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A Couple Dreams For The New Year

By WhiteBuffaloWoman

The other night, I dreamed that I was at a class reunion. We were at a big field, like a jousting field or a rodeo arena, big dirt field with stands on the two long sides. I looked across the field and saw the other "Sonja", a girl that had been in my kindergarten class and throughout grade school and high school in many of my classes. (This was a lesson for me, that I was not so unique, that there were others out there like me.) I mentioned to someone that I thought she had died from breast cancer, and they told me she had not. I was happy that she had not died and sent a big smile and wave across the field. I then went to the food line and selected only meats to fill my plate, all different types of meat. I knew that this would make me sick if I ate the different meats together. But I didn't want to be rude, so I took the meat from each of the different servers. As I was seating back down at my table, people pointed out that I took too much and I would never be able to eat that much. The feeling I got was anger coming at me, and disgust, as I felt I was perceived as being a glutton. The feeling throughout the dream was about perception, the people there wanted to be perceived as successful and that they wanted approval from their classmates. A little later in the dream, I was across the field with my husband. He had been playing with people, pretending to be someone they knew and they didn't remember. He and I got into a limo with all the windows blocked. At some point I felt like this was a coffin, but then it started to move. I was afraid when it was moving, afraid that we would crash, afraid that we would run into something and damage the car, then there would be consequences to pay. I realized that it wasn't until my thoughts crystalized my fears that we hit things as we were moving.

Last night, I dreamed that I was on an industry group meeting. It was a combination of the real type of activities and a treasure hunt. I was part of the team that solved the treasure hunt, but the rules were that not everyone on the team could share in the reward, just the first seven that showed up. I didn't like this at all. It seemed unjust, that we would break up the team to get the reward. During the reward ceremony, the rules changed again, some team members were more worthy than others and got a bigger share of the reward. I got a smaller share because I had brought a problem to the meeting and we had not solved the problem. All in all, I felt like these dreams were messages to ponder for the new year. For taking too much on my plate, I take on too many issues and if I continue to do this in the new year, I will get sick. For the limo ride, I don't have to know where I am going and control this, just trust the universe to take me where I need to go. (where I want to go, that is a different story). As for justice and fair play, financial gain does not justify the denial of my core values of what is justice and fair play. I need to stay true to my core values as I am making decisions and let the universe provide. As for the other Sonja, I am unique and I am not, just a paradox. Some things the same and some things not. I was angry during the first years of knowing her, why did she have the same name as me. But later it became more acceptance. Even later, it would be embracing her. I really don't know what happened to her. No reply is needed to these dreams, I really didn't know if to place this here in the practice readings or in the walk your talk. Any insights will be gladly accepted and pondered.

Dearest White Buffalo Woman, oh Woman of Wisdom--Sonja! To me, 'The Awake-Time and Dream-Time' both contain wonderful 'symbols' and 'signs' and 'such' that 'mirror' our present location in the Great Medicine Walk, or in the Lakota concept, 'The Good Red Road.' As you stated, no "replies are necessary," however, I wonder if you might want to consider some different 'insights' to your 'interpretations' of the 'symbolism' of the 'dreams.' Simply said, they are 'positive,' but, where you see a 'positive reflection,' I saw some 'negative (not to be seen as bad, just an opposite spin of the pattern, and in this case, one that is 'at odds' with your 'new Year of You!'), and where you may have seen 'negative,' I got the 'impression' of something far more 'Life Affirming!' I am sure that you know the 'root meaning' of your 'Name--Sonja: Wisdom!' And, with that said, it is 'interesting' that in the 'court or arena of Life--game of Life (which is a process),' that we see, or discover to 'our surprise--yours and your readers,' your 'alter ego, or Mirror Self' as not only being 'Alive,' but a 'welcome site,' now that you have grown to accept that it is okay to be 'Unique!' You see, I think, 'metaphorically speaking,' that the 'Sonja' on the opposite side of your life--polarity, such as masculine and feminine: receptive vs. expressive, is now not only alive to you, but, your 'fears of dying by means of not being able to nurture the world (self-expression through nurturing)--of breast cancer,' were 'un-substantiated!' And, now, the 'other Sonja,' that part of you, that perhaps, you thought 'stole your uniqueness,' and I am going to 'venture a guess and intuition,' that the 'physical mirror--the Other Sonja,' may have been more of what you desired to be in the 'active/masculine/expressive You,' was 'still very much alive,' and now that you knew that she had not 'succumbed to the cancer of nurturing breast' you wave in 'acceptance and acknowledgement' that she is still 'very much alive!'

