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Dreams Reflecting Past Events

Dream Walking

By SilverEagleDreamDancer

Countless years and billions of dollars spent in the intensive fascination with dreaming and still, no one knows why people and animals dream. They know when, during the REM stage of sleep. They know how it affects our physiology and biochemistry. But they have yet to figure out the why. Do we dream because our brain is reorganizing data accumulated during the day? I consider that one kind of dreaming. Do we dream because we are trying to make sense of our lives; kind of our subconscious reaching out to us through the abyss of REM? That's yet another type of dreaming. But in these articles, I'd like to address a third kind of dreaming, one where the essence that is you travels, free of its fleshy confines and able to accomplish what you can only dream about. I learned, what I call dream walking, from guidance. It's a primary way I heal others and myself but it's also far more than that. There are worlds upon worlds to be visited, enjoyed and learned about. All you have to do is learn how. I'll share the method that I've used all my life.

In the quiet before sleep begin to still your thoughts and center yourself. The energy of our existence is as a great web and you are somewhere within that web. To center and orient yourself first focus on your breath. I know, I know... every method I have starts out like this and for good reason. No one can tell me they can't breathe, now can they?

1) Begin by purposefully breathing in to the count of 5. Then breathe out by the same count of five.
2) Now, focus on your feet as you breathe and imagine them warming as though over a fire. Feel the warmth spread to the muscles, toes, veins and bones of the feet, melting them as though they were made of candle wax. When your feet are completely melted, imagine the warmth moving up your body slowly, melting your legs, torso, arms, neck, face....until you believe you are completely melted.
3) With no ties to anywhere in your body, you are free to move your awareness wherever you want it to be. Move your attention to your heart and imagine a door with a doorknob. Use the doorknob to open the door and will yourself through, closing it behind you.
4) Before you lay steps leading down. These are the steps of consciousness. Each ten steps there is a platform to rest. Slowly begin your descent down the first ten steps until you reach the first platform of rest. You'll find that at this point, you may not be able to control your physical body movement effectively anymore. This is normal. Don't be troubled.
5) When you're comfortable at this stage, descend ten more steps to the next level. You will find doors to your right along the way down but don't worry about those now. We won't be using them in this exercise.

6) Descend one more level where you will find the bottom of the stairway and another door ahead of you. Light beams from the bottom of the crack in the door and you find that the light draws you to it. This is an entrance to the web. If you open the door, you enter the stream of the web. Once you do, you can direct/will yourself wherever/whenever it is you want to go. This is where the energy of us and our Creator meet to create existence itself.

7) Become aware that your helper spirits are there to assist you in navigating the web. They will accompany you throughout your journey along the stream. Give them permission to return you should you stray too far or to places that aren't good for you. I will say, at this point, you can only travel to areas of the web that are compatible with your vibrational level so that's a plus.


Coming back: The conscious and purposeful way - re-ascend the steps to the door of your heart, open it and go through - back into your body. Focus again on your breath, breathing yourself back into your body. Gradually wiggle your toes, fingers and other parts until you have command over it again. Slowly open your eyes and you should be back.

I would practice going down to the door that leads to the web and then back to your body several times before actually using the web door; until you are certain you're comfortable with the process.

The unconscious way - you wake up. It won't be a normal waking up though. You should take great care in moving your body around and upon waking, drink water and take a few moments to deliberately focus yourself on your physical existence. Stressing the body a bit helps with this. You can do a few jumping jacks, stomp your feet etc... to ensure that your energy has fully returned to your body. Standing on one foot works wonders because it enforces the essential need for balance.

Record what you experienced, even if you just fell asleep. Charting your progress is the easiest way of setting your intent to make this a conscious practice for yourself.



Dreams Reflecting Past Events

By MoonStar

Early this morning just before waking I dreamt that SW was being assaulted once again by the same man who assaulted him back in Oct. This was taking place in front of my eyes in our own driveway this time. I turned to run into the house but felt like my feet were lead and wouldn't move, I opened my mouth to scream but couldn't scream either, I was yelling as loud as I could and nothing was coming out. Could this just be a reflection of what has already happened?

