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Divination With A Pendulem

Divination Systems & Access To The Higher Self

By WolfSpirit

When undertaking any form of divination, it is very common when first starting to question the answers we receive from a pendulum, to question whether the cards we have chosen really do have a message for us or whether the messages we receive in dreams, or through any of the "claire's" (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience) are messages or just random bites of information.

To me it seems that it does not matter which method/system of divination we use there is one thing that is a component of all, and this is the need to trust. Admittedly with systems like the Tarot there is a lot of symbology that can be learnt. But at the heart of any divination system is a need to trust the results we receive.

In order to gain that trust, a relationship with the system needs to be built up. How is this achieved? It can be achieved in many ways and people have many varying views on this from simply holding the cards/pendulum/crystal/etc. (putting our own energy into them so they become an extension of us), sleeping with the cards/pendulum/crystal/etc next to our bed or by actually practicing using the system. I could go on…perhaps others can share their method.

Look at it this way, you wouldn't go get a new pet such as a cat or a dog, and the first night let it out on the street on its own and expect it to come back to your house? No, the two of you have to get to know each other first. So it is with a divination system.

Ok, so you have chosen your system, and have started to work on learning to trust it. Now here is the shocker: the system is only a tool, it is not the divination itself, the divination comes from within us. What do I mean by this? Basically all systems of divination are a means to focus our mind away from the chatter of the conscious mind to gain access to our Higher Self: that part of us that is connected to All That Is/Creator/Great Mystery/God./Goddess. Our Higher Self knows all the answers to all the situations life throws at us long before our conscious mind even becomes aware of them. Divination is actually a word to describe the access to this aspect of ourselves. Think of it like this, the cards/pendulum/crystal/etc. we use are a key. A key is a tool that opens a door. So a divination system is a key that opens a door between the conscious physical world and the subconscious higher realms within each and every one of us: a tool to help us access these inner, higher realm worlds.

But we can also access our Higher Self directly, by quieting our conscious mind. Quieting the conscious mind can be achieved by many means: meditation, simply sitting quietly or by focusing on a candle flame. Again I could go on and on listing examples of how to quiet the mind, and there are many examples in the library of different mediations etc., etc. and again, perhaps others would wish to share their method(s).

It is usual for some method of quieting the mind to be used prior to attempting any system of divination, as what we are actually doing in using a divination system is trying to access our Higher Self.

Right now you may be feeling a little confused as I have said that divination systems are a means to help access the Higher Self, but I have also said that you need to quiet the mind (ie access the Higher Self) in order to use a system of divination. Herein lies the conundrum: we cannot just access our Higher Self at will straight off, nor can we just sit at a table, pick up a pack of tarot cards or a pendulum and expect them to tell us the Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything. Why not? Because we are trying to access something that our conscious (logical) mind tells us cannot be true. Therefore it needs all the help it can get to go beyond this feeling. Learning to access our Higher Self is not like switching on a light bulb, it takes practice, lots and lots of practice before we learn how to do it: hence we use a divination system, a tool, a key that our conscious mind understands.

All divination systems have been developed to help us breach this conundrum, and help us connect to our Higher Self. But we still need to clear the access: we still need to block out the stimulation our conscious mind constantly seeks, "did I pay the gas bill, did I send that check, did I this, did I that": we need to quiet our mind. Once we are used to how our Higher Self communicates with us, the stimulation of the conscious mind can be shut down almost immediately.

Once we see that the answers we get from the system are true, the chances are that we no longer need the divination system as we are now able to communicate directly with the Higher Self and we can choose to dispense with the system. Through the process of learning how to trust the divination system, we learn how to trust our Self and no longer have need of the system.

Before I go, one more thing: you may well ask how a divination system can be used to give a reading for another person, as the person you may be divining for may not have access to their Higher Self, nor may they have quietened their mind. The answer to me is that our Higher Self speaks directly to the other person's Higher Self, and asks their Higher Self to pick the cards/swing the pendulum or bring the direct message that will help bring the answers to your conscious mind. As you will hopefully have learned how to trust your access to your Higher Self prior to divining for others, you can trust that the messages received are correct. Our Higher Self is our Spirit Self, and Spirit knows no bounds of time and space, so it is even then possible to perform divinations over the internet (before you ask! ).



Divination With A Pendulem

By CinnamonMoon

A Pendulum is a very simply constructed tool used in divination. Basically it is a weight attached to a piece of string, chain, or ribbon. The advantage of its use is in that it needs very little preparation and the technique is a simple one. Its disadvantage is that it can only answer questions that are going to present a "yes" or "no" answer. To counter that disadvantage the question/s asked need to be worded so as to elicit that type of answer.

Making your own pendulum:
The weight can be a stone (some call for it being a lodestone but any will do), magnet, key, ring, crystal, small ball, piece of bone, or other weighty item. Some use hollow items that can be filled with a small amount of the substance being sought if it is a mineral or ore. The main thing is that you want it to carry a balanced weight. The attached string, thread, yarn, twine, chain, or ribbon should be about 9 inches long. It should be glued, drilled, tacked, or adhered in a way that will allow equal balance of the weight. It is then sprinkled with saltwater for purification, censed with incense (recommended is wormwood, mugwort, artemesia, and a few grains of mastic.

Positioning to use the pendulum:
Hold the thread firmly between the finger and thumb of your dominant hand letting it hang free. Keep your elbow out, away from your body. OR you can tie the string to the middle of a short stick or pencil and hold the ends of the stick in each hand resting your elbows on a table so the pendulum dangles free between them.

You can write down your question on a piece of paper placing it directly under the pendulum or ask it aloud. Make sure it is phrased so a yes or no reply will suffice to get the answer. The pendulum will swing toward and away from you for a "yes" (nodding head motion) answer, and it will swing side to side (shaking head motion) if the answer is "no". If it rotates in a circle the answer is to turn attention in that direction (to the right or left location/masculine or feminine person) as a rule.

When held over the palm of someone's hand it will swing back and forth or sideways for a man, and rotated in a circle for a woman. This information can be used to determine if an object belongs to a man or woman as well. Photographs of people and places can also be used if you are looking to find someone, an object, or location.

A simple test is to place the pendulum down into a glass and ask what time it is. The pendulum will begin to swing back and forth increasing speed until it clinks the side of the glass and a count is taken until it slows and comes to a stop. Sometimes it will add a little plunk for the 1/2 hour.

Pendulums have also been used to dowse for water, oil, mines and buried minerals, and lost articles. In doing this it is held over a large map of the territory in question and the map is slowly explored and the area narrowed down. Then it is taken to the location indicated on the map, using it to find the exact spot in question. This is more advanced work and you should begin with simple exercises until you are comfortable with the accuracy of your answers.

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