You see 'Dearest One,' to me, the 'Class Reunion,' may be speaking of the 'Great Mystery' of the 'Hieros Gamos' within us, of 'marrying--balancing and uniting the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine,' within our 'Beingness and Soul Expression!' So, you see, you can still be the one and only, and 'Unique Sonja' by 'being yourself!' Oh, by the way, to 'tie this together' in Lakota cosmology and the 'Mystical Kabbalah' of the 'Jews and Christians,' in the Lakota Cosmology of the 'Good Red Road,' the 'Heart' is the 'South or the beginning of the Good Red Road,' while the 'North is the culmination' of the Good Red Road' in the Consciousness of the Heart's Wisdom: A Marriage of Wisdom (Heart) and Understanding (Mind/Consciousness). Now, if you look real close (for all of those that have come into contact with the Kabbalah--and it is a 'Medicine Wheel' just like the one most of us use in our Medicine Paths), from the 'Crown (of Creation--The Zero or Center of the Medicine Wheel)' comes the top most 'sephirot--energy centers,' which are the 'masculine Chochmah--Wisdom, and the 'ferminine Binah--Understanding.' So, actually 'True Wisdom and True Understanding' require both to be in balance and harmony. So, you say, there were 'two Sonjas in your dream?' One on 'each side of the arena?' And both were 'alive and well,' and 'happy to see each other?' Happy 'New Year of Sonja(s)!'

Now, to the 'meats, flesh, and carnivores' of 'animal expression.' Yes, I guess you could see this as 'being Negative,' however, and you may have been saying this in your 'summary,' but, I see something 'completely different,' and perhaps, it speaks of your 'confidence and faith' in following your 'Heart--Desire.' You see, your words tipped me off to the fact, that this was a 'conscious intent' to 'eat only meat,' which 'symbolically' represents the 'living flesh' of some 'anima (where we get the term animal)' which in the 'Latin,' and of course in 'Native American Wisdom' represents 'The Truth or Beingness or Nature' of some 'essence or anima--animal!' So, it seems, that you are at a point, 'New Year?,' in which you now 'desire to be fed and nourished' by many different 'Meats: spirit essences or Wisdoms.' This could mean, opening up to the 'teachings of many individual animal and guide essences, and could include, as well, different philosophy and belief systems!' You have been 'told,' or 'sub-consciously,' you hold on to notions that only 'one way is right,' or to 'mix and match' the 'collective meats--wisdoms, beliefs and tenets,' of multiple 'belief systems' will make you 'crazy or sick!' And, so, your 'perception' is 'correct!' You are a 'glutton' in the 'eyes of those that do not wish to see?' To me, and, I always forget who said it, Plato or Socrates, but, "...to live a life without self-examination, is to not live (paraphrasing very apparent)..," and, so, to me, this part of your 'dream time,' continues from the 'Field of Life,' and 're-connecting with Sonja,' in that you now have 'decided to taste the meats of many,' so that you can 'Nourish the Soul Journey' within you. You see, the negative energies, were not 'from within you,' but came from without you. And, it does speak to the next part of the 'dream' where perhaps you might be trying, again, to 'worry too much about what other's think! Getting down to the 'real Wild and Natural us,' you see, those around you, aren't where you are: Hungry! So, they can't possibly see how you would 'finish all that is on your plate.' Because they are 'quite comfortable' where they are in life. Ooops...Happy New Year...will return in a couple of hours...it is 1029 Central Time, US, and I need to go pick up my nephew...would like to finish the rest of your dream(s), if you don't mind.... Heeees Backkkkkk.

