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Dream Sharing, Dream Re-entry, Dream Tracking - Part 1

By Earthwalker

Spirit Lodge, I thought I might share an experience from this past Sunday. I went to Robert Moss's workshop at Still Point Interfaith Retreat Center in Stillwater NY entitled "Reclaiming the Ancient Pathways", a beginner's course in dreaming. I went to this seminar with high expectations after reading "Dreamways of the Iroquois"; a book I loved for the most part except for a couple of chapters and after reading an earlier book which I didn't care for entitle "Conscious Dreaming". This was a first for me in terms of discussing any of these path ways outside of the internet. I will also note that the techniques are paraphrased from this book and experiences from this teachings during this course.

Still Point is a very small unsophisticated center run by four sisters and the meeting house is comfortable, heated by a wood stove with a huge round window overlooking the ponds and mountain. The center and the land felt beautiful and warm despite the snow which added a sense of peace. I met several of the people who had come the right before and immediately felt comfortable. There ended up being about 15 people attending the seminar from a cross section of people some young and many older as well six NA people attending. Some were authors themselves others were Reiki practitioners etc.

Robert opened the circle with a call to the ancient ones for guidance. A candle in the center of the room served as fire. Looking out the window, red tailed Hawks and Turkey vultures amongst other birds were observed.

Robert's first training was in synchronicity and was presented as game. He asked each of us to write on one side of a card something we had notice, saw or thought about today on our way here; he then collected them. We were each instructed to consciously determine what it was that we wanted to learn from today's workshop and to write down what it was. We then were asked to draw a card form the pile of mixed up cards but not look at it. We then journeyed to a drum to see what we could each bring forth in regards to our question. Personally I found the drum a distraction rather than of help but possibly because I was not use to have a drum going at the pace he was drumming. The dream I received was beautiful although not shared. I saw the white eagle flying toward the east bringing back down to earth a white stream of light. This place became a circle of stones in which there was fire with a NA in white with full headdress dancing with rattle around the fire chanting a song I know but don't know the words or meaning of. White animals encircled a larger periphery around the stones protecting the people within. The center turned into a bluish (but other colors as well) energy stream coming to the center; a pure black spider began crawling up, infusing this energy, and a white web was being spun surrounding the earth. We were then asked to each share what the journey meant to us in terms of our question. To me the brief answer I shared or was willing to share was "healing of the earth".

We then came back and went around the circle explaining what we came to answer and turn over the card in front of us and read it. We then were asked if the answer on the card answered the question or had any meaning to us. The card I had drawn was an observation how beautiful Saratoga Lake would have looked at the time when it was surrounded by the Native Americans. This was an area I was familiar with and I have asked the same question I regards to many times; why white man seems to destroy nature as opposed to living with it; it certainly has meaning to me. Others, most received messages that were even more clear than mine with the lesson to look for the synchronicity and messages that we get from unknown sources.

He then introduced soul retrieval (shaman going out and bringing back part that was lost) and soul recovery (teaching individuals to be able to go back into their own dreams and memories to bring back the lost pieces). He distinguished between the two and indicated part of his path was to develop dream teachers etc. since in the near future he felt would need many; he did not continue on from there.

We moved on to a discussion on dreams and why would one go back into the dreams (Dream reentry). Here he discussed the role of the shaman in the tribal setting and how webs of shamans went out to gather information to bring back to ensure the survival of the tribe. He then continued on that we can tap this same source of energy and discussed why we may want to get back into a dream. The reasons given were to gather additional and helpful information, to meet possible spiritual guides, to move through nightmares and heal or resolve problems, to travel to other worlds and go into a deeper reality. He asked us each to pick a dream that had some real energy for you to relax and focus on the dream and go back and remember it is detail. He suggested that we each focus on a specific scene from the dream, clarify your intention, ask for guidance and used a drum to fuel the reentry. He then asked if anyone cared to share a dream. Appropriately he choose an individual that was having a very hard time in the mundane life, had a dream and asked if she cared to share her dream. Using her dream he used the following techniques which are presented "The Shaman at the Breakfast Table" page 173.

Dream Sharing:

1: He suggested that the dream be shared as a story without attachment to self. As we do this the power of the storyteller or communicator is claimed and the story protects the privacy of the person. He stressed the inappropriateness of ever using these techniques to probe into others personal lives. He also suggested that each story / dream be given a Title. Synchronicity typically comes into play here since the deeper meaning of the dream experience typically comes into focus.
2: The person who is the helper then reiterates the dream title or asks that the teller repeat the title. The helper then asks a series of questions. The first of which is to ask how the person felt as they woke up? The reason for this question is that the dreamer's first emotional responses are important and relate both the quality and urgency of the dream. The next question asked should determine if any of the dream might reflect something occurring or to occur in waking life. Is the dream all symbolic or is there a reality to it. He stressed the importance of this and gave examples of when a dream actually was precognitive and how recognizing certain elements in life could in fact save one’s life. Questions such as do you know any of the people or places in the dreams. After exploring these question the helper then asks if the dreamer to provide a clear focus of what they would like to know about the dream.
3. Following this the helper tells the dreamers of the association they felt as the story was told. This provided a different perspective for the dreamer of a different way of looking at the dream. He suggested that the helper always preface this with respect in indicating that if this was my dream I would look at x and x. he also cautioned after one woman asked a personal question that that should never be done. This was to share what to be looked at but never to ask direct questions in an open forum where individuals do not know one another. Respect again was stressed.
4. All things needed to end with action so after the guidance from one or many helpers the primary helper asks of the dreamer what action was to be taken. Suggestions could be a writing, a physical action, an advisory or his favorite to write a personal motto from the dream. Robert stresses that if we don't do something with it in waking life we miss out on the natural magic of having of bringing things through from deeper reality; the helper might such a motto was well if the dreamer can't come up on one.

At this stage one has only looked at the details specific to the dream or the dreamer and recommendation should be specific to those details. He labels this as "lightening dream" work and individuals who do this routine as "dream helpers". His feelings are that these individuals serve individuals by giving them a safe place to share and honor their dreams.

Sometimes the dream doesn't provide enough clarity to answer the real meaning and this may lead into Dream reentry. In dream reentry one travels back into the dream for clarify or to possibly meet guides to further understanding. Dream reentry is permits one to explore the landscape in greater detail and with all senses attuned to it. It can lead to a place beyond the nightmare and can lead to healing or conflict resolution. It can also be sued to travel through personal doorways to other worlds. If a partner or helpers are available tracking dreams can be used along with dream reentry. For clarity they are broken out below but would be done concurrently.

Preparing for Dream Re-entry:

1. The dreamer picks a dream with real energy (exciting, seductive, challenging etc.) . The dream is retold to oneself or out load if using helper(s) for tracking.
2. Relax and once relaxed focus on a specific scene of the dream and fell all of your sense within the dream.
3. Clarify your intentions in terms of what you want to know and what you intend to do once back in the dream
4. Call in guidance and protection if you wish
5. Give yourself fuel for the journey such as drum or music.
6. Journey into the dream

Preparing for Tracking Dreams:

1. Robert stressed that Always on must first ask permission to share the dream space with the person. This is something that would never be done without permission. Always, one needs to be sure that the dreamer wishes that which is to be seen be shared with them. Never is something shared without asking first.
2. The intent of the tracker is to "enter the dreamer's psychic space through the portal of a shared dream in order to gather helpful information, support the dreamer and perhaps assist the dreamer in moving beyond to healing and resolution". It is not to interpret but to put yourself inside of it.
3. The tracker needs to ask questions that can are the setting to the dream the weather, the colors, the details of the landscaped, a travelers diary. The tracker also needs to know the dreamers intention. What does the dreamer want to know and what does the dreamer want you to do. Does the dreamer want you to share your impressions? Does the dreamer want you to help support the dreamer by bringing your own allies to support the dreamer in confronting and adversary. Does the dreamer want you to help her/him bring back a lost part of her/himself (soul recovery). In this one day (six hour course) we only addressed the first aspect bringing back shared impressions.
4. Have the dreamer repeat the dream with all of the energy that can be summoned. Repeat 2-6 above.
5. Compare notes so that the dreamer can come up with and action plan to honor the dream

The above were the techniques introduced in this introductory course. They seemed to me very similar to that which we have been shown here albeit to me from a more secular perspective; yet it was great to see and experience them with others. I also found it interesting to see how so many can see the same thing from different elements; that's was a major understanding that came to me. Personally although there was respect in all of that which was presented, I missed the focus on the sacredness of these pathways and gifts. Nevertheless, Robert was very entertaining and that perspective was good for me to see. I learned the practical application of these pathways and gifts we have been given. I learned to trust in synchronicity. I learned that my instincts about parts of Robert's books were correct and that while there was much I like, there was caution as well. In other I learned to discriminate and trust my instincts about potential teachers. Most important I learned I was comfortable in these settings but that my real teachers are those we work with in other realms. I realized just how far I have come in understanding while fully acknowledging how much I still need and want to learn. It was a very powerful experience for me. An experience I was guided to, one that I was initially somewhat disappointed in, but also one that I will be forever grateful for. Robert will not be a long term teacher for me yet I do appreciate so much that was given to me through him.

Possibly could others share their experience or knowledge about Dream Sharing, Dream Reentry, and Dream Tracking. I found the practically of these techniques very interesting and potentially worthwhile. Does anyone have anything to add or discuss about them. Obviously I don't have in depth knowledge since I basically saw them used with one person only.

Earthwalker, Thank you for sharing this experience with us. I'm looking forward to the community responses since this is something I tend to just "do" in my own ways, I'm going to wait to comment on that. These are wonderful points though, and I'm pleased to see Robert stressed the respect aspect of this type of work. I fully agree with him on those points. In private when you do this with someone it goes much deeper, but this is excellent for an introduction to the processes IMHO.

Cinnamon, The techniques were interesting but note this was a beginner course. He has other 3-5 day advance courses as well as a three year programs for teachers. For me I just wanted to experience and meet people I could actually see and touch. This entire mundane process was very new to me. The workshops I typically attend are on analytical chemistry and people sit in chairs in rows not on pillows in a circle on the floor.

The depth of the dreams are quite deep. When I went into the tracking phase I first saw the woman who had telephoned as a Madonna radiating with light. I then saw the white tree of life collapsing on a cliff (into the West South) and then a White bird pulling the tree or person on the tree into and making connection with the energy of Spirit. In reality what was being shown was that this woman’s husband had both emotional and physical problems but that the cure was through a spiritual healing or healing of the heart. Others came to the same conclusion but the saw the same thing as fire burning into the heart but that was healing in and of itself. Robert thought and felt that there would be a cure for this woman's husband and added a few more secular connotations that I didn't see. It was interesting to see what others saw from the various pieces of the dream.


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