We were discussing it a bit last night - this man is still flapping his lips about us and now another person (his Mom) is getting others still involved and gossiping about us. Or could this be a sign that he's just not finished with us yet? I do know I was quite disturbed by it when I awoke. It was the only thing I recall dreaming and was startled out of it by the alarm going off. Any insight would be helpful!

White ElkDreamer:
Dearest MoonStar, If I may, I would like to respond to your 'dream' query. First and foremost, as I advise all brothers and sisters when I provide 'dream interpretation,' 'dream interpretation--like Beauty,' is all in the 'eyes--Spirit/Soul--of the 'beholder!'

So, my offering is but an attempt to use the gifts I have been given to 'point out significant symbols and signs,' and to also give 'impressions' I sense while reading, meditating, and writing.

The initial impression I had, and this is one of the first distinctions I make in 'dream analysis' is that 'dreams are most always revelatory,' but, what do they 'reveal: future or present,' and my gleaning was that this regards 'current conditions in the 'hidden realms--issues!''

Is the 'revelation to come to pass, or is the revelation a symbolic message of some 'unresolved issue' within our Soul experience?' And, without getting too far afield here, as to what area of the 'soul experience,' let us just say, that 'Dream Maker' many times is just trying to 'alert' us to some issue or block that we have, so that we may 'recognize the Shadow Dancer (many applications of this concept)' and to 'dance with it until we are healed, or find our way to the Light of the Source.'

And, again, as I make the point many times, there is nothing 'wrong or bad' with 'darkness.' It is a place where the 'Hidden things of Potential come to Light,' and yes, there are some 'paradoxical metaphors there.' Say what?

Okay, back to the 'dream' and what I think it conveys. Given my unfamiliarity with your personal life (and your wording suggests that some may be aware of what has transpired in your life), and that I am not sure to whom "SW" refers, maybe significant other or partner, my most immediate thoughts, given that you were questioning a 'replay' of past events in the 'physical experience,' or a 'warning of the perpetrator's intent,' was that it was more of a 'revelatory dream' of your 'fears or blocks.' And, in this case they may be related.

I think sometimes when 'bad things' happen to us, we tend to feel and hold a range of entities such as 'blame, guilt, shame and guilt.' Many times, these are held against ourselves as if, we 'caused them to happen.' And, we 'bury them within,' where they can cause much distress in our 'spirit-soul life.'

And, I am sorry that you suffered an 'invasion and abuse in your physical world,' and offer you my prayers of support and healing.

With the 'loving belief' that 'all things happen for a reason,' and it most always is for growth, the 'most noticeable thought' I had regarding your 'dream' is that you do 'harbor' such 'buried issues,' and though 'fear is one of them,' I think the 'dream symbols' speak more of 'blame or guilt,' that you may hold against yourself.

Again, I am doing a lot of prefacing and set up, to get us to a place where, we can 'address the real issue, as I think the symbols suggest and want to state emphatically, you are not to blame for this happening, nor are you to feel guilt.

And, I do not feel this is a 'prophetic dream' of future events, so you should not feel the 'fear of this future happening.'

However it seems, that 'DreamMaker' has given you an opportunity to see some 'blocks' that you have in your 'warrior path--whether real, or perceived!'

When you wrote "...run into the house but felt like my feet were lead and wouldn't move...couldn't scream either...yelling as loud as I could and nothing was coming out..," my thoughts were that this was the 'real source of your fears and issues!'

First, the 'house represents your Soul experience and potential,' but, it also can mean a place to hide (which most ALL Human Beans use, or have used at one time or another to either escape, or find protection) or to go within to find 'Your Strength!'

Now, in your case, to be frank, I am not sure, and I think you need to answer that, however, it seems that the 'two physical limitations' are your 'quests for power: to take the steps to assert and protect yourself, and to speak your own truth without fear and loudly!'

