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Chinese Astrology

By 2CrowWoman

I wrote this a year ago. It's very basic and meant for fun, but I thought it might be useful for those who know nothing about Chinese Astrology.

1900~White Rat. 1922~Black Dog 1944~Green Monkey 1966~Red Horse 1988~Brown Dragon
1901~White Ox. 1923~Black Pig 1945~Green Rooster 1967~Red goat 1989~Brown Snake.
1902~Black Tiger. 1924~Green Rat 1946~Red Dog 1968~Brown Monkey 1990~White Horse
1903~Black Rabbit. 1925~Green Ox 1947~Red Pig 1969~Brown Rooster 1991~White Goat
1904~Green Dragon. 1926~Red Tiger 1948~Brown Rat 1970~White Dog 1992~Black Monkey
1905~Green Snake. 1927~Red Rabbit 1949~Brown Ox 1971~White Pig 1993~Black Rooster
1906~Red Horse 1928~Brown Dragon 1950~White Tiger 1972~Black Rat 1994~Green Dog
1907~Red Goat. 1929~Brown Snake 1951~White Rabbit 1973~Black Ox 1995~Green Pig
1908~Brown Monkey 1930~White Horse 1952~Black Dragon 1974~Green Tiger 1996~Red Rat
1909~Brown Rooster 1931~White Goat 1953~Black Snake 1975~Green Rabbit 1997~Red Ox
1910~White Dog 1932~Black Monkey 1954~Green Horse 1976~Red Dragon 1998~Brown Tiger
1911~White Pig 1933~Black Rooster 1955~Green Goat 1977~Red Snake 1999~Brown Rabbit
1912~Black Rat 1934~Green Dog 1956~Red Monkey 1978~Brown Horse 2000~White Dragon
1913~Black Ox 1935~Green Pig 1957~Red Rooster 1979~Brown Goat 2001~White Snake
1914~Green Tiger 1936~Red Rat 1958~Brown Dog 1980~White Monkey 2002~Black Horse
1915~Green Rabbit 1937~Red Ox 1959~Brown Pig 1981~White Rooster 2003~Black Goat
1916~Red Dragon 1938~Brown Tiger 1960~White Rat 1982~Black Dog 2004~Green Monkey
1917~Red Snake 1939~Brown Rabbit 1961~White Ox 1983~Black Pig 2005~Green Rooster
1918~Brown Horse 1940~White Dragon 1962~Black Tiger 1984~Green Rat 2006~Red Dog
1919~Brown Goat 1941~White Snake 1963~Black Rabbit 1985~Green Ox 2007~Red Pig
1920~White Monkey 1942~Black Horse 1964~Green Dragon 1986~Red Tiger 2008~Brown Rat
1921~White Rooster. 1943~Black Goat 1965~Green Snake 1987~Red Rabbit 2009~Brown Ox


The first thing you need to know about Chinese astrology is that it is based on the lunar calendar year. The Chinese new year is a complicated event based on the first new moon at the end of winter/beginning of spring. So if you're born in January or February you need to check with a good Chinese astrological calendar to see which year you'll fall into as the new year date changes annually. There are twelve symbolic animals and five elements that together form a full cycle of 60 years. So there are 60 signs you're dealing with here, not 12 as in Western astrology! Basic Chinese astrology versions will go for the simpler route and just give you just the animal years, but you really need to have the element as well to get a proper reading. You also need to bear in mind that the East values different animals to the west. For example : In the East to call a woman a "snake" is to say she's the most sexiest, magnetically attractive creature in existence!

So What Are The 12 Animals & What Are They Like In Personality?

In order of appearance to Buddha Himself:

Rat - Intelligent, charming, ambitious, hard-working and hyperactive. Think Mickey Mouse combined with Bill Gates! Rats are born to achieve. Rats are Yang. Famous Rats: William Shakespeare, Mozart, Tolstoy, Richard Nixon, Mata Hari, Yves St Laurent.
Ox (also called Buffalo or Cow) - Patient, persistent, clear-thinking, stubborn and powerful. The original "immovable object." Oxen are born hard-workers. Oxen are Yin. Famous Oxen: Napoleon, Vincent van Gogh, Adolf Hitler, Walt Disney, Margaret Thatcher.
Tiger - Courageous, charismatic, Impulsive, generous and persuasive. All Tigers are Tigger at heart! Tigers are born to rebel. Tigers are Yang. Famous Tigers: Karl Marx, H G Wells, Oscar Wilde, Emily Bronte, Marilyn Monroe, Germain Greer.
Rabbit (also called Cat) - Diplomatic, intuitive, friendly, sensitive and peace-loving. Like Brer Rabbit, they can be cunning. Rabbits are born to adapt. Rabbits are Yin. Famous Rabbits: Einstein, Stalin, Queen Victoria, Dr Spock, Orson Welles, Fidel Castro.
Dragon - Fearless, irresistible, idealistic, successful and self-sufficient. Dragons think they can conquer the world.. and they're right! Dragons are born to blaze ahead. Dragons are Yang. Famous Dragons: Darwin, Florence Nightingale, Freud, Martin Luther King, G B Shaw, John Lennon.
Snake - Sophisticated, sensual, wise, efficient and self-contained. Mesmerising and unique. Snakes are born to charm. Snakes are Yin. Famous Snakes: Ghandi, Picasso, Edgar Allen Poe, John F Kennedy, Mao Tse-Tung, Tennyson.
Horse - Cheerful, noble, energetic, unselfish and temperamental. Think of the wild mustangs of America. Horses are born to be free. Horses are Yang. Famous horses: Isaac Newton, Lenin, Barbara Streisand, Sean Connery, Paul McCartney, Chopin.
Goat (also called Sheep) - Creative, peaceful, imaginative, eccentric and disorganised. The "arty" types. Goats are born to be creative. Goats are Yin. Famous Goats: Jane Austen, Mick Jagger, Michelangelo, Mussolini, Coco Chanel, Mark Twain.
Monkey - Entertaining, likeable, witty, manipulative and cunning. These people ARE the barrel full of monkeys! Monkeys are born to scheme. Monkeys are Yang. Famous Monkeys: Lord Byron, Marquis de Sade, Charles Dickens, Milton, Liz Taylor, Descartes.
Rooster (also called Chicken or Bird) - Honest, flamboyant, generous, thoughtless and critical. Think of the proud peacock or strutting cockerel. Roosters are born to survive. Roosters are Yin. Famous Roosters: Wagner, Strauss, Peter Ustinov, Mary Quant, Katherine Hepburn, Eric Clapton.
Dog - Loyal, idealistic, faithful, pessimistic and unselfish. Dogs are born to protect. Dogs are champions of the weak. Dogs are born to protect. Dogs are Yang. Famous Dogs: Winston Churchill, Cher, Elvis Presley, Victor Hugo, Houdini, Michael Jackson.
Pig (also called Boar) - Cultured, peaceful, determined, trusting and kind-hearted. Pigs love the good things in life. Pigs are born to want more from life. Pigs are Yin. Famous Pigs: Henry the 8th, Karl Jung, Hitchcock, Richard Attenborough Elton John, Lucille Ball.

