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Seven-Seven-Seven - Part 1
By Mouse

The thought that it will be July 7, 2005 on Thursday intrigues me.
July, the 7th month.
the 7th day 2005 -
numerologically speaking the number 7 (2+0+0+5) 7-7-7

I received a Dutch message about this particular day, in which it is said that the day is a very good one for making a deep commitment, a deep choice, for growth, to release fears, so that the energy of fear will no longer be fed, will be released, and the entire earth can move forward with less weight (baggage) to hold it back. An excellent day to surrender to trust, to Spirit. It suggests reciting the mantra OM, SHANTI, SHANTI, SHANTI, OM, PEACE as much as possible in the days leading up to, and on, the 7th of July, and to use the mantra to sustain the changes and release of fear that takes place then.

I have found an English channeled message that pertains to this, but so far, that's all I've been able to find. I would love to discuss the possibilities of the 7-7-7 energy. Anyone else?

Here is the channeled message from:www.awakening-healing.com/

“In 2005 the holy vibration of seven rings throughout all cells on earth and beyond heralding a conjoining and adjoining of what has appeared severed and disconnected. The number seven incarnates in form and deed as we enter the Initiation of the Seven Holy levels of Self as birthed in the year 2005 (#7). Seven shows us how to create thought by thought. It moves us inward as the internal index and the outcome of each Creational Thought is felt within the cell wall. What makes a thought vibrate at the Creational level? Science is on the brink of an ancient discovery that will explain this.

Mankind is a holy vessel, a holding arena for that which has incarnated from the stars. He has awaited this time and place to finally reveal himself as a Being deserving of all that has been promised. Defying the inherent programmed limitations and confusions of the flesh. Standing up to the Creational beginning and declaring himself free from that which wants to own him or correct home or belittle him.

2005 (#7) is about trusting the cycles of time and the universe in a way that surpasses all earthly notions of what can and cannot be. It is about the untapped wellspring of divine potential birthed in a way that mankind can use it and understand it. Knowing this wellspring is there and drinking from it is two different things. In 2005 you will drink from what has been hidden in plain sight. Knowing you are deserving of all that you have denied your-self up until this time. The universe has always see you as a deserving vessel without judgment.

This year leads you home to heart without losing yourself in emotion. Seven veils are lifted exposing what cannot be seen nor felt. The 7th sense of light is activated reviving an inner vision beyond time, space and pre-designed future. Many come to terms with their soul agreements and DNA contracts of old refining and redefining their contract into completeness. The turning point of evolution speeds up to meet itself at a designated rendezvous point.

2005 holds spiritual undercurrents that can be miss-interpreted by the untrained. When one predicts, one must do so with a clear certainty, otherwise the prediction will fall short of its watermark. Haphazard prophecy is as 2% milk. Inherent within it are the main ingredients but it is diluted of strength and purpose. Movement through the heavens in 2005 is seen with a magnified eye. Nothing is hidden no matter how hard it tries to dodge being seen. July 7, 2005 brings to the world the healing equation and sound of 7-7-7. A stellar alignment assists in this task that begins to be felt as of Thanksgiving 2004. A great healing echoes in the halls of records and the halls of our heart. Truth is set free to be itself without any censoring from earth or her inhabitants. Announcements to self on all levels of emotional terrain comes as a tidal surge. No regrets on its part, only cleansing of the nodal differences within the planetary thinking.

Time passes quickly and slowly as two hearts in the night. Shadows are seen in the light of day and light is seen in the shadows. Why do we hold to the thickness of humanness when within us lives a vast light that knows its way home. Many chose to go home without our hearts permission emptying us of past requests and regrets. We mourn the potential of life and of others as they chose to be what will serve their evolutionary history. We are precluded not included in their choices. Inter-personal healing makes us feel more than we ever thought possible.

Life and worthiness cannot be measured by what shifts come in the night. Hold tight to what you understand to be your life and heart path and do not stop living because another chooses to evolve differently than you. Sadness comes as a deterrent not as a catalyst. For who and what do you actually mourn? Is it your past, your future, what once was, what once could have been? In 2005 you will define your emotions before they drown you. For most thoughts have only just landed in this life and not begun here. Sorting through and through we lessen what has been heavy and hard upon the softness of our humanness.