Sonja, I must admit that the last part of your 'first dream' somewhat 'confused me.' In that the 'symbols clashed.' But, and please if the 'shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it,' I got the sense that some 'lofty pretentions' and 'phony airs' were at work in this 'dream,’ or at least, were ‘being brought to the surface.’ Now, I don’t get the ‘sense’ that it is you personally, but perhaps, your ‘husband’ and this ‘fad mobile.’ And, to me, they ’represent, the ‘other side’ of your life, and, don’t ask me why (I would assume by ‘DreamMaker’s’ use of the ‘reunion metaphor’ that this is in ‘hindsight’), but, I sense that even though this part of the dream could be ‘fears of pending or future events or changes,’ that it speaks of the past. That you now see that living a life, whether it be with ‘spiritual elitism (ego out of check),’ or not, that our living vehicle—career, life path and choices, living style, and such, should not be ‘blind’ to the outside world (closed/blocked windows), and certainly not with disregard or ‘insensitivities’ to the ‘welfare of others around us—in our world of everyday events.’ In other words, have your ‘fears’ been realized, at this ‘reunion point—time of reflection and change in your life (remember this is a ‘RE Union,’),’ that you have been ‘walking a path’ that was both ‘uncomfortable to you (see dream),’ and you now see, has caused ‘damage?’ And, in addition, you feel like you were ‘dead—coffin reference,’ meaning your ‘real heart and soul,’ were not ‘into this path.’ And, if this is a ‘current situation—pending path change, life or career,’ are you afraid that you will be trapped and then that it may not work as you would like (because you can’t see outside of the ‘vehicle,’ and you fear the ‘repercussions’ as you suspect this is not a the way you would like to ‘drive your life’ without clear view and with such a disregard for other things in your ‘life’s path?’

Now, before you get ‘upset with me,’ I don’t read you as this type of person. But, if it is a ‘Hindsight dream,’ I see this as a ‘dream’ that is finally showing you that you ‘need to be in control of the Wheel of Life—your Vehicle,’ and not leave the ‘driving to other’ possibly vain and superficial philosophy systems or trends. And, again, not to ‘wear out the saying,’ but, in other words, have you not been ‘living and acting the Real You?’ Again, this ‘dream’ seems ‘to be about the ‘two Sonjas’ so I suspect that it, the last part of the first dream, may be confirmation that you have not only felt trapped in your life to this point, but, that you were not ‘in control’ and closed off from seeing things in your path, and now, you realize that it is indeed not the path or way that you wish to live and walk. By the way, if you are already aware of the symbolic use of ‘Husband’ such as the ‘Bible’ makes use of, please forgive me, ‘husbandry’ represent the ‘active belief systems and principles that we use to actively use to live our lives and grow and be fruitful and multiply—harvest of our crops and fruits and cattle.’ .’ However, the first dream is all about a ‘State of the Union Address: the Two Sonjas’ coming together ‘in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the New Union of Sonja’s States!’ By the way, they let me out at night to post opinions in ‘spirit forums,’ I think they call it ‘certifiable.’

Now, to the second, most recent ‘dream.’ Well, to me, this actually is a ‘continuance’ of what I see as you questioning the ‘status quo’ of some ‘belief system or such.’ I may be totally ‘off-base’ here, but, to me, there is a lot of ‘get spiritual quick schemes’ going on, that are just the ‘spiritual versions of Religious Hoity Toity-ness, and such.’ And you are ‘right,’ the ‘Treasure does belong to all—if we shall seek. And there is a ‘tendency in man to ‘value themselves’ greater than others and to create ‘arbitrary value systems (usually that tend to esteem those qualities that are seen by the evaluators in themselves, regardless of whether this is true or not),’ in an effort to ‘feel good about themselves.’ Well, I could ‘dissect’ the ‘Seven People’ which seems to ‘point to’ the ‘perfecting number,’ and suggest that even though this dream speaks of the ‘hypocrisy’ in the ‘industry—the spiritual community,’ it does have some ‘truth’ to it that the ‘rules do change’ as we ‘seek the underlying laws of spirit and the universe:’ meaning, that our ‘belief systems’ do go through a ‘metamorphosis’ as we grow in our ‘soul experience and development.’ What was once thought of as being ‘right’ now suddenly falls away as we seek the ‘workings of nature and the universe’ through ‘more enlightened eyes.’ Okay Sister, I hope I did not ‘over-analyze’ the dreams, but, the bottom line is that, that both seem to suggest a ‘major intersection’ in your ‘spiritual life,’ and that not only are you in the processing of becoming ‘whole,’ but, you are ‘re-evaluating’ the ‘belief systems and cultures’ that you have grown within.’ Does any of this resonate?

Thank you Elk dreamer Any Insights are welcomed. You are offering me insights that I had not considered but make a lot of sense. I have been blessed with very vivid dreams that are staying in my mind as I wake. Thanks so much for the offering.

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