The Elements & How They Affect The Animal Signs

Metal - called "White" - this gives power and strength. It makes the signs bolder, but also more stubborn and intolerant of new ideas or change.
Water - called "Black" - this gives extra creativity and sensitivity. In strong signs it makes them gentler and more adaptable. In weaker signs it makes them more creative, but more indecisive.
Wood - called "Green" - this gives warmth and humanity. It makes all signs more caring and more co-operative.
Fire -called "Red" - this gives energy and inspiration. All signs are more powerful and more likely to be ambitious with Fire as their element.
Earth - Called "Brown" - this gives patience and common-sense. It makes all signs more practical, but also more stubborn.

2003 was a Black Goat/Sheep year and 2004 is a Green Monkey year.

Chinese astrology doesn't believe that a person's life is pre-determined. That's why feng shui is all about improving your fate and creating your own destiny. It's all about Balance - Yin and Yang. Making sure you're a balanced person in a balanced life where all of the five elements are equal in strength. In Chinese astrology your aim is to find which element you LACK and try to correct the balance by bringing more of that element into your life or lifestyle.

What Is Yin & Yang?
It is the belief that the universe is controlled by the EQUAL powers Yin and Yang. Everything created is at it's best when in the perfect balance of Yin~Yang. This isn't Good vs Evil. Yang is sun, fire, light, masculine, day, hot, active, right, north. Yin is moon, water, shadow, feminine, night, cold, passive, left, south.

Yang signs prefer being in groups or families. They are sociable, materialistic, conservative and active. Yin signs prefer time to be alone, being solitary. They are individual, spiritual, non-conformist and passive. And finally, for the Season of Mistletoe..


Rats love Oxen, Dragons and Monkeys. They like Rats, Tigers, Rabbits, Snakes, Goats, Roosters and Pigs. They aren't keen on Horses or Dogs.
Oxen love Rats, Snakes and Roosters. They Like Oxen, Rabbits, Monkeys, Dogs and Pigs. They aren't keen on Tigers, Dragons, Horses or Goats.
Tigers love Horses, Dogs and Pigs. They like Rats, Tigers, Dragons and Goats. They aren't keen on Oxen, Rabbits, Snakes, Monkeys or Roosters.
Rabbits love Rabbits, Goats, Dogs and Pigs. They like Rats, Oxen, Snakes and Monkeys. They aren't keen on Tigers, Dragons, Horses or Roosters.
Dragons love Rats, Snakes, Monkeys and Roosters. They like Oxen, Tigers, Horses and Pigs. They aren't keen on Rabbits Dragons, Goats or Dogs.
Snakes love Oxen, Dragons and Roosters. They like Rats, Rabbits, Snakes, Horses, Goats and Dogs. They aren't keen on Tigers, Monkeys or Pigs.
Horses love Tigers, Goats and Dogs. They like Dragons, Monkeys, Roosters and Pigs. They aren't keen on Rats, Oxen, Rabbits, Snakes and Horses.
Goats love Rabbits, Horses, Goats and Pigs. They like Tigers, Dragons, Snakes, Monkeys and Roosters. They aren't keen on Rats, Oxen and Dogs.
Monkeys love Rats, Dragons, Monkeys and Dogs. They like Oxen, Rabbits, Horses, Goats and Roosters. They aren't keen on Tigers, Snakes or Pigs.
Roosters love Oxen, Dragons and Snakes. They like Rats, Tigers, Horses, Goats and Monkeys. They aren't keen on Rabbits, Roosters, Dogs and Pigs.
Dogs love Tigers, Rabbits, Horses and Monkeys. They like Rats, Snakes and Pigs. They aren't keen on Oxen, Dragons, Goats, Roosters or Dogs.
Pigs love Tigers, Rabbits and Goats. They like Rats, Oxen, Dragons, Horses, Dogs and Pigs. They aren't keen on Snakes, Monkeys or Roosters.


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