” From the library: Numerology and birth number notes

7) It signifies mystery, study and knowledge scholarly and poetic. Genius and temptation. Strong intuitive powers and highly imaginative. You can become moody and depressed dwelling on unhappy things. Obscurity will prove disheartening, apt to blame others rather than yourself for your failure to gain fame. Capable of understanding others, but seldom understand your own nature. #7's are often musicians, philosophers and outright mystics. You must not isolate yourself from the world to be really happy.”

And from Numerology and Name number notes:

“7) This has grand possibilities. You can turn your natural talents to art, science, or philosophy and achieve greatness in any of these fields. Success, though, will depend upon careful planning and meditation rather than dramatic or speculative action. You have a weakness for impractical dreaming and depression. You should work toward something positive and use your intuition and imagination ot your advantage. You can become an excellent leader and teacher for you possess a deep understanding for others and inspire loyalty to become a commercial or financial success. You need the help of others because your thoughts are tuned to other things. A sign of genius.”

From Moon Lore and Numerology (part six in the series) :

“MOON AND NUMEROLOGY: The Moon's cycle is made of four phases, each lasting about 7 days. The Sumerians based their calendar on this cycle and this is the origin of the month of four weeks of 7 days each, with extra days added to cover the period at the end of each cycle when the Moon is not visible in the sky. In Babylonia every 7th day, marking the end of a stage in the Moon's cycle, was sacred to Sin, the moon-god, and these days were felt to be unlucky and uncanny.

This is probably the origin of the Sabbath, the 7th day on which you rest because it would be dangerous to do anything on a day which is uncanny. If the moon rules life on earth, with a cycle running in the periods of 7, by "as above, so below" reasoning life on earth should also run in periods of 7, and according to occultists it does. The human body renews itself every 7 years. Occultists maintain that disease runs in 7's, with the crisis in most illnesses coming on the 7th, 14th, or 21st day and lasting about 3 1/2 (half of 7) days. More importantly, menstruation in women, on which all human life depends, occurs in a 4x7 days and lasts about 3 1/2 days.

The occultist's conclusion is that the number 7 governs the cycles and rhythms of life-birth, growth, disease, decay, death. For the same reasons, 7 is a number of completeness. Each stage of human growth is complete in 7 years, each phase of the moon in 7 days. Seven of anything makes a complete series. Seven planets are (or were until recently) all the planets. Seven days make a whole week. There are 7 colors in the spectrum and 7 notes in the musical scale, 7 petitions in the Lord's Prayer, 7 Deadly Sins, 7 features of the human head (2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 1 mouth), 7 orifices of the male body.

The characteristics of 7 in numerology--deep wisdom, interest in religion and philosophy, the search for inner truth, secrecy and mystery--follow from the occult significance of 7 as the number which holds the key to the underlying rhythms of life. This is powerfully reinforced by the most obvious example of 7 as a number of completeness--the creation of the world in 7 days according to Genesis, which was essentially the creation of life. God finished the work in 6 days and rested on the 7th. The idea of the Sabbath, of rest and reflection after toil and involvement, appears in the numerologist's 7-nature as withdrawal from the world, introspection and meditation.”

Who else has anything about the number 7, or has heard anything about 7-7-7? (and I just realized that July 16 and July 25 have the 7-7-7 energy too!)

Sounds good to me! I imagine at 7:00am and 7:00pm some people might experience some interesting happenings too maybe.

My favorites: 7 colors in the light spectrum and 7 major chakras. Also the seven mysteries and the seven seals in the Bible.

Ah - yes. And the Menorah - the 7-armed candle holder. There are many places in which 7 is significant. I am actually hoping for someone to have some more insights on the 7th of July, 2005.
Crow - with your understanding of Astrology - is there anything specific for that day? Something that really stands out? I know that numerologically speaking, July holds the energy of 5 (the numerical value of the letters J, U, L and Y). So it may just be a goofy calendar day. But in the past the fourth of April 2002 (4/4/4) was significant, and the third of March, 2001..., the 6th of June, 2004 was a specific date, etc. So hence my ponderings...

I can't say anything astrological comes to mind about the date, but if I find anything I'll let you know . It's more my interest/fascination in numbers that got me to read your post really.

Greetings! Actually, Minna told me about this post. I'm finding this fascinating as seven is my family number and has occurred repeatedly throughout my life. Also, I'm attending a shamanic journey class on this day at 7 pm. Will let you know if anything significant happens.

