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Crystal Gazing/Scrying

By CinnamonMoon

Scrying is a term used to define the act of gazing into the crystal ball. One who is adept at this art is known as a scryer. One may use a crystal ball, a pool of water, a mirror, a brass bowl filled with ink, any number of gems or transparent objects. Whatever the choice is, the art has been practiced since the earliest times recorded up to the present day and by peoples the world over. This art is known to the high echelons of magicians to the lower ranks of peasantry. It is estimated that one in twenty can achieve success. Such odds would support the belief that it is not a difficult art to master.

Visions are said to be inspired by Gods, evil spirits, spirit guides and from the depths of the mind. Whatever the source, they are real and can generally be substantiated in the long run.

The Encyclopedia of Occultism says in definition of the art:

Crystallomancy...a mode of divination practiced from very early times with the aid of a crystal globe, a pool of water, a mirror, or indeed any transparent object. Divinations by means of water, ink, and such substances are also known by the name of Hydromancy.

Elaborate rituals with strict procedures and requirements were often employed. Today the method has become simplified for the student and good results may accurately be expected. An adept scryer may choose to perform an elaborate ritual, but there would be a justified reason for such acts. As a general rule, it is not necessary and can be done simply by those who wish to experiment.

Each method of scrying has its own name; for example:
Crystal Ball = Crystallomancy
Water = Hydromancy
Mirror = Catoptromancy or Enoptromancy
Cup = Cylicomancy
Belly = Gastromancy (Human or object)
Dish = Lecanomancy
Stone = Lithomancy
Fingernail = Onychomancy
Spring = Pegomancy

Some objects used for scrying: Agate, amethyst, aquamarine, back of a watch, blood, brass, chalcedony, charcoal, cornelian, door-lock, eggshell, eyes, ink, ivory, obsidian, opal, pyrites, rings, sapphire, screen, shield, silver bells, silver lamp, soap bubbles, sword blade, topaz, acrylic balls, etc.

Whatever the method, and whatever the source of inspiration, it is much like watching television or a movie screen and the state of mind is like that of a day-dream or being lost in thought--you are aware of things around you and yet distracted from them only on the surface. The slightest interruption within your surroundings can break the vision.

As with many nursery rhymes that are at their core the hidden passages to spells and lore, there is the one of Little Bo Peep. Bo Peep was a game made of gazing, and played in pagan times regularly. Thus: Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and can't know where to find them. (Look into the crystal). Leave them alone, and they will come home, wagging their tails behind them. (Seeing where they are heading home.)

Frauds claim to be able to show the inquirer herself visions in the crystal. Ask questions about date of birth and astrological signs to base their fraudulent visions on generalities. Genuine scryers make no claims to powers of supernatural origin, make no airs of mystery, and make no requests for information before scrying.

There are many methods and the student should experiment to see what works best for them. Some say they can scry in daylight, dim light, candlelight, a dark room, any light, against a black cloth, cupping the hand or fingertips, in a drawer's dark cover, in solitude, with others present, needing light in front or behind them. For some reflections help and for others they are a hindrance. Generally, the distance should be that of one reading a book, with as little reflection as possible. Crystals (etc.) are best without flaws.

One should gaze from 5-20 minutes. Stop when eyes become fatigued. It is okay to blink. Gazing into the crystal, not at the surface, the time will vary to vision in each individual. some people tire easily and some are able to look away and back to the object without interference while others cannot. It is taught that you should pass each hand over the crystal 3 times...right first and then left.

Many people need a trigger to succeed while others do well almost with their first or second try. Still others are only able to see a few times in their life. It varies greatly. If one method does not work for you try another.

Some people are able to hear as well as see and some combine gazing with automatic writing. Whatever the case, each experiment should be noted in great detail and followed up when verification is achieved. Also not the date, time, and phase of moon.

Changes in the Crystal Ball:
Changes in the crystal before the visions appear are for the most part general. Any or all of those I'm about to list may occur:
The ball seems to disappear altogether.
There is an illumination of the ball or the edges of it.
Illumination may move, dance, spin, fade and return.
Clouds or wisps of smoke appear, drift, rise, and clear (milky look like a fog).
Shifts of light and darkness.
Flushes of color.
Points de Repire (points of light. Can be a rainbow of pinpoint colors)
Vision takes form: movielike, still life, symbols, colors or black and white, Mist vanishes to blackness and precedes vision.

Lapses of time (5 seconds to 5 minutes for example) Vague blur or spot takes form of a nucleus upon which an image develops.
The veil of the senses is removed.
A golden fire.
An eye or pupil will appear and open to reveal a vision within it
A ring may appear to show the vision
Visions may be on the surface, in the center, on the sides, at the base or top.
They gradually develop into clear pictures.
Sometimes they are continuous like a movie or will change in succession and variety...related or not.
They appear for intervals of 5 seconds to 5 minutes or longer and can last up to 20 minutes.

Effect on your health:
Can be indisposed, oppression, giddiness, alarm, fear, unpleasant sensations, headache, unable to achieve vision if in poor health, but most people feel no fatigue, nor evil or unpleasant sensations. We are always wide awake and in full possession of all faculties. Some say it is a form of various stages of hypnotic states.

Points De Repire:
These are reflections and points of light that serve to fix attention and form a starting point for the pictures to develop. This is debated by some who say they are only fact of the crystal as are the clouding etc. Some claim they indicate you have achieved the proper psychic state.

Two or more people may see approximately the same vision simultaneously. Vision and automatic writing. Vision and auditory sound or words (can be telepathic) Vision and raps and or apparition (usually related to haunted house equipment) Vision and multiple personality (Iffy theory) Auto suggestion Subconscious knowledge Telepathy Past, present, and future Precognition of future events Spiritual guidance

Besterman's Definition:
Scrying is a method of bringing into the consciousness of the scryer by means of a speculum through one or more of his senses the content of his sub consciousness, of rendering him more susceptible to the reception of telepathically transmitted concepts, and of bringing into operation a latent and unknown faculty of perception.


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