In 'spiritual energetic terms,' our feet 'represent, as said, our steps' that we take to move toward something.' Are you 'afraid to step toward your 'attacker!' Whether this is the person who you spoke of in the physical realm or not, or is hidden fears about taking steps to more actively assert yourself, 'DreamMaker' could be using this 'recent event' to say, that we need to 'step into our fear' and that may include going back within to find our 'hidden strengths!'

Now to the voice or scream, most associate this 'physical phenomenon' to the 'throat chakra' which is 'spiritually symbolic' of speaking our truth. Many times (and I know from experience) we feel 'helpless' when we are not speaking and living our 'truth.' This is not only words, but, actions.

Do, we feel that our 'words are not important, or that they are not 'worthy enough to be heard?'

Now, I must share something with you, one of the most empowering messages that older 'soldiers give to the younger and 'wide-eyed with fear' newbies,' is to 'admit your fear, this is the 'first step in walking through fear to Courage!' And, this means the 'Old Salts as well!'

Now, I could be totally off-base here, but, the question I always ask of 'DreamMaker' is what is the purpose of your visit? Many times, the 'real message' is left at the lower levels of our 'psyche and sub-conscious' where it can be processed and await it’s time to come to the light, however, in your case, I think you are being shown, that you do 'carry fear' with you about your abilities in these areas. And guess what? We ALL DO!

Many times, what we 'fear, is fear itself (borrowing a quote)' and, again, in my opinion, your 'fear is not so much about a 'repeat,' but, about your 'worthiness and readiness' to 'Stand In the Face of Fear!'

Does any of this resonate? To me, it is a very encouraging 'dream' in that, 'the alarm sounded to wake you up to this issue in your experience.' "For whom does the bell toll, it toll for thee!"

Now, I must keep telling you that I myself have had similar life experience dreams, too many times, we also try to feel 'shame' when we are not what we wish to be.

As a loving brother 'warrior' the 'Greatest Heroes' in my life experience have been those that 'admit their fears' and move into 'Harms Way' to confront them!

If you would like, if you so believe this way, you may wish to try the following Medicine Wheel directional ritual, and seek to find not only the 'Shadows,' but the 'Light Arrows' that you need to 'arm yourself with.'

The 'Place of Fear' in the Warrior's Medicine Wheel is in the 'southeast,' if you create a 'Sacred Space in Nature' or in some solitary place, call out to your Ancestors (the place of the Southeast), and ask to 'know your fear' and to 'know your Guide--Weapon to confront the Fear,' this could be a saying, word, image, or not.

Repeat this in the south, and ask the spirit of this direction to give you the honesty of the situation that you feel (this is the place of guilt in the Warrior's Wheel), and speak this with confidence, that you will give this 'fear or guilt' back to the 'Great Spirit' for Healing.

Repeat this spirit prayer in the southwest, which is the place of 'blame' in the Warriors Wheel, and is also the place of the 'Future and Dreams,' perhaps, you will be gifted with a 'image' of what you wish to manifest in this place. The gift here will be to accept responsibility for your actions, your future--The Dreams that you hold.

Repeat this in the center, which is the place of your 'higher self,' and is ALL about speaking your Truth! Ask the Ancestors to give you a 'doubt shout--this could be like the "Geronimo" that any soldier who has jumped from an airplane sometimes uses to overcome their fear.' This could be a 'primal scream,' it could be 'Hoka Hey,' it could be any powerful utterance or words, from the 'deep within of your Soul House.'

Then go to the direction of the West, which is the physical, and also the place of 'doubt' (in our abilities), and give forth your 'doubt shout,' and 'announce to all that can hear,' all that you are! The reward in the West is Confidence and Decisive Action!

This may be more than you asked for, and I hope it was appropriate to offer this ceremony to you. Again, I can only say, that 'we all have our fears and blocks' that we need to step through.

My prayers are that the Warrior in your House, will come out and tell DreamMaker, they don't need to bring that 'dream' around anymore.


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