HOLY COW! That class would be the place to be! WAY! lol-actually what was said here in this thread really hit home with me-this is my b day- 12-25-1968 (how many 7's can you see here? lol) actually it comes to 7 thus the interpretations up there were incredibly accurate-I don't want this post here to come across as too "me, me, me" right- but it DID hit ME like that (pun intended) because the biggest thing I personally have been dealing with is a huge fear. and someone (forgive me) I can't remember who- the thread starter I think- said this: “to release fears” that - that day would be optimal for this- which really hit me- I need to release a very disabling fear of storms- (related to past life- has to be- I can't remember anything from this life that would apply unless my father counts lol). So I very much appreciate this thread-Thank you- I don't have any insights on the 7-7-7 day though....Got me thinking about it now though. Blessed Be to you-I needed to be here tonight obviously- everything is touching my heart-

Woo!!! I found more information, by Celia Fenn!!

“Beloved Ones, you have reached a point of great excitement and joy in your evolution to Higher Consciousness and the New Earth. In this coming month of July you will experience the annual opening of the Sirius stargate, known as the Lion's Gate.”

This year the energies of the Sirius gate are extremely powerful and will be the engine for major transformation on the planet. So, after your wonderful work of holding the balance in June, you are now asked to accept your rewards, as it were. The planet is ready to receive the energies that will lift your consciousness into the higher harmonics of multi-dimensional being. The planet is ready to begin manifesting the reality of a fifth and sixth-dimensional society.

Dearest Light workers, we ask you to be very focused in this month of July. Focus your intention on holding the vision of the New Earth. Focus on balance, on unconditional love and acceptance, on peace and joy as your future as a planet. Then, as you feel the waves of transformative stellar energy washing through you, you will be empowered to use this energy for its highest purpose, your own transformation to a new level of Divine Consciousness.

The Triple Seven Vortex
The energy shifts for July will begin on the 6th of July, as the New Moon opens a new lunar cycle. This will be followed the next day, on the 7th, by a triple 7 vortex. This occurs when the harmonics of numbers creates a vortex in the time-space continuum. So the 7th of July 2005, will create a numerological triple 7. This, dearest Lightworkers, is an ideal time to open your seventh Chakras, your Crown Chakras, to receive into your bodies the diamond light that will flood through the Lion's Gate Portal in July.

But while we ask you to be aware of the Higher levels and the spiritual unfoldment, we ask you to GROUND the energy. That is your work, to ground the energy into the Crystal Grids of the Earth and make it available for all humans, even those who are not yet awakened. It will serve as an impetus to awakening many more beings to the Crystal Reality of the New Earth.

So, beloved Lightworkers, as you meditate, we urge you also to use crystals, water, incense and candles to bring in the four elements. Do fire ceremonies and crystal ceremonies. Build medicine wheels and mandalas and labyrinths, like your ancestors did, as they grounded the energies into the earth. These activities help you to "ground" the energies and move them from your mental and spiritual bodies and into the earth. This serves to connect you to the planet and makes the energy available for the use of others.

The Opening of the Lion's Gate
The Lion's Gate is the most powerful stargate that activates Earth's energy field. It was known to the ancient Egyptians, and they celebrated their New Year on about the 26th of July. This celebration was marked in the skies by the "heliacal rising" of Sirius. This is the time when Sirius rises in conjunction with the early morning sun. It is visible as a bright star as the sun rises. It was an alignment of the sun and Sirius that was understood to be the herald for new life and abundance in Egypt, for it occurred in conjunction also with the rising of the Nile river which brought the annual floods and produced food and crops for the people of Egypt.

But, as above, so below. The priesthoods and wise people of Egypt knew that the abundance came primarily from the potent stellar energies that flooded the Earth with the alignment of the Sun and Sirius in relation to the Galactic Center. This surge of energy through the Lion's Gate lifts the earth to the next level in her ongoing cycles of evolution.

This event is also concurrent with the movement of the Sun into the Fifth House of the Zodiac, Leo, the Solar sign of Creativity and Passion. This is why it is called the Lion's Gate. Leo, or the constellation of the Lion, guarded the entrance to the Sirius Stargate.

