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By CinnamonMoon

Candleburning The important thing is to make use of what we have and to do our work with care. Each action is to be deliberate and hold our full attention. Each step of magical work is done with respect for it is due in expressing the Divine Power we seek to invoke to flow through us and the work done.

Treat the items as sacred and they become sacred. Walk in a sacred manner when you work and feel the power of Spirit present in your body and moving through you as a fluid power. Take your time, do not rush things, and put feeling into what you are doing. Feel the love and power move from your eyes and heart as you guide your hands in the work.

Sympathetic magic is based on the principle of like attracting like. By burning different types of candles and different colors we are manipulating them in various ways to influence outcomes.

Deciding when and where to work requires a quiet, safe, and undisturbed location. Often rituals are done over a period of days with the candles unmoved between times. Use common sense and do not leave them unattended.

Altars are often favored for this work but tabletops and counters work well too. A chest, box, even the floor will serve you well. Candle holders should be used exclusively for this work, not common usage.

Incense (whether anointed on or infused in the wax) is important. It aids concentration, corrects peace of mind, and the ascending smoke carries one's prayers upward to Spirit. Any form of external incense will do (cone, stick, powder, oil).

The color is an important aspect and should be relative to the outcome sought. Many candles are *dressed* which simply means they are oiled from the center out to both ends. (Olive oil works well). While oiling the candle one should consecrate (focus on the desired outcome, subject, or question) the candle.

it is best to light a taper and then to let it burn down completely. If the ritual calls for 3 or more days of burning then blow the flame out or snuff it, do not pinch it out. Pinching the flame is considered an insult to the Fire element.

Before undergoing *ANY* ritual, know that they are more than just words. Sit quietly and read through the rite, think about the words, their meanings, and use only that which you feel comfortable with. First and foremost you should feel good about what you are doing.

Astral Color Table:

Aquarius...January 20-February 18... Primary color: Blue; Secondary color: Green
Pisces...February 19-March 20...Primary color: White; Secondary color: Green
Aries...March 21-April 19...Primary color: White; Secondary color Pink
Taurus...April 20-May21...Primary color: Red; Secondary color: Yellow
Gemini...May 21-June 21...Primary color: Red; Secondary color: Blue
Cancer...June 22-July 22...Primary color: Green; Secondary color: Brown
Leo...July 23-August 22...Primary color: Red; Secondary color: Green
Virgo...August 23-September 22...Primary color: Gold; Secondary color: Black
Libra...September 23-October 22...Primary color Black; Secondary color: Blue
Scorpio...October 23-November 21...Primary color: Brown; Secondary color: Black
Sagittarius...November 22-December 21...Primary color: Gold; Secondary color: Red
Capricorn...December 22-January 19...Primary color: Red; Secondary color: Brown



Symbolism of Colors:

White: Purity , truth, sincerity
Red: Strength, health, vigor, sexual love
Light Blue: Tranquility, understanding, patience, health
Dark Blue: Impulsiveness, depression, changeability
Green: Finance, fertility, luck
Gold/Yellow: Attraction, persuasion, charm, confidence
Brown: Hesitation, uncertainty, neutrality
Pink: Honor, love, mortality
Black: Loss, discord, confusion
Purple: Tension, ambition, business progress, power
Silver/Grey: Cancellation, neutrality, stalemate
Orange: Encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction
Greenish-Yellow: Sickness, discord, cowardice, anger, jealousy

Days of the Week:

Sunday: Yellow
Monday: White
Tuesday: Red
Wednesday: Purple
Thursday: Blue
Friday: Green
Saturday: Black

*Please see the article "Colors" in the Symbolism section for more information that you can utilize.


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