courageous.
4. This is futile.
5. This is necessary.
6. This is joyful.
7. This is funny.
8. This is possible.


From James Wells (CompTarot)
Separate your cards into Majors, Courts, and the rest of the minors (the pips).
From the Majors, deal one card.
This is your active archetype or energy for this time.
From the Courts, deal one card.
How do I respond to this archetype, or how do I use it? Or not? The role in my life that is most likely to use that energy or archetype.
From the pips, deal one card.
This is where in mundane "real" life that archetype/energy likely to show up.


1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8 9

1, 3, 5 - the "story" we tell ourselves
2, 4, 6 - this may be even more true
7, 8, 9 - the way forward


And just for fun....
"Advice from the Archetypes" from Marc McElroy

Take a majors-only deck, and deal 4 cards.
Take a second 78-card deck, and deal 4 cards onto those trumps.
Interpret the second four cards, in light of the energy suggested by the trump.

Also... a larger spread from Marc.
Deal all 22 Majors into a circle.
Find the Fool.
Deal cards from a (second) 78-card deck onto the 22 Majors, starting with the Fool, going clockwise, place one card at a time until you have no more cards.
From a third deck, using only the Majors, draw one card.
Find that trump in the original Circle.
The cards held by that Major card are a commentary on your question.


Bad Times Spread (Vasiliki, CompTarot)
2 3 4
5 1 6
8 7 9
1. Where am I now?
2, 3, 4- What led me here?
5. What attitudes of mine are not helping me?
6. Suggested course of action?
7. Where can I turn for help?
8. What lesson waits for me at the end of this journey?
9. How can I accelerate change and liberation?
10. Overall advice.

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