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Calculating your Birth Chart

Astrological Tarot Meditation

By Unregistered Guest

This meditation is not taken from any books but its rather similar to a daily tarot reading as I use tarot for meditation and based on Golden Dawn's teaching on Tarot. First I take out card that rules the current decan from the deck. for those who do not know about decans, decan is a 10 days period split from zodiacs. The deck must be on all upright position. Then shuffling the deck while praying to God, "Tell me what I should know about today". Then after I feel right, I draw 2 cards from the deck, that would be 2 cards of the day. Now based on GD's teaching, I take out Major Arcana associated planets that influenced current decan. for example, now is June 18, the card is 10 of Sword, "The sun is on 3rd decan of Gemini, Earth on Yetzirah" so I take The Sun out and for Earth, I take Ace of Pentacles. I take my personality card out too, at this point I start reading. Using elemental influence, I decide which card is badly aspected and which card is well aspected.

For example :
10 of Swords (Decan Card) [Air] {Bad Aspected}
Knight of Pentacles (Personality) [Earth]
The Sun (card affecting decan card) [Fire]
Ace of Pentacles (card affecting decan card) [Earth]
The Empress (1st card of the day) [Earth]
The High Priestess (2nd card of the day) [Water]

This is last night's meditation.

Yesterday, I have some attainment, while on the same time there is a hidden influence that I don't realize, someone feels happiness because of my action and I feel happy for realizing that someone's hidden affection toward me. The influence of the decan is weak against me, so I don't have a war, ruin or something. It's a good thing, if it's bad then I need a quality that I should cultivate today. The qualities I choose from Major Arcana according elemental influential. I choose the one to strengthen my character and to power the weak card that should be strong.


Astrology: Calculating Your Birth Chart

By 2CrowWoman

Hi, I've often been asked what/where/why questions about astrology birth charts and it just dawned on me today that maybe posting a simple basic explanation might be useful for anyone else curious about astrology. Now, this is written to be just that - simple and basic, but if anything still is confusing or too vague please ask and I'll try to explain it better or in more depth. There's also an article on Chinese astrology in the Main library here if anyone's interested in that as well. :nod Note - astrologers don't agree on things any more than anyone else in any other line agree on things! You will find astrology books disagree or argue against each other on certain areas. Your birth chart is a chart that calculates where every planet was at the moment of your birth. To do this properly an astrologer needs to know where you were born (place so they can work out latitude and longitude) as well as when (time, day, month, year). Some people panic because they don't know all their details. They might be adopted and not know the time or even the place. This does make it harder, but it is still possible to calculate about 90% of a chart just on basic birth date and a rough place, like say "Texas" or "France". The reason for this is because of the planets and how fast they move. Some planets are so big or so far away that they take months to years to move. With those planets not knowing the time of your birth doesn't matter very much! Where the biggest problems lie with not knowing your time is the Ascendant, or Rising Sign. That's because this is the constellation that is rising in the East at the time of birth and since our Earth moves a full circle within a day those 12 constellations go past much faster - in hours and minutes. So what's the point of a birth chart and how is it useful? Most people think of horoscopes when they hear the word "astrology", but this is really just one aspect.

In a horoscope that is done for you personally the astrologer takes your birth chart and then compares all your planets and works out the difference between where they were when you were born and where they are now.. or at some future date. In a magazine/newspaper horoscope they simply take the Sun and work out a generic reading for everyone on that. It's clumsy, it's very basic, and I must admit I hate them. They're as likely to give you the truth as pulling bits of paper with predictions on them out of a hat! Now back to that birth chart…I'm going to list all the planets a full chart will calculate and a brief explanation why each planet is important.

Sun - The most commonly known sign. The Sun gives us our basic personality "type".
Ascendant- or Rising Sign. This gives us our underlying personality. In some cases people use the Ascendant as a "mask" to hide their real nature. In those cases the Ascendant characteristics can actually be outwardly stronger and more noticeable than the Sun sign characteristics. At other times where the two signs are compatible they may blend together creating a personality based equally on Sun and Ascendant characteristics.
Moon - The Moon controls our intuition, moods and subconscious. It sets the pattern of how we feel about ourselves and how we express this self-image.
Mercury - Mercury governs our mental abilities: how we think, reason and communicate. Mercury also guides how we process this information, how we perceive the world around us; how we learn and what we remember.
Venus - Venus is traditionally seen as a "feminine" planet governing romantic love. Venus influences how we express love and affection in both romantic and friend/family relationships. The Arts and money are also seen as areas under the control of Venus.
Mars - Mars is traditionally seen as a "masculine" planet controlling action and aggression. Mars governs our attitudes to physical activity and all our energy levels including sport and sexual desire. NOTE: The way we deal with anger is also influenced by Mars.
Jupiter - Traditionally Jupiter is seen as a good (benefic) planet of luck and fortune. :up Nowadays it is seen as influencing our personal growth and development. The planet that shapes our attitude to life in general. Jupiter is also the planet that governs our ethics and religious beliefs. Jupiter completes a full zodiac cycle every 12 years. Therefore every 12th year (12, 24, 36, etc.) of a person's life is a time of change and challenge, usually prosperous.
Saturn - Saturn used to be seen as a bad (malefic) planet that controlled our fate and sorrows. :no Nowadays it is seen as the planet that helps us shape our lives through understanding and overcoming our inhibitions. Saturn completes a full zodiac cycle every 29/30 years. Therefore every 30th year (30, 60) in a person's life is a time of great restlessness with possible changes in career or lifestyle. In Karmic astrology Saturn controls the life destiny. It uses problems and challenges to help us become self-aware and thus self-confident by being made to "make a stand" in some way.
Uranus - It strengthens the effect of any other planets in the same constellation. Passes through the zodiac every 84 years. Half way, at a person's 42nd birthday, it passes through the Polar/Opposite sign. This can cause emotional tension and restlessness. People who reach the full 84th year can undergo a kind of "rebirth" of renewed energy!
Neptune - Far away, passes through the zodiac every 168 years. It has a mild influence over entire generations of humanity. Neptune is a planet of ideals, illusions and mystical energies. It inspires and adds "magic" through creativity and imagination and it influences psychic energies.
Pluto - Very far away, passes through the zodiac every 248 years. A mild influence over whole generations of people.


I am very intrigued, is there something in the Library telling the steps one takes to create a birth chart? Thanks for sharing this information I find it very interesting.


Hi GentleEyesWolf, Nothing in the library as far as I know. To calculate for yourself you'd need to get a good book that has ephemera - planetary position tables. These give lists of exactly where each planet was on each date.

There may be online sites with tables? I must admit I've never looked. I either use books or computer software. Nowadays even cheap software can do the calculations for you and draw up a birth chart wheel with all the aspects on it so doing it by hand is going out of style. I'm not sorry! Doing it the old way is ok if you're only doing yourself, but if you start doing a lot of charts for family and friends etc. it can get very tiring.

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