The Lion's Gate 2005 : Activating the Goddess or Paradise Matrix
Dearest Lightworkers, this year's Lion's gate has special significance for you as you work towards the manifestation of the New Earth.

In March you assisted with the planetary grounding of the Goddess or Paradise matrix, first in Hawaii and then globally. After that, the Divine Feminine energies of the Tara goddesses came in to assist you to hold and ground the matrix.

Now, as the Sirius Gate introduces the new stellar energies, these energies will flood into the new matrix. You will see such miracles and joy as the Goddess matrix activates with the energy of the Lion's Gate.

But, this is a potent energy, the energy of the Lion, and we ask that you treat it with honor and deep respect. It is your own solar and creative energy that you are embracing into your being through the "doorway" of the Sirius Gate.

Be conscious of the opening within yourself of a gate that allows a flood of vital, creative and passionate energy, and honor this process. It is lifting you to the highest expression of your creative and passionate self.

Saturn, the Full Moon and the Lion's Gate: Significant Dates After the triple seven (7:7:7) activations, the next key moment will be the 17th July, when the planet Saturn moves into the sign of Leo, bringing transformation and change.

This will be followed by the Full Moon on the 21st, in Capricorn, which will magnify and intensify the energies of change. Finally, the sun moves into Leo itself on the 23rd. This will be an intense period, and you will be challenged to hold your energies and allow the transformations.

The energy of the portal will be felt intensely through the end of July and into the beginning of August, when the Stargate reaches its maximum intensity on the 8:8 harmonic on the 8th of August through to the 12th August. After that, the Gate begins to close, and the potent energies of change are made available for use in the rest of the year.

The Entry of the Solar Feminine energy to the Earth The earth is now ready to receive a new blessing, one of the Higher Expressions of the Divine Feminine energy known as the Solar Feminine. This is represented in the Fire Goddesses such as Sekmet, Pele, and Amaterasu.

This fiery new energy will be received on the planet by the gentle energy of Quan Yin and the Taras, who will help to ground into the Planetary Goddess Matrix the energies of PASSIONATE CREATIVITY. This will provide the energetic impetus for the Creation and manifestation of the New Earth in the next two year cycle, culminating in 2007.

You will see emerging among you women as leaders and teachers in your communities, exhibiting the strong and independent energies of the Solar Feminine. So, dearest ones, as the energy of the Solar Lion and Lioness return to Planet earth, we urge you to remember your Fire Ceremonies. This can be as simple as a candle lit for meditation, with the intention to honor the warmth and transformative power of the element of Fire.”

Thank you for sharing the information Mouse, it's validating a lot of things for me right now too.

Wonderful info, Mouse! Aside from all that, July 7, 2005 is significant to me because it's my uncle's 90th birthday.

I went to that link you provided-and then I went to the adult crystal from indigo area-and it completely describes everything about me and my family HAS been saying the things that Celia talks about-I think I saw a topic on this- but that link just explained my life so I need to research it-I put that in here because 1) the link is in here and I wanted other people to know that too- and 2) To thank the person that provided the link- You may have just saved my life in many ways.

((((((((Shamanaska))))))))) Celia offers excellent information. I am glad that the other links on her page were helpful to you and your family.

Oh, my, how strange that the bombings in London took place today. It was also a very strange day where I work. Didn't feel like a wonderful energy to me. The last day or two we've had people just really agitated and bouncing off the walls (these are clients at a health department.) Anyone have a comment on it? And I truly offer up my love and blessings to all those effected by that horrible event.

Greetings! Yes, I was affected by today. Actually, the last two days I had a headache that would not go away ‘til I went to my Buddhist meditation class. Today felt a very blah day at first then I felt more chaotic as time went on. I noticed all of this because both my parents were more chaotic. When I went to my shamanic class, I noticed my friend was in a similar state of mind. It was still apparent ‘til after the class. As for the class itself, there were unexpected results which I think I may put in another thread altogether.

Know what I think happened? Not the bombings necessarily because who can explain something so horrible-But for the rest of us- I think we felt all the fears and all the negativity being released-So on these important days and such- what is supposed to be a wonderful day- I think really IS and it IS because all those things are being let go and everyone- from Christians to wiccans to solitaries and everyone who is spiritually inclined- we'll feel "better" once it all smooths over-this is what I think personally-So maybe it really WAS a good day-just not in the way we are used to seeing good days "be". See? Maybe?




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