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By CinnamonMoon

The Runes are a symbolic alphabet, much like Chinese writing, the Rune itself says much more than a letter of the alphabet. It depicts in its design the encompassing of a spiritual lesson.

There are several different runic alphabets out there. For example: The Hieratic Alphabet of Egypt, Ogham Alphabet of the Celts, the Enochian Alphabet, the Fupark Alphabet of Germany, the Tree Alphabet of the Druids, and the Norse Runes come to mind.

While I don't have the means to post what these alphabets look like, a web search should give you an idea. The origin of the Runes themselves is speculative as is their meaning. It is a language oracle lost to time now resurfacing and we are re-learning them, perhaps in ways that are more appropriate to this age but there seems to be carry-over in my mind from the old to the new with a jiggle to it. I personally feel they are timeless.

I work with the Norse/Viking Runes and the interpretations of David Blume. I have found that over the past 12 years or more that the interpretations are very accurate and insightful. I've been a Tarot Reader for decades now and if I did not feel it was a good source of oracular insight I would not be working with it or recommending it to anyone as a viable source of enlightenment.

Runes can be used for healing, shielding, conveying messages, protection, charms, amulets, crests, and more. For divination purposes they lend insight into the path of destiny and the spiritual lessons we are undertaking at this time.

The word "rune" comes from the Norse "runar" or "magic sign", and the Old German "runa" meaning to "whisper" or "a secret". The term to "rown", "roon" or "round" in the ear was a common usage in the Anglo-Saxon English language and meant to whisper a secret. They are composed of word symbols believed to possess occult powers in the hands of a person skilled in their use and knowledge of their inner meanings.

A decent book on magical alphabets is: The Runes: and other magical alphabets; by Michael A. Howard.

There are many ways to cast the Runes. Some put them in a bowl or bag and draw them out after running them through their fingers for a bit. In this way the "right" Rune seems to hop into your hand and want to stay there. It's subtle but you get a feel for it very quickly.

Another method is to lay them all out face down on a flat surface and mix them up like you do with dominos. When you feel they are well mixed draw the number of Runes you will be working with and lay them out in a row.

I tend to work with 3-5 at a time depending on the depth of insight I'm looking for. I see them at 3 drawn as: past, present, and future. If I draw 5 it is: distant past, recent past, present, near future, distant future...both patterned spreads are take-offs from my Tarot reading experience.

Before going further, I want to note that there are decks of Rune Cards available too and I have both the stones and the cards. I've done readings with both finding the same accuracy and interestingly enough, when using both at the same time I will more often than not draw the exact same symbols. It's fascinating for me to see that, and affirming in its own way.

Some like to scatter the Runes from the bag as another method of divination. In this case they take counsel from those that land face up.

Another method is to draw a single Rune daily to meditate on it or to work with that lesson for the day....an excellent way to get to know them better too.

The Book of Runes by Ralph Blume is where I began my serious study of this form of divination. I read the book, worked with his interpretations and began formulating my own insights into their meanings that were complimentary to what he presented.

I do not read with them professionally. Their meanings and the work is slower than the Tarot are for me or my Destiny Deck, so I use the Runes as a backup if I'm looking for more depth into personal issues. There are others here who do use them more frequently and hopefully they will contribute some of their knowledge to this thread.

There is a small distinction between the Runes and other methods of divination and that is the formulation of questions. We do not "question" the Runes as in "should I look for a new job?", we raise the "issue" as in "the issue is my job" and the Runes address it from that perspective for greater insight.

You can address them for another person as well as yourself. If you need to know something then you can ask for a yes or no reply. In this case if the Rune is upright when turned it means yes. If it is reversed it means no. If it is one of the Runes with no reverse to them then you need to redraw another one.

What if the Rune does not address your issue but something else? Then it is considered more important than the issue you asked about and the message should be taken in very seriously. It is generally something you are refusing to see or in denial about, or it can be something to which you are totally unaware.

Many people prefer to purchase a set of Runes while others want to make their own. I have a set handmade and gifted to me, another I purchased, and I have a set I made too. They are all accurate. When making your own you should gather your own material. In my case I gathered stones out on a walk in nature that felt right to me. In the case of those gifted to me, the stones came from the shores of Israel. During construction (which is either etching or painting the symbols on the surface of your stone or the clay tile you are making) you should be in a meditative state. That just means that you are focused on the work you are doing, not distracted by other issues or thoughts. Keep it simple and you'll do just fine. If you make your own Runes you will want to make a bag to keep them in (a pouch). It does not need to be ornate. Simple is just as good. Whatever speaks to you is right for you.

Some Sample Spreads:

Three Rune Spread Rune 1/Situation, 2/Action to be taken, 3/New situation resulting from the action taken.

Five Rune Spread 1/Overview of the situation, 2/Challenge to be faced, 3/Course of action called for, 4/Sacrifice needed, 5/Evolution of the situation.

The Runic Cross Spread Pattern: 1/to the right, 3/to the left. From top to bottom in the center along a vertical line: Rune 6, 5, 2, 4.
Interpretation: Rune 1 addresses the past, 2 is you now, 3 is the future. Rune 4 is the foundation, 5 is the challenge, 6 is the new situation that evolves.

Three Lifetimes Spread Pattern: 1/to the right, 3/to the left. From top to bottom in the center along a vertical line: Rune 5, 2, 4.
Interpretation: Rune 1 addresses birth and childhood, 2 is the present, 3 is the future in this life. Rune 4 is the past incarnation and 5 is the future incarnation.

Note: We are initiated into cycles throughout our life and spiritual growth. There are Runes that address the initiations. 13 out of the 25 Runes address self-change. They are the energy framework within the body of the Runes themselves and sustain that process.

That process is as follows:

3/ Ansuz is about signs, the Messenger, being put on notice.
4/ Othila, is about Separation, the need to retreat so you can receive the proper guidance.
5/ Uruz, is strength in Manhood/Womanhood, coming into one's own.
6/ Perth, is initiation into hidden teachings.
7/ Nauthiz, is Constraint, what is necessary to be honed, sometimes the pain of suffering what we must sacrifice.
8/ Inguz, is Fertility, being full with enlightenment that leads to new beginnings.
14/ Kano, is Opening, the fire within or burning passion we feel for our pathwork and spiritual growth.
16/ Berkana, is Growth and Rebirth.
17/ Ehwaz, is Movement and progress.
19/ Hagalaz, is Disruptive Natural Forces and elemental power.
21/ Thurisaz, is the Gateway, the place of non-action.
22/ Dagaz, is Breakthrough and transformation.

Just as the Major Arcana of the Tarot depict the stages of growth we must pass through to achieve full enlightenment and understanding of the lessons we learn, so do these Runes I have just singled out. It is interesting to work with them in this light as teaching tools.

I'm afraid that's all I have for you. The two books I've recommended were my source of introduction to the Runes. My knowledge and trust in their accuracy comes from experience and they have never ceased to amaze me at what unfolds after I've done a reading with them.

I tend to use the Runes personally, sometimes for friends who are struggling with their spiritual direction, but that's as far as I've gone. I like them as a personal guidance tool and feel they are indeed very sacred. I hope this has helped you to get a feel for them but the truth of the matter is you do need to work with them and see what they bring your way. I